Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Living Church of God: Living in fear of rampaging animals...

Living Church of God has never been one to talk about cute fluffy little animals playing with children.  It is more important to talk about rampaging animals that are running around the United States killing citizens.
Wild animals have been driven by hunger and thirst into populated areas as droughts and fires have made food scarce in the Western United States. Bear attacks are happening more frequently. We very occasionally hear of shark attacks on swimmers and surfers. Domesticated animals like dogs have severely wounded or killed people.
Why in the world would a church start an article out like this?  Why is it that everything that LCG writes about has to be one horrible thing after another?  It's invading hoards of Germans, Chinese and Muslims, bathrooms are being taken over by transgenders, the gays are having too much fun and other idiotic things. It is more important to preach about famine, parents eating babies, and concentration camps that the beautiful things in life.
Lately, print and television news media have reported about “self-radicalized” Islamic individuals carrying out attacks in Canada and the United States. The media have labeled these individuals as “lone wolves.” 
Children are running amok and being disobedient. These devil children need to be punished.
Young children learn that disobedience brings consequences. If we disobey a parent, a coach or a teacher we suffer consequences. A parent may take away our privileges. A coach may sit us on the bench or make us run extra laps. A teacher may assign additional homework. Those in authority impose consequences or punishment for disobedience. We should not be surprised that Almighty God similarly administers consequences or punishment as correction on disobedient children. The Bible is full of such examples.
Of courses what all this boils down to is that everyone in the United States are unrepentant sinners that need to be punished.  Rod's god will send wild animals to punish the disobedient, or some Muslims, some Chinese or Germans to do a more thorough job.

Let's throw in some drought and famine, too.
A strong warning was given to the children of Israel in Leviticus 26. God promised blessings for obedience but also promised increasing punishments for disobedience for rejecting and abhorring His laws and commands, beginning by bringing sudden terror on them, wasting disease, fever, and military defeats (v. 14­–17). 
If that failed to bring repentance, God warned He would break their stubborn pride and bring severe drought and failed crops (v. 18–20). 
Everything with the Living Church of God is always warm and fuzzy!
God next warned that He would multiply afflictions by sending wild beasts or animals to rob us of our children and destroy cattle (v. 21–22). This fearful loss of freedom and safety results in desolate highways and destroyed trade and commerce.
God has to spank the United States and the rest of the British Israelite nations.
God next warned that He would multiply afflictions by sending wild beasts or animals to rob us of our children and destroy cattle (v. 21–22). This fearful loss of freedom and safety results in desolate highways and destroyed trade and commerce. 
Never fear though.  The truth lies with the Living Church of God as long as you read The United States and Britain in Prophecy. 

You too can read this wonderful good news here:



Anonymous said...

I have seen more rebellious kids at my LCG church than I have in my neighborhood.

Byker Bob said...

The formula is, you collect information to support your agenda. You rule out anything positive, that would present a more realistic picture or open the door for alternative solutions. If you are trying to foment revolution, you must make the status quo appear as bad, negative, and gloomy as possible.

The problem with this approach is that it only works for a limited amount of time. People eventually realize that worst case scenario rarely happens, because there are always going to be knowledgeable, experienced people who are actively working to make things less bad. Scientists looking for cures, skilled negotiators, the common working man who makes sacrifices, doctors, billionaires who fund massive research projects (such as the human genome project which debunked British Israelism), climatologists, etc. just to name a few.

Working backwards, you can't trust false prophets who are 40 years overdue. And, therefore, you can't trust the doctrines which they say knowing and obeying gave them the grace from God and insights to make the prophecies which turned out to be false in the first place. If one turns up false, the other which supports it is also false. This is why they still hang on to British Israelism, and call the failed prophecies "delayed".


Black Ops Mikey said...

This inevitably evokes the scene burned into my mind from the 2006 Feast of Tabernacles in Montana when mama moose on the lodge grounds chose to chase the hosting minister. I just can't get that picture out of my mind. Thankfully, he was a bit faster than she and evaded injury (excepting the bruising of ego).

Best Feast ever!

Anonymous said...

So, if my neighbors dog has turned aggressive towards me and that is supposed to mean that somehow God is sending me a message of some kind?
Thanks for clearing things up for me!
Life makes so much more sense now.

James said...

This article lcg put forth is reenforcement of the members confirmation bias. As long as they believe the BS from the pulpit the cult has power over their money.

k-baradanikto said...

What about zombies? Hezekiah 4:26: "Behold, I will set forth the living dead in your midst, and they will infect you with their blood, so that you too will live even though you are dead."

Connie Schmidt said...

RIDICULOUS! -- We all know it will be KILLER NEWBORN KITTENS that will rule the streets!

Anonymous said...

I believe the fear of animals, talked of here, ranks far below that of human beings out there acting like animals. They, for instance, can hold guns.

Anonymous said...

Notice how obedience is defined by these slivers as purely one person obeying another, ie military command and control. That is not Gods system. God in Revelation states that He hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which is tyranny. The word itself means to dominate. The word obey appears 27 times in the NT (King James translation) and in 23 of those cases, the Greek word translated obey means to take heed of, to take note of, or to be persuaded. Only in four cases, as in 'obey God rather than man,' does it have a military flavour.
The obedience the bible typically demands is the type people use in their home garden ie conform to the laws of nature.
The 'obedience' in the churches amounts to people being robbed if their lives, since the dictionary definition of ownership is control. Ministers are stealing church members lives, and calling it 'obedience.'
Many ministers are not going to be in the kingdom,

Anonymous said...

If I were the Living Church of God I would be embarrassed to ever have allowed that article to be posted. Can those that work in Charlotte be that stupid?

Anonymous said...

More LCG attendees have been killed by fellow LCG attendees than by all wild animals combined.

Do you think LCG will have the courage to publish an article about that?

Anonymous said...

November 2, 2016 at 1:37 PM

Floyd 1944 said...

I live in the Southwest, we have some rabbits, skunks, ground squirrels and a few coyotes. I have yet to be charged by a rampaging rabbit. I read the same type articles in the 60,s 70,s 80,s then Rod started his church and this stuff continues. When is this stuff gonna happen. Is this the world shaking message Rod keeps talking about. Is this what LCG wants more and more money for. To preach this earth shaking message. I need to go outside and watch for some wild rabbits

Black Ops Mikey said...

Aaron Dean was bitten by a rattlesnake outside his trailer. We should be seeing a lot more of these animal attacks on Armstrongist ministers who are liars, false prophets and stealing tithes.

As Professor Farnsworth says, "Good news, everyone!"

We may finally get to see the Armstrongist ministers attacked by animals because God is ticked with their behavior driving innocent people to leave religion and God behind because of their Draconian oppression.

It would be fitting that they pronounce this curse upon themselves.

Just remember judgment begins first with the house of God and who represents that corrupt house?

The ministers.

[Most ACoG ministers are Republican dog owners, so expect to see a rash of infections and sickness among the ministers from dog bites.]

Gerald Bronkar said...

The followers of Herbert W. Armstrong and L. Ron Hubbard are living proof that indeed, "There is a sucker born every minute". Their messages are bizarre and destructive, but we need, so badly, for someone to tell us they have discovered the path to immortality.

Why do we so often have the strong desire to put someone on a pedestal and worship them? Is it possible to ever question what we think is true, or are we too far down the road?

If you are alive and reading this, there is still hope.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Deja Vu! Sounds just like the bullshit that was going out in the fifties and sixties of the last century. I know. I was there. I heard it and read it.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

Gerald, you are right in the sense that if people don't worship God, they will instead worship some man or men. The reality is that human beings are religious creatures. Now, why do you think that's the case?

Anonymous said...

More people are killed in Africa by hippos than by any other snimal. Look it up.

Byker Bob said...

Interesting possibilities!

First, if God were trying to reach you through an animal, isn't it more logical that rather than leaving you guessing about a random bite, He'd make it talk like Baalam's mule?

Second, what could have prompted an article such as this? Could one of the LCG ministers' kids have announced that he wished to run with his spirit animal?

So far as Armstrongism goes, pets would be considered a net loss. It costs money to maintain them, and the animals can't tithe. Besides, the ones people keep as pets are unclean. Which means that they can't ever qualify for the place of safety if the ol' Armstrong false prophecy mold ever gets around to kicking in.


Anonymous said...

it's the same tactic the old fire & brimstone baptist preachers use....

scare'em into salvation!

only problem is...they aren't saving anyone....they're simply selling fire insurance.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Yeah, they used to even speak of future plagues involving rats, especially in large urban areas such as New York City.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Correction: They are arsonists selling fire insurance.

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gerald, you are right in the sense that if people don't worship God, they will instead worship some man or men. The reality is that human beings are religious creatures. Now, why do you think that's the case?" November 2, 2016 at 8:40 PM

I'm not Gerald, but I'll take a stab at it anyway.

Like other primates, we evolved to live in hierarchical groups. We defer to those above us in the pecking order and receive deference from those below. For other species, this deference never rises to a level we could call worship.

Worship arose because we human beings extended the urge to show deference beyond the social realm and applied it to elements of our environment. All kinds of social animals need to develop a keen ability to predict the behavior of others--to understand their intentions. Researchers call this a theory of mind. "Is Sheila going to share that fruit with with me, or chase me off?" "Is Stanley planning to bed down for the night? If so, I should pick out a spot too." We fell into the same pattern of thought about the weather and the heavenly bodies. "Does the rain plan to let up any time soon?" "Is the sun just going to disappear completely, or will it relent and come back to make the world warm again?" That is, we attributed agency either to these natural elements themselves or to unseen supernatural agents behind them. Obviously we owed them deference, because they were far more powerful than even the alpha members of our groups. We naturally assumed we could influence their behavior the way we could that of our fellow humans.

Since in our human groups we gained favor by giving up space, food, and breeding opportunities to superiors who demanded these things, we believed we could in the same way appease the supernatural agents who caused natural events. We could persuade them to act benign instead of hurtful. We could give up something we valued. We could offer them sacrifices. That is how we invented worship.

As people point out repeatedly on this blog, human beings with aspirations to high positions in the pecking order can take a shortcut. They can persuade us that they stand above us, between us and those powerful otherworldly forces. They assure us they will gladly receive our sacrifices and deliver them to the gods. They have a clever way of delivering them. They consume them themselves.

Most of us are not alpha animals, or even betas or gammas. Some of us hunger for someone to imitate so we know how things should be done. Most of us welcome direct instruction because is easier to figure out. A few of us at the bottom of the heap eagerly carry out orders delivered by some harsh authoritarian who claims to speak for the supernatural forces we think must govern our lives. They will go so far as to commit atrocities against their fellow humans, because they cannot distinguish between the worship of men and the worship of gods.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Now I won't be able to walk down the street without looking over my shoulder checking if some hungry hungry hippo is after me!

But, seriously- The whole "blessings and cursings" thingy that's been promoted by Christianity to help sell their schlock is one of the most embarrassingly ludicrous things they've ever come up with.
However, given other "successful" sales gimmicks that are typical of sleazy infomercials, it's not too surprising.

Anonymous said...

From the new show, "The All-New LCG Brady Bunch Adventures!"-

Jan's goldfish grows fangs and jumps out of the water and bites Marcia on the nose, causing massive schnozal redness and swelling.

Marcia: "OH NO! I can NEVER go to the church formal looking like this! It's all YOUR FAULT, Jan, because of your awful awful fish! If you'd only bought a gerbil instead of a fish!"

Jan: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! You KNOW I could only afford a goldfish with my excess second tithe. The gerbils were TOO EXPENSIVE!

Bobby: "But I saw you buy a gerbil, dad."

Parents Mike and Carol: "Marcia, I think you know what's going on here. Because you swallowed some toothpaste on The Day of Atonement, God made that goldfish bite your nose.

Marcia: "You're right. I'm sorry, and I deserve my big fat red nose. I'll send in an extra offering to Mr. Meredith."

Bobby: "But I saw you put that gerbil in your butt, dad."

Parents Mike and Carol: "Bobby, the ways of God are indeed mysterious."

Greg: "I was just reading something that Dennis wrote, and..."

Alice: "Cupcakes for everyone, made with extra meat!"

Everyone: "YAY!"

nck said...

Retired Prof,

Excellent explanation from the perspective of hierarchies and deferrence.

I might add that the very part of our brain that produces "consciousness", that is an awareness of self that animals don't have, also causes the "outward projection" to inimate things, objects or consciousness of realms that are not perceivable with the eye. It is also connected to the creative part pf the brain that produces art and poetic ability in man. So yes people who go to classical music concerts speak of a religious experience. Modern electronic music also causes individuals to lose sense of self and merge into the group. Which combined with light effects also causes religious experience.

Now this can still be explained by religious people as an explanation of the mechanics behind communication with (the) God(s). I'm catering two sets of people here. It could however also serve gross negligence of reality and overblown sense of self like Packism.

Now. There is another reason why we would want to revere other people.
Human beings are quite capable of grasping that they are limited. Limited in potential, finances. lifespan.

It is for psychological reasons very healthy that we can project some of our aspirations on others that in a sense represent us and our aspirations.

We all enjoy it when little prince George is doing well and receives the best education possible. Even if we don't have children or have had limited education. As a matter of fact we might enjoy his fortune even better.

We also like to believe in the shower that we can sing. But in reality we know we really can't and we truly admire and worship "silver tonsil" the great singer and project our aspirations on him. He is so cool. He has all the girl friends. And I have trouble paying a hamburger for just one at the concert. Wow!

We know we fall short of our own aspirations. We like to build something that lasts. There is clear indication that the Pyramids of Egypt were not built by slaves but by the ordinary folk giving their time to the Pharaoh. Of course there were slaves for the nasty slopes. But in general it was all built through the generous offerings of the people aspiring to some part of what at least one man would for sure achieve.

In all the ages we call "golden" some of that wealth and prosperity would be redistributed or trickled down again to the general populace. In all the revolutionary ages this wealth was accumulated and stored....until the people would demand their fair share of or collective aspiration.


Gerald Bronkar said...

Retired Prof, thank you for your intelligent explanation as to why people seem to have a need to worship something. Your comments are logical and easy to understand.

Anon 8:40 seems to be pushing the idea that we were created with an innate need to worship some being or creature. I may be all wet, but I disagree. We do seek explanations for events and circumstances we cannot explain, and it is only natural to create an easy answer for events we don't understand---thus religion! There is always someone available to take advantage of the gullible and claim to have a tie to the supernatural. Religion is much easier than using our minds to find the real answer.

Tiny children cry out when hungry or uncomfortable, but they must be taught to worship an invisible deity. At an early age, kids are taught to fear God, and to love Him at the same time (very confusing). Love your neighbor, unless he is a different race or religion. Some are taught to love the police, others are taught to hate and distrust them. We become products of what we are taught, not so much our instincts for self preservation.

Unfortunately most of us were taught that we are evil, and should be careful if we have a thought that may be deemed unacceptable to society. I believe this is a key factor as to why human beings progress so slowly. We all want to be loved, and considered "politically correct". New ideas are crushed and ridiculed by those in power. We need to be accepted.

This is why I love freedom, the power of the internet--and the opportunity to post on this blog.
Freedom of speech is powerful and productive when available to thinking people. Unfortunately, too many allow others to do their thinking for them.

Anonymous said...

8.09 AM, Retired Prof, humans did not become religious creatures because of some 'urge.' Humans have a finite human form such as two arms, legs a face with two eyes, ears, a nose etc, because God defines reality. He made it so. We do not have a certain human form because of some urge. Likewise humans have a definite human psychology defined by God, rather than by some urge. If we fail to worship God, humans worship some alternative.
Worshipping God does not means being childlike as implied by Gerald. The bible does say 'prove all things,' and 'it's to a kings honour to search out a matter.'
In fact 'obey God rather than man,' means a high level of independence from others.
Reality is defined by God, some mysterious 'urge.'

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous at Nov. 3, 7:11 PM says:

"Likewise humans have a definite human psychology defined by God, rather than by some urge. If we fail to worship God, humans worship some alternative."

Forgive me if I misunderstand, but it sounds as if you believe your deity has infused humans with the very same drive that you scorn as "some urge": the impulse to worship. This position seems to contradict your assertion that "humans did not become religious creatures because of some 'urge.'"

It occurs to me that the only issue we disagree on is whether the source of the urge is natural or supernatural.

Anonymous said...

Retired Prof, you seem to be ignoring context. Quoting your own word:
"Worship arose because we human beings extended the urge to show deference beyond the social realm.."
My point is that we worship purely because God designed to mind so, in the same way that we enjoy music because God made it so. The desire to worship did not spontaneously come from some unknown evolutionary or similar 'urge.'

Hoss said...

if my neighbors dog has turned aggressive towards me

There was an episode of Get Smart and one of Columbo where people were being assassinated by dogs. Ronald Reagan sometimes went off-script and unknowingly added parts of old movies to his speeches. Maybe Rod and company are getting recollections of 1960s television shows and think they're receiving prophetic warnings.

Anonymous said...

Responding to November 4, 2016 at 12:50 AM,
"My point is that we worship purely because God designed to mind so, in the same way that we enjoy music because God made it so."

When does God's album come out?
Because then we could have a proper and perfect rule and a sound measure in which to judge all other forms of music. I can only imagine the fear one would go through when they are asked to play one of His songs.


Anonymous said...

I believe science/neurologists have identified the part of the brain where spiritual feelings occur. It was called "the god spot" by some. And sure enough some people have big god spots and others are lacking. Those with large brain god spots are usually more spiritual and interested in spiritual things. Those lacking in this brain area tend to be atheists. So is it our fault if we are born with a lack of spiritual synapses? how could god hold us responsible for something purely genetic. Not sure if a child bombarded with spiritual stimulae since birth would develop this part of the brain and become religious, or maybe there is an equal chance they would become a drug addict.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Ah, DPB, God created Negroes to be the center of the musical universe. So the choices are the Blues, Deep Soul, R & B, gospel, and Reggae.

Anonymous said...

DBP when does Gods album come out? Do you think God doesn't listens to enjoyable music. He must play musical instruments as well, such as the piano. You should know that God is a God of great diversity in tastes in dress, food, entertainment, dance, music etc, So no, no albums, the prime directive remember, the non interference in cultural development.

Anonymous said...

"I believe science/neurologists have identified the part of the brain where spiritual feelings occur. It was called "the god spot" by some. And sure enough some people have big god spots and others are lacking."

But is it genetic?

"So no, no albums, the prime directive remember, the non interference in cultural development."

Does that go for the written word too?


Anonymous said...

DBP we both know that culture and the laws of the universe are two different concepts.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, November 5, 2016 at 2:15 AM.
Project your contradictions on to others.

As long as you can point out the sinners to God, you might get your salvation.


Anonymous said...

If my cat starts giving me real nasty looks, I reckon I better break out the Meow Mix,but quick!

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob wrote, "Ah, DPB, God created Negroes to be the center of the musical universe."

Say what? Lol.

Maybe Jesus is a prophetic sports fan, too, knowing when he created blacks that they'd dominate the sports scene in the USA.

So, to reiterate-
The Mark of Cain correlates with sporting abilities and musical abilities, though not so much with nascar or country music?

I heard that Beyonce received many many 'Christian threats' after appearing in the recent CMA awards.

Anonymous said...

Coming from LCG, I'm surprised they aren't telling us we should all live in fear of being savagely attacked by homosexual animals.

We all know (according to Rod Meredith) that the "queers" are the worst of the worst.

That man is so obsessed with anal sex, it has often made me wonder if he was abused by a sicko uncle or something. His fixation on gay sex is totally out of control.