Thursday, January 16, 2014

COG Cult Leader Proclaims: Paranoid Apocalypses Cult Leaders Continue to Deceive!

Only in the world of Armstrongism can you have a leader of a splinter cult declare all other leaders as paranoid, while he himself makes hundreds of paranoid, silly prophecies.

Eric King has this great headline up today in his latest blog post: 

Paranoid Apocalypses Cult Leaders continue to Deceive!

He then starts out with this, which is a perfect description of himself!

Throughout the ages there have always appeared strange men and or women claiming to be “messengers” of God. They have left devastation in their paths. These deranged cult leaders were prophesied to come. Jesus Christ warned us about them. Here Mr. E.W.King gives us some insight about this issue and just where these false cult leaders lose touch with reality. This is a must read! Read and Share:
Sadly many people today involved in the “world of religion” are simply sitting in some cult following some ‘guru’. They sadly put all of their trust in their leader. Some do not have a specific leader but instead have put their complete trust in some form of Protestantism or Catholicism. Others feel safe with putting trust in what they call a “non-denominational church”.  Really all of these groups are doing the same thing, putting trust in error and in mere man. ~
He then blasts all those that give false dates.  I am assuming he means Herbert W Armstrong, Rod Meredith, David C Pack, Gerald Waterhouse, Dean Blackwell, Gerald Flurry, Herman Hoeh, and a myriad of other COG leaders.  I mean, who else can he be talking about?????  Cough, cough.....
 Roman Catholics will point to the Pope and the fallen Protestants will point to Martin Luther and an assortment of what they call “reformers” to found the authority of their religion. The true Church of God points to Jesus Christ as its founder and doctrine giver. What is very sad is that people who are caught up in these false religions are being “spiritually murdered”. The cult leaders of the past and present are simply monsters - murderers who commit massacres and false miracles. Most all the deranged cult leaders give false times and dates which they say a “doomsday” will commence. ~

What they have done is taken a Truth from Jesus Christ and twisted it for their own glory and satisfaction. There is in fact a so called “doomsday” coming. Jesus Himself told us this but He also told us that nobody knows the EXACT DATE AND TIME of that event. Cult leaders use fear to control their members. Sadly, in many of the offshoot and splinter groups of the true Church of God we find “leaders” doing this very thing. ~

Since Herbert W Armstrong was a failed prophet, with hundreds of failed prophesies he predicted or allowed to go out on his behalf, how then can King's new and improved Worldwide Church of God be true?

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James said...

King gets his ideas from our blogs. He thinks that if he tells the truth, he will gain a following and a lot of blue ribbon tithe payers money.

He is wrong.

Get a job King like the rest of us!
Armstrongism is a fraud!