Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dave Pack: My Brain Operates In 'Quick Mode" Which Allows My Words To Flow Forth Rapidly

It seems that Dave's members are getting tired of Dave's rapid fire sermons where he chatters like a chipmunk on and one for hours on end, talking fast because he has so much to say that he has to get in as much as possible...even if it takes 4 hours!

Number one, I can talk real fast like a chipmunk and try to cover all these questions faster than a normal person would talk…It’s funny. I have a television. Now, you can hit what is called “Quick Mode.” Raise your hand…Any of you heard of that? I didn’t know what that was. In an impatient age, it has the person who is speaking (the commentator, certain programs) talk faster……
Well, I could talk in “Quick Mode,” but that’s not good, that’s not natural. Number two, I could just delete elements of material and move too fast while talking at a normal rate, and then people do not understand.
The third option is to go four hours every Sabbath. I’ve already done that twice and that has problems…people with long drives, and it is also giving too much too fast, but it would move me through the kinds of questions that are coming in.  Greatest Story 10

Dave Pack: RCG Members Will Be Able To Mass Produce Fig Trees In Kingdom

Just imagine how fun it will be to wave you finger and everyone in your kingdom or world will automatically have a growing fit tree that produces fruit and shade.  Woo Hoo!

That is the superfantabulous power that Dave's minions will have.  There is an anterior motive behind it.  It is an inducement to make the gullible peons under their control compliant.

Now…by the way, if you wait for everybody on Earth…the Scriptures say they will…to have their own vine and fig tree, they could maybe sing about Fig Newtons, but they had never had a fig, don’t know how to grow a fig, never seen a fig tree…don’t know how to grow a vine…so if they figured that out, or if you told them how to do it, it would take years for them to have a vine that produced…or a fig tree that would produce, unless you simply create, by divine fiat, lots of vines and fig trees, and apportion out where everybody lives. The book of Joshua shows that the various families in Israel, got inheritances. So people have to have a plot of ground they call their own with, at least, a vine and fig tree, if we can just leave it at that for the moment. So those would be inducements.

Dave Pack: My Kingdom Will Have A Dress Code

One thing  that Armstrongism has been obsessed with over the decades is a dress code for members.  It will be no different in Dave Pack's superfantabulous kingdom.   Can you imagine the hell that would be!  Thousands of self-righteous snotty church members running around with rulers and scissors.

If you are now resplendent and you are ruling cities, and your ability has been enhanced by God after you enhanced it first…and God would want to give more ability to people who tried, at the human level, to develop it…what does everybody look like? Wouldn’t God have a dress code? Would He let people dress according to cultures all over the world and they represent His government? He and angels dress in white. So does Christ. So there would be some kind of dress code. We could speculate on that, but you wouldn’t want to go too far. I could speculate it’s white…maybe it’s linen. You wouldn’t leave styles up to people—the weak of the world—do you want to leave styles up to them? I think not. You probably wouldn’t leave colors up to people, because then the government of God is represented without a dress code. 
If you are working with Maasai warriors in Africa, do you want to carry a big long staff and dress like they do? No. No, because you represent the government of God…and so forth. Greatest Story 9

Dave Pack: Some in UCG, LCG, and PCG condemned to "everlasting shame and contempt"

Salvation is only available in the Resorted Church of God  People tin the various COG's that reject Dave now and will do so again in the future.  They are damned to "everlasting shame and contempt."
But many brethren died in United and Living and PCG—outside the Body of Christoutside God’s government—and they have a chance to come back and help, and some of them are going to succeed and go on to everlasting life, and some are going to fail and go on to everlasting shame and contempt. They, literally, come back—a resurrection of the dead—come back and are given a chance, a second time, to do the right thing and if they do it wrong again, they get everlasting shame and contempt. But, boy, will we need teachers!

Dave Pack and His Two Wonder Men

So, let me repeat this—that God was going to use a human spokesman with two others (the men of wonder) becomes its own great proof that God has always intended the First Dominion be carried out under human leadership from the top (Christ) all the way down to the bottom—including you. This is a government that will be carried out—it is not optional. The nation that doesn’t obey perishes or gets utterly wasted with drought and other afflictions until they step in line, and if they never do—God wipes them out. He has done it before with whole tribes. He will do it again. Wake them up and tell them, “Now, do you want to try that again?” This is the kingdom of God, but God is going to work through a prophet……It is that simple.

Dave Pack and His Two Sidekicks To Soon Turn Water Into Blood Before Burning People Up

Dave is one fearsome dude with his two sidekicks.  Instead of the two witless witnesses (Laura and Ron Weinland) we now have the holy trinity of fearsome prophets (Dave and his two witless witness sidekicks).  Could it be that Laura and Ron Weinland will combine forces with Prophet Dave and start a scorched earth policy?  They all so desperately want to see the earth and its inhabitants fry.

Our responsibility will be laid out for us. It is just that there are three men who are going to have to function together……If you can understand what I am saying, this is what we are part of. Certainly, if I don’t go out and say what I think, judgment I think should be carried out, you can’t either. On the other hand, let’s face it—it’s enormous power and authority.
When the Two Witnesses are given power, they are told to do certain things…and the people don’t respond…boom…water turns to blood, the heavens dry up, plagues come, and if you threaten them, personally, you die by fire. They are going to make judgments. Brethren, you are going to have certain power. Understand—along with two others, it is clear then, during the restitution of all things, that God is using a human spokesman and with those two others. Therefore, this becomes its own great proof that God has always intended the Kingdom be carried out through human leadership under Christ. All of it—meaning you included.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Dave Pack: You Will Die If You Do Not Heed My Words

Dave Pack continues his downward spiral:

So when we speak of Elijah the prophet, a very simple way to speak of him, since he is like Elijah, he is “Elijah that prophet.” It is just that simple. Same person, same job description, only now we understand. After you have now proven that they are one and the same, you now understand the “restoring all things” doesn’t stop at the Church, but it certainly would include telling the Church what “restoring all things” truly means in full scope and size. 
They are the same person. It does not mean God has vested some kind of totalitarian authority in a man. It has nothing to do with that. This man speaks to the world with the two men of wonder on either side of him……and he says to the world exactly what Christ wants him to say…it is very simple……So it does not make any difference whether you are Elijah or Isaiah…or any other prophet—Micah, Daniel, Hosea, Joel—any of them. Whether you are going to tell Hezekiah you’re going to die, or you are talking to 7.3 billion people, it is the exact same job. 
Technology and miracles and the power of God and enforcement in a government that executes justice and judgment in the earth, if you don’t do what God says—that comes out of this man’s mouth, in the way that God is going to do it—you die. It is not some kind of totalitarian human leadership. All of us, brethren, who are going to be in the kingdom of God—every one of you—presumably, you don’t think you are going to go out and do your own thing. We are all going to do our own responsibility—not our own thing.

Dave Pack: Three Proofs I Am Elijah

Dave Pack is back with more posts of his endless cycle of butt numbing sermons that's little flock has had to sit through over the last couple of years.  

Dave acknowledges that the is the Elijah to come.  This has caused major butt-hurt with Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Bob Thiel.  Just how many Elijah's can one Church of God have????????

Dave has this to say about himself:
Let’s talk about the role of Elijah for a moment and ask some great questions I posed a week or two ago. Elijah is a prophet. The man who holds the role of Elijah, it says at the end of Malachi, is “Elijah the prophet” and there are three things that are important about this man.
Number one: He restores all things.
No human being in tens of thousands of human years has ever understood God or the bible more than Dave has.  No human is as intelligent as he is nor has any human ever been loved by God more.
Number two: He fixes the family unit. Because if you don’t restore the family unit, generations cannot work together…grandfathers, fathers, grandmothers, mothers, and children—and that is not to say there couldn’t be four generations. It doesn’t mean if the great-grandparents are alive, the great-grandchildren are out; or there are four generations and you count the great-grandchildren in, the great-grandparents are out. That is not what it is saying.
Say what?????????  Dave has fixed the family unit??????  He has disfellowshipped his daughter and son-in-law, his own sons rarely attend church, if at all.   He has ripped church members families apart.  Marriages have been ruined because of Dave  He has take young men that are employees in Wadsworth and turned them against their mother who is no longer a member.  There have been suicides.  Dave has done nothing but destroy the family unit! 
It’s saying the whole family unit, which is the way I have explained it. When you look at it, the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers…in the Church that involves three generations. It would have to, because of the passing of time. So you have to fix the family unit—which is the fundament of every society. Without it—nothing works. I don’t care what the LGBT crowd thinks, or all the people that support them, and so forth. And you know that.
The third thing is, very simply: He does those two things “before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD” and the Old Testament ends on that statement. There’s somebody who is going to restore all things—fix the family unit. Christ added “restore all things” in Matthew, and do it before the great and terrible day of the LORD, and he is a prophet called “Elijah the prophet.”
Now that Dave has accomplished everything, it is time for his created creature "jesus" to return and raise some hell. 

Elisha Elijah Amos Bob Thiel Prepares To Suffer Intense Persecution

Poor Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Joshua Amos Doubly Blessed Chief Overseer Bob Thiel is getting ready to suffer intense persecution right now from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.  Those big bad meanies have already censored one of Thiel's ministers of the improperly named Continuing Church of God.

Facebook used to allow COGwriter Church of God News page items to directly go to my page as part of an RSS feed, but stopped that a few years ago.
Twitter still carries the headlines of the posts from the page, but one day it may declare that this is either “alt-right” or “religious extremism” or whatever else it may chose to use as ‘justification’ to stop it.
This censorship issue on social media is so serious that we in the Continuing Church of God decided, because of an incident with YouTube, to come up with an alternative to YouTube if we were seriously faced with its censorship again (a sermon by Steve Dupuie allegedly violated ‘community standards’ essentially because he said that Christians needed to obey God’s written word–I filed and appeal to YouTube and they decided they should not have censored that sermon).
The time will come when the USA, and likely some private companies, will apparently stop the efforts of websites like this one. As well as our numerous video channels on the internet. 
Notice that the Bible tells of a time that will come when the word of God will not be found. And that would seem to be because truth from it will be taken off the internet. In the 21st century, the internet is accessed by people in every country, and thus some type of internet restriction/suspension/site removal is coming.
We are getting closer to this time. 
That all might be worrisome if the improperly named Continuing Church of God were actually Christian, but they are not.

Times are certainly rough in Arroyo Grande.  Prison camps, armed guards, over zealous media folk and rampaging illegal aliens are making life difficult for God's most cherished and doubly blessed leader.  Perhaps some more of his minions can have some nightmares and give him a vision to get out of this mess.   Tough times are ahead for God's one and ONLY true church!.  Eat your heart out Dave Pack and James Malm!

Gerald Weston: Now That Trump Has Been Elected We Have A Few More Years Left. WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Gerald Weston is back at doing what the Church of God is best at doing, constantly resetting the clock for the end times.   After 8 decades of one lie after another a person would think that they would learn to keep their mouths shut and just go about being "Christians" instead of speculating on end times malarky.  But no, they can't, even though every single day, month, year and decade they have to keep resetting their end time countdown clock.

Living Church of God, like most of the other COG's sighed a collective sigh of relief after Hillary Clinton massively lost the election.  Hillary was Satan personified in the eyes of many in the church, while Trump seems to be portrayed as the golden haired saviour.

Gerald acts like he and the Living Church of God are being constantly persecuted for their message.  They are not and never have been.

It appears from a policy perspective in light of the outcome that we may have a few more years of freedom to preach the Gospel. However, unforeseen events can change this picture overnight. It is going to be interesting to watch. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dave Pack: There is only one church in the Kingdom...mine

Woe be to anyone who is not a Restored Church God member and is in one of the splinter groups.  When Dave's "jesus" sets up his kingdom after converting all the Jews, Dave and crew will then be installed to rule the world.  There is no other COG that exists that is a valid at this point.  These slovenly laodiceans will be JERKED out of the church and Dave's kingdom.  Dave says so!
There will be only one organization. The wicked, therefore, because it is the kingdom of God, have to be removed…… because now you have wicked people mingled with others……Christ is not going to protect them. He’s not going to, in any way, exempt them. They’re part of the world. They’re going to be jerked out of the Church……

Dave Pack: I am called to study the Bible more than you

God's most superfantabulous Church of God leader to ever have lived on this earth in millions of years wants all of his flock to know that he is a hard worker and that he has to study the Bible more than anyone else.

I’m involved in…and I hope you would do the same yourself…in the most fascinating pursuit of my life. Again I will add, I hope yours. I am studying probably three to six hours a day, and of course trying to do other things. I’m not called and paid to, basically, just study all day. I’m supposed to probably study more than any of you, because of my role. I understand that…I’m sure you do, too…but there is so much to learn.
The Bible is different, though. You can read something, and the next chapter goes backward in time without telling you it did. You have to know it well enough to know that it did…and sometimes, you have to stop and realize…Wait a minute, now what just happened? Are we still in the same timeline?…because we serve a God who says He wrote His book here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept, so that people would go forward, fall backward, be broken, taken and snared, because He doesn’t want the world at large to understand His book—and they don’t even understand that. So everybody studies the Bible and thinks they do, and they get taken and snared by it, because it doesn’t read like other books. 
Dave is the only one who can fully understand the Bible.

Mr. Armstrong puzzled over things…The Bible can be a book of conundrums, enigmas, mysteries and prophetic Gordian knots—but it is coming amazingly clear……Surely the one who restores all things—Elijah—would restore proper and full understanding of restoring all things. Would he not? If it is not just the Church, then the one who restores all things ought to, at least, tell the Church what doing that means…Right? Particularly, if every one of you is involved in it in ways that are going to blow your mind before you put your head on a pillow tonight…… 

Changes Underway with Grace Communion International?

This was sent to me today.

GCI continues to look towards moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Apparently the church is not taking most of its employees that work in Glendora with them.  The rumor is that Joe is going to officially retire and turn over reigns to Greg Williams.  It remains to be seen what will really happen.

Rod Meredith will be the first to take over a warm basket of cookies to welcome them to Charlotte. This will make Rod Meredith sooooooo happy!

GCI is also in a unique time of transition. I know that I myself have some important news to share with you all at our 2017 conference, as we look toward the future of this beautiful denomination. It will be a significant and historic moment, a chance to look back in gratitude over where God has brought us, and look forward with hope where he continues to lead. I know you’ll want to attend to hear from Greg Williams, Director of Church Administration and Development, as he begins an on-going conversation about the next chapter of Grace Communion International and its growth.
Here at GCI, we want to move into the future with clear eyes and with sensitive hearts to the guiding of our Triune God. We are in an important season as a denomination, one of transition and of goal-setting, as we continue to celebrate the wonderful things God has continued to do for us. I joyfully invite you to join us at our landmark 2017 Denominational Conference. You can check for updates, and be the first to know when registration opens in December. My heart is full as I look forward to the blessings and the richness of this family gathering. 
What a joy to participate with Jesus and each of you in this life-changing work of sharing the good news about Jesus with others around the world.  Thank you for your support! 
I’ll keep an eye out for you in Orlando!
Joseph Tkach
President – Grace Communion International
Letter from Dr. Joseph Tkach 

Fire Sale! Ambassador Hall Marked Down In Sale Price...Time To Start Your New Splinter Group!

Things are rough on the old Ambassador Campus.  With the gargantuan condos being built the present property owners are having a hard time selling Ambassador Hall and Terrace Villa.

It is time for all of you wanna-be cult leaders to buy one of Herb's original buildings and start the great work all over again!

This is the perfect place for Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Joshua Amos Doubly Blessed Bob Thiel and Chief Pharisee James Malm to join ranks and start the greatest work ever!

Pasadena’s Gilded Age Merritt mansion lists for $7.9M

After Merritt died in 1956, the estate was purchased by Ambassador College, a school run by the Worldwide Church of God through 1990 that had once had some very cool midcentury buildings on its campus. (They’ve since been demolished.) The mansion is now owned by City Ventures, an Orange County-based developer. 
The Merritt residence measures over 17,000 square feet, and includes seven bedrooms but somehow only three bathrooms. The few interior photos available hint at just how mind numbingly decadent this place must have been back in its heyday. The house has retained its original mahogany wood paneling on the first and second floors and its private sunken garden, says the listing. The house also contains an indoor swimming pool, perfect for your Great Gatsby parties. 
The property’s landscaped was previously reported to have been designed by noted landscape designer Garrett Eckbo, though the current listing makes no mention of Eckbo. 
The Merritt estate listed for $9.95 million last year. Now it’s had a price chop to $7.9 million.  LA Curbed

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Kitchen Clan Is Highly Offended At Mel Gibson's New Movie "Hacksaw Ridge"

No matter how grace filled someone can be, how beautiful the world is, how miraculous life is or how inspiring a movie can be, Armstrongites will find something wrong.  They have spend 80 years being the Debbie Downer of the world.

Mel Gibson's new movie, Hacksaw Ridge has been hailed by some as the best movie of the year, but leave it to an Armstrongite to make it all about the church, unconverted thinking and persecution.

Here is the twisted logic of the perpetually irritated Kitchen clan.  It is a twisted tale of Jesuit conspiracy, Sabbath keeper persecution, people thinking it is ok to go to war without a gun, compromise and caving in to human reasoning.

This last week a new movie came out named "Hacksaw Ridge". Directed by Mel Gibson, a member of the Jesuit society.  
Some may say it's a film about the valor, and bravery of a Sabbath day keeper, who refused to touch a gun, on the grounds that God's Word says not to kill. And while it is a stirring story of how a young man saved 75 men in World War 2, without firing a bullet, what cannot be overlooked is the audience this movie is targeting.  
Sabbath keepers and conscientious objectors. 
And the message that appears to be behind this movie, is that it is okay to join the military, or other war branches, even if you object for religious reasons, for the purpose that you might be able to save some sad soul, suffering the effects of war out on the battlefield. That even a Sabbath keeper has a place in the army, in war. 
One might realize, that such a message, portrayed by Hacksaw Ridge, is an attack on the wills of the people of the Church of God and every Sabbath day keeper, edging those who are suckered in by its message closer to compromising God's Word.  
All under the cloak of holding true to religious convictions, it teaches compromise, and caving in to human reasoning. 
But what does the Word of God say about Military Service, and war? Herbert W. Armstrong wrote an extensive book on this very subject.  
Refresh yourself on the values and teachings of God's Word, and beware of the temptations of Satan the Devil to compromise those beliefs. Because Satan is targeting true Christians everywhere.

The Kitchens and their Love Letter from HWA to Trump

The Kitchen clan has been working over time on Facebook trying to promote as much Herbert Armstrong material as possible before the end times happens in their little part of the world.

Now that Donald Trump has swept into office after a surprising upset, the Kitchen clan been searching high and low for words of wisdom they could sent to Trump.  Lo and behold they found something.  Or at least they pretend they do.   They've taken a letter from HWA to Ronald Reagan and posted it directed towards Trump.

As usual, Herb started the letter off about himself.  The Big Daddy of Narcissism has trained his little boys at LCG, RCG, PCG, UCG, COGWA, UCG, and CCOG very well.

Let this letter be emphasized, today, for our next president: Mr. Donald J. Trump. The following letter was written by Herbert W. Armstrong to Ronald Reagan in 1981. 
May this letter be for encouragement for our next president: Mr.Donald J. Trump, when he is sworn into office this coming January .

MR. PRESIDENT: You've assumed the most important office in the world on a landslide vote - a virtual mandate. 
I know something of the stupendous problems with which you now must grapple. I have discussed world and national difficulties with heads of state on all continents. I know something of how difficult, knotty and often impossible of human solution are the conditions you now face - greater than those confronting any other head of state.
If ever a President needed the help of this great people he leads, it is now. Some are asking, can you turn the United States around? They look to problems of inflation, unemployment, energy, taxes, budget, business, defense. But those are materialistic problems. In the materialistic area we have fared better than we realize.  

You can read the HWA slobberfest here: A Voice Cries Out

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rod Meredith Takes No Responsibility In Ripping Lives Apart When He Bankrupted Global Church of God

Rod Meredith, in his September/December editorial, is back tooting his horn on what great example and champion he is to the church.  That champion has a long history of wrecking havoc in members lives, saying false things from pulpit and has a unique knack for getting sued.   Meredith's biggest faux-pas was when he had diarrhea mouth at the ministerial conference in Tucson.

His old buddy Raymond "Buffy" McNair was having problems with his wife.  Leona McNair had slowly caught on to how corrupt the church was and how her husband and Meredith were part of the problem that she stopped attending church, which set Buffy into 2-4 hour raging fits of fury.  After this leaked out,  Rod Meredith had to jump into the picture.

Meredith had previously said that too many in the ministry were divorcing for too many easy reasons.  Then along came Buffy needing a divorce and Meredith had to change his tune.  So Meredith stood up on the stage in Tucson, at a ministerial conference and proceeded to slander Leona from the pulpit in front of 700+ ministers that were gathered.  It was all Leona's fault and she defaulted on the marriage, thus setting Buffy free.  Leona found out and sued.  The court case drug on for almost 2 decades.  It was still being fought even after Herb died.  It was still being fought when the WCG started making changes.  It was still being fought when Meredith sat on his ass during the changes and kept quiet.  Eventually Leona prevailed with the WCG settling out of court.  She got $750,000 due to the divisive words of Meredith.

Never being man of real principle, he sat there though many of the changes keeping his mouth shut while the church dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars defending his vile mouth.  He sat there several more years twiddling his thumbs and taking a paycheck till the "God Is" booklet came out.  Meredith pitched a fit and immediately started the Global Church of God.  Or so he says.  Being the devious man he is, he stayed in WCG in order to draw a paycheck while he had some flunkies plotting and scheming to start a new church that the could step into while keeping a steady money stream coming in to.  After letting a child molester and several others scheme to start Global Church of God, he waited until money was in the bank, then he miraculously jumped ship into a new organization.

There he tried to take over the reigns of the church and several on the board refused to let him, Buffy McNair being one of them. Meredith pitched another fit while his child molester compatriot was working behind scenes to take all of Global's money and start a NEW church.  Meredith and his buddies basically bankrupted Global and left them with all of the debt after taking their money.

Hundreds of lives were shattered by Meredith's actions.  Marriages and families were ripped apart.  Meredith did not care because he had power once more and money!  He has yet to take any responsibility for any of his actions and instead bragged about what a wonderful god fearing person he is.  Never once does he apologize for his past in fracturing lives nor for any of the disillusionment he has caused.

He claims GOD raised up the Global Church of God, yet he had no problem in smearing his friend's name, stealing all of their money and ripping lives apart as he deliberately destroyed what his god had raised up!

Because of all of our modern distractions, and because of the breakup of our former association, many thousands of brethren around the world have been deeply hurt or confused. Many are also disillusioned—left with the feeling that Christ “deserted” them, and now they do not know where to go.
As I have previously explained, Christ did raise up the Global Church of God in early 1993, through me—just a very few months after the blasphemous, “God Is...” booklet came out, along with other heretical changes in doctrine. But many were not aware of Christ raising up this Church—or had been poisoned against us by vicious rumors and accusations. So, instead of zealously searching out and proving to themselves where Christ was continuing His Work, many just stayed put or even dropped away from the Truth altogether.
But—mark this!—the living Christ did give people in early 1993 a “way out”—He did raise up a Church with a trained, dedicated ministry of long standing who preached the full Truth and who quickly—within weeks—went on the radio, published literature and began to revive the Work. So Jesus Christ did not “desert” you or anyone else. He is still the living Head of the Church. He is alert, active and powerfully in charge of His Church and His Work! And in His great wisdom, He is now “testing” His people to see what is really in their hearts. 
His entire post is here: Living Faith

See more about Meredith's wicked actions with Leona McNair and his part in destroying Global Church of God here:   Roderick C. Meredith's $750,000 Libel against Leona McNair

Read the lawsuit here:  Worldwide Church of God vs McNair

Dennis Confronts Dave Pack: "If I Ever Go Off Into Strange or Weird Ideas..."

NOTE:  Due to the ongoing melt down of Dave Pack it has been suggested that this post be reposted.

If I Ever Go Off Into Strange or Weird Ideas...

 "I want to make a statement, if I became deceived, I will never tell you what I'm going to tell you now...I am telling you  if I go off into strange ideas,  misconduct, rebellion, you name it, don't follow me. I want to tell you that now, because if I start doing that I'm gonna try to get you to follow me! I'm gonna come to you and tell you it doesn't apply, it doesn't mean me, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's OK to follow me because ABCD and XY and Z. Do you understand what I'm saying? Listen to me now, when I tell you don't follow me if I go off into weird ideas, or if I get off into other things that are total absolutely unscriptural conduct, because if I do I'm gonna paint it with a different face and try to get you to follow me. Do you understand what I'm saying brethren? Please remember that, because I promise you that if I become deceived, I'll forget it, and I'll want you to forget it...And  I hope you'll remember it well enough to quote it right back to me...But I'll tell you what, I'm not going anywhere."
David C Pack
December 12, 1998

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorActually Dave, I totally understand what you are saying and just did quote it back to you as instructed.  That time you foresaw has arrived and indeed, you are uttering both strange and weird things about yourself.  If I read all the letters sent to you by former employees and members correctly, you also have tendencies to act in unscriptural ways but I am pretty sure you don't see that side of this coin.  What chance is there you will see the trail of tears you have left for decades when you are struggling to figure out just what "filthy rags" you, as the fulfillment of Haggai's Joshua the High Priest might have to remove.  The idea that all you can come up with is that you sinned not leaving the splinters soon enough or not starting your own church soon enough is...well...a strange and weird idea to say the least

So the time has come to tell you that your current ideas about just where you fit in the Biblical scheme of things has come.  It is time to tell you, as instructed, that your ideas about you being foretold in the minor prophet Haggai or Zephaniah is truly a strange and weird idea.  I have to admit, you do follow the A, B, C and X,Y and Z format in explaining this ridiculous concept as you predicted so at least thanks for sticking to the format so we could recognize it and call you out on it as instructed.

First of all, you have been in "rebellion" for as long as I have known you.  Now I understand one man's rebellion is another man's faithfulness, but let's face have never done well working for anyone that told you what to do.  Men such as yourself simply can't take instructions, correction or advice.  I have chatted with a few of your close staff who confirm that you taking advice is not a strong point.  It tends to enrage you.  I recall your sojourn in New York City where you were sent to work under Mr.___________ as your one last chance to get your team player skills together.  I asked Mr. _________ how you were doing working for and with others but not in charge and not having the final say.  He said you were doing fine for now and what you needed to do to get through it, but when you were ever back on your own you'd fall back into all that you have since fallen back into.  Now that man was a Prophet for sure.  He said, "People don't change much."  And this is true. Some get worse.

The idea that you are foretold in the scriptures some 2500 years after the fact is simply weird and strange.  It is also a lie. You are truly the master of making a scripture mean what it never meant.  From declaring that "houses" in Haggai is really splinters to your nutcase idea that all the tithes of the splinters need to flow unto you because it belongs to you is simply insane.  Ok, I mean strange and weird to stick to your terminology and what we had to look out for in you.   You even have the amount calculated I imagine because you know as well as I do that it has never been about the numbers with you , but it really is.  Remember redrawing church boundries so you could have a larger congregation without actually having new folk come along?  I do.  The minister next door only found out when the member showed him the letter telling him he has been switched to your congregation .  Kinda strange and weird even back then.
But back to the current strange and weird ideas.  It was kinda neat to see how you explained that HWA knew he was at first a type of Zerubbabel (which means 'born of confusion" btw) and in the next paragraph he knew he was Zerubbabel and not just any type, and finally ended up not knowing who Joshua the High Priest would be.  Funny, I recall it being plainly GTA according the HWA when he was hoping Ted would get rid of his filthy rags and return to his duties in the church.  Gerald Waterhouse was real big on GTA and the filthy rag theory.  So in a very short time, you evolved HWA's thinking back then to match and pave the way for you now.  Strange and weird huh?   The more bad news is that HWA also was never spoken of in any scripture but I know you'd not believe such a thing.  I mean what's the chance that out of billions, it is YOU?  I hesitate to say that since Haggai was never written for much into the future as you think.  Prophets, real or imagined, sane or insane do not write about events outside their perceived lifetimes.  What good would that be?  I could go back to the Book of Lamentations and see my entire experience with WCG foretold and how I would evolve and endeavor to help the brain dead in the COGs wake up a bit but I don't have the energy.  Jeremiah lived a rather melancholy life so it would be stretching his intent I think. 

Loved your phrase,  ""I want to make a statement"  Making statements about you has never been difficult .  Once you see yourself in the Bible how can it be any different?.  Of the 24 times the Apostle Paul is referred to as an Apostle, he calls himself one 22 of those and Luke, his side kick, the other 2.  Other than that , no one thought so or at least mentioned it.  Kinda like yourself.  Kinda like Gerald Flurry with whom you have much in common.  The taking of title in the WCG slivers is just short of astounding.  Where do you guys come from?

"I wanna talk about me!"
"No other epistle author in the Bible wrote like Paul. This would be true on a number of levels, but one aspect is of particular interest when we are considering how Paul views himself. He had a way of drawing attention to himself with his usage of personal pronouns. When it comes to how often he uses words like, "I", "me", "my", or "mine", the overall rate in his epistles is almost three times that of his next closest rival."

And so it is with yourself.  Please don't take any comparison with the Apostle Paul as a compliment from me.  Or you don't know me very well on this issue.  

Now I am betting you are saying  " doesn't apply, it doesn't mean me, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's OK to follow me because ABCD and XY and Z."   But, we're on to you and this is the very circumstance you said could come up and you told us all just how to react. I am doing you the very favor you begged the brethren to watch out for. 

I am just reminding your, so far, brain dead followers that you said it and that you would do everything in your power to convince them you aren't getting into strange and weird ideas.  Well, you are and you have and it's time to pony up as they say.  

You continued to say concerning youself..." Please remember that, because I promise you that if I become deceived, I'll forget it, and I'll want you to forget it..."  

Well...forget it you have and I imagine you really wish we'd all forget it too just as you said.  I have to say, this prophecy of how you would be and act when you got all strange and weird was really right on.  Since you are incapacitated in memory and bound and determined to see yourself as Joshua the High Priest or whatever as spoken of by the Prophet Haggai, it is our job to keep the balance as yours has completely left you.  You can't get upset as you told the brethren to be on the look out for just this kind of deviance from the norm.  And so we do.  

It is not necessary to go through Haggai with you or anyone else to prove that the Bible does not speak of you, you are not any Joshua the really spoken of High Priest and all your detailed analysis of the book is not really what the book was all about.  They don't call it anal--ysis for nothing Dave.  You weave a great yarn, but a yarn it is and it won't take long for it to unwind as did the machinations of the not really the Two Witnesses Ron Weinland or the not really "That Prophet" Gerald Flurry. many times do the WCG leftovers have to learn this lesson?

I drove through Wadsworth this past week and sincerely thought to stop in and have a chat but I was told you'd call the police and I don't have time for that.  I guess you don't want to debate after asking you three times huh?  

At any rate, I thought it was time to quote you back to you as you asked for such a time as this.  Your foresight and insight into how you would behave in such a case of going weird and strange was very well spoken.  I'm proud of you for speaking so plainly before the time of the actual weird and strange beliefs and I am thankful the Internet preserved your prophetic words for so long.  

When you recover your senses, you will thank me.  We can hug and make up because that which was lost will have been found  and your sanity will, like Nebuchadnezzar ,have returned.  I hope it does not take seven years but it is what it is and will be what it will be.  I'm here for ya when your mind comes back. 

In closing, a word about your very last statement.  "But I'm not going anywhere."  I'm a pretty intuitive guy.  I know what people mean between the lines when they write or speak.  "But I'm not going anywhere" is meant to calm the troops after such dramatic statements.  It is actually a subconscious ploy , whether you know it or not, to get to say all this dramatic "don't follow me if I get weird and strange, but of course I will never get weird or strange," so now you can now actually start getting weird and strange and they won't think it is weird or strange..  After all, you just told them how you would behave and then assured them you'd never actually do that and then you get to do it and they don't get it.  Brilliant!  It's like the tassels and ribbons that warriors used to put on the ends of the spears.  In battle they would wave them around and it was just natural for the human eye to follow the pretty ribbon and tassel as it was waved in their face. Well it was pretty until the actual spear point was shoved into one's chest.  Distractions and disclaimers are the tassels and ribbons on the end of a very dangerous spear.  

Anyway...I just thought I'd quote you back to you for such a time as this in your thinking.  I really don't want to see anyone else get hurt with religion done badly and mental problems being mistaken for spirituality and truth.  Was that harsh?

Warm regards

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Herbert Armstrong and his doomsday date setting

Herbert Armstrong gets dragged into this election, and its not by whom you would expect. The writer is correct though in pointing how Herbert's doomsday dates always failed and he to wake up on a new morning, revising it to another date.  That is the same tactic that all of the false prophets of Armstrong's do to this day.  James Malm has to move his dates constantly. Bob Thiel has never been accurate about anything.  Meredith has been an abject failure, as has Weinland, Flurry and Pack.

This view point is from the Trump side of the equation.

Right to left, or left to right? 

From time to time throughout history, prophecies of doom have warned us of the approaching apocalypse. Most religions have an end-of-days component in which the world as we know it will be swept away, either to be reborn with suitable moral improvements or, as in the Theravada branch of Buddhism, to be finally destroyed in a conflagration.  
Some bold prophets have even ventured to predict the date of our extinction. Pope Sylvester II assured the faithful that they and everyone else would expire on 1 January of the year 1000; while one of his successors, the aptly-named Innocent III settled on 1284. Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame), and Isaac Newton, are among the better-known apocalyptic sooth-sayers, Jim Jones and Charles Manson among the most sinister, while New England Puritan minister Cotton Mather and Herbert Armstrong (founder of the Worldwide Church of God) figure among the most indefatigable — happy to revise their predictions when their chosen extinction date passes without incident and they find themselves still alive on the following morning. 

Dave pack: In My Kingdom People Will Be Sent Back To Their Original Nation Boundaries

Dave Pack has discovered a unique way to get all of the undesirables out of the world he is setting up with his creature "jesus" a few years from now.  His "jesus" will set up national boundaries and people will go back to their original nations.  The blacks back to African, the Mexicans back to Mexico, the Indians back to India and the Chinese back to China.  This way Dave can have his lily white Anglo countries, where the pure race will be taught by his "jesus."

According to this illogical thinking there is something he fails to realize consider.  If everyone is sent back to their original nations it would mean almost all Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc. would be sent back to Europe leaving the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. to the original native inhabitants.  However if you want to get even more technical, all of these "original" natives would also have to immigrant back towards the Mideast and Northern Africa where humanity started.   It is going to be one hell of a crowded space!
One of the additional reasons…Now is the time to mention it…Nations live in national boundaries. God always intended that. Judah and the other tribes were no exception. That is part of “all things.” When you restore all things on the earth, one thing you have to do is show the world there are national boundaries…There is commerce and things between the nations, but God did not want His people sharing other religions—“Get the other people out of here! This is My nation. They can stay as long as they follow the exact same way of life.”
Travel in Dave's kingdom will be prohibited.  No tourist travel to see the natural wonders. It is important to keep everyone separated.

From The Greatest Story Never Told, Part 6 
Also, therefore, if you are establishing Judah, you would have to, of course, get all the people to their own national boundaries. Read Acts 17:26. God set the bounds of nations’ habitations. We all understand that. God intended that great oceans or seas, or mountain ranges or deserts, separate the peoples of the earth. Traveling to and fro, today, has allowed people to kind of abrogate that. If you are taking charge of a nation, though, you can’t. That is part of restoring things the way they were. Israel always traveled together, but the twelve tribes each had their own area of inheritance.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dave Pack: I Walk Around in A Perpetual State of Awe and Astonishment at Myself

Dave is such a superfantabulous person that he is constantly in awe of himself. Does the narcissism of this man know no boundaries?
I don’t care how old you are in the Church and how old you are in this life when trying to understand and come to grips with this, it doesn’t make any difference…Wait until you see what God is going to do to your body so you can do it. Wait to come to understand, even in that one regard, what restoring all things—not just simple healing, but all things—means to you personally. What God would have to do or we could never carry out this world government that is in some ways, initially, with limits. I will show you exactly what those are…to the degree that God lays them out. Now, I wanted to leave you with that.
It is all right, if you just walk around in a state of perpetual awe and astonishment. I do, too—for more reasons. I get to teach this. It is the greatest privilege of my entire life. I could not even imagine…There is not even anything on a list of the greatest things I have ever gotten to do that should be on that list compared to this. It would pale anything else, so it is just awesome!
Dave feels that he is incapable of ever being deceitful!  Dave is also incapable of adding to the word of God.  Personal interpretations can never be held that are not approved by his god.  To do so would make Dave a lair.   Ha Ha Ha!
Of course, I don’t want to handle the Word of God deceitfully. I know what happens to people who do that. I don’t want to add to God’s Word or I will be found a liar. So God knows that He would have to make it clear or His leader…whoever he was, for that matter…in any age, on any doctrine could get it wrong. During this period of our second revolution in understanding, God would have to—because of the sheer size of the ramifications—make it abundantly clear. Then maybe triple that…and that’s what He does, unless it is more than triple.

From The Greatest Story Never Told, Part 6