Friday, June 14, 2013

Dave Pack: The Alcohol Miracle Worker

Not only is Dave Pack one of the worlds most important men, he also took on and tackled the enormous alcohol problem in Armstrongism.  He DEALT with it!  Never mind the fact that he probably caused a lot of people to start drinking after they were treated like dirt by him.

As for "self examination" that is all Armstrongism ever focused on!  No one was ever worthy and was just inches away from being squashed by God's big fat thumb.
The Bible warns in many verses about spiritual “drunkenness.” This condition in the Worldwide Church of God caused many brethren to close their eyes and drop off to sleep, forgetting about the crucial role of self-examination. This was largely produced by the fact that many people used God’s Church as a giant, nonstop party for many years, and some for decades. We now know that most were obviously in it (or, over time, came to be in it) for the “good times,” and, spiritually speaking, the “alcohol” flowed freely. (This became a literal problem as well. I know—I saw and dealt with it.)


Byker Bob said...

I hate to even suggest this, but Davey is so messed up that he's probably one of the very few people who would actually benefit from medical marijuana! He really needs to lighten up for the benefit of those who have been taken in by him!


Douglas Becker said...

His idol Herb seems to have been a practicing alcoholic.

Is Davey boy saying he got Herbert to stop drinking?

The alcohol flowed from the top down.