Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gerald Weston Has Melt Down Over Internet Blogs And Dave Pack's Annoying Ad's

I received the following from a Living Church of God source.  It concerns the latest screed from Gerald Weston about how the Internet is slandering him, Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God AND how Dave Pack's ads are popping up ahead of Living Church of God web links.

The LCG source writes:
No doubt this is in reference to Banned. 
It's blaringly obvious that Weston and LCG simply do not understand that it's not slander if it's true and that they are literally reaping what they have sown. 
If you don't want "bad things" about you on the internet, don't do bad things, right? Banned isn't slandering LCG by revealing the unjust/evil actions of LCG and its ministry! 
LCG is NOTORIOUS for slandering it's members. This article for Weston is so full of hypocrisy that it is difficult to read.
The article referenced above is this:  Slander on Steroids 

Gerald Weston, God's new right-hand man, has this to say:
Persecution can come in many different forms, and slander is one of them. Today we have more than slander—we have slander on steroids: the Internet. We all know the Internet can be a tool for good, but also for evil, and there is an evil spirit being who is promoting the latter.
When I refer to the Internet, I’m using an umbrella term to cover a variety of ways people communicate electronically: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, texting and any other form of information quickly transferable through computers, smartphones and other devices and applications.
The big bad meanies on Banned, Painful Truth, Ambassador Watch, Silenced, Living Armstrongism and scores of Facebook pages are picking on poor little LCG.  

None of us who do these blogs or web sites would ever have anything to write if the leaders of the Living Church of God, and all the other COG's, would start treating members with grace, mercy and justice.  If they truly practiced first century Christianity then they would be the most loving group of churches on the face of the entire planet. But they can't because they can't even get along with one another.

Weston continues with this:
Every minister of the Church has run into people who are “on fire” for the Truth one day but who somehow lose all interest overnight. We know that some of this is the result of their reading something negative about the Church on the Internet. How many are turned off this way we can only guess, but we know it happens. We also know that some unscrupulous “Church of God” organizations actively leech off the others. They deliberately target other churches by paying to have their own website come up when people are searching for other organizations. Look for information about a “Church of God” group on a search engine, and, instead, the other organization’s false site comes up first, masquerading as the one being searched for. They then use the false site to discredit the “Church of God” organization the individual was originally trying to find.
The glorious thing about the internet, in spite of its foibles, has been its ability  to keep Church of God leaders in check.  They can no longer get by with the horrible abuses they did in the past by just disfellowshipping and marking individuals.  These people will no longer shut up and slink off into the dark nether regions of Laodiceanism where they will be perpetually ignored.

Notice above Weston's comment that LCG members are reading this site and others, are asking questions, and are leaving.  Far more must be leaving than we imagined for this to be publicly mentioned!

Then Weston takes a direct shot at Dave Pack.  Dave has been buying advertising for many years which pops up anytime a Church of God search is entered into a search engine.   His ads are on Facebook, Drudge, various news sites and most any web site that allows paid advertising.  Dave took advantage of this way before any of the other COG's dreamed of doing it, now none of them can ever outrank him in ad placement. That is a bitter pill to swallow!

Weston calls the ads by other COG's "false sites" in much the same way Bob Thiel uses "improperly named" as a smear tactic against other COG's and Christians. Weston then claims that this advertising is done to discredit the LCG, even as he next directly discredits Pack as a false church.  While Pack is the biggest user of this advertising, one can also see UCG, COGWA and PCG pop up every once in a while.  This should be fair warring to UCG and COGWA that LCG has no interest in every cooperating, regardless of the recent exchange of HQ visits. (More on this development to come in another post tomorrow from another LCG source.)

Weston then admits LCG has a lot of disgruntled members in its midst.
Of course, every business, social group or church will have a few disgruntled and unhappy individuals who are eager to trash the object of their dissatisfaction. When was the last time you found a hotel online that had 100 percent happy reviews? You cannot please everyone all the time, especially if part of your mission is to call upon people to change their behavior (Isaiah 58:1). Human nature being what it is, we have a tendency to believe the worst, especially if there is a bit of colorful sarcasm and wit thrown in.
It should be pointed out to Weston that hotel reviews and criticism of COG's by blogs and web sites are two entirely DIFFERENT things.  While both deal with poor service, some of it much deserved, LCG claims that it is God's own which hotels do not.   If it is God's own, then it cannot make mistakes or be criticized.  To do so is to criticize God directly.  Hotels/businesses that receive bad reviews usually attempt to change things for the better.  LCG does no such thing, even though it knows exactly how bad their service truly is by all of the various comments made by its own members on blogs/web sites and Facebook.

LCG claims it is there RESTORED truth that practices first century Christianity.  They claim they are God's chosen church and have the ONLY truth available that has been personally handed to them by Jesus Christ through Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong.  Really?   

Jesus never abuse members like the leaders of the LCG do.  Jesus never treated members with such disdain as the leadership of the LCG does.  Jesus never had disgruntled members pushed over the edge by one of his sermons, who then storm off to later return to the synagogue and slaughter listeners.  Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, the vile people that Rod Meredith and others refuse to eat with.  When has Meredith and Weston ever sat down at a table and had dinner with a prostitute, a drug user, a homeless family, a gay couple, a Muslim, a Buddhist or God forbid, a Catholic neighbor?  

Next Weston attacks authors of books that a are critical of the church.  How dare they call LCG a cult!  Boo Hoo!
Some Protestant groups distort our teachings and call the Church of God a cult, even meriting whole chapters in some books. There is nothing new about distortions, misrepresentations and name-calling (Acts 24:5), but the Internet in all its facets spreads such misinformation and epithets more swiftly and to a wider audience than was ever possible before through books and tracts. There is sometimes some element of “truth” but always with a twist and misinformation that distorts the “truth,” turning it into a lie. Since Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44), it should not surprise us that he would use this tactic, as seen in the temptation of Christ recorded in Matthew 4. The devil accurately quoted from Psalm 91: “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’ and, ‘In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone’” (Matthew 4:6). But he took these passages totally out of context.
Truth twisted into a lie.  That is the favorite way that the leadership of the Church of God has used over the last 80 some years to discredit anyone who dares to hold them accountable.  They fail to see that that little nugget of truth is a sure sign that there is a bigger cess pool lying just under the surface.

Weston then trots out Paul, David, Jeremiah and others to discredit blogs, web sites and unhappy people.  They have always been there through history ready to discourage the true believers.
Yes, it is hard to find in Scripture an example of a significant servant of God who did not suffer persecution by false accusation. The Apostle Paul was a special target for the “bloggers” of his day...
Weston then gets to the typical end product of screeds like this.  It is big bad meanie Satan who is behind all the blogs, web sites, and otherwise grumpy church people.
It is Satan who stirs up slander, and he has no regard for the truth. He can be sarcastic, funny and charming in the way he sells his lies. How many times have we read John 8:44? And yet do we, as human beings, really get it? Jesus said of certain ones, “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.” 
Satan specializes in one particular kind of lie, as we read near the beginning of this article. He mixes truth with error and by doing so is able to deceive gullible people.
Satan has no power over anyone who is grounded in faith which is actually true.  Apparently the Living Church of God has massively failed in this department.  Find the truth Gerald, it will set you free, so much so that you don't need to constantly be looking over your shoulder for Satan's next attack.
Of course, Satan is not averse to making up outright lies, as seen in Genesis 3 where he told Eve, “You will not surely die,” even though God had told Adam they would. Just as with Eve, some people naïvely believe a total stranger more than someone they have known for a long time—and that is one of the problems with the Internet. Unknown and unrighteous individuals who have accomplished little, but who have lots of time on their hands, can become a “somebody” overnight. Sadly, there are plenty of people who will believe whatever they say, especially if they say it dogmatically, along with a tiny bit of truth mixed with falsehood.

Gerald....Gerald....Gerald...  The things posted here are coming for your Own people!  None of us sit around looking for things to pick at you and the LCG about.  If you and the rest of the COG's would start acting like REAL Christians and STOPPED mistreating members in such vile despicable ways, then none of us would ever have anything to write about!

Weston then writes:
Instead of preaching the Gospel to the world and warning Israel and all mankind about what is coming, these individuals are content to tear down and slander those who are doing these jobs, and they are often “equal opportunity” slanderers. It isn’t just the Living Church of God they are eager to destroy. They have animosity toward any group that teaches anything about the Sabbath, the Holy Days and the Kingdom of God. Why?
Who is slandering you and the LCG?  Your own members?  Do you recall how you treated the Scarborough's?  Do you recall how your boss drove Terry Ratzmann over the edge with one endless doom and gloom sermon after another?  How about the gay church members that have to sit there week after week and listen to your boss treat them like shit?   Since when have you ever practiced true Christianity and acted like Jesus?  When have you ever taught anything Jesus did?  Do you even know the man?
It should be obvious that they have an agenda, and even if everything they report were true—which it never is—their passion is not for God. How anyone can expect to enter the Kingdom of God by such behavior is beyond comprehension, and maybe that tells us something about what truly motivates them.
You bet we have an agenda!  We are sick, just like your own members are sick, of watching you and your fellow leaders treat members like dirt, steal their money to live your privileged lifestyles, build expensive mini campuses and worship Herbert Armstrong instead of Jesus.  We are sick of you preaching heretical doctrines and practices that ignore the New Covenant and its meaning and we are sick of your bastardization of the gospel about a world where you and your fellow masters can lord yourselves over people in your kingdoms with your rods of iron.  Who wants to be part of that kingdom you promote?  What hope do they have in being under your "government"?  Who wants it!?!?!?

Read the entire article here then let Weston and LCG know how things really are!

Slander on Steroids 


James said...

lcg. A man made organization who attempts to introduce itself as a savior of the world. What they offer is far removed from reality, what they produce can be found in people like Ratzmann. My prediction is that the organization will soon go towards the wind, breaking up into a thousand pieces in which there shall be no recovering from. Remember, the fish rots from the head down.

Byker Bob said...

Jerry raises this issue as if this is the first time he has become aware of it. That's what makes this so absurd. There is a whole history, that goes back years to when Dave Pack labeled it as "the internet cess pool" and condemned people who wanted to have "a voice" Wade Cox went on a campaign to shut it all down probably 12 or 13 years ago, putting some of the sites off line for over a week. Even if Jerry wasn't aware of the sites Gary cited, Bob Thiel has probably done more damage to LCG than all the other sites, and LCG " created" him!

How is it that Ian Boyne knew about us and actually considers us to be an asset as a sounding board, and Weston is just finding out? Where was he during the intense commenting leading up to the Scarborough case? What did he do, suddenly learn about post ACOG recovery blogs in the Journal?

This reminds me of the Japanese soldiers that would occasionally be found during the 1960s on remote South Pacific islands that had no idea World War II was over!


otis said...

If lcg acted and treated people the way Jesus did, all would be good. They treat members like idiots. When, I was young and foolish in wwcg that was the way lord it over the members. Lcg does the same, don't question authority or your out!
Summing it up, as a member of lcg, you are to PAY, OBEY, STAY and pray. That is all you're there for, herby said it himself "your all dumb sheep'.

Anonymous said...

Reading this piece, I couldn't help but think of the Trump campaign, and how, instead of taking responsibility, Trump blames everyone else for the repercussions of his actions, lies 71% of the time, and is followed by people who are too ignorant to realize it, lapping it all up as "truth." Then there's the fact that they're both totalitarian and anti-democratic in nature. COG folks usually won't vote, but that doesn't stop them from favoring one candidate over another, and I'd bet 95% of COG folks would LOVE to see Trump win, warts and all. They'd love to see America turned into a dictatorship, because then it would more closely resemble the kingdom they're longing for.

"Every minister of the Church has run into people who are "on fire" for the Truth one day but who somehow lose all interest overnight."

I am "on fire" for the truth. When I realized the COGs didn't have any and religion is all superstitious bullshit, that's when I knew I had to leave. Still "on fire" for the truth, though. Willing to follow the evidence wherever it might lead. Some people sure have funny ideas about what the word "truth" means.

Minimalist said...

Jerry Weston must have received a huge salary increase to the usual six-figure executive cog salaries? He should be moving to a bigger Mansion soon (like his competitor Dave Pack!)

Can local spies please send in pictures of the new Pack & Weston mansions.

Anonymous said...

Mr Weston, I left the WWCG 30 years ago, and am still experiencing mental problems from years of minister abuse of one type or another. LCG members come here and confirm that things haven't changed. Members are still treated like rightless children.
Why do you think God has not blessed your church in any significant manner. Many times God says that He doesn't need large numbers to win military battles, meaning a large income isn't necessary to get the work done. Yet your boss Rod asks members to hand in their "excess" wealth to do your work, proving that Gods blessing is lacking.
It's not the dissidents that's the core problem.

Anonymous said...

Weston comes off looking like a complete angry idiot with this letter.

Anonymous said...

Good article.Jesus came to set us free from groups like this.Darkness hates the light.Because evil deeds done within it are exposed.May websites like Banned continue to provide light to those who need it most and continue to expose their evil deeds.Until these groups address the darkness that surrounds and infects them they will continue to decline and fracture.God is not mocked.

Byker Bob said...

By the way, caution on Dave Pack's ads! Do not click on them, and do not open them or visit his website. Former members have already shared that malware will attach to your computer if you do!


Anonymous said...

What would you expect Weston to do? Tell LCG members, "Yes, Headquarters is filled with sin and hypocrisy, just as it was under Mr. Armstrong, and just as it has always been, because that's where Satan likes to attack to achieve the greatest results. Please pray for us always."?

That would be the truth, but it would also mean admitting his humble imperfection. ACOG ministers don't do that. Instead, they blame the members for using the Holy Spirit to discern the absence of fruits of the Spirit in the carnal and political activities consuming HQ.

Weston has spent most of his career away from WCG and LCG HQ. I expect he is chafing under the restrictions Rod is now placing on him, now that he isn't the top man who can act on his own, almost unchallenged, in his areas of duty.

Anonymous said...

Weston writes:

Satan specializes in one particular kind of lie, as we read near the beginning of this article. He mixes truth with error and by doing so is able to deceive gullible people.

Doesn't Weston realize that LCG loses its credibility, and plays right into its enemies' hands, when LCG ministers deny the truth when it is unflattering? Then, when LCG members discover the truth, as inevitably happens, they know that LCG ministers have lied about it, so they become much more likely to believe the error?

The best way to protect the brethren from error is for LCG leadership to tell the truth. Instead, what Weston is telling LCG members amounts to: "Believe our lies, but don't believe Satan's lies. Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of thinking that God has given you the ability to discern the truth. Just shut up and go along with what we say."

That's an insult not just to Christians but to the Holy Spirit that God supposedly gave to those Christians.

Unknown said...

There is a new reality in town, and some businesses and organizations just do not like it. YELP and "Star Ratings" are the new reality and bitching about it is NOT going to change a thing.

Finally, for once, the COG community will has some accountability and transparency. Stop blaming your customers for your crappy product, self examine, and improve yourselves. Welcome review, and criticism as areas to move forward in.

Whether you like guys like Ian Boyne or Wes White or not, I give them great credit in welcoming open and free discussion and feedback. They understand the new reality and are working with it, not in fear, but in vision.

Anonymous said...

I just did a search and there were more UCG sites than anything.....didn't see a single RCG site on the first page...

Anonymous said...

Prove us wrong and we will change.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

That's what you used to say. What's the matter? Don't you have a leg to stand on?

No, it's not slander; it's news. It's too bad you can't tell the difference.

Tell us, how are you going to explain away the slander of Roderick Meredith as shown in The Manpower Papers -- calling students demon possessed and sexual deviants of every stripe, absolutely ruining someone because you don't like the way they look or act? What about your own slander? Who in your own congregation have you wrongly labelled because of your spite?

We can hear you yelling now as you are being thrown into the Lake of Fire: "Jesus Christ slandered us!". Why don't you think about that?

Why? We'll tell you why -- because you are atheists who don't really believe in God and you certainly don't believe in the Bible. Your words, your writings, your behavior -- they all indicate that you have no regard for ethics and morals and that you have no fear of reprisals: You have, instead, the hubris of entitlement. The rules don't apply to you, just to everybody else... and here's the thing: You judge others the most harshly who act like you do.

There's one more thing we'd like you to explain: Why is Douglas Winnail teaching a course on British Israelism at Living University? You know very well that British Israelism is a crock; we've disproved it over and over with more than just DNA proof. Why are you knowingly and deliberately teaching lies?

Prove us wrong and we will change.

We've proved you wrong.


Minimalist said...

"We all know the Internet can be a tool for good"

Ah, it's a lot more than that Gerald:
It's LCG's nemesis that will put you 'Charlottans' in the unemployment queue!

Anonymous said...

I am presently a LCG member and I am tired of the constant barrage of condescending articles, emails, and web postings that treat us like ignorant morons. Apparently the only truly converted ones are those who work in Charlotte. Every time they get caught doing something wrong the rest of us seem to be their whipping posts. Instead of repenting and changing their ways, they blame us. That tired old action may have worked in the WCG decades ago, but it doesn't now. I am probably one of those who has my foot already going out the door. My family is tired of sitting in church week after week being castigated about something. It is no longer a joy to go to church, other than to see some friends. Some of my children's friends no longer even attend church and they are now starting to question why they need to be there too. Honestly I see no legitimate reason for them to be there!

Anonymous said...

For the person who spoke of the WCG's "whipping posts", here's a song you might like-

Click this.

Anonymous said...

"Whether you like guys like Ian Boyne or Wes White or not, I give them great credit in welcoming open and free discussion and feedback. They understand the new reality"

Have these people admitted that the "new reality" is that HWA was a total lying piece of shit?

Heck, that was the 'old reality', too.

Anonymous said...

Houses built on sand with no solid foundation crumble and collapse. All these splinters are collapsing. It's inevitable. A few die hards will hang on to the end of their short lives, but the end is inevitable.

Allen C. Dexteer

Anonymous said...

Dear Gerald,

If you or Rod don't put LCG "back on the track" you will lose your church. You are in danger of blaspheming the Holy Spirit when you deny the brethren their right and responsibility to discern whether or not RCM's promotion of liars and perverts, and his watering down of what HWA taught, is the fruit of the Spirit.

Several of the top men in LCG have a blatant spirit of covetousness, which is idolatry. They believe they are entitled not only to the perks they now have, but to even more. Because these cowardly men know they will lose their comfortable positions if they speak out, they remain silent.

Several other of the top men in LCG are simply bullies and sociopaths and opportunists. Instead of selling software or kitchen renovations or real estate, they try to make you believe you can buy the Truth with your tithes and generous offerings to them.

I have a scripture for you to consider, Gerald. Matthew 7, verse 5. "Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye."

Gerald, you know very well that Rod used to go to dinner with wealthy LCG members and gossip all about the other ministers. You know what has been said about Patrick and Elizabeth Scarborough. They aren't perfect, but they are spiritual giants compared to several LCG employees whose foul conduct is allowed to continue.

Why is LCG's income plummeting? Jesus said in John 10:27, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." Jesus didn't say, "My sheep slander the shepherd and run away from him." Read your Bible, and you will see God's warnings to wicked shepherds. God's sheep know the difference between a pasture and a toxic waste dump. Clean up the dump that is LCG, and you will see many more of those sheep.

Finally, what did Jesus really say about slander? Matthew 5:11. "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake." If the slander is indeed false, God will bless you for withstanding it, so you have nothing to fear. The only reason to be as upset as you are in your article is if there is, as you say, truth mixed in with the slander. But what about that? 1 Peter 2:20. "For what credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God."

If critics are beating LCG for its faults, God approves of that. If they are beating LCG for doing good, however, the Christian response isn't to whine like a toddler. It's to take it patiently. Not to attack your own LCG members for bearing one another's burdens as they endure the sin and hypocrisy spouting out from LCG HQ.

Anonymous said...

I once visited the RCG site, resulting in his church adds following me like a dog. Just about very site I visited, there were his stupid adds. Removing the cookies from my browser settings, solved the problem.

Anonymous said...

The ministers secret attitude is that 'prove all things' only applies to the ministry, with the members blindly believing the ministers 'proved' teachings.
The internet challengers this entitlement.
At any rate, this approach has been tried in the past, with only the priest having a bible and the commoners told what to believe. It's called the Dark Ages. It was called the dark age for good reason.
God gave them their hour in the son, and it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Black Ops Mickey, British Israelism is in fact correct. Why? Because my prayer answering God has confirmed it's truthfulness.
Intellectualise all you want, I'II believe God over any human.

Steve D said...

Anon 9:19 You say that it is no longer a joy to go to church, other than to see some friends. May I ask, "When did the joy (a fruit of the Spirit) leave?" I left in 1974 and I don't recall much joy in attending when I was a member for 4 years (other than meeting my future wife at AC). You say that you attend to be with friends. Really? Just wait until you do leave and then see if they are still your friends. Can't you meet with these friends in another setting, other than church? Good luck to you. I hope your transition to freedom goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

"British Israelism is in fact correct. Why? Because my prayer answering God has confirmed it's truthfulness. Intellectualise all you want, I'II believe God over any human."

But what about when others' prayer answering God says BI is not truthful?

That type of thing happens all the time within Christendom.

(The Holy Spirit tells me blah blah isn't true, and the Holy Spirit tells me blah blah is true.)

Find enough blah blahs you like, and associate yourself with a particular preferred religion, or slimy sales schmuck.

It's the stuff religion and cults are made of.

Anonymous said...

Why is old Westie yelling at readers of his LCG magazine when most of the truthful reports he calls slander are coming from several of his own HQ employees?

Anonymous said...

Here's one for BB.
It's not Los Lobos, but it's a Bertha. I just came across it, and Pig Pen's there.


Anonymous said...

British Israelism is in fact correct. Why? Because my prayer answering God has confirmed it's truthfulness.

British Israelism is a lie, therefore the god answering the prayer is none other than Satan the Devil.

It's an easy mistake to make.

Anonymous said...

"Black Ops Mickey, British Israelism is in fact correct. Why? Because my prayer answering god has confirmed it's truthfulness. Intellectualise all you want, I'll believe god over any human."

The earth is, in fact, a flat disk. Why? Because my prayer answering god has confirmed it's a flat disk. Intellectualize it all you want, I'll believe god no matter how the GPS on my phone works or how many people are living in orbit.


Some people are so shallow and thoughtless they couldn't think through a wet paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Black Ops Mickey, I've heard the argument that it's Satan answering our prayers many years ago. It's a interesting point. All I can say is that God has limited Satans power, depriving him of the power you suggest. Satan needed Gods approval to harm Job for instance. Giving Satan too much power would defeat Gods purpose.
Satan does not have the power to put a thought into someone's mind, with a accompanying unique emotional feel, indicating that it's from God. Why? Because God defines reality, and He has said NO.
God has created a universe of law and order, not a madhouse.

RSK said...

Considering BI is more extrabiblical speculation than biblical, and taking into account that "PrayerAnswered Guy" claims that the answers come by thinking of Bible versed, one can only imagine how exactly that happened (and then note how much like selfdelusion the experience is described).

Anonymous said...

Satan does not have the power to put a thought into someone's mind, with a accompanying unique emotional feel, indicating that it's from God.

That's not a Biblical view.

Heck, Herbert Armstrong himself contradicted that idea.

Some people are so frustrated and angry when confronted with the truth, they lapse into a psychotic break, hear voices, have feelings -- and it all seems so real, even though it's just mental.

If you want to make people angry, lie to them.

If you really want to make them abjectly furious, tell them the truth.

If we could show that this person is a threat to himself or others, we'd be able to get that person legally committed so the delusion could be treated and hopefully the person could return to society and live a productive life.

Let's see: 100% wrong; stupid; lazy; a liar; careless; doesn't ask questions; spouts nonsense; delusional; needs meds.

Does that cover it?

RSK said...

How circular. I know its not from elsewhere because I feel its from God. I know its from God because I feel its not from elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

RSK God typically puts thoughts into peoples mind when they least expect it. Not the 'thinking on bible verses' thingy. That's Buddhism or Harry Potter or similar. Presumably this is because God, not man, is in the drivers seat, which also explains a delay in the answer as well.

Mark Scarborough said...

Just for the record, I see one place where "the Scarborough case" is used. Which should read Patrick and Elizabeth Scarborough's case. I didn't sue LCG nor did the many other "Scarborough's". - Mark Scarborough

Thanks to the other Anonymous person that did use the proper first and last name!

Anonymous said...


BI versus other.
Saturday versus Sunday.
God versus Satan.

IMO, it's all a bunch of nutty stuff.

And, as to BB's warning that "...caution on Dave Pack's ads! Do not click on them, and do not open them or visit his website. Former members have already shared that malware will attach to your computer if you do!"

Really?! Cookies are one thing, and malware is in another category.
Is there any real evidence that threat is REAL, or does it only rise to the level of The Donald's minions' worries that there's big voter fraud and their votes won't be counted?

Heck, Byker Bob, you recently said(about 1 day ago) something like, "in the days of Windows XP, people could do a System Restore"...

Byker Bob, are you aware that all Windows operating systems subsequent to Windows XP (including Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10), all have a "System Restore" option?

I'm certainly not suggesting it's a good idea to read Dave Pack's ads.

But if someone does, Please let me make clear my position on Davey Pack-
"He's a jerk, full of shit, a cultmeister who destroys people's lives, and is extremely unworthy of gathering other people's money."

I hope that's clear. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This website is so full of lies and exaggerations, it's laughable!

Byker Bob said...

Sorry, 7:45, I haven't ever had to use System Restore since upgrading from XP. I've gone
Apple (ipad, iphone 6) for my internet needs, and keep my Windows 10 laptop airgapped.

The information about Pack's malware came from anonymous posters (who may or may not be trustworthy) claiming to be former members of RCG. Personally, I surf in stealth mode, but you can never be too careful. There's still shit that occasionally gloms on to you , and freezes you up, like "Congratulations! Your cellphone has been selected for a special prize! To claim your prize, click OK!" That's scary the first time it happens. I've been through too many computer disasters over the past 30 years not to be cautious. There wasn't too much you had to worry about back in the '80s on the old XT/ATs.

And, by the way, you are probably an asshole. But, smile! Jesus loves you!


Byker Bob said...

Thanks for that, 2:04! That was special enough that I mirrored it on to my bigscreen. Best footage of Pig Pen I've seen to date, although he's rather gaunt. Keith and Donna Jean were already in place, and it looks like Mickey was still on hiatus after his Dad had ripped off the band. Good to see Jerry playing his Alligator Strat, and Bob on an ES 335. The whole band was very young and vital.


Miguel de la Rodente said...

Care to be more specific, Anonymous 7:55, on Oct. 31? Unless you substantiate your charges, your entry is laughable. Might as well have added "Neener, neener, neener!"

Anonymous said...

Black Ops Mickey, I'd appreciate a line of reasoning, rather than just invalidation.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, you are the only one here who gives a shit, Mark.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I see one place where "the Scarborough case" is used. Which should read Patrick and Elizabeth Scarborough's case. I didn't sue LCG nor did the many other "Scarborough's". - Mark Scarborough

Thanks to the other Anonymous person that did use the proper first and last name!

Get over yourself. How do you think Fred and Helen Manson feel every time somebody talks about "the Manson Family" or the "Manson murders"? They let it go. They know what people are talking about, and that it doesn't have to be about them.

RSK said...

No, 540p, that is APGuys assertion.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Don't be too hard on Mark! He's one of the few people with the courage to post under his name. That says something about the man.

Byker Bob said...

As a Christian myself, I'd have to respond by pointing out that God confirms things by tangible actions which are then undeniable. By that, I mean things actually happen, even though they may then be subject to further interpretation.

Already over the past 40 + years, we've seen enough people forecast things which they believe were confirmed by of warm fuzzy feelings they experienced during their prayers. There has been 100% error as that experience relates to the prophecies of Armstrongism, and the misidentification of a melting pot as being the genetic descendents of a specific tribe of ancient Israel.

In the words of someone from the past who was trying to be hip and relevant, someone has pulled a serious boner.


Mark Scarborough said...

Well, for your information I never wanted any of this to be about me, but a while back Connie Schmidt called me out by name here on Banned concerning a website I am building. I actually never wanted anyone to know it was me; the website is not about me, but water under the bridge now. So, it was people here on Banned that made this about me, so why don’t you get over it, Gossip Girls!

I work for God and His people every spare second I have, and since Connie used my name here, I want ALL of God’s people in “ALL” COG’s to associate the website about the material there and not about me or a lawsuit that has nothing to do with me. The lawsuit was between my brother and sister (Patrick and Elizabeth) for their reasons which had nothing to do with me or the rest of “the Scarborough’s”.

I kept getting asked how my lawsuit was coming with LCG because of lazy people here that will make up childish rude names and put them in front of first and last names of some people, like children, but when it comes to “the Scarborough’s” people here simply put “the Scarborough’s”. I haven’t been correcting this for anyone here on Banned, I truly don’t care what anyone here thinks about me, never have and never will! I have been correcting this for a few of God’s people that know who I am “here” so they let other people know I wasn’t a part of the lawsuit.

Actually the website I am building took over 170,000 hits (about double) within 24 hours of me correcting I wasn’t suing LCG here on Banned, so... as you can see and for the ones that think this isn’t or wasn’t about me! Think again! What I posted here several weeks ago, fixed months of the gossip about the “other” Scarborough’s in seconds! What I posted here is 100% about me letting God’s people know I didn’t sue LCG! That is important for the website, not any of you!

Happy gossiping!
Mark Scarborough

Anonymous said...

Miguel de la Rodente said...
Don't be too hard on Mark! He's one of the few people with the courage to post under his name. That says something about the man.


Anonymous said...

I would rather Mark have been part of the lawsuit than spending all of his free time posting the lies of Herbert Armstrong on his new site. He is doing him self no favor by allowing the crazy Kitchen's to fill their Facebook pages with his postings.

Anonymous said...

lazy people here that will make up childish rude names and put them in front of first and last names of some people, like children

Jealous, are you? You want one? How about: Monumentally Miffed Mark, the Self-Righteously Sullen Scarborough

Did it ever occur to you that people may have asked you about the lawsuit because (1) they couldn't contact Patrick and Elizabeth and (2) they assumed that you as a family member might actually have the facts? Yet you take offense. Weird.

Anonymous said...

All of the anger here comes as a result of people who refuse to submit to the government of the church. I see people who refuse to listen to the wise council of ministers and church leaders. You have allowed your selves to become the right hands of Satan. You apparently take great joy in persecuting the people God has set apart.

Anonymous said...

Am I psychic?
I didn't know that *November 1, 2016 at 1:10 PM* was coming.
I posted it as a joke.

swomee swan

RSK said...

So in other words, there are faithful, submissive LCG members ghosting this blog regularly enough to see your "I'm not THAT Scarborough" clarifications, eh? The LCG suits will love to hear that...

Anonymous said...

"All of the anger here comes as a result of people who refuse to submit to the government of the church. I see people who refuse to listen to the wise council of ministers and church leaders. You have allowed your selves to become the right hands of Satan. You apparently take great joy in persecuting the people God has set apart."

Anon 3:27, with respect, we are not called to "submit to the government of the church" if what they are doing is in error or mean-spirited. God does not require that kind of blind obedience to men. Submitting to your LCG ministers does not in any way prove that you are fit to be a pillar in God's kingdom. It only proves that you are willing to see wrong behavior and stand idly by while ministers treat believers harshly and unfairly. You aren't scoring points with God I'm sure. We are to stand for what is right. Following men blindly is a good way to end up walking ignorantly right off a cliff to your death.

The people who have been injured, lied about, abused, mis-handled and left in Rod Meredith's wake do not deserve to be labeled as "hands of Satan" for sharing their stories. People should be allowed to share their side of things. In many ways it is therapeutic. We are to hear all sides of a matter. If we followed your line of thinking, we would just believe that ministers never do anything wrong and that the member deserves to be treated as they have been treated. In many, many cases that is simply not fair or accurate.

In many cases it is actually your can-do-no-wrong LCG ministers who have persecuted people that God has set apart.

Because of their positions, they will be held more accountable in the end and I fear for them. It would be better for them to put a millstone around their necks.

I pray you will start thinking for yourself and believe the Word of God when He says not to put your trust in any man.

Anonymous said...

3.27PM another comment from super troll. Very funny, ha ha.
I read and re read it, so funny.

Anonymous said...

3.27PM is TrollGuy. He makes these deliberately silly comments on a regular basis.

Mark Scarborough said...

RSK said...
So in other words, there are faithful, submissive LCG members ghosting this blog regularly enough to see your "I'm not THAT Scarborough" clarifications, eh? The LCG suits will love to hear that...


I highly doubt any of the COG's really care much about a blog that has 3 real people and 10 other people posting under fictitious names, which then also post as Anonymous 10 billion times.

People on Banned seem to think they are getting to God's people, but truly Banned is simply a gossip blog that a “few” disgruntled people use to start rumors about the other COG groups or the one they are unhappy with that day because the leader of that group won’t listen to them and their new truth. Truly if you think about it, Banned HWA is simply the puppet blog of a "few" disgruntled people making up lies, which most of God's people laugh about on the few occasions when we do stand around making fun of some of the ridiculous comments here. You know the ones that start with: “My source, Someone sent me!” LOL
(Started by the gossip blogger in their underwear in their parent’s basement with no job.... You’re looking for the camera aren’t you! LOL)

Banned makes fun of Mr. Armstrong 30 years after his death which only the gossipers here care about. The fact is, if Banned went off the Internet today, within 30 days nobody would remember any of you or Banned HWA!

Banned HWA is entertainment for a “few” of God’s people and nothing more!
This blog is important to the ones with the “true religion” that want Santa Claus and his flying reindeer to visit them because they have been good “gossipers” this year! LOL

So, let me have it “Gossip Girls”! LOL
Mark Scarborough
(AKA: Monumentally Miffed Mark, the Self-Righteously Sullen Scarborough - LOL, ”Anonymous” you’re a 42 year old gossiper in your parents basement!.... Stop looking for the camera, it’s hidden well! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!, Man, I have got to get over myself! LOL! That is way too funny!)

Anonymous said...

You're too cruel, Marky Mark! God has set apart a part, because self-indulgent jokes are the funniest.

Andy Kaufmann

Anonymous said...

Mark, instead of blaming this blog or members of LCG, you should complain to the 'real' Scarboughs for cheapening the family name by:
1 Being members of a abusive religious group.
2 Not playing by the rules of that group.
3 Trying to get-rich-quick by suing that group.

Mark Scarborough said...

Well "Anonymous" at least I have enough respect for my family name that I use it! Seems you are not too proud or respectful of your family name, is your "real" family name Chicken?

Useless babbling! But I didn’t blame this blog “OR” LCG, I blamed "and complained" to the lazy people that type just “the Scarborough’s” and not first and last names like most adults.

1. Useless babbling! But, our family is not a member of a group; we are members of God’s Church under Jesus Christ.
2. Useless babbling! But, we do not play by rules of a group; we play by the rules of God found in the Bible.
3. Useless babbling! But, the Scarborough's are already rich with God's truth, AND for the record, the whole point of all my post(s) was "the Scarborough's" didn't all sue LCG!

Mark Scarborough

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what might have been possible if such a thing as family unity really existed in these so-called "Churches of God". Perhaps there could have been some meaningful change and accountability if the entire Scarborough family had gotten behind Patrick and Elizabeth, who if I understand correctly, were basically suing pretty much for reentry into LCG. In this case, it's not as if any of them were turning against Armstrongism. From what we've tead, Patrick and Elizabeth fellowship with another splinter.

So, underpants and basements aside, this becomes another tale of what fascistic Armstrongism does to families. Or as Dennis might say, it's an Old Testament anti-hospitality tale!

Anonymous said...

Mark, anonymity is a right that you should respect rather than attacking it with labels of chicken. Again you cheapen your family name.
Please consider keeping your mouth shut.

Mark Scarborough said...

LOL, the only cheap name here is Anonymous!

Translated: "I can say anything I like anonymously because I am ashamed of who I am and what I say and stand for"!

Anonymity is not a right to respect; it is for chickens to attack others generally on blogs such as this "anonymously"!

My family name could never be cheapened here!

Mark Scarborough

Anonymous said...

Anonymity is a way of realizing some values, primarily privacy and liberty.
Would you be-grudge and disrespect a charitable and anonymous donor?

God is anonymous.

Mark Scarborough said...

LOL, apples and oranges;

Anonymous said...

Didn't God make those too? I'm sure it was not Monsanto.
Sow, cut the strings if your brave enough and be willing to learn something new. Because, I remember how frustrating it is to be all tangled up with that red tape. Puppet strings too, especially when the puppetmaster is another man.


Anonymous said...

Mark says, "My family name could never be cheapened here!"

Wow, Mark.
You must be right, Mark, despite all your posts that indicate otherwise.
Smile! Jesus loves your lying ass!

Mark Scarborough said...

Useless babbling from an "Anonymous" Gossip Girl!