Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Kitchens and their Love Letter from HWA to Trump

The Kitchen clan has been working over time on Facebook trying to promote as much Herbert Armstrong material as possible before the end times happens in their little part of the world.

Now that Donald Trump has swept into office after a surprising upset, the Kitchen clan been searching high and low for words of wisdom they could sent to Trump.  Lo and behold they found something.  Or at least they pretend they do.   They've taken a letter from HWA to Ronald Reagan and posted it directed towards Trump.

As usual, Herb started the letter off about himself.  The Big Daddy of Narcissism has trained his little boys at LCG, RCG, PCG, UCG, COGWA, UCG, and CCOG very well.

Let this letter be emphasized, today, for our next president: Mr. Donald J. Trump. The following letter was written by Herbert W. Armstrong to Ronald Reagan in 1981. 
May this letter be for encouragement for our next president: Mr.Donald J. Trump, when he is sworn into office this coming January .

MR. PRESIDENT: You've assumed the most important office in the world on a landslide vote - a virtual mandate. 
I know something of the stupendous problems with which you now must grapple. I have discussed world and national difficulties with heads of state on all continents. I know something of how difficult, knotty and often impossible of human solution are the conditions you now face - greater than those confronting any other head of state.
If ever a President needed the help of this great people he leads, it is now. Some are asking, can you turn the United States around? They look to problems of inflation, unemployment, energy, taxes, budget, business, defense. But those are materialistic problems. In the materialistic area we have fared better than we realize.  

You can read the HWA slobberfest here: A Voice Cries Out


Black Ops Mikey said...

Herbert Armstrong couldn't solve his own problems: He complained about his own wife, he committed incest with his daughter, he promoted his philandering, alcoholic, adulterous, gambling son in his position over a church (/ cult). Moreover, if it hadn't been for Stanley Raider to basically run the corporation for him, Herbert Armstrong would have been convicted of Income Tax Evasion, same as Ronald Weinland. Herbert Armstrong left a legacy of failed prophetic pronouncements and a shambles of a shattered cult, taken over by his henchmen and pretenders. Herbert Armstrong didn't even graduate from high school.

On the other hand, Donald Trump received a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a successful businessman. His children are exemplary. He's won the Presidency of the United States.

Why would Donald Trump give any credence to the dead failed false prophet leader of a cult?

Moreover, Mark Scarborough is so useless that he can't even give his own advice to the President Elect and must use the writings of a man whose singular talent was hubris.

Get a life (and start by exiting the cult you're in... and if you need help with alcoholism, go to

Byker Bob said...

There are any number of people attempting to paint Donald Trump in the Ronald Reagan mold. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, the similarities end abruptly early in that process, and an apples-oranges situation manifests itself

According to HWA's prophecy mold, Ronald Reagan, and the revitalization over which he presided were not supposed to happen. In the WCG parlance of the late '60s and early '70s, the pride of our (USA) power had been broken, and America had won its last war.

Herbert Armstrong, in his so-called exercises in diplomacy, had usurped the authority of our government. This fact has been made abundant in newspapers and the media every time a private citizen has made a high profile visit to any world leader around the globe. Private citizens have not been briefed on matters of national security, and could greatly damage the interests of the US in their private "diplomacy".

Anyone can write a letter. The one important detail would be whether the intended recipient actually read the letter, and was encouraged by it, or was inspired to modify his behavior based on the contents. Herbert Armstrong spoke from both sides of his mouth. His radio message prophesied the imminent downfall of the US and white English-speaking nations around the world, because they unknowingly forgot the culture of alleged or unprovable ancestors whom they never knew, yet through the snapshot in time provided by this letter, Armstrong fails to preach the same message which was the impetus for his radio and media ministry to the president. Instead, he attempts to preach a softball version of the gospel not involving the forgotten laws that will supposedly bring punishment, but instead, a nebulous gospel about the ways of give and get.

This letter fails to rise to any level of importance or significance except to those who still regard HWA as a quasi-Biblical figure. It's not even representative of HWA's best, or of the message which he told us he was commissioned to preach. It is another example of him "wussing out" in areas that others like Billy Graham or even Johnny Cash would have displayed much greater boldness.


Miller Jones said...

Think about the arrogance of the underlying assumption that Mr. Reagan or Mr. Trump would be (or should be) interested in anything these folks would have to say! HWA was clearly touting his own credentials in the letter. If he had simply wished the President well in the guise of a private citizen (or even in his capacity as the leader of a religious organization), there would be nothing to fault or criticize. HWA, however, couldn't resist the temptation to make it appear that someone special/important was addressing the President-elect. He just had to offer his special insight/perspective to this man who was chosen by God to lead one of Israel's tribes. Bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

I know some on here love bashing anything Armstrong, but you may want to check your facts and attach this to the correct source.

Mark Scarborough said...

The Kitchens posted these not (Me) Mark Scarborough. Some of that good (NOT) fact checking by the Gossip Girls at Banned HWA. LOL

Anonymous said...

HWAs letter to Trump is typical church member behaviour. The losers in the church, follow around like dogs the winners, constantly giving unsolicited and unwelcome 'advice.' The zombies pathologically pursue the healthy. Zombie movies and TV series hit a emotional chord with the millions who are regularly confronted with this crap. Christ Himself condemned these zombies with His 'why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye....'
The losers patronizing the winners, it's sickening.

nck said...

Since hardly anything on this blog on HWA is ever correct I will enlighten you that this letter was part of a large media campaign with the letters being published in the the main media of the day like the WStreet Journal as advertisements.

The campaign was quite a success by media standards and United Nations and Government officials commented on it when HWA visited them at for instance the Pentagon.

Funny enough HWA was never really succesful in reaching the Wall Street crowd perhaps because he resonated more with the financial center Chicago which is more about trade and agriculture than high finance.


Anonymous said...

11.36AM is Troll-Guy. He is a regular here.

Anonymous said...

Powermad , brown-nosers they are.


NO2HWA said...

I changed it Mark, relax. The gossip girls are just fine and dandy, though they were just relaying on email that was sent to us from a reader.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Sorry Mark.

However, the advice about alcoholism stands.

Mark Scarborough said...

NO2HWA, thanks for the correction, but I do think it makes my point about this blog and Gossip Girls.

If a Gossip Girl here doesn’t like me, they simply send “you” a post whether true or not and “you” post it!


If a disgruntled member of “COG church group 1”, sends Banned HWA anything about “COG church group 2” whether true or not, “you” post it.

Do you see where I (and a “few” other COGers) have a problem with the integrity of this blog and truth? I see ramblings on this blog about COG leaders (and COG members) being nothing but liars, like Banned HWA and the Gossip Girls here are pure truth! LOL NOT!!!! Just the opposite, you’ all will post anything, true or NOT!

Banned HWA is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

OK Gossip Girls let me have it!

Mark Scarborough

nck said...

I happen to agree with MS about the entertainment value of this blog.

-I do believe the role of satire, humor and SNL is hugely important to hold up a mirror to the powers that be. So being 100 percent factual is not a requirement for this blog as long as the general gist conforms to its self proclaimed mission statement.

In the days of internet I am not concerned for people being able to discern and distill truth for themselves UNLESS their only source of NEWS is FAKE NEWS from FACEBOOK.

It begs the question though why a big shot with 31000 likes on his facebook page would hang out with the Gossip girls?


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob said, "According to HWA's prophecy mold, Ronald Reagan, and the revitalization over which he presided were not supposed to happen. In the WCG parlance of the late '60s and early '70s, the pride of our (USA) power had been broken, and America had won its last war".

MY COMMENT - That is 100% correct, Byker. Preached from WCG pulpits, HWA sermons, and church chatter, the official Church doctrine was the second 19 year time cycle of the Philadelphia Church era coincided with the the start of the Great Tribulation in 1972 when the Germans were to attack America. Christ was to return in 1975 and of course, by logical conclusion, we would all be living in the Wonderful World of Tomorrow receiving advance training from Gerald Waterhouse and his 5 hour sermons by 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected.

One of the basic problems growing up in 1960s WCG was that we were never taught that we might have a future in this present world, and that time would advance to 2016 without ever receiving the Church's promises of a Wonderful World of Tomorrow. There were no sermons in 1960s WCG that stated time might go on. We were taught that Richard Nixon was the end time US President. No mention that there might be a Ford, a Carter, A Reagan, a Bush, a Clinton, another Bush, an Obama, and now a Trump.

Herbert Armstrong and his manner splinter franchise wannabees have ZERO credibility. Time has proven HWA a fraud.


Mark Scarborough said...

Hey nck, I come here because the Gossip Girls like to talk about me (or my family) for some reason, it all started back when Connie Schmidt decided to post my name here because of a website I am building that most here LOVE!!! I truly would like to never visit this blog again, but as long as the Gossip Girls like talking about me, I'll check in to see what lies are being spread.

As for the hits on Facebook, I think you will find once a person that believes what the "Church of God" teaches finds out there is a website with most of the material, they don't use the Facebook page as much, but 31,000 isn't bad, not you or Banned HWA gets anything close to that on your Facebook page(s).

I think these totals are a little more impressive:

The Library takes more hits an hour than Banned HWA gets all month!

Mark Scarborough
(AKA: big shot, - always a childish name! LOL)

PS, a blog that points out others as liars and then lies is nothing more than a double standard Gossip site for entertainment purposes ONLY, the second reason I visit, I need a good laugh from time to time!

nck said...

Well fair enough.

You did a nice upgrade of the website I see.

I visit it regularly to enlighten some on "post radio-cg and gta days."

I'm in favor of open source data f any kind.


Concerned reader said...

BTW, "A Voice Cries Out- Herbert W Armstrong" is not Mark Scarborough's facebook page.

"A Voice Cries Out- Herbert W Armstrong" has around 31,000 likes.

Mark Scarborough's page "Herbert W Armstrong -" only has 1,457 likes.

They are two separate pages for two separate websites. They are not the same people.

But Mark Scarborough does have a donate button on his website for his own dba (trade-name/fictitious name) which is "". Using the Worldwide Church of God materials, he collects tithes and offerings and other donations, through his DBA. He however is not a minister or anyone in authority in the Worldwide Church of God. Yet he claims to be a church by one name, but uses another church's materials?

He claims to be a member of the "Church of God" yet claims copyright over the materials of the "Worldwide Church of God" using his dba website and is collecting monies and donations off the materials of the WCG into his own pocket. What happened to the Ten Commandments and the Law of God?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 2:44 I knew there was something fishy about Scarborough. Now I understand why so many in LCG dislike him.

Mark Scarborough said...

RE: Anonymous Concerned reader

Seems like I have read all of your concerns before!

As for DBA, PayPal and all banks require a fictitious name if you are "not" incorporated to have a bank account, it's that "man's law thing", so to allow people to "freely" donate if they wish has a "law required" fictitious name, so when people do donate, they get a tax deduction which is also lawful in this Country. Big deal!

As for donations, the first 2 years I was building there was not a donation option on the website, but over time people started to see how useful the site was for them and their research/studies, they started asking if they could help support I answered them no it was not necessary, for which I got some pretty upset emails back from people stating they wanted to support, in their words; "I do not think it is right that you will not allow me to help support something so worthwhile". I still did not add a donation button for another year. As the site has grown, so has the cost to maintain the site, the site has become much bigger than I ever anticipated so I added a donation button so people can help if they wish. Donations are not required and "all" of the material is 100% free to all with or without donating.

As for copyright, all of the original copyrights are still on the material (if the original material had a copyright, some of it doesn't) and does not claim copyright of any of the Worldwide Church of God material. The copyright at the bottom of the pages of is copyright for the website, design, software I built and all images created for website by me, which is also legal.

As for putting money in my pocket, all donations received is used 100% for the website, its maintenance, equipment and to promote it around the world. As a matter of fact, I am the biggest donor of the site offering thousands of hours of my time to build

As for being a Minister, I have never claimed to be a Minister, what I do admit to, is making many of God’s Ministers from years ago available to everyone who wish to enjoy the very informative and spiritual sermons from them. They were useful then and are still useful today for many of us COGers!

Don't really see any Commandments being broken here, but I'm sure the person "or family that has pointed this out for years on their Facebook page(s)" will still have a problem with it. The "Anonymous Concerned reader" reeks of "unincorporated Spiritual Organism".

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sabbath!
Mark Scarborough

Timothy Kitchen Jr said...

Re: Mark Scarborough
My comment was too long, so I provide a link to it here -

Samuel W Kitchen said...


I also have concerns over you collecting money using Herbert W. Armstrong's and the Worldwide Church of God materials, when you never were authorized to do so.

The Worldwide Church of God is an unincorporated spiritual organism. It is not a corporate entity.
The people of the Worldwide Church of God supported Herbert W. Armstrong and the various corporate entities he had for the use of the Work.

Those corporate entities were never the Worldwide Church of God.
One corporation( WCG Inc.) was allowed to operate using the name of the Church, but that corporation later changed hands and they changed the name and are no longer using the name of the Worldwide Church of God.

The tithes and offerings, and other donations made by the "Worldwide Church of God" made possible the printing of Herbert W. Armstrong's and the Church's publications in print, radio and television.

And so these materials were produced by the Worldwide Church of God.
Now, you are not a minister in the Worldwide Church of God, and thus are NOT authorized to collect donations, tithes and offerings, using the Worldwide Church of God's/Herbert W. Armstrong's material.

It's like taking someone else's identity, and using their name, i.d, property, to gain money for your own banking account.
That is stealing, breaking the law of God.

And it's not just collecting money for your website, but you are trying to collect GOD'S TITHES and OFFERINGS, to keep "your work" afloat, while you don't have to give up your pleasures and comfort(i.e speedboat, home, and Hummer etc etc). You want to take God's money from people wanting to support a church you do not represent, while you make no sacrifice.

The Tithing laws of God is kept by the Worldwide Church of God. If you create a psuedo-work, using the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong and their materials, and are collecting tithes and offerings designed for the support of the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong for yourself, THAT IS STEALING!
Only the ministers of the Worldwide Church of God can collect tithes and offerings and other donations meant for the support of the Church's preaching.

Since, you are not a minister of the Worldwide Church of God, neither do you represent them or Herbert W. Armstrong, you are not authorized to collect such monies and donations. You doing so is misrepresentation and fraudulent in God's eyes.

The bottom line is, you are not a minister, and neither are you a representative of Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, although you are collecting money, tithes and offerings, and other donations from people who want to support the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong.

And since you claim to represent a "Religious non profit organization" on your website, and since you admitted to creating a bank account so donations can be "tax deductable", then by law, you are must already be receiving at least $5,000.00 annually.

That is "Man's law".

So, what "Religious non-profit organization" do you represent? You do not represent Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. So you are collecting monies, tithes and offerings, using the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong's materials, for another legal entity. What entity is that?

If this is true,(please correct me on any error),
This raises great concern to those of us in the Worldwide Church of God.