Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dave Pack: My Sermons Are So Astounding I Can Never Out Do Myself

Leave it to Dave Pack to set himself up for yet another failure.  Dave has started publishing the transcripts to his mind numbing series of sermons that he has given over the  last couple of years.

Dave has now started posting the many sermons transcripts that tell the story of how he sees the end times coming about.  This first sermon is the most astounding sermon that mere mortals will ever hear!
Now, that said, I am quite certain I have never given, maybe never will…but I have never given a sermon and a Bible study that is as important as this one. I would say even no chance of one more important. This will be a game-changer in many regards.
Pack wants everyone to know what a special mind he has, one that is so incredibly fabulous that it can come with sermons that will be delivered 20-30 years later. Dave's latest endless sermons series actually started decades ago as he was training at Herbert Armstrong's feet.

Thirty-three years ago, I got an idea for a sermon, and some of it was born from a discussion with Mr. Armstrong, but I can remember it was about 1982. I wrote down the title of a sermon I wanted to give, and I put it in my files. I think I actually wrote a couple different sermons at that point. We grabbed one. It never matured.
Now, most of you don’t know. I have a system different from all the other men I ever knew. It was just a system that worked for me. I wanted to have a tremendous amount of material ready to go whenever it was time to deliver a sermon, so I would often, and many, many times…most of my ministry, in fact… deliver sermons that I had conceived years before. I would wait until the sermon “ripened”…and sometimes, it could be as much as 20 or 30 years after the idea had come to me before I would give a sermon.
So I have files…actually, of hundreds of sermons…that Mr. Herzog keeps now of sermons I have never given, in various stages of development. As I would get more material, I would throw it into a folder. My folders, just…probably, “this big” [gestures with hands] of ideas I’ve never given, and “this big” of those I have, not counting the extraneous material that I carry up with me.
But I wanted the idea. I’ll often write down a sermon title. But…a sermon can be born on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and then delivered on the Sabbath…or it can go back 30 years. I actually have ideas in my files that go back to when I was a student—almost 50 years. I’m 49 and a half years in God’s way, and I’d heard an idea mentioned, once upon a time…I didn’t want to be boring. I wanted my sermons to be interesting, and I learned quickly, when I worked on speeches longer, they were more interesting; less…not so much, and so that gave birth to a system……
 Is there no end to the narcissism the man is consumed with?

Dave is such an outstanding theologically educated man, who has now on his own, has summed up every single theme in the bible and boiled it all down " a few summary statements or topics."
The Bible can be reduced to a few summary statements or topics. It’s a book about government. This much I knew a third of a century ago, when I first began thinking about this subject…what I’m going to mention.
It’s about law. They are somewhat inseparable, but they are different.
Centuries of theological discussions in seminaries, colleges, councils, churches, and classrooms has been totally worthless because Dave has been able to do it all on his own.  Two thousands years of church history, endless discussions and debate are nothing compared to the outstanding mind of Dave Pack.

How can anyone sit there in his church and believe this bullshit?

From The Greatest Story Never Told

Friday, November 4, 2016

Which COG False Prophet Is The Biggest Liar? Pack, Thiel, Malm, Meredith, Flurry, Wienland, Cox?

Dave Pack released his timeline on how he thinks his god is going to bring about the end times.  His god still has not killed three COG leaders.

Gerald Flurry's his timeline includes capturing the Stone of Scone and digging up the Ark of the Covenant buried in Ireland so he can give it to his "jesus" when it comes back to sit on the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.

James Malm has declared that his god is going to start whipping some zeal into the Laodicean sinners  butts in the next couple of years.

Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Joshua Bob Thiel has his god coming back anytime from 2020 and on.

Every prophecy that Rod Meredith has ever uttered has been an abject failure.

Felon Ron Weinland, his dingy second witless witness wife Laura and his money laundering children who are now prophets.  Everyone of his lies has failed since 2008.

Not to be left out of this scatological mix is false prophet Wade Cox.  His prophetic time lines are just as stupid as Dave Pack's. He writes:

"It thus becomes obvious that the Witnesses and Christ have to be here, at the very latest, from 2019 and perhaps even the year earlier in 2018 due to the treble harvest requirements in 2025.

"We know for a fact that the Bible tells us that the two Witnesses will stand in Jerusalem for 1260 days and then be killed and lie in the streets for three days and then be resurrected. We also expect the conversion of Judah and the remnant of Levi prior to Messiah’s subjugation of the planet. 

"We know that the Wars of the End have already started from the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, as we foretold in the paper. In the audio, it is clearly stated that the wars would start in 2001. The Times of the Gentiles ended in 1996. The Last Thirty Years began in 1997. This sequence was marked by eclipses. There was a total eclipse of the moon at Passover and Tabernacles in the anniversary year of 1996. Then in 1997 there was a partial eclipse of the moon at Passover and a total eclipse at Tabernacles. In 1997, there was also a total eclipse of the sun on 1 Abib or Nisan and a partial eclipse of the sun on 1 Tishri. These sequential eclipses are not coincidences. They also work to the Temple Calendar according to the conjunction and not the Hillel Calendar from the Babylonians. There is a complete time-cycle between 1997 and 2015. The cycles in this period are marked by these eclipses. This time-cycle and the following period will be the most dramatic in the history of the world. The next period is the twelve years to the Jubilee return of the nations. This is the completion of the Second Exodus of Isaiah chapter 66.

"The demons themselves, and their sun system, have placed 2012 as the last year of their system and authority, and the New Cycle commences from this date. We know that their system has to end because the coming of the Witnesses, with the senior witness Elijah, sees him Restore all Things which means, among other things, he has to restore the nexus of the Law which Satan had broken at the close of Eden at the beginning of the First Jubilee 120 Jubilees ago, in 3974 BCE.

"2012 is the Sabbath Year of this fifth cycle. In that year the Law of God had to be read again for the third time prior to execution of judgment on this system. 

"War has already started and the Beast system has to grow stronger and take over the World’s systems of Government under what they call the New World Order. This system continues now under Satan and his followers on the Earth from 2012 when the Law of God is read and explained and implemented for the Third time. The False Prophet and the Antichrist will continue to develop from now until the coming of the Messiah."

Everyone of these liars have had to reset dates time after time when their god fails to do what they claim it is going to.  The turn all of these around into "spiritual" fulfillment's, which means you can't see the things happening, but his god can.

It is written that God does nothing unless He warns the people through His servants the prophets beforehand.

We have told the sequence of the prophets for many years and we will continue to do so.

The wise virgins continue to be prepared and the Church of God warns the Nations that Christ is coming and besiegers (watchers come from a distant land (Jer. 4:15)).

The Table of the eclipses is listed below. Following that is the Ancient Temple Calendar as published by CCG and then the Hillel Calendar, which shows the problems involved and why they only have half the story. 

The Signs in the Heavens will entail more than this sequence of the eclipses and we will examine the others aspects in further detail.
The sequence of prophecy that Cox believes is just as worthless as Dave Pack's. It is guaranteed to never come to pass.  Of course it should always be brought out that God has never spoken to these boys.  All they do is look back in time to find things that fit their timeline and then claim it came to pass just as they said.  Liars all.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dave Pack Posts "Prophetic" Timeline for Restored Church of God

Dave Pack is back with his superfantabulous timeline of how the end times will happen.  You will never read a more confusing piece of eschatological nonsense in your entire life.  There are other charts up on the Internet  from the Adventists and other group that make much more sense than what Dave has just put out...IF you are into that kind of stuff.

Dave has his "jesus" returning in a few years where he will rule in Jerusalem at the restored temple with all of Dave's church members assisting him.  After Dave personally walks up the front steps of the new temple to greet his "jesus," he and his little crew of believers will start to reign with Christ and THEN the great tribulation begins.

Announced last week, a detailed prophetic Timeline (Tool #2 of 4), is now available. This downloadable 11x34 inch graphic provides a grand overview that makes plain the sequence of coming major world events—including the very next things God’s people should watch for, no matter their organization. It visually shows how and when the Kingdom of God arrives, and thoroughly details the correct placement of every large prophecy, and many others, starting from the apostasy of the 1990s, and continuing through the Great White Throne Judgment. It brings to light long overlooked and previously unknown elements of Bible prophecy and the Kingdom of God.

Starting this coming week Dave will be posting transcripts of his 50+ sermons where he talks in detail about this timeline.  If you think his chart is a mishmash of silliness, just wait till you read his hundreds of points that the sets out to prove himself right.  Jesus truly must be appalled!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Living Church of God: Living in fear of rampaging animals...

Living Church of God has never been one to talk about cute fluffy little animals playing with children.  It is more important to talk about rampaging animals that are running around the United States killing citizens.
Wild animals have been driven by hunger and thirst into populated areas as droughts and fires have made food scarce in the Western United States. Bear attacks are happening more frequently. We very occasionally hear of shark attacks on swimmers and surfers. Domesticated animals like dogs have severely wounded or killed people.
Why in the world would a church start an article out like this?  Why is it that everything that LCG writes about has to be one horrible thing after another?  It's invading hoards of Germans, Chinese and Muslims, bathrooms are being taken over by transgenders, the gays are having too much fun and other idiotic things. It is more important to preach about famine, parents eating babies, and concentration camps that the beautiful things in life.
Lately, print and television news media have reported about “self-radicalized” Islamic individuals carrying out attacks in Canada and the United States. The media have labeled these individuals as “lone wolves.” 
Children are running amok and being disobedient. These devil children need to be punished.
Young children learn that disobedience brings consequences. If we disobey a parent, a coach or a teacher we suffer consequences. A parent may take away our privileges. A coach may sit us on the bench or make us run extra laps. A teacher may assign additional homework. Those in authority impose consequences or punishment for disobedience. We should not be surprised that Almighty God similarly administers consequences or punishment as correction on disobedient children. The Bible is full of such examples.
Of courses what all this boils down to is that everyone in the United States are unrepentant sinners that need to be punished.  Rod's god will send wild animals to punish the disobedient, or some Muslims, some Chinese or Germans to do a more thorough job.

Let's throw in some drought and famine, too.
A strong warning was given to the children of Israel in Leviticus 26. God promised blessings for obedience but also promised increasing punishments for disobedience for rejecting and abhorring His laws and commands, beginning by bringing sudden terror on them, wasting disease, fever, and military defeats (v. 14­–17). 
If that failed to bring repentance, God warned He would break their stubborn pride and bring severe drought and failed crops (v. 18–20). 
Everything with the Living Church of God is always warm and fuzzy!
God next warned that He would multiply afflictions by sending wild beasts or animals to rob us of our children and destroy cattle (v. 21–22). This fearful loss of freedom and safety results in desolate highways and destroyed trade and commerce.
God has to spank the United States and the rest of the British Israelite nations.
God next warned that He would multiply afflictions by sending wild beasts or animals to rob us of our children and destroy cattle (v. 21–22). This fearful loss of freedom and safety results in desolate highways and destroyed trade and commerce. 
Never fear though.  The truth lies with the Living Church of God as long as you read The United States and Britain in Prophecy. 

You too can read this wonderful good news here:


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Living Church of God: Is It Really the Church of Brotherly Love?

For decades the Church of God claimed it was the Philadelphian era of the Church of God.  It was the church of brotherly love that had the truth that Jesus personally whispered to Herbert Armstrong.  That brotherly love did not extend too far out, especially to the Church of God 7th Day whom the church sarcastically labeled the Sardis era, even though it has remained stable and is a church that is actually growing while the COG splinter groups are not.

Ever since the Worldwide Church of God imploded with hundreds of self-appointed false prophets setting themselves up as leaders, the Church of God has become one of the most unloving church ever.  Protestantism and its division is are nothing compared to the bitterness that fills the present day Church of God.  The leaders have tuned into he most unloving group of men the church has ever seen.

Dave Pack's god is getting ready to murder three other COG leaders.  Flurry claims that ALL COG leaders are false.  UCG ruptured after a pissing contest which lead to COGWA forming, all because the ministry could not work together.

Then there is Rod Meredith.  Has the church ever had an evangelist that is more loving and compassionate as he is?  That love still drips from him to this day!

Living Church of God is the only true Philadelphian Church of God in existence in these tumultuous end times! says, Doug Winnail:

Real Philadelphia Christians
The Book of Revelation describes Philadelphia Christians as having a strong desire to carry out the mission that Jesus Christ gave to His Church (Revelation 3:7-11). According to the Scriptures, that mission involves preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to this world and especially to the Israelite nations (Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 10:1-7), warning the world about difficult times that will arise at the end of the age (Matthew 24, Mark 13; Luke 21), and preparing a people to reign with Jesus Christ in the coming government of God (Luke 1:17). However, the name “Philadelphia” means “brotherly love,” which indicates that true Philadelphians will also strive to follow Jesus’ admonition to “love one another” (John 15:12-17). They understand that showing unselfish, outgoing concern for others (instead of sitting in judgment of others) is one of the distinguishing marks of a real Philadelphia Christian (John 13:34-35). As we look forward to the coming year, let’s all look for ways to show more “brotherly love” to others so we can be real Philadelphia Christians.
Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

It is good to know that we will all experience that true "brotherly love" that Rod Meredith knows how  to spread so well.   Love is in the air brethren!  Can you feel it?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Rod Meredith Smacks Down Jim Franks and Vic Kubik

From an LCG source:

In his recent Living Church News Rod Meredith takes a swipe at Jim Franks and Vick Kubik in his editorial by stating, "We need to “see” His hand as He leads His Church—continuing to have at least one faithful group preaching the whole Truth, doing the Work and practicing the government of God, and so training its members in the exact kind of government we will be administering in tomorrow’s world!"
LCG may pretend to be diplomatic with COGWA and UCG by letting them tour LCG headquarters in Charlotte and by wining and dining them over a meal at Brio's (Meredith takes everyone to the same place) but it's all a farce. He and his ministers continue to preach that LCG is the ONE AND ONLY true church of God; that they are the only Philadelphian remnant; that membership in any other group makes you Laodicean and puts your eternal salvation at risk, etc, etc. 
Usually Meredith tries to be more subtle about his swipes on other ACOGs, limiting them to sermons and private conversations, but this recent slip puts it all out there. I wonder how Franks and Kubik will feel having their noses squashed. 
It's obvious what fruits LCG's "exact kind of government" have produced. Tyranny and abuse without checks and balances. LCG wants to pretend that their form of government is better than voting because it avoids politicking but that isn't true. LCG headquarters is the epitome of politics, favoritism, ass-kissing, back-stabbing.  
LCG's superiority complex is disgusting. If I were Jim Franks or Victor Kubik I'd quit pretending that Rod Meredith is anything other than a lying, greedy, power-hungry, tyrant who uses fear to rule. Take the gloves off and give Mr. Golden Gloves what he deserves.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gerald Weston Has Melt Down Over Internet Blogs And Dave Pack's Annoying Ad's

I received the following from a Living Church of God source.  It concerns the latest screed from Gerald Weston about how the Internet is slandering him, Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God AND how Dave Pack's ads are popping up ahead of Living Church of God web links.

The LCG source writes:
No doubt this is in reference to Banned. 
It's blaringly obvious that Weston and LCG simply do not understand that it's not slander if it's true and that they are literally reaping what they have sown. 
If you don't want "bad things" about you on the internet, don't do bad things, right? Banned isn't slandering LCG by revealing the unjust/evil actions of LCG and its ministry! 
LCG is NOTORIOUS for slandering it's members. This article for Weston is so full of hypocrisy that it is difficult to read.
The article referenced above is this:  Slander on Steroids 

Gerald Weston, God's new right-hand man, has this to say:
Persecution can come in many different forms, and slander is one of them. Today we have more than slander—we have slander on steroids: the Internet. We all know the Internet can be a tool for good, but also for evil, and there is an evil spirit being who is promoting the latter.
When I refer to the Internet, I’m using an umbrella term to cover a variety of ways people communicate electronically: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, texting and any other form of information quickly transferable through computers, smartphones and other devices and applications.
The big bad meanies on Banned, Painful Truth, Ambassador Watch, Silenced, Living Armstrongism and scores of Facebook pages are picking on poor little LCG.  

None of us who do these blogs or web sites would ever have anything to write if the leaders of the Living Church of God, and all the other COG's, would start treating members with grace, mercy and justice.  If they truly practiced first century Christianity then they would be the most loving group of churches on the face of the entire planet. But they can't because they can't even get along with one another.

Weston continues with this:
Every minister of the Church has run into people who are “on fire” for the Truth one day but who somehow lose all interest overnight. We know that some of this is the result of their reading something negative about the Church on the Internet. How many are turned off this way we can only guess, but we know it happens. We also know that some unscrupulous “Church of God” organizations actively leech off the others. They deliberately target other churches by paying to have their own website come up when people are searching for other organizations. Look for information about a “Church of God” group on a search engine, and, instead, the other organization’s false site comes up first, masquerading as the one being searched for. They then use the false site to discredit the “Church of God” organization the individual was originally trying to find.
The glorious thing about the internet, in spite of its foibles, has been its ability  to keep Church of God leaders in check.  They can no longer get by with the horrible abuses they did in the past by just disfellowshipping and marking individuals.  These people will no longer shut up and slink off into the dark nether regions of Laodiceanism where they will be perpetually ignored.

Notice above Weston's comment that LCG members are reading this site and others, are asking questions, and are leaving.  Far more must be leaving than we imagined for this to be publicly mentioned!

Then Weston takes a direct shot at Dave Pack.  Dave has been buying advertising for many years which pops up anytime a Church of God search is entered into a search engine.   His ads are on Facebook, Drudge, various news sites and most any web site that allows paid advertising.  Dave took advantage of this way before any of the other COG's dreamed of doing it, now none of them can ever outrank him in ad placement. That is a bitter pill to swallow!

Weston calls the ads by other COG's "false sites" in much the same way Bob Thiel uses "improperly named" as a smear tactic against other COG's and Christians. Weston then claims that this advertising is done to discredit the LCG, even as he next directly discredits Pack as a false church.  While Pack is the biggest user of this advertising, one can also see UCG, COGWA and PCG pop up every once in a while.  This should be fair warring to UCG and COGWA that LCG has no interest in every cooperating, regardless of the recent exchange of HQ visits. (More on this development to come in another post tomorrow from another LCG source.)

Weston then admits LCG has a lot of disgruntled members in its midst.
Of course, every business, social group or church will have a few disgruntled and unhappy individuals who are eager to trash the object of their dissatisfaction. When was the last time you found a hotel online that had 100 percent happy reviews? You cannot please everyone all the time, especially if part of your mission is to call upon people to change their behavior (Isaiah 58:1). Human nature being what it is, we have a tendency to believe the worst, especially if there is a bit of colorful sarcasm and wit thrown in.
It should be pointed out to Weston that hotel reviews and criticism of COG's by blogs and web sites are two entirely DIFFERENT things.  While both deal with poor service, some of it much deserved, LCG claims that it is God's own which hotels do not.   If it is God's own, then it cannot make mistakes or be criticized.  To do so is to criticize God directly.  Hotels/businesses that receive bad reviews usually attempt to change things for the better.  LCG does no such thing, even though it knows exactly how bad their service truly is by all of the various comments made by its own members on blogs/web sites and Facebook.

LCG claims it is there RESTORED truth that practices first century Christianity.  They claim they are God's chosen church and have the ONLY truth available that has been personally handed to them by Jesus Christ through Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong.  Really?   

Jesus never abuse members like the leaders of the LCG do.  Jesus never treated members with such disdain as the leadership of the LCG does.  Jesus never had disgruntled members pushed over the edge by one of his sermons, who then storm off to later return to the synagogue and slaughter listeners.  Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, the vile people that Rod Meredith and others refuse to eat with.  When has Meredith and Weston ever sat down at a table and had dinner with a prostitute, a drug user, a homeless family, a gay couple, a Muslim, a Buddhist or God forbid, a Catholic neighbor?  

Next Weston attacks authors of books that a are critical of the church.  How dare they call LCG a cult!  Boo Hoo!
Some Protestant groups distort our teachings and call the Church of God a cult, even meriting whole chapters in some books. There is nothing new about distortions, misrepresentations and name-calling (Acts 24:5), but the Internet in all its facets spreads such misinformation and epithets more swiftly and to a wider audience than was ever possible before through books and tracts. There is sometimes some element of “truth” but always with a twist and misinformation that distorts the “truth,” turning it into a lie. Since Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44), it should not surprise us that he would use this tactic, as seen in the temptation of Christ recorded in Matthew 4. The devil accurately quoted from Psalm 91: “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’ and, ‘In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone’” (Matthew 4:6). But he took these passages totally out of context.
Truth twisted into a lie.  That is the favorite way that the leadership of the Church of God has used over the last 80 some years to discredit anyone who dares to hold them accountable.  They fail to see that that little nugget of truth is a sure sign that there is a bigger cess pool lying just under the surface.

Weston then trots out Paul, David, Jeremiah and others to discredit blogs, web sites and unhappy people.  They have always been there through history ready to discourage the true believers.
Yes, it is hard to find in Scripture an example of a significant servant of God who did not suffer persecution by false accusation. The Apostle Paul was a special target for the “bloggers” of his day...
Weston then gets to the typical end product of screeds like this.  It is big bad meanie Satan who is behind all the blogs, web sites, and otherwise grumpy church people.
It is Satan who stirs up slander, and he has no regard for the truth. He can be sarcastic, funny and charming in the way he sells his lies. How many times have we read John 8:44? And yet do we, as human beings, really get it? Jesus said of certain ones, “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.” 
Satan specializes in one particular kind of lie, as we read near the beginning of this article. He mixes truth with error and by doing so is able to deceive gullible people.
Satan has no power over anyone who is grounded in faith which is actually true.  Apparently the Living Church of God has massively failed in this department.  Find the truth Gerald, it will set you free, so much so that you don't need to constantly be looking over your shoulder for Satan's next attack.
Of course, Satan is not averse to making up outright lies, as seen in Genesis 3 where he told Eve, “You will not surely die,” even though God had told Adam they would. Just as with Eve, some people naïvely believe a total stranger more than someone they have known for a long time—and that is one of the problems with the Internet. Unknown and unrighteous individuals who have accomplished little, but who have lots of time on their hands, can become a “somebody” overnight. Sadly, there are plenty of people who will believe whatever they say, especially if they say it dogmatically, along with a tiny bit of truth mixed with falsehood.

Gerald....Gerald....Gerald...  The things posted here are coming for your Own people!  None of us sit around looking for things to pick at you and the LCG about.  If you and the rest of the COG's would start acting like REAL Christians and STOPPED mistreating members in such vile despicable ways, then none of us would ever have anything to write about!

Weston then writes:
Instead of preaching the Gospel to the world and warning Israel and all mankind about what is coming, these individuals are content to tear down and slander those who are doing these jobs, and they are often “equal opportunity” slanderers. It isn’t just the Living Church of God they are eager to destroy. They have animosity toward any group that teaches anything about the Sabbath, the Holy Days and the Kingdom of God. Why?
Who is slandering you and the LCG?  Your own members?  Do you recall how you treated the Scarborough's?  Do you recall how your boss drove Terry Ratzmann over the edge with one endless doom and gloom sermon after another?  How about the gay church members that have to sit there week after week and listen to your boss treat them like shit?   Since when have you ever practiced true Christianity and acted like Jesus?  When have you ever taught anything Jesus did?  Do you even know the man?
It should be obvious that they have an agenda, and even if everything they report were true—which it never is—their passion is not for God. How anyone can expect to enter the Kingdom of God by such behavior is beyond comprehension, and maybe that tells us something about what truly motivates them.
You bet we have an agenda!  We are sick, just like your own members are sick, of watching you and your fellow leaders treat members like dirt, steal their money to live your privileged lifestyles, build expensive mini campuses and worship Herbert Armstrong instead of Jesus.  We are sick of you preaching heretical doctrines and practices that ignore the New Covenant and its meaning and we are sick of your bastardization of the gospel about a world where you and your fellow masters can lord yourselves over people in your kingdoms with your rods of iron.  Who wants to be part of that kingdom you promote?  What hope do they have in being under your "government"?  Who wants it!?!?!?

Read the entire article here then let Weston and LCG know how things really are!

Slander on Steroids