Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dave Pack and His Two Sidekicks To Soon Turn Water Into Blood Before Burning People Up

Dave is one fearsome dude with his two sidekicks.  Instead of the two witless witnesses (Laura and Ron Weinland) we now have the holy trinity of fearsome prophets (Dave and his two witless witness sidekicks).  Could it be that Laura and Ron Weinland will combine forces with Prophet Dave and start a scorched earth policy?  They all so desperately want to see the earth and its inhabitants fry.

Our responsibility will be laid out for us. It is just that there are three men who are going to have to function together……If you can understand what I am saying, this is what we are part of. Certainly, if I don’t go out and say what I think, judgment I think should be carried out, you can’t either. On the other hand, let’s face it—it’s enormous power and authority.
When the Two Witnesses are given power, they are told to do certain things…and the people don’t respond…boom…water turns to blood, the heavens dry up, plagues come, and if you threaten them, personally, you die by fire. They are going to make judgments. Brethren, you are going to have certain power. Understand—along with two others, it is clear then, during the restitution of all things, that God is using a human spokesman and with those two others. Therefore, this becomes its own great proof that God has always intended the Kingdom be carried out through human leadership under Christ. All of it—meaning you included.


Anonymous said...

The bullshit gets deeper

Anonymous said...

Worse than Waterhouse, if that's even possible!

Byker Bob said...

Do members of the clergy or congregations of non-sabbatarian churches claim to be Elijah or the two witnesses? So far, the ACOG leaders have recognized that it would be blasphemous to profess to be Jesus Christ, but it doesn't stop them from claiming to be anyone or everyone else in the Bible. They forget that in order to be special people through whom God works, you don't just brag and command respect. You have to do similar things to what the people you claim to be have done, or are prophesied to do. Dave already blew it three years ago. He can continue to roar, but basically he's already proved his own impotence. Why can't he just accept that and quit ruining peoples' lives?


Anonymous said...

HWA is the Lord and Savor to armstrongists. That's the ugly truth! Armstrong's sheep have been ensnared from the very get go, to always be dumb ignorant sheep who will always need that shepperd to herd and protect them. A sheep can NEVER become the sheeperd but at best a border collie who faithfully works for the original shepperd. Maybe that's why armstrongism has become nothing but a den of wolves who feed off the flock. Get real sheeple! Stop being dogfood for the wolves! Tragedy's A' Comin


Black Ops Mikey said...

Actually, it would be much more impressive if they could turn water into wine.