Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ron Weinland, Imprisoned Felon, Commandment Breaker

Ron Weinlend, the Church of God's favorite imprisoned felon,  has been waxing poetic on the virtues of the ten commandments.  Of course he has to add his own perverted spin on the commandments.

Did you know that if you fellowship with a disfellowshipped person after they have been kicked out of the church that you are breaking ALL of the ten commandments?

Last Six Commandments
The last six commandments reveal how we are to think and live toward all other people. Though we (the Church) are to think and live toward others as God reveals by these commandments, the reality is that “true fellowship” can only be experienced among those who live the same way in return toward us. This obviously means that this can only be experienced within the environment of Church fellowship itself with those impregnated with God’s spirit and who have God’s spirit continually living (dwelling, abiding, remaining) in them. Those in the world around us cannot be expected to live toward us in the same way God requires that we live toward them.

So those who become disfellowshipped from a spiritual relationship with God, His Son, and His Church are separated from the one and only “true fellowship” that man can be offered in life. As we have already covered, anyone (in the Church) who then chooses to fellowship with someone whom God says not to – one disfellowshipped – then they break each of the first four commandments concerning how to have a right relationship with God. They also break each of the last six commandments, which reveal how we (in the Church) are to live in a right relationship toward anyone among mankind – that which we are to practice (live) toward them.
If that is true, then it is also appropriate to say that Ron Weinland has broken all ten of the commandments by being an imprisoned felon!  


Black Ops Mikey said...

Conald Swineland should be disfellowshipped but since he was never part of the body of Christ in the first place, what would be the point?

Head Usher said...

Right now, David Hulme is in heavy damage control. Back during the UCG split, they were in damage control. Ron Weinland must be in heavy damage control too, to whatever extent he is capable of. So, is it any wonder that Ron and Bubba are co-writing memos this topic? Nope.

The bible says that "god" says, "all things word together for good," suggesting that he's in control so these grand Poobahs and Wizards can be laissez-fair about the flow of information. "God" has it under control, so they don't have to worry, right? I don't know about that...

What I do know is that damage control is about limiting the flow of information, akin to the way fascist dictators do. They want their flock to hear only their propaganda, and never come into contact with any other point of view. The Wizards in charge don't want people who've taken off the green glasses talking to anyone in their "fold," because they might tell them how to take off their green glasses too, and that could lead to a catastrophic chain reaction of people realizing that the Wizards in charge are very bad wizards indeed. They might not even be good men. Freedom of speech, freedom of information, is a very dangerous thing that fascist dictators cannot allow. It's way too risky. Your freedom is a very scary proposition for these men, so they're going to take measures to abridge your freedoms and restrict your choices.

The restriction of information is the purpose of ex-communication or dis-fellowship-ment. That's what the word means. If you've managed to get your green glasses off, you are instantaneously persona non grata. You are like kryptonite as far as they're concerned. They don't want you to have any contact with those who still have their green glasses locked in place still. So they command their flock of sheeple to have no communication or fellowship with those in possession of "dangerous" information or points of view. It's not for the benefit of the sheeple, it's for the benefit of the people issuing the commands. It's damage control.

Disfellowshipping is a tacit admission by the Wizards that they don't believe "god" is in control of anything, which is why they have to step in and take measures.

Michael said...

Head Usher noted:
"Disfellowshipping is a tacit admission by the Wizards that they don't believe "god" is in control of anything, which is why they have to step in and take measures."

I second that. Really, to any believers happen to be reading this, your perspective on things will be immediately widened if you step back and consider just for a moment how bizarre it would be if God, this all-powerful creator of immense galaxies and the cosmos, really were running his church the way your leaders claim he is.
He can't get a simple message out to people on this little globe without thousands of COG members sacrificing for $ to send in to HQ.
He can't control things in the church or keep his little flock together.
The best he can do is grab a few second-rate TV stations here and there.
He can't even generate 1/100 as many youtube clicks as Gangnam Style.
All the evidence points to fact that there is no such all-powerful being behind these COG leaders, it's all just wishful thinking and human activity.
Just realize that everything you've experienced in your respective splinter groups demonstrates that this is the case, you can't get around it.

DennisCDiehl said...

It's a sad and insecure, or jealous maybe, God that doesn't want one puny human talking to another because He could not keep them in the faith.

DennisCDiehl said...

I have been disfellowshipped from PCG/RCG and LCG. My family not in PCG would not speak to me because I was in PCG but I was not allowed to speak to them either. When I was disfellowshipped, they were wanting to talk to me but since they were in RCG they were not allowed to without Mr. Pack's approval which was not going to happen. Since I was no longer in PCG I could talk to my relatives in LCG and they talked to me even after Mr. Weston's sermon, but when my RCG relatives found that out, they no longer speak to me as they did even though not supposed to. I wanted to join PKG but that puts me back in the car and not able to talk to anyone outside PKG but they won't talk to me anyway since I did not join either LCG,PCG or RCG.

Finally I decided just to mark and disfellowship myself and not join any of the splinters. Now I don't even talk to myself anymore which has given me great peace since all I talked about to myself was PCG/LCG/RCG and PKG which was stressful....

God is good....

Anonymous said...

I live somewhat near UCG's HQ, so most people around here who "left the fold" who I'm in contact with are people who have been shunned in a nasty way by current UCG members- people who were once their longtime friends.
I know that UCG doesn't "teach" shunning like Pack's church does, but apparently many of it's members think it's the thing to do.

Anonymous said...

KUDOs to Dennis Diehl!! I love love love reading your blogs. I haven't responded to any but I couldn't resist after reading todays! You are an inspiration and a good laugh all mixed together! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland should look into more lucrative Christian opportunities that involve the Holy Spirit-

Like this!