Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Great Monarch In Prophecy

God's greatest self-appointed prophet who knows everything about everything, is letting the world know that there is a Great Monarch coming along with 50 other Beasts.  Oh, noes!  What will we do?????  Oh, wait!  When has a single prophecy or prediction made by ANY COG minister or leader EVER been true?

Almost arrested, but never arrested, constantly harassed and maligned, self-appointed, homoeopathic pill pusher, and world-renowned authority on Mayan and Fatima prophecies, Elijah Amos Bob Thiel has weighed in on the Great Monarch in world history along with 50 prophecies about OTHER beasts!

The amazing power of God at work in prophecy! 
The true reason for the nations!

Here are some of the shocking Beasts that are rampaging around the world at this moment
as PROOF of prophecy!

 Prophetic beast attacks Laodiceans

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...the origin of the downfall of Herbert Armstrong
Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web

Unclean meats enforced upon true believers

Collecting Americans for deportment to concentration camps!  Horrific!

Foretold in Revelation!

Scorpions of Revelation attack satanic beast

You too can listen to this amazing sermon here:
Great Monarch and 50+ Beasts Prophecies
WARNING: Lot's of jazz hands and jumbled curtains!

"Since the fourth century, it has been claimed that an Emperor of the Romans, also known as the Great Monarch would rise up. He is prophesied to eliminate Islam, Protestantism, and heresies. He is also prophesied to essentially bring a Catholic-form of world peace and prosperity to the world. Although he is predicted in Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic writings, some Catholic writers have warned against him. Is the Great Monarch sent by God or is he on the side of Satan? Will he bring in utopia or tribulation? Does the Tiburtine Sibyl, where some say this leader was first predicted, have pagan origins? Does he have the true message of the gospel of the kingdom or will he and his supporters be pushing a false gospel? In this sermon, Dr. Thiel goes over predictions about the Great Monarch, Hindu & Chinese prophecies, Catholic teachings, and scriptures that seem to have a connection with the Great Monarch. Will the Great Monarch truly be Catholic or an apostate? Will he work with a pope or anti-pope. Dr. Thiel addresses those issues and also goes over a list of 50 predicted characteristics of the Great Monarch that tie in with biblical prophecies. Sadly, when people see signs and lying wonders associated with the Beast/Great Monarch, nearly all on earth will accept him, despite the biblical warnings. Dr. Thiel also goes over predictions related to his rise, name, and some physical characteristics."


Anonymous said...

This is great, Thiel is the best comedy routine the church has ever produced.

DennisCDiehl said...

There are good reasons his comment section is disabled.

Anonymous said...

When I hear a "preacher" talk about prophecy, I shut my ears to his/her bull shit. All bible prophecy is ambiguous and open to many & varied interpretations.

Byker Bob said...

Well, at least he’s finally indulging in his comic prophecies instead of complaining about us! Kind of shocking, really.


Hoss said...

There are good reasons his comment section is disabled.

The first time I visited COGWriter using a tablet, I found the comment section hadn't been disabled and contained a fairly neutral visitor comment. Bob had replied that he didn't know of this slip in his site's security.

As for Bob's Great Monarch sermon, I started listening to it in background. It reminded me of a story in Big Whoop Magazine.

Anonymous said...


The Tale of The Beast of The Kitteh, as Found in 1 Thiel 2:23, New Elijah Amos Version,Page 349.

And Lo, and Behold! Thou hast looketh to the East, and Thy Beast the Kitteh Dost Pounceth!

For What shall we compare Thy Kitteh to?

It's green eyes shineth like sapphire, it's hair dark liketh a storm cloud. It's tail rises straight liketh the legs of a cat. And as it pounceth its backside waggleth as the lightning flasheth from the west to the east.

Thy Kitteh showeth no mercy, it playeth with thy prey, who knoweth no death, and bats it with the speed of a chariot. It's hair standeth on end, and it's hiss is liketh the roar of a waterfall. It attacketh when thou hast eateth thy pork, and thy clams, and eateth thy catfish instead of thy tuna. The Meow of The Kitteh is not unlike the roar of a thousand locusts. It's claws are sharp as a double edged sword. It's growl is like the thunder of tens of thousands of chariots. And when it eateth, the sound of teh kitteh nom, nom nom is like ten million soldiers in battle.

For the Beast of Thy Kitteh is but one tenfold five, it sitteth in seclusion, ready to pounceth on whosoever it dost devour. For we are like fleas to the kitteh, in size and in power.

Dost thou dare tempereth deh kitteh? Dost thou dare looketh at thy kitteh? For the beast of thy kitteh sombereth thy mood, hence you scareth thy kitteh, and it climbeth up thy crumpled curtains and scratcheth thy crooked bookcases, dust thou maketh jazz hands to stoppeth the rage and fury of the power of the kitteh.


Anonymous said...

"Since the fourth century, it has been claimed that an Emperor of the Romans, also known as the Great Monarch would rise up. He is prophesied to eliminate Islam, Protestantism, and heresies.

Since Islam didn't even exist until the 7th century, and Protestantism didn't exist until the 16th, that is indeed a remarkable claim and prophecy!

nck said...

Well, Bastet is the Godess of Warfare.
(and motherly protection and perfume later on)

Ezechiel 30:17 Does not spell out well for the people of the city of the cat though.

The, precious felline and symbol of motherly care aswell.
Solomon grew wise by talking to his queens. A true worshipper of felline qualities.