Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Kitchen Clan Is Highly Offended At Mel Gibson's New Movie "Hacksaw Ridge"

No matter how grace filled someone can be, how beautiful the world is, how miraculous life is or how inspiring a movie can be, Armstrongites will find something wrong.  They have spend 80 years being the Debbie Downer of the world.

Mel Gibson's new movie, Hacksaw Ridge has been hailed by some as the best movie of the year, but leave it to an Armstrongite to make it all about the church, unconverted thinking and persecution.

Here is the twisted logic of the perpetually irritated Kitchen clan.  It is a twisted tale of Jesuit conspiracy, Sabbath keeper persecution, people thinking it is ok to go to war without a gun, compromise and caving in to human reasoning.

This last week a new movie came out named "Hacksaw Ridge". Directed by Mel Gibson, a member of the Jesuit society.  
Some may say it's a film about the valor, and bravery of a Sabbath day keeper, who refused to touch a gun, on the grounds that God's Word says not to kill. And while it is a stirring story of how a young man saved 75 men in World War 2, without firing a bullet, what cannot be overlooked is the audience this movie is targeting.  
Sabbath keepers and conscientious objectors. 
And the message that appears to be behind this movie, is that it is okay to join the military, or other war branches, even if you object for religious reasons, for the purpose that you might be able to save some sad soul, suffering the effects of war out on the battlefield. That even a Sabbath keeper has a place in the army, in war. 
One might realize, that such a message, portrayed by Hacksaw Ridge, is an attack on the wills of the people of the Church of God and every Sabbath day keeper, edging those who are suckered in by its message closer to compromising God's Word.  
All under the cloak of holding true to religious convictions, it teaches compromise, and caving in to human reasoning. 
But what does the Word of God say about Military Service, and war? Herbert W. Armstrong wrote an extensive book on this very subject.  
Refresh yourself on the values and teachings of God's Word, and beware of the temptations of Satan the Devil to compromise those beliefs. Because Satan is targeting true Christians everywhere.


R.L. said...

I don't think the Jesuits have anything to do with this.

But the fact that the movie is about a Sabbath-keeping Seventh-Day Adventist could have everything to do with it. It could be taken as a big endorsement of the "competition."

Byker Bob said...

Just wow! That a muti-million dollar movie with a wide variety of messages would be made just to deprogram ACOG teenagers' still developing beliefs! There is a certain arrogance in that.

Citizens in the armies of the theocracy that was ancient Israel understood the distinction that was made between murder and defense against attacking nations, or their own God ordained conquest of the covenant territories. In fact, Israel had an extensive history of military involvement throughout the Old Testament. History indicates that this changed during the early Christian church, under Roman occupation. Josephus even commented that Christianity had rendered those of "the way" useless as soldiers.

Those who believed the USA to be a Christian nation have mostly drawn a parallel with Old Testament Israel in this regard, and have been happy and duty bound to serve "God and country". The problem is, Armstrongites have always considered non-sabbatarian Christians to be "Christians falsely so-called, and have not seen a nation dominated by them as being worthy of their defense. Believing that Simon Magus started this form of Christianity, and not being aware of their actual history tracing back to Paul's gentile churches, Armstrongism places all manner of false obstacles in front of their members.

There was no lost century of church history. To learn more, read the writings of the Antenicene Fathers. What we need is for someone to make a movie about them!


Gerald Bronkar said...

Moses, Joshua and David slaughtered their enemies to the point of genocide, all with the direction and blessing of the God of Israel. This is added evidence that we can make the bible say anything we choose to believe. We can justify or condemn almost any action from its pages, as long as we worship in faith. What abject garbage.

I am thankful I missed Vietnam, but at times feel I may have slighted my country by my draft avoidance. In hindsight, that conflict was a huge waste of energy and life, but as an American, I may have shirked responsibility. I have great respect for our armed forces. Where would America and this world be without them? From my perspective, they do much more to protect our country and way of life than any supernatural power. I also see a doctor when I am sick.

I plan to see the movie.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Mark Scarborough and why the hell should we suddenly give a damn about his vapid nonsensical rantings? I'm sure Mel Gibson was thinking, "Gee, how could I confuse the masses of Sabbath Keepers this holiday movie season?" There seems to be a never ending supply of Armstrong worshipers crawling from the wood work in every direction, trying to make a name for hopes of what? To gain some kind of following? Notice this guy doesn't tell people to look to the word of God for understanding, but to read some book written by Armstrong. Oh, and "war branches" - what the hell is a "war branch"?

Anonymous said...

I rarely go to movies anymore because they are mostly today about "super heroes" or about bizarre fantasy worlds with computer graphics as it's main selling point. But "Hacksaw Ridge" is a true story of bravery and commitment to Biblical values.

I thought it was a great movie showing the real horrors of war and how one's faith can lead a person to do miraculous things. Even though the movie was extremely violent, it was uplifting to see a religious person being portrayed as someone who would not give in to be accepted and proved himself to be loyal to his God and his country. I hope I can have more of his courage and commitment in my daily life. Well worth seeing!

Mark Scarborough said...

The Kitchens posted these not (Me) Mark Scarborough. Some of that good (NOT) fact checking by the Gossip Girls at Banned HWA. LOL

nck said...

Mel Gibson is a noted member of a cultic schism of catholicism.

His anti semitic rants are famous all over the world.

But more importantly his gory bloody movies portray a distinct interpretation of his version of catholicism. Especially the Maya one and the last temptation of christ and the one on the revolution are exceptionally gory. The Jesuits have nothing to do with it.

But I do love Jody Foster who will defend him always.


Anonymous said...

More consistent reification?...or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. The one thing Armstrongism does best! They are so right and in full agreement about getting one little thing so consistently wrong.

If the keeping of the sabbath develops godly character, then why do they all tend to behave like miserable bastards? I'll say it again. It's so much easier to fake the sabbath than it is to fake kindness, humility, love etc. And the history of the leaders in armstrong at best, have demonstrated that they need to orchestrate scenarios where they have the appearance of godly character so other people will continue to hold them in high regard. Keeping the sabbath will only put you in the category of people who "keep the sabbath". That category does NOT teach you the finer things that Jesus Christ had pointed out. Man's laws. I'm too lazy to create a meme for armstrongism.


Anonymous said...

The Kitchens might get upset that you give credit to Mark Scarborough for something they wrote.

NO2HWA said...

Thanks, changed the wording. Was just passing on something sent to us.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to send the entire Kitchen clan to the front and let them learn what true humility and reliance on God is. They will never find in while prostituting themselves to Armstrongism.

Miller Jones said...

Darlene and I saw the movie, and it was great! By the way, the movie had absolutely NOTHING to do with Armstrongism. It is, however, based on an inspiring true story about one brave young man who followed his own conscience and made a difference.

Byker Bob said...

Now, wait a minute! We don't want to make the same mistake twice! Some of "the Kitchens" might not want their names associated monolithically or generically with the actions of other members of the family. So, in the interest of fairness, we need to identify specifically, which one or ones of "the Kitchens" posted these. There could be a Matthew, Luke, or John Kitchen that we offend by lumping them all together! Somebody may be just as offended by being referred to as "the Kitchens" as Mark was by being lumped into a collective of "the Scarboroughs"


Connie Schmidt said...

Wait let me get this straight so I don't get confused!

You can't be in an army or serve in any capacity, even helping people as a medic in the world today.

But in the World Tomorrow, you will be helping as a "Onward Christian Soldier" in killing anyone who disagrees with the program.

I guess killing is ok, as long as we resurrect them, then kill them again , in a repeat cycle until they "get it right".

Mark Scarborough said...

Byker Bob, here's that apples and oranges "thing" again. The Kitchens "as a family" operate the website and Facebook page being discussed in these two post here on Banned, thus the Kitchens (family). Mark Scarborough (and 148 other Scarborough's) were not any part of a lawsuit concerning LCG, just 2 Scarborough's. Not real hard stuff to figure out!

Mark Scarborough

RSK said...


Black Ops Mikey said...

It would be so much more interesting to make a 1970s movie based on the real stories of Ambassador College Big Sandy, Texas as described in Failed Experiment by Neotherm (in Flip Book Format).

It shows the danger for Conscientious Objectors trapped in a malevolent hostile environment overseen by suspicious cult leaders who see no value or purpose to those who are working the I-W program on campus. They are in danger, threatened at every turn by vicious egotists by termination which will land them in prison if they don't comply with every demand. It's the Philip Zimbardo Princeton Experiment -- the very core of the Lucifer Effect, except that Zimbardo's experiment was terminated for humanitarian reasons in a week and a half while the Ambassador Experiment ran its horror for two years for each person.

The sincere capitulating to the precepts of their own cult went into the program thinking to serve 'The Work' but found nothing but misery as the untouchables who were not worthy to even participate in any way with the social order. They were treated like crap by ministers who didn't even understand what the program was about. It was a sort of benign version of Nazi Prison Camp for Jews. It should be noted that none of the ministerial candidates at the college at the time ever had any experience either as a member of the Armed Forces nor as Conscientious Objectors: They didn't care -- they didn't have to. They lived in their ivory tower perfect society perfectly comfortable to be unaware of the denizens they saw as pariahs.

The worst part of it was that in two years, the I-Ws working there were exposed to the abject hypocrisy and malfeasance of the ministers and administrators and went from sincere and honest cult members to disaffected victims of the very system they were supposed to help maintain. There should be a special place in hell for both the students, faculty and administration because of their terrible treatment. And the teenaged offspring should join them in that 10th circle of hell for their arrogant abuse of those they saw as lowly slaves.

The Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College have a lot to answer for and unfortunately, those who have proved themselves unworthy of anything like the Kingdom of God have continued as unbelievable crap leaders of spit-off cult sects.

Yes, a movie should be made of it. Unfortunately, it would be a horror movie, which has only a small segment of aficionado enthusiasts to support the genre.

But still....

Byker Bob said...

Sorry, Mark. Just didn't want to offend the Bathroom Boys. Gotta keep things politically correct, don'cha know?


Anonymous said...

8.220PM I was under the impression that AC was a 4 year rather than a 2 year course.

Anonymous said...

This is confusing. Who are the kitchen clan? and who is Mark Scarborough ?

Byker Bob said...

Pro-Armstrongists, 4:56, with websites financed from their own pockets preserving HWA memorabilia.

People on either side of the Armstrong problem utilize the materials presented on these websites for research purposes, to support their contentions. The editorial style is pro-Armstrong, but pretty much everything is there, warts and all.

People who are part of the Armstrong-dissident blogs have confused the two and their sites for one another several times in the recent past, and they do not enjoy it when this happens. We know that Mark is part of LCG, but I have no idea what the Kitchens' splinter affiliation might be, if any.

There are also independents, or nonaligned Armstrongites floating around out there. Since the movement has lost its vibrancy and relevance, there is extreme nostalgia for all things HWA and the golden days of his church.

Hope that helps.

Lisa Williams said...

kitchen clan needs to get back to cooking, and leave the rest to the more

Anonymous said...

Nobody really of any importance, aside from the occasional bit if entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

The Kitchen's are a father and two sons on Facebook. Samuel, Tim and Timothy. All three have placed Herbert Armstrong on the loftiest pedestal as possible. HWA is equal to or better than Jesus. You never see any of them talk about Jesus. It is one big festival of HWA idolatry. There has been no greater man in human history than HWA. All godly knowledge has been revealed exclusively though HWA. HWA was able to bind and loose things on earth and in heaven as he saw fit, hence the enormous amount of cherry-picking that HWA and the rest of the ministry decided upon.

Anonymous said...

So, Mark Scarborough is part of LCG?

Funny, I don't recall him mentioning that.
I suppose that's how cult members operate.
Anyway, now I know!
Thanks. I now will warn people I know (and also people I don't know) against anything and everything he says.

Anonymous said...

Of course Christian ministers are offended by this movie. The hero rescued all those wounded soldiers without a permission slip (in triplicate) from a minister. We can't have individuality and personal initiative, can we? Why the world would fall apart.
The only good Christian, is a Borg Christian.

Mark Scarborough said...

I am a member of the "Church of God". If you wish to find out what I believe, visit

Anonymous said...

I find it hypocritical and hilarious that you have a copyright notice at the bottom of your page, yet every single document, magazine article, letter and reprint is STOLEN and illegally published. You have no right whatsoever to ILLEGALLY publish these documents no matter how you grovel to justify it. You claim to follow the Ten Commandments yet you break them constantly. Hypocrite! Its no wonder so many in LCG despise you.

Anonymous said...

Mark Scarborough said...
I am a member of the "Church of God".

What's the deal? Someone wrote that Mark Scarborough is a member of the LCG, but now Mark is being cagey about it.
Perhaps he doesn't think that people who read on this blog are worthy of a straight answer?

Anonymous said...

Did you also notice that he has a "donation" button on his site? Another COG con artist looking to make a buck off of church members.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Now look folks, if you can't stand the Kitchens, stay out of the heat!

Anonymous said...

I never could understand why the people that run the HWA idolatry sites willfully steal things that are not theirs. You are right about their breaking of the law they claim to follow.

Timothy Kitchen Jr said...

RE:Banned by HWA's article "The Kitchen Clan Is Highly Offended At Mel Gibson's New Movie "Hacksaw Ridge""

Byker Bob said...

It's interesting that they've got their own blog. I wonder to what extent free speech will be allowed. Most of the Pro-Armstrong sites in the past have found it edifying to censor or remove dissenter types who tend to play hardball. There is a history amongst the genre to rule out honest and inclusive conversation as being persecution.