Monday, August 12, 2013

James Malm: God Is Not Limited By Head Coverings for Women...HOWEVER... It Is A Test To See If You Really Care

James Malm, Chief Pharisee of the Malmite Church of God, still does not have the balls to tell his women that they are REQUIRED to wear head coverings.  He claims his god is not limited to hear the prayers of women whether their heads are covered or not.  However, Malm claims it is a "test" to see if people really care enough about the law to do it. That is the same bullshit the COG has used for decades about the sabbath and other teachings.   Whenever the church threw out the word "test" you knew for a fact that the church was requiring it, even though they did not have the balls to tell you so directly. Everything was a test in Armstrongism and everyone seemed to fail miserably.  A person could never do anything right in the eyes of the church leaders or their god and as a result we have suicides, broken marriages and 700 splinter groups as a testimony to that failure.

Still trying to understand- are you saying the hair covering is a sign of being married therefore unmarried women need not wear one? Or are you saying it required among women when they pray – regardless of their marital status? And if that is what you’re saying then when would you consider a female child old enough to be wearing one during prayer?

Paul said that women should cover their heads while in prayer or discussing scripture and God. I only remarked that this was a command of God for Moses and was a custom of the people before Moses. Yes God through Paul requires this from all women whenever they pray or discuss scripture: However God is not to be limited by a piece of cloth and there are unusual exceptions to the rule. The head covering is only a symbol of modesty and humility and a test to see if people really care enough about pleasing God to do this simple and easy act. Those who reject this command of God through Moses and Paul, are merely demonstrating that they have NO zeal for God and would not lift a finger to please him. James


Anonymous said...

It would be so funny if a woman wore a fur coat and no head covering to one of James Malm's 13-hour feast services. He'd probably bust an artery from the spike in his blood pressure.

Byker Bob said...

The basic problem here is that extreme gurus seem to want to make whether you follow the guru's "revelations" the ultimate test as to whether you truly love God. The worst part is that in adhering to this extreme legalism, a follower can often inadvertently hurt, slight, or offend a fellow human being, thus displaying the opposite of love, and placing one in violation of the second of the TGCOLs. Look at the way our extended families were effectively killed off because they weren't called to the cult. How many cold and hungry homeless people were told, "He who does not work shall not eat."? How many were shunned by the righteous while they were in jail?

This one size fits all legalism of Malm's is no different from some of the more extreme Catholicism, such as self flagellation, or crawling on ones knees up a rocky path to a shrine or temple. I suppose some people could become so extreme that they could justify killing themselves to express their love for God. That is where the Flavor Aid generally makes its entrance on to the snack menu. Believe I'll pass on all of that!


Corky said...

Actually, the head covering for women was a custom in that part of the world long before anyone ever heard of Jews and Yahweh. What it really has to do with is misogyny.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this is a 'test' by Jimmy Malm, to see if anyone actually really cares about what he claims is important.