Wednesday, May 7, 2014

House of Yahweh Leader Arrested For Threatening Life of a Judge

Another crazy Armstrongite splinter cult makes the news again.  This time The House of Yahweh, led by delusional Armstrongite Yisrayl Hawkins, is back in the news.  The House of Yahweh is referred to many times as the "Sex Cult."  In fact, Yisrayl Hawkins himself was arrested for bigamy.  Hawkins first wife Kay Hawkins has written a book about her life in the HOY and how Hawkins,  a serial adulterer, took another wife before casting her aside.  See The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story.

The Texas Big Country is reporting that HOY leader, Tsephanyah Hawkins, was arrested for threatening the opposing counsel and the judge in a case where another HOY cult member was arrested for child abuse.

Almost all of the HOY cult members have changed their names to end with Hawkins.

House of Yahweh Leader Charged for Making Death Threats

A high ranking member of the House of Yahweh in Callahan County has been arrested for allegedly threatening the life of a Taylor County State District Judge.

The House of Yahweh is a religious community, that some consider a cult. The group's compound is on several acres in Callahan county near Eula. The group was founded by Israel Hawkins, a former Abilene Police Officer and most members change their last names to Hawkins.

The investigation by the Texas Rangers began after a series of 96 e-mails sent over a six hour period. According to court documents, those e-mails were sent from Tsephanyah Hawkins to a law firm representing them in a civil case. The case the e-mails referred to was the Yedidiah Hawkins sexual assault case. Yedidiah Hawkins is serving a prison sentence for molesting a 6 year old girl, and that girls family is now suing the House of Yahweh.

In the emails, Tsephanyah Hawkins threatened a member of the law firm that was representing the Hawkins group in court. Hawkins also threatened opposing council in the civil case and Judge John Weeks who is presiding over the civil dispute.

Kepha Acemont former member of the group said that this particular civil case is what caused him to leave the group. "He is a child molestor and I did not join that place to be apart of that," says Kepha Arcemont. "He came there with his mother and father 20 years ago, worked himself up the ranks, became a deacon and then an elder. He learned alot about the legal system, so he was like the House of Yahweh, common law attorney," Arcemont explains.

He also says those threats should be taken seriously. "He's a dangerous guy. He's and elder there, not to say that all elders are dangerous," explains Arcemont.

According to court documents, the emails that were sent March 27, 2014 mentioned shooting, stabbing or the use of explosives. Tsephanyah was charged with 3 counts of obstruction and retaliation.

See video here and here.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Who would you give the edge to being most dangerous: The House of Yayweh or the Fundmentalist Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints?

Did we come close to doomsday death camp in 1972 if we headed off to Petra?

How many times does history have to repeat itself?

NO2HWA said...

I think Hawkins is probably more dangerous than the FLDS. The FLDS will certainly fight to keep their "right" to practice polygamy, but I do no think any of them would mass kill themselves.

Looking at Hawkins cult and the various videos that they put out about their people, I truly believe these people could commit mass suicide or murder. They have almost all changes their names to Hawkins and men are known to protect the perimeter with guns to keep out strangers.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Sorry, NO2HWA, rhetorical question for the purposes of satire. Sorry.

The way the FLDS treats its women is unacceptable: They are property. Babies are buried in the back yard if they don't pass muster. Yes, the God Squad of young men keeping the police state in the towns they own have each at least 3 wives and plenty of freedom, but they have been known to torture and execute those who try to leave. It's hard for me to believe that the HOY has reached that stage yet, but maybe they have -- after all, they put eleven year olds to work for long hours of the day without pay.

The problem is that neither one of them are that well documented.

Having seen the Law and Order SVU "No More" marathon just over a week ago, I'm inclined to escalate the war against these cults that perform heinous crimes against their own. Those interested can take a look at for some inspiration. The outrageous crimes these cults commit should end in prison sentences for the leaders.

Anybody in the CoHAM who knows of any crimes being committed should contact the authorities immediately. There needs to be much more accountability and the people need relief from these perpetrators.

old EXPCG hag said...

Anyone whom sets himself up for others to worship has psychological problems in the first place. Usually early childhood physical/mental abuse and neglect.

Anonymous said...

Christophers Mother was never involved with The house of Yahweh.