Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bob Thiel Thinks The Vatican Is None Too Pleased With Him. As If They Really Care!!!!!!!

It seems that Bob Thiel was in Rome a week or so ago doing some filming.  He was told by one official that he could not use a tripod to film in the square and then by another to not focus the camera upon himself for a long period of time.  Video filming was OK, but filming ones self preaching is not.  Who can really blame them!  Having Bob use the Vatican as aback drop for one of his crazy sermons is certainly off putting to anyone whether you are a Catholic or not!

The Vatican is probably sick of all the crazy American preachers coming over and  preaching about the Whore of Babylon and other stupidity while using the Vatican as a back drop.  Only American Evangelicals and weird American personalty cult leaders seem to do this.

Bob takes this one step further.  Bob feels that the Vatican knew who he was, out of all the thousands in the square that day, and specifically targeted him because of his anti-Catholic videos and books.  As if the Vatican gives a rat's ass about Bob!  Get over yourself dude!  Really!

01/13/14 p.m. Just got back from Europe. We did research, etc. in Southern Europe. While Rome seems the same, there has been a change in Vatican City.  On three occasions, we were told to stop videotaping while we were there.  First, we were told that the use of tripods in St. Peter’s Square, was not allowed.  But we were done there, so that was not a problem.  Then we were told we could not use one inside of St. Peter’s Basilica–and that was a problem.  Then we were told that while we could video, if too much of the video camera time was pointed at me, that was also not allowed.  Anyway, since they had none of those restrictions on us last June, it makes me wonder if someone there was less than pleased with the videos we put up at our YouTube channels about the Vatican.

And here we thought David C. Pack was a narcissist!


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say on here people. This blog is being watched by the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, Vatican, Dave Pack, soon-to-croak Flurry, and the Jamacian bobsleading team. Be afraid, be very afraid.

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob reminds me of "Little Big Man" and no Bob, the Vatican did not know you were coming nor did they care. There are much much bigger fish amongst their own who pick on them more you ever could.

At least this Pope did not spot Bob and come out and wash his feet. Bob would have taken that as an ordination of somekind I am sure...

Anonymous said...

Well, against my better judgment, I, too, am going to use the "N" word. Bob is a narcissist! There is no other, better, more descriptive word for him. In this, he resembles many of his idols, the Armstrongite ministers.

The late David ben Hoover/Ariel was actually arrested by Israeli officials, questioned for several hours, and released but banned from ever returning to Jerusalem. Now, in some perverse way, David could claim something somewhat similar to what Bob is alleging here. Thiel? Not so much. Would the police in New York City even remember someone whom they had asked not to disrupt traffic by filming in Times Square? Maybe if he were wearing a turban or looked like some ignorant Aryan redneck militia member, but not if he appeared as we've seen Thiel in his videos.

Some work I've done in the past has actually put me on national television, but, while the exposure was interesting to friends and family, it was in no way memorable to the general public, or law enforcement. If I thought or claimed otherwise, I would be exaggerating. Same deal with Thiel.

Anonymous said...

Thiel isn't big enough to be a boil on a minster's a**!

Corky said...

since they had none of those restrictions on us last June, it makes me wonder if someone there was less than pleased with the videos we put up at our YouTube channels about the Vatican.

See, he didn't say they were "less than pleased", he said "it makes me wonder if" they were.

But, automatically, you think that Thiel declared it so. That's the purpose of such tricky implications as that. The followers will come to think of it as true and that they have reasoned it all out themselves.

HWA only had to say, "could IT be?" and a short time later the followers (preachers and all) would be saying "IT is!" and would be running around trying to convince other people of IT.