Saturday, February 25, 2023

Dave Pack's New "Surrogate" Heresy


Surrogate Truth


The Hebrew month of Adar rolls along, and each sunrise brings fresh disappointment for the members of The Restored Church of God. Elijah-Elect David C. Pack returns to setting his alarm clock because even he realizes his sunrise global announcement of the Kingdom of Dave is not panning out as he thought.


“The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 423)” is planned for today. The polar opposite of what was repeated last week.


Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 34:16 But I’m not gonna come back with more sermons. I don’t care we if have to wait another two weeks.


Ha ha ha. He could not even wait for ONE. The picture has changed. There was something WE missed. Dave’s god held back more knowledge until the very end. If he utters how the work is booming again, his nose will punch a hole in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium wall.


If Dave were silent for two weeks, there is still enough corrupt content ranging from goofy to treacherous from Parts 419-422 to keep busy.



During Part 421, while teaching Adar is tied to Abib, and the First Kingdom of Dave is exactly one month, he revisits the book of Haggai and Elul 24. This is where it all began. August 30, 2013, is when those of us in RCG lost our prophetic virginity. All subsequent dates have fared just as well.


The Pastor General of The Restored Church of God broke new ground last week by subtly introducing THE Uno Wildcard for prophetic understanding. This is the Holy Grail for false prophets.


Since the brethren have been accepting everything that comes out of his mouth, David C. Pack was emboldened to invent a new kind of next-level biblical fraud.


Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 1:01:08 And this is fascinating. Go to Haggai. I never knew how to read this, but I do now.


Words fall from Dave's lips, and he cannot see what he is actually saying. He never knew how to read this before but preached as if he did. When you receive your Master’s Degree in Dave-Speak, you will understand he was subconsciously admitting he was wrong for over ten years.


@ 1:03:30 So, then you run into this interesting case in the next chapter [Haggai 2]. God is contrasting the 24th of this month. Of this month that uses Elul as an example.


The mind seed is planted. Elul is “an example.”

Get ready.


@ 1:04:01 Now, this is also the 24th of a different month. God just throws it in there. He uses a surrogate date.The 24th. 24th. Just it’s a surrogate date.




David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God introduces a “surrogate” in the Bible. If the brethren buy this, the door is wide open and will never close.


The danger of David C. Pack is evolving. When he gets away with this, he can get away with anything. Are you okay with this, Raymond?




1. one appointed to act in place of another

2. a substitute, especially a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office

3. relating to the birth of a child or children by means of surrogacy


The first definition reminded me of the Catholics. It is ironic how RCG warns that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. But, Elijah in the Kingdom of Dave operates in a similar role. Who is counterfeiting who?


This “surrogate date” is the trailblazer clear-cutting a path toward complete Christian corruption.


@ 1:04:11 But God uses the same day in two different months to illustrate something. Watch what He does.


The two months in Haggai are Elul and Kislev. Somewhere between Dave’s ears, these prove that Adar is one month and tied to Abib. But that is the least important element of these three minutes.


Note the specific dates are to “illustrate.” As an “example.” Dave reinforces the surrogate theory.


@ 1:05:26 Now, they’re two different dates. And God distinguishes them by using this same day of the month without saying a month. In the next fraternal book, Zechariah just said it. But Haggai sets it up and describes a month using a surrogate date so nobody would know.


Follow the logic and consider the devious implications.


Surrogate dates are in the Bible. Where else are they? Dave's god deceptively hid them so only he could come along to privately interpret for the brethren. The only proof needed is a series of strenuous “I swear to God” and “Because I say so” proclamations. That is good enough these days for the brethren of The Restored Church of Another god.


“Believe me. Don’t believe your Bible.”


The Bible can now say whatever David C. Pack wants it to say. That is the lethal implication of this bold discovery. Unless stopped immediately, this will escalate.


If surrogate dates are in the Bible, what else is a surrogate? Why not surrogate laws, statutes, and judgments? Maybe the seventh-day Sabbath is a surrogate. Only Dave knows. Literally.


But David C. Pack has already introduced this concept without calling it what it is. The Kingdom of Dave is a surrogate for the Kingdom of God. Elijah is a surrogate for Jesus Christ. This is not entirely new.


The heinous evil behind what David C. Pack teaches is that you cannot trust your Bible because that verse may be a surrogate detail requiring future revelation to be understood correctly.


The developments in The Restored Church of God are chilling.



Circle around to the first part of his statement.


@ 1:04:01 Now, this is also the 24th of a different month. God just throws it in there.


Per David C. Pack, the Word of God is not purified seven times. God "throws" details into the Bible as a ruse. If you cannot trust the Bible and you cannot trust the God who wrote it, why bother to be a Christian? That god is a deceiving trickster demanding Common, or it is the Lake of Fire for you.


No, thank you. I’m going fishing.


@ 1:05:50 And you wind up with a fourth way that you see a month. Or, God went out of His way to use the same date and different months for some reason we cannot know. I’ve wrestled with what’s the 24th. Now I know.


If this is wrong, then God is to blame. His current thinking is correct, or "God went out of His way" to make Dave chase his tail again.


Dave’s god immortalized in his word that he was lying to anyone who believed he was really talking about Elul 24 and Kislev 24 in the books of Haggai and Zechariah.


This is some god Dave worships. And the people in RCG pray to this god that he brings the Kingdom of Dave in the coming days. Wow. This is not a good place to be.


David C. Pack does not fear God. His corrupted thinking is as apparent as it is evil. The stakes could not be higher for the members of RCG.


@ 1:06:09 So, God is carefully (again) showing a month, with the 24th being a surrogate for that month. So we would never know until the mystery was lifted at the end.


An example. An illustration. A surrogate. The Tower of Babel is complete, and nothing is impossible for him now.



The incremental steps by David C. Pack have been heading in one direction.


1) After self-anointing himself as the only living apostle, David C. Pack seizes supreme authority in RCG.


2) With apostolic authority, he unveils he is Joshua the High Priest.


3) Since he is already found in the Bible, the transition to also being Elijah the Prophet is easy.


4) Elijah the Prophet is That Prophet. The floodgates open.


5) His mentions in the Bible nearly outnumber that of Jesus Christ.


6) He will rule his own kingdom in front of Jesus Christ.


7) Any Bible verse can say anything because it is a surrogate.


This is where we are. Does it stretch the imagination to see him going further?


8) His god will speak to him audibly.


9) He will perform miracles.


10) He is a type of christ.


Words come out of David C. Pack's mouth, and he has no idea what he is saying.


David C. Pack is a surrogate apostle

teaching a surrogate gospel

from a surrogate bible

filled with surrogate knowledge

about a surrogate kingdom

ruled by a surrogate prophet

heralding a surrogate christ

of a surrogate god.


Another bible. Another gospel. Another jesus. The Restored Church of Another god.

Marc Cebrian

See: Surrogate Truth

LCG: God is filling his shopping cart with a whole lot of whoop-ass for when he destroys most of the world


Ah, the Living Church of God, always the beacon of positivity and peacefulness of Christ. Where would the Church of God be without them?

Like their apostate man-child, Bwana Bob Thiel, they cannot find anything ever positive to write about unless it is how superfantabulous their own COG organization is. Instead, it is always a laundry list of whatever evil they can find that cause a negative reaction in their followers to make them feel superior and enlightened as compared to the evil world around them.

Richard Ames carries on that tradition today in LCG, though when has he ever deviated from it over the decades? Gloom, doom, and damnation is the wonderful gospel message they have to deliver to the world. Never one to focus on Jesus and much of what he accomplished they instead focus on a pissed-off God who is just itching to destroy the world. Nothing delights a COG more than to preach this message. Preach about Jesus? Nah. Preach about tribulation, disease, starvation, death, Hell yeah!

Their God has got a shopping cart next to him which he keeps adding things he is pissed off about so that when the end times come (once Dave Pack determines it) then he can unleash the biggest load of whoop-ass the world has ever seen! COG leaders will be ecstatic!

The many carnal anti-God, anti-Bible ways of the Western world are storing up God’s punishments soon to come in the Great Tribulation, the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7). Also in the current Tomorrow’s World magazine, be sure to read Mr. Weston’s featured article, “Repeating Rome’s Mistakes.”

A better thing to read would be "Why It Is A Sin To Keep Repeating Herbert Armstrong's Mistakes". 

As our current world accelerates toward self-destruction, one of the obvious dangers is that of nuclear proliferation. We’ve cited the nine current nuclear nations in our booklet, Armageddon and Beyond. The Wall Street Journal reported North Korea’s recent boast of increased nuclear missiles...

This dangerous development is not only a threat to the U.S.—it is also a preview of the terrifying weaponry that will destroy a third of mankind. The sixth trumpet plague describes that powerful judgment: 
So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them. And thus I saw the horses in the vision: those who sat on them had breastplates of fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow; and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone. By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed—by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of their mouths (Revelation 9:15-18). 
Some of you may already know of the recent Doomsday Clock advancement, based on increasing dangers of world war and devastation. Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on January 24: 
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set its Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight, the closest to midnight the clock has been since it was established in 1947 to illustrate global existential threats at the dawn of the nuclear weapons age…. Rachel Bronson, the president and CEO of the Bulletin, said the clock had been moved forward from 100 seconds to midnight, where it had been for the previous three years, “largely, though not exclusively, because of the mounting dangers in the war in Ukraine. We are living in a time of unprecedented danger, and the Doomsday Clock time reflects that reality.”

If only LCG and Bob Thiel talked about Jesus as much as they do the "doomsday clock" 

Philippians 4:6-7 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Crackpot Prophet Says COG's Should NOT Be Independent


Never one to fully engage his brain when he speaks, the Great Bwana to Africa and 150 Caucasians, our illustrious and divinely appointed COG leader, announced his latest sermon today. As usual his ADD is bouncing all over the place as he "preaches" a myriad of topics he believes are necessary for a sermon. For someone who claims to be the most perfect COG leader in human history, it is quite evident he failed Spokesman Club, and one of the reasons no Church of God ever ordained him.

Bloviating about his latest sermon he had embedded in the middle of his list of topics this: 

" aspects of church governance and why Christians should not be “independent."

Like I said above, Bob Thiel never fully engages his brain when he speaks. Here he is as a self-appointed Church of God leader, a bitter angry little man who got his delicate feelings hurt when Rod Meredith and the hierarchy of the Living Church of God refused to follow his demands to change their teachings to what he had determined was correct, as the very example of an independent COG. He is independent and totally alone because no COG in the Armstrongite movement will identify or associate themselves with him.  After years of smearing them all wrong, why should they?

Unable to have an original thought pop into his head, he has to continue to use Herbert Armstrong as his source material even though that material has been proven heretical for decades now. That source material happens to be the junk theology on church governance where COG leaders are at the top and sheeple at the bottom bowing in subservience to the divinely self-appointed leadership. After all. in COGland the divine plan of salvation revolves around church governance and fealty to the leadership.

Jesus never had any intention for his followers to be ruled over by these crackpot COG leaders. None of them, including their government structure, has anything to do with being a follower of Christ or with the plan of salvation.

Ephesians 3-4: Godhead, Immortality, Your Purpose
This is the second part of a three part sermon covering the Apostle Paul’s epistle/letter to the Ephesians. In it, Dr. Thiel goes over each verse in the third and fourth chapters of Ephesians–he also includes a lot of related commentary from the late Herbert W. Armstrong of the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God. The sermon goes over several mysteries as well as the restoration of the truth about what God’s purpose is for each human being who will accept God’s ways. God’s plan to offer salvation to all that ever lived was discussed as well as aspects of church governance and why Christians should not be “independent.” Some problems with the false ‘Holy Saturday’ doctrine are mentioned. Tests, trials, faith, and tribulations are mentioned. Discussions of aspects of the Godhead, along with some comments on early church history are also included.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Dave Pack To Soon Speak Telepathicly To Everyone In The World So That All May Hear His Message




Today is Adar 2 on the Hebrew calendar, which is inside the "one month" leading to the return of Jesus Christ to bring the Day of the Lord on Abib 1 [Nissan], which is March 22, 2023.


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God declared the seven-year-plus Series is over during the final “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 422)” on February 18, 2023.


A prophetic clock ticks loudly for members of RCG as time draws on inside a 29 ½-day window until Abib 1. The entire world now anticipates hearing the disembodied voice of David C. Pack booming at sunrise to herald The Kingdom to Israel.


Instead of a cock crowing at dawn, the brethren anticipate the soothing voice of David C. Pack whispering in their ears, "Rise and shine, sleepyhead." The invisible Pastor General will be invading your bedrooms and showers in the days ahead.


Elijah the Prophet will rule this First Kingdom. David C. Pack is Elijah. Therefore, it is more accurate to label what comes before the Kingdom of God as…the Kingdom of Dave. He will not call it that, even though that is what he teaches.


Only an antichrist serpent more wicked (almost) than the devil would connect those dots and dare diminish the splendor of an apostle who doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.


Humankind is waiting for the arrival of The Kingdom of Dave to kick-start biblical events.


I am uncomfortable with this idea.


I am uncomfortable with David C. Pack as Elijah. I am uncomfortable that he will be invisible, as will all the baptized adults of The Restored Church of God. I am uncomfortable that the 1335 of Daniel started a few weeks ago. I am uncomfortable that “The Greatest Untold Story!” is knowledge from God that ends The Mystery of God.


I am not the only one uncomfortable.



Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 32:16 So, the Comforter, when it is uncomfortable, is telling you, Lookout. I’m always uncomfortable when I think I know the date.


David C. Pack has admitted his discomfort during past messages. He seems to always listen to that nagging feeling AFTER he teaches, rather than using it as a warning in advance.


His gut tells him it is wrong, but he does it anyway. Over and over again.


Flashback Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 04:18 We all know that when we're baptized, we receive the Comforter…But, sometimes you're in a situation where you're uncomfortable. To a certain degree, I've been very comfortable. But I've also been somewhat uncomfortable. The Mystery of God is close but not quite right.


Flashback Part 413 – January 4, 2023

@ 37:30 I just, I was haunted, we’ll say, by God’s Spirit guiding me…Just uncomfortable. Unsettled about, did we have Daniel 7 right?


He has also been bothered and unsettled throughout the Series. You get the idea. Preaching prophetic fraud can have that effect on someone.


In Part 422 this weekend, Dave admitted he is uncomfortable with date-setting, yet has done it 43 times since June of 2022. That is a lot of conscience searing.


Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 32:26 And yet, the Bible has a way of pulling people toward dates. And then it really locks you down when you know Abib 1. And I still know it. 




This is more disassociation. The Bible is "pulling people," not "pulling me." Once you know the definitions of the relevant mental disorders, you cannot un-hear them in Dave's language.


He will often use this technique to soften any criticism, whether sourced internally or externally.



@ 32:36 I don’t know any of our ministers who are comfortable when we know a date.


And yet, they all keep their mouths shut about that and offer their docile agreement.


The enablers at Headquarters are ALL spineless cowards afraid to stick their necks out to stand up for what they know is right. It is a collection of compromised hirelings enjoying the comforts of the Headquarters Campus rather than pushing back when they see God’s word being handled deceitfully by a prophetic buffoon.


I have zero respect for the lot of them. Even the men I like personally. I have zero respect for the gaggle of uncomfortable pacifists sitting, nodding, smiling, and agreeing. Especially the one who stares off blankly because his wife is making pot roast tonight. Maybe he should start “caring” about prophecy.


It is sad to think all the uncompromising ministers who had any fight in them have already left.



Dave used Part 421 to prove Adar 1 and one month. But after the meal, he used Part 422 to undo that certainty because no man knows the day and the hour. Bait. Switch. Who cares if the All-Believing Zealots endured an emotional rollercoaster that night. That is just good theater.


@ 32:43 I repeat from before, we know from various verses we’re close, and this cannot change.


The newest picture is locked, and the Series is over.


@ 33:45 This is just the way I’m gonna be ‘cause there’s no more Series, no more sermons where I’m gonna come and tell ya anything differently than I do now.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. Believe him to your shame. Part 423 will grace our inbox in the coming days.


@ 33:51 I cannot say these things tonight and then undo them. They can’t be undone…


Oh, yes, he can. Dave has been doing just that for ten years. Try to find the first thirty sermons in the Series in Member Services. What? They’re not there! Shocker.


@ 33:55 …because they’re coming off of rock-solid verses.


What is not so rock-solid is Dave’s private interpretation. Yes, the verses are there, and some are very specific. The conclusions of the matters are in question, not that the Bible says them.


@ 33:58 I know the entire pattern of God, all of it. You do, too. As long as you're honest with the scriptures. You do, too. But you cannot undo Zechariah 14:7, and that even Christ does not know the day.


No man knows the day and hour. True.


There is a day known to the Lord. True.


How Dave puts it all together. Not true. Or it is the Lake of Fire for me.


The blend of truth and error has always been the problem. Private interpretation has always been the problem. Being moved by the wrong spirit has always been the problem.


An angel of light would have SOME truth to deceive Bible readers. After all, Satan tempted Jesus Christ in the wilderness by quoting Scripture.


When Dave tells you the picture is complete, locked, and the Mystery of God is over, remember the past.


Flashback Part 379 – June 25, 2022

@ 1:10:12 “…and you should have confidence. You cannot break that. It cannot be broken. Now, it all starts June 29th at night…It’s all over by July 28th. God’s plan is now plain.


Flashback Part 380 – July 1, 2022

@ 1:26:38 If for some reason, it's not this picture, I will not bend it. I'll tell ya that now. Have to be an oracle. I’d have to have Gabriel in this ear and Michael in this ear telling me to change it in some way. And maybe Christ Himself for something.


Flashback Part 398 – October 10, 2022

@ 1:33:07 You should be deeply convicted that we are waiting for the exact same moment on the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles. That is beyond arguable. The Mystery of God is resolved.


Dr. Jaco Viljoen taught members of RCG to “let the past go” for good reason because history exposes David C. Pack as a fraud, a liar, a sorcerer, and a false prophet. To name a few.


Jaco should be ashamed of his grievous disservice committed against God's people.


Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 34:16 But I’m not gonna come back with more sermons. I don’t care we if have to wait another two weeks.

@ 35:02 Truly, the Series closes. I wanna say everything and leave it all on the table.

@ 35:33 I’m not a hypocrite. I can’t stand up here and undo what I said in the last message.




He did UNDO what he said in the last message. Adar 1, one month before Abib 1, was IT. Remember?


Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 1:27:38 What other day and hour could I possibly tell you if not Adar 1?


This is the same guy that undid his 14 ½-day Kingdom of Dave from Friday and changed it to an entire month. The day before. He can UNDO that, but he will not UNDO anything else? Believe what that man says to your own hurt, folks.



Now that the Series is over, The Restored Church of God can return to focusing on The Work.


Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 35:38 Or what I’ve said several times in this message about how short it has to be. But we have plans for the future. I've determined I'm going to be found so doing. It won't be the Series anymore.


It will not be a new World to Come, either. Only one person left at Headquarters knows how any of that equipment works. And that guy is now in Editorial. The Media Center Studio is a Museum of Church History. If it were just wrapped in plastic five years ago, it would save the ladies the hassle of continuing to dust and mop every week.


@ 35:49 All of our men think this way.


Who’s living in a fool’s paradise now?


Dave has no idea what “all of our men” really think. The highest-ranking chameleon keeps his true thoughts close to the vest, but maybe Ryan Denee might tell you what he really thinks if you are willing to close the door and keep your voice down.


Winter Socials. AYC Fundraisers. Nothing is ever put on pause in RCG. They fly under the biblical cover of "found so doing." But it really means Dave is full of malarkey, and they know it.


So much for leading by example. The next time there is a push for Common, see which artwork the minister sells to obey that command. There will not be a blank space on that wall when you revisit them.


@ 35:52 You know, I’m torn terribly. A lot. But I have to do this. I’ve missed Co-Worker Letters. I’d pick ’em back up. I’d be back in the television studio.


Uh oh. Did he hear me talking out loud?


My former editing partner just had his heart leap in his chest. It would be all on him to dredge the sunken Media Center ship and get her polished and ready right quick. Do not worry, dude. Dave does not even have a script. Consider all this just idle musings out loud. Pray, for the sake of your professional sanity, that the Kingdom of Dave comes on time.


But more certainly, the Series will trudge on, and Dave will be too busy to be bothered with anything besides opening his mouth to a paid audience. Remember that an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic said it first.


@ 36:09 I’ve gotta fix some literature. I’d have to do that. I would do that. And the other men around here would, too.


The idea of fixing the literature makes Edward Winkfield uncomfortable. His heart just leaped in his chest. That has been a long-term, back-burner project he has prayed fervently with bloody sweat on his knees that never needs to be taken on in any substantial way.


“Mr. Schleifer, are we really doing this?”

"Mr. Pack wants it, Ed. It’s a commission from the Apostle.”


The color would drain from his face. Members could spot Ed wandering the Campus trails for hours weeping with a shell-shocked look.


Fret not, Ed. This will not happen. In the coming days, the picture will change, and "The Greatest Unending Story!" will continue unending. This “Series is over” is just another tiny uncomfortable hiccup left to fade in the distance.



@ 37:24 So, let’s wait for however long it is. If somebody wants to leave, then they were never a part of this.


Brethren, do not think of them as sheep wandering off because that is just unbiblical and stupid.


Talk like this brings a tear to Gerald Flurry's eye. He had Dave beaten by decades with finding himself in the Bible and the harsh treatment of former brethren, but Dave has learned from his master well.


RCG has become PCG without the private jets and an auditorium.


David C. Pack is comfortable saying people leave because they were never sheep. He is comfortable calling anyone who quotes his own words back at him wicked and of the devil. He is comfortable saying people who leave RCG are committing suicide. He is comfortable with people being cast into the Lake of Fire because it will be “put to good use.”


David C. Pack is comfortable saying the Kingdom of Dave will begin any day now.


But I am not comfortable with any of that.

Marc Cebrain

See: Uncomfortable

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Twisted Dave Pack Continues To Move His Goal Post With Every Daily Failure




Last week, David C. Pack blessed members of The Restored Church of God with four “The Greatest Unending Story!” sermons.


Part 419 on February 14 explained the coming Kingdom of Dave ruled by Elijah for 13 ½ days preceding the Kingdom of God ruled by Jesus Christ starting on March 22, 2023.


Part 420 on February 17 laid out a series of nonsequiturs that felt more like prophetic pad than unveiling the Mystery of God. He changed the Kingdom of Dave from 13 ½ days to 14 ½ days. He also resurrected the Worldwide Church of God teaching that the voice of the teacher behind you means RCG members will be invisible in the coming days.


Part 421 on February 18 undid the 14 ½ days of The Kingdom of Dave period by expanding it to one month. God sees eleven races. The crown of England whatever. The Bible has “surrogate” dates to trick people. He locked Abib 1 to Adar 1. Adar 1 begins on February 22, 2023. That is today, FYI. 


After the meal, Part 422 revealed "a twist" that unlocked Abib 1 to Adar 1, rendering most of Part 421 pointless. The start of the Kingdom of Dave is Adar 1 on February 22, 2023…but don’t count on it.


Sunrise passed in Jerusalem. Sunrise passed in Wadsworth. Still, no disembodied voices thundering all over the world. The biggest Twist ever would have been for ANYTHING to happen today.



Covering the messages in sequence usually helps maintain the illusion of continuity from Team Prophetic Fraud at Headquarters, but timeliness trumps tradition. Otherwise, you would be reading about the splendor of Part 420.


Fully understanding Part 421 increases your appreciation of The Twist in Part 422.


Opening Part 421, Dave explains how the Man of Sin Nebuchadnezzar is the Assyrian sprinkled through the Old Testament. To the disappointment of some, the Assyrians are no longer the modern-day Germans.


Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 12:17 Therefore, the King of Assyria, Nebuchadnezzar, dies after the Seven Trumpet Plagues.


@ 12:54 But, it looks like (maybe) everybody is put to death and comes back and sees his outcome. That Daniel says, “I beheld till the body of the Little Horn” (or Beast) “was slain” (or destroyed) “and his body given to the burning flame,” (the Lake of Fire). Which we all know happens on Abib 1 [March 22, 2023].


Dave goes on for several minutes of SkipaPalooza: YawnFest 2023.


@ 14:03 We’re clearing things up and adding and just burst of marvelous knowledge.


I would love to show you my best Chris Hemsworth whispering squinty-face, “But, is it really?”



Dating is a challenge in The Restored Church of God, to say the least. With under 1450 adults to begin with, other huge factors diminish the probability percentages. 


1 – Single

2 – Baptized for at least six months

3 – Same race

4 – Same approximate age

5 – Unbound (limited divorces)


By the way, ministers always win the coin toss with the gray area judgment calls. Two Headquarters hirelings had their relationships "fast-tracked" within one year from the first date to the wedding night. How nice for them.


While attending RCG from July 2012 to March 2021, I dated ONE woman. One. She was attractive, tall, thin, intelligent, assertive, kind, and passionate. She is an all-around wonderful person. A classy lady and a good mother. We went on a few dates during the Feast and agreed we wanted to continue.


After returning to Headquarters, the moment I mentioned her name, I was commanded to stop talking to her while more-qualified married men determined IF we could date or not. Turns out, she was “bound” despite her field minister telling me she was not.


If you think dating is near-impossible in RCG today, it is a Netflix series compared to later.


@ 38:04 God sees, essentially, eleven races. Now, we never knew that, either. But, when you learn about the languages, you automatically learn that. And, if you're within the cluster illustration of Israel, then you get to marry, and you have to marry someone in that cluster.


The RCG dating pool just got much smaller. Whether this is applied before the Kingdom of Dave comes remains to be seen. Dating while invisible may either be better or worse. Hard to know.



Dave admits to stringing the brethren along about timing during Parts 418, 419, and 420. The next time he hints but does not say or suggests, "you can figure it out," it just means he is stalling and does not know.


@ 43:39 I would not get into dates (mostly) because I was still working through details.


Dishonest Dave cannot stomach being forthcoming with the brethren when it matters. Rather than explaining he is not sure because the picture is still coming into focus, he plays word games and gives the impression he knows when he does not know.


That is cowardly and is the same ploy a deceiver would opt in on. Narcissists need to hide their shortcomings by focusing on only their strengths. I wonder if there is a connection.



For the next 45 minutes, he builds a case proving The Kingdom of Dave is one month and will begin on Adar 1, February 22, 2023. Today.


@ 43:50 I’m gonna give you (basically) 16 proofs of how long the Kingdom of Israel is with a twist.


The Twist negates the 16 proofs after the meal, but when you first hear this, you do not know that.


The Three Shepherds of Zechariah 11 die in one month. God feeds the flock. The Synagogue of Satan. The Heavenly Signs. The Great Tribulation. They happen in the same period.


@ 59:40 They’re all in the month. But it cannot change the duration of the month.


At this point, the brethren of The Restored Church of God do not need David C. Pack to prove ANYTHING from their Bible. They will just take his word for it. He could have saved himself thirty more minutes and then broke for supper.


After all, they believe in a man and not their Bible. This is how Dave can pull all this off with 85ish bodies in the Main Hall. The proof is unnecessary because the Bible says what he needs it to say when he needs it to say it. When he needs to change conclusions, he does, and the Bible still supports him.


A verse can mean X until it needs to mean Y. Then it means Y until it means Z. And the people attending The Restored Church of God are totally fine with that continuing to give passive approval. They are paying David C. Pack to twist the Bible. And a twisted Bible is what they get.


When the human idol says, “the First Kingdom is 10 days,” the brethren accept it.


When the human idol says, “the First Kingdom is 13 1/2 days,” the brethren accept it.


When the human idol says, “the First Kingdom is 14 1/2 days,” the brethren accept it.


When the human idol says, "the First Kingdom is one month," the brethren accept it.


The human idol of The Restored Church of God twists the Bible, logic, and history into whichever corrupted form fills the need of the day. The twisting can only continue.


@ 59:45 I will die before I believe otherwise. I believe it as an article of faith as surely as I believe the Millennium.


David C. Pack’s assurances are as hollow as they are stupid. He might as well raise his right hand and say, “I swear to God.” After all, this is what he is doing. He is preaching under the guise of God’s name and authority but swears using different words. He is only fooling himself.


Flashback Part 194 – July 17, 2019

@ 1:33:00 …and that took a long time to put that together, and I am as certain of it as the rising of the sun.


It is a good thing no one holds Dave accountable for the words from his mouth. It might not go well with him if his tongue chooses his fate.


Flashback Part 197 – August 7, 2019

@ 1:34:10 I didn’t understand the announcement period. I understand all of that now…You couldn’t put a gun to my head and talk me out of it.


If only a verse talked about letting a yes be yes and no be no because beyond that…



Point 8 of 16 explains where previous teachings were wrong. Not 1, but 8. A blend of mental disorders cannot allow Dave to fully accept he is the cause of the error. See which words express cognitive dissonance, disassociation, and good old-fashioned denial.

Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 1:09:58 And the sacrifices stop at 1290, which is a kind of a round number of months. So, it’s God’s pattern. It’s the only length that we would know to dock. And I found no authority to add to it. Which I made the mistake of adding 13 ½, woulda been 14 ½ days to it. It woulda had the wrong number anyway.




“I found no authority” rather than “I had no authority.” The authority is disconnected from his actions. This dramatically diminishes his role in the "mistake" he made.


“It woulda had the wrong number” removes a chunk from Part 420 the day before. The day before. Notice “It woulda” instead of “I woulda.” He again disconnects the error from himself.


@ 1:10:23 But I found no authority. You cannot add to seven years or a thousand years. You cannot add to one month. It was just that simple.




He repeats the disconnected authority, doubling how far away it is from him. Then "you cannot add" instead of "I cannot add," which is the reality of what transpired. He even repeats, "You cannot add," to emphasize that the brethren of RCG have no authority to do this.


But no one in RCG is doing it but Dave himself. Somehow, his brain is disconnected from that reality.


He further disassociates from the mistake with a rushed excuse. It was not his fault, brethren.


@ 1:10:34 I was in a hurry. Couple weeks ago, and just learning about the 3 ½ days, and wudden’t sure if it sat out in front of it.


He was rushing to call malarkey out to make it plain. Another example of haste making mistakes.


He also taught it when he was not sure. That should catch the attention of RCG folks. What else does Dave teach he is not sure of but pushes through anyway? This is not the first time.


@ 1:10:42 You now know that I was at least right to tell you, no, it didn't, nor does the 10 days or 11 days, which it turned out to be anyway.


Confessing to a crime after you get caught does not hold the same moral weight as not committing the crime at all. Dave, yet again, finds a way to be right to soften the sting of being wrong. That is just crazy.


He admits to a mistake but denies responsibility and makes excuses. Admit, but deny and excuse.


He made a mistake but was also correct at the same time. Wrong, but right.


@ 1:10:50 So, there’s no Bible authority to add to the month or subtract from it.


Authority he falsely took upon himself in God’s name and then has to walk it back.



After establishing the Kingdom of Dave is one month before the Day of the Lord on March 22, that means February 22. Adar 1. Today.


He hammers Adar 1 for the rest of the message.


@ 1:22:39 Of course, you have to wait. It always suggested a long way to a more far away date. Well, little did we know, but we did. Adar 1.


@ 1:26:24 Was it lucky coincidence, ready? What a lucky coincidence that all of this last knowledge ends two and half days before Adar…The Mystery of God is ended. It was made plain. Fast and granular.


Recall this following sentence after he reveals the post-supper Twist. Then, ask yourself if he was lying.


@ 1:27:38 What other day and hour could I possibly tell you if not Adar 1?


@ 1:33:27 But, we’ve had this tremendous this tremendous, big, extraordinary burst of knowledge. Think: That’s not proof that there’s more to come, but rather that the Mystery of God ended. You better hope it’s proof that it ended. I mean, what would I tell you about a one-month kingdom since it pretty much summarizes the Bible other than all the books and verses and chapters that tell ya how to live? What would I tell you?


Adar 1 starts the Kingdom of Dave. You better not doubt it.


@ 1:34:15 The Mystery of God’s over. Including the mystery about God, if you will. It’s not proof that there’s more to come.


Strong statements just before supper. It all sounds very final and precise.


And then they came back after a meal for Part 422.



Part 422 – February 18, 2023

@ 00:01 I told you that we were awaiting a twist.


Calling this a twist is as deceptive as it is false. A twist is when you find the butler was the killer because he was a secret illegitimate son. A twist is that the space aliens were NASA astronauts on a planet of giants. A twist is that the monsters were people in costumes.


What is presented in Part 422 is not a twist. It is a bait-and-switch that dissolved any timing point from Part 419 on. Dave revokes the need for hours of preaching this week.



David C. Pack’s expression of reality-disconnected mental disorders was covered in the last article.


This portion of the hypothetical questions already RCG history is still baffling.


@ 02:25 Imagine yourself waiting another year and another year and another year and another and another.


Nobody in The Restored Church of God needs to imagine this because they live it. And boy, are they living it today, February 22. Adar 1. I wonder how many high-level emergency ministerial meetings are happening across the street today.


He introduces his 37-minute "gotcha" with more certainty.


@ 02:51 The picture is set in stone. It is inarguable. I put it up there with believing the Sabbath or tithing or baptism by immersion or any other element of the truth that you know of.


At this point, the audience still believes wholeheartedly everything begins on Adar 1. Today.


But then Dave shifts into verses reversing all of that.


@ 09:57 How could Christ not know Abib 1 when the Bible says it so plainly it’s impossible for us to misunderstand it?


@ 10:56 No one could ever convince me it’s not Abib 1.


The Twist he teased during Sabbath Services is finally revealed after a lot of beating around the bush.


No man knows the day and the hour.


Mic drop. Fireworks. Cue the band.


What a massive circle for The Restored Church of God. The pendulum swings back from "you must know" to "you cannot know” from “you must know” to “you cannot know.” This week, you cannot know. Ah, but next time, you must know.


@ 21:00 Which would mean there’s no chance it’s Tuesday morning because that’s the day we all know.


@ 23:28 It might be the Sabbath. But, if it is, I'm not sure I could tell you. I don't think I have authority to tell you Christ would know. And I sure don’t have the authority to tell you I would know in light of reading Zechariah 14:7.


@ 34:16 But I’m not gonna come back with more sermons. I don't care we if have to wait another two weeks because God wants to get nearer the middle of Abib or even go through Abib and reset all the way back, and He wants the whole church to keep the Days of Unleavened Bread again.


Not Tuesday. It might be the Sabbath. This could drag into mid-April.


It is Adar 1 for sure, but maybe after Unleavened Bread. Would you call that a Twist?


Dave could have saved RCG from much grief over the past year had he remembered Jesus said no man knows the day and hour, only the Father. The comments sections on, Banned by HWA, and YouTube have that as the most-often repeated phrase.



Recall he said this before the meal:


Part 421 – February 18, 2023

@ 1:27:38 What other day and hour could I possibly tell you if not Adar 1?


The answer is: Many, including the Days of Unleavened Bread. Was that question a lie?


This was nefarious on Dave’s part. He knew he was misleading the brethren and chose to disregard concern for them because he “manipulates with callous indifference and shows no remorse for his behavior.” That is part of antisocial personality disorder and a trait of narcissists.


During the meal, David C. Pack let the brethren be excited and talk about the Kingdom of Dave mere days away when he was fully aware he would pop their balloon after dessert.


Is this how a faithful servant of God presents His knowledge to His people?


He built the brethren up and then pissed in their Corn Flakes.


He could have started with "no man knows" and then presented Adar 1 as an option to soften the enthusiasm. But he chose not to. It was a conscious, deliberate choice to mislead the audience.


Regardless of what mental disorders the man suffers, that is still cruel.


The twisted thinking of a twisted man about a twisted bible is preaching in a twisted manner about a twisted god supported by twisted hirelings.


The people of The Restored Church of God choose to remain despite being treated this way. Maybe they think they deserve it. Maybe they think they are at fault. They stay to their own hurt.


Today is Adar 1. David C. Pack’s invisible voice did not boom across the world at dawn. Not Jerusalem time. Not Wadsworth time. The fact nothing occurred was no twist.


Marc Cebrian

See: Twist-ed