Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alien Resistance in the Church of God

Here is a former Church of God member who is providing vital information about aliens and how to rebuke them.  So the next time those pesky aliens try abduct you for experimentation just rebuke them in the name of Jesus and you will be OK.

FACT: Based on polls, over 60% of the population believes that there is likely alien life in outer space. Around 48% of the population believes that aliens from outer space may be visiting the Earth in UFOs, and 12% claim to have seen a UFO.
 FACT: A 1991 Roper poll estimated that 4 million people in the US may have had an "alien abduction" experience (2% of the population). This does not even take into account the number of abductees worldwide, which based on the Roper poll, could be estimated to be 129 million people. This is a number of pandemic proportions.
Christian research in this field has shown that these are spiritually dangerous false beliefs, which can open a spiritual door to the occult, resulting in having dark paranormal experiences.

These experiences destroy people's lives and relationships with family and friends, and changes their worldview.

It is very important for Christians to learn about this topic and get more involved in this field of ministry.

The need is very great, as the belief that alien life is visiting humanity is steadily growing in popularity.

FACT: Alien abduction experiences can be terminated in the name of Jesus Christ.

FACT: Documented messages of "aliens" to contactees and abductees reveal an undeniably unbiblical spiritual agenda.

FACT: Modern documented reports of alien's activities and abilities parallel the abilities of (fallen) angels as seen in the Bible.

CONCLUSION: Deceptive spiritual entities are posing as modern day "aliens", bringing tormenting experiences into the lives of individuals, and offering a false gospel message, in opposition to the true message of Jesus Christ. I Saw The Light Ministries


Anonymous said...

Lord Vader noted:

"CONCLUSION: Deceptive spiritual entities are posing as modern day "aliens", bringing tormenting experiences into the lives of individuals, and offering a false gospel message, in opposition to the true message of Jesus Christ. I Saw The Light Ministries"

How can we know if it's not deceptive Aliens posing as modern day spiritual entities?


Black Ops Mikey said...

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Get thee behind me ye Armstrongists!

What is more alien than Armstrongism?

Weird too!

Do I need to accompany this with fasting and prayer?

It hasn't seemed to work yet.

Those nasty evil lying spirits of the false prophets of Armstrongism seem to persist, but it isn't from the lack of trying, heaven only knows.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Be sure to pray 38 minutes at a time because that keeps the Stargate open so the demons can't get through.

Steve said...

I don't know what the hell to say for 38 minutes! I used to pray for the "two witnesses" every night, you know...Herbie and Teddy. That took about 5 minutes. What's left?

Anonymous said...

"Deceptive spiritual entities are posing as modern day "aliens"... offering a false gospel message..."

No, those are Jehovah's Witnesses, not aliens. They don't abduct anyone. Just tell them you've already got Jesus in your heart and they'll leave you alone.

This is some far out $#!+

Although there are some people who claim to have been abducted by aliens, I don't think there's enough evidence to conclude that they weren't hallucinating. Besides, even if some of them weren't, there are probably many more people who have been struck by lightning, so, not something that the average person is likely to fall victim to.

Obviously, we have arrived at the very bottom of the list of priorities to be concerned about, and the only topics this bizarre person is going to dream up to discuss in the future are going to be even less important.

AJ said...

Does my tinfoil hat give me protection too?

Anonymous said...

Anyone seriously interested in the phenomena should check out Gary Bates Alien Intrusion by far the best book on the subject in recent years!

James said...

What we are witnessing is a rapid decline of the cogs. With all the mental illness and competition between groups, this crack of insanity had to happen.

I expect we may see hired killings as soon as the aging membership starts dying out rapidly. The fight for limited resources will intensify at a break neck pace. When a cog cult leader (name one) sees that his "work" will soon go under and the pride of his heart (campus/buildings) are to be taken by the bank, he will lose it.


Don't doubt me. These people are more whacked out then you may ever know. In comparison, Ratzmann will look like a boyscout on a mission of mercy!