Monday, May 5, 2014

Play UCG Lingo Bingo Before Cranky Oldsters Take It Down

Those wild and crazy youngsters at UCG have come up with a new Bingo game, though I can guarantee that most young people in UCG have no idea what some of these are referring to.

Let's see how long this stays up before some cranky old curmudgeon in Cincinnati complains.  Its not kosher to have fun with church history.

May the Force be with the Young One's!


Black Ops Mikey said...

The Bingo game would be held in church basements, but since there pretty much aren't any church buildings for most of the UCG, that's not an option.



United has youth?

That won't last: No solid standing edifices means little community commitment, unlike the CoG7 with established congregations and church buildings -- no place for the youth to point to and call their home church. If they move away, they'll have to check the Internet if they return and hope that whatever school, Masonic Lodge or Senior center the church is meeting in hasn't been changed the weekend of their dropping in.

This also affects the pastorate. If those of you noticed from the "God's Not Dead" movie, Pastor Dave actually has a church building and an office in it, so people who need help and counselling can drop by, unlike trying to set up some sort of meeting with the itinerant ACoG CoHAMs.

If they were really serious about establishing "roots" there would be buildings for local churches by this time.

And if there were, they could have Bingo in the basement.

Connie Schmidt said...

If the pic shown is blown up large enough it could also double as a play mat for...


Would make for a great youth (or any age) activity!

Byker Bob said...

In the '70s, some of us guys at AC Press made up a WCG board game something like the old Careers game. It's difficult to remember all of the crazy stuff we came up with, but the general idea was that the players all got started by getting baptized, and then there were a series of positive events that advanced you, and occasional negative or detrimental ones that set you back or got you disfellowshipped. You would roll dice, and then have to comply with whatever was on the square on which your token landed. You might land on a square that said, "you were called forward to ask the closing prayer, advance 3 squares". Or, "ordained a deacon, advance 6 squares." And then, suddenly, you landed on a square that said "Caught stoned at Uriah Heep concert. Disfellowshipped! Move token back to beginning of game!" Or, "Sideburns measured and found to be too long! Go back 3 spaces."

Sadly, we never actually produced this game. Oh well. Most of the members probably wouldn't have enjoyed or appreciated it, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Pasedena? And this from UCG media employees? How soon they forget!

Byker Bob said...

Here's another one!

Risk was really big on the AC Pasadena campus while I was a student. Some of the seniors had apparently been invited over to David Jon Hill's house to play this, his favorite board game, and it sort of spread from there.

In our dorm, it was kind of the equivalent of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, because the guys began dressing up like well known rulers of the country they started out with. We had one guy who would comb his hair backwards, put on a little moustache, call himself "Der Fuhrer" and speak in a German accent. One guy put his bathrobe on, wore a little cap, and called himself "My holiness, the Pope". I've forgotten half the characters. One of the guys from Texas pretended to be President Johnson. It went on for hours and was a hoot, right up until a couple of the guys started to want to listen to classical music on the dorm stereo while we were playing. That was like spraying BB repellent, and I ended up abandoning the Risk sessions soon thereafter.


old EXPCG hag said...

They include Garner Ted, the biggest HO in the church??...

I mean Ho,Ho,Ho, Merry Christmas!

Chino Moreno said...

How do you guys play this type of bingo game? This isn't the traditional one.
12BET Number Game