Saturday, February 11, 2017

Seven requirements to be Saved in Dave Pack's First Dominion

Dave has laid down the law to his dwindling flock on what they MUST do in order to be saved in Dave's First Dominion.  Everything they own is his.
Now, obviously, there are three other fees that everyone would naturally think about, which begin your Christian walk: Believe the Gospelrepent and be baptized. Those three plus four make seven. You can’t get anywhere unless you believe the Gospel…Think of Mark 1…and then repent and are baptized, Acts 2. There are seven things that are the gateway to how to get into the kingdom, but first, you have to figure out who Christ will even let into the flock. Do you understand? Pay my price—there’s a certain price. It doesn’t mean you’re in the kingdom. Reading this gives it…Oh, that’s a lot clearer…but they’re allowed to continue to be His disciple now. I gave you seven admission fees—think of them that way.
1. You’ve got to do everything God says
2. You have to love God more than others in your family
3. You have to take up your cross and follow him, and
4. You have to sell all that you have, or what we call Common
5. You have got to believe the Gospel
6. You must repent
7. You must be baptized
Or you can’t even be in the flock. Now, at a point, you’ll leave because you know you don’t belong—or Christ will evict you. But there would be no point in staying in the flock, because if you don’t belong in the flock, there’s not a chance if you don’t do these things, all of them, just like going to college. I remember paying a whole bunch of fees. Today, there’s more than four—books and tuition and room, board…All kinds of fees, application fees…and that’s just to get into the college, and then you flunk out or you can pass magna cum laude with high honor, or anywhere in between, and that’s why some get ten cities and some get five.
But you’ve got to get into the college, so all discussions, brethren of God around the world, all discussions about whether or not you can be in the kingdom do not start with the verses about that. They start with how to be in the flock—to be a disciple, student, pupil, learner. How to matriculate into God’s college, so that you can be saved if you do other things.


Black Ops Mikey said...



You can't be in Dominion!

The angels have fallen. After two seasons, SyFy has canceled their supernatural drama Dominion.

That's just it: You sacrifice all you have to get into Dominion and then it's cancelled.

Why bring this up?

Well, no less than Oxford University has declared that British Israelism is science fiction and specifically named G. G. Rupert as a science fiction author. How can you disagree with that? It's Oxford University after all. They should know.

And so it is, David Pack is (along with all his competing colleagues) selling science fiction. Hey folks, it's not real. Don't sink a lot of investment into it. It's not like you're attending a Star Trek Convention or going to Comic-Con (now's a good time to sign up for Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego). This is not entertaining. It's a drudge. It will suck the life out of you. It's a dystopian future for you. Just ask some of those who tried it and left.

And that's it.

British Israelism worst science fiction ever.

And if you're in the market, Dave Pack is selling -- but watch out because you should check the prices: You might something cheaper and better.

Or skip it entirely.

DennisCDiehl said...

Verbal diarrhea: The art of making shit up that passes through the mind and WHAM....leaving no discernible nutrients but you never quite know when your finished and can get off the pot safely.

" It’s as though whatever your job was when you escaped…you just sent your notice and didn’t give them two weeks because we have big things to do. You couldn’t possibly even hold on to your own job during that period. Unless we are greatlLy enhanced miraculously—mentally and physically—in light of the list I just read—and almost certainly have daily angelic help and instruction from Jesus Christ—we will get nowhere fast, and you’ve got to come to grips with that, because it leads us to some profound things.

Merely being deputized…You know, let’s deputize the whole church…would be far from enough. “Here everybody, we’re passing out tin stars. You’re all going to take care of the flock of slaughter under these conditions.” “Well, who are they?” “I don’t know.” “Where are they?” “I don’t know.” “Well, are they looking for me? You know, if I’m landing on an airplane and I’m coming down the escalator, am I going to see someone holding up a sign that says my name? Are they looking for me?” No—they don’t know who you are. They’re barely able to survive. You understand? There are so many logistical problems that it would be impossible for us to even think about…Don’t waste your time thinking about doing it as you are now. And yet, you’re not going to be saved, you’re not going to be made of Spirit. It’s not going to be what we’re like after salvation, before resplendence."

Even I know the NT speaks of the simplicity that is in Christ. This ain't simple!

Connie Schmidt said...

"You have to sell all that you have, or what we call Common"...

Or what I call "BULLKRAP" !!!

Connie Schmidt said...

Not only is Pack missing the "dominion", he's missing some DOMINOES too!

James said...

Scenario 1.
RCG is going communist. The means of production (personal evangelism) has been taken over by the state (RCG management) in doing their work (whatever that is at this point).

Scenario 2.
RCG is going broke and needs hard assets now. Confiscation of wealth has continued and is now accelerating. The financial trend line points to a deep slope towards the value "0".

Scenario 3.
Dave Pack is usurped in a coup in order to prevent a complete meltdown. Members are in a panic as the future prospects for financial stability crumbles both personally and institutionally.

Steve D said...

"All things in common" means, "You give you assets to the church. But, try to borrow a lawnmower from Dave Pack (all things in common) or borrow a vehicle and see how that works out for you. All things in common is like HWA sermon on "give and get." You give and he gets. It's always one way only. Respect for authority but they needn't respect the members. And so it goes.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Dennis -- wait for it! Wait for it!


You're an apostle. (I just offered you the right hand of fellowship, so that makes you an APOSTLE!!!!)

Now what are you going to do???!!!!

Byker Bob said...

This is not the restoration of Armstrongism that he promised. The zealous members who had died during the classic era of the WCG and whom he visualizes as coming alive to assist his church at the very end would not even recognize it. He has gone way beyond what Paul describes as adding a burden that not even the forefathers could bear. We used to speak of all the Pharisaic do's and don't's that were added to the law, and what Dave is preaching today is certainly akin to that, in fact far worse. Can we even imagine the volume of the self-righteousness that would automatically be generated in peoples' hearts if they followed even part of these edicts? This is not the light burden, the freedom in Christ. Dave crushes all of that, and most likely grieves the Holy Spirit.

Dave is what I call an "Orator". He has just the right words to influence listeners who are of a certain mindset: those who are mildly functional on their own, yet horribly deficient in certain key areas, have a profound need for some meaning in life, and will jump through all manner of hoops with which they are presented, so that they can experience a sort of ersatz substitute for a truly victorious life. He is not unlike the shaman who can crawl inside of people's minds to produce a communal experience amongst the receptive. Fortunately, most rationally thinking people are immuned to what he offers. I fear for the receptive ones, as they are locked into his tractor beam, and are very vulnerable to a Jonestown situation should he take an even worse turn in the future.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone in RCG even sane anymore with all off this going on? Please if someone is in RCG, and is hearing Pack and his ramblings, please tell us what is going on there? The people still there must feel completely trapped and betrayed, or the only other choice, is that they are buying into this nonsense!

He is literally trying to sell salvation to the brethren, and most are trying to buy their way into Dave's idea of it... I can hardly believe what is unfolding in RCG. Sadly, it will probably continue on this way for who knows how long!

Anonymous said...

>7. You must be baptized

There was a time when I did this. However...

>1. You’ve got to do "everything" that "god" says

...this is IMPOSSIBLE, because A) there have yet to be two christians who can agree on the itemized list of "everything 'god' says," and B) if there were such an authoritative and exhaustive christian list that everyone agreed upon, nobody would be able to "do" it, and most of the things on it would be so undefined that no one would even be able to tell if they had done them, or were doing them, in the first place...

>3. You have to take up your cross and follow him
>5. You have got to believe the Gospel
>6. You must repent

...and these are three examples of those totally undefined items on the list that no one would ever be able to tell for sure one way or the other if they had done, or were doing.

>2. You have to love God more than others in your family

...this is CRAZY. If money is a root of all evil, this is another root of all evil. It's ideas like this one that make religions evil. It's ideas like this one that empower folks like David Koresh (and David C. Pack while we're at it) and ISIS, and cause otherwise good people to commit unspeakable crimes.

>4. You have to sell all that you have, or what we call Common

This is the con right here, the only bullet point that really matters, since it's the one that contains the means for the conman to achieve his primary objective.

I'm not saying that haven't been some idiots who have done this in the last nearly 2,000 years, but anyone who has was either crazy, a foolish dupe, or both.

If Dave is going to tell others to do this, he needs to lead by example and divest himself of all that he has, and be the first to start living on the street. Until he does, everyone in RCG ought to do the minimum of saying "Bitch, please!" to ol' Davey-boy the hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Acts 4:32-35, New International Version

4:32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had.

4:33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all.

4:34 There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales

4:35 and put it at the apostles' feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.


Acts 4:32-35, Dave Pack Version

4:32 All the Restored Cash Grab suckers were confused and intimidated in heart and mind and in actual fact. No one claimed that any of his former possessions was his own any more, for they had given everything they had to Dave Pack, and to him only.

4:33 With great yelling and spitting power the apostle, Joshua the high priest, and Elijah the prophet, Dave Pack continued to testify to his own great confusion of the mind with his endless series of ever changing New Dominion prophetic nonsense, and much disgrace was upon them all, especially after the complete failure of Dave's August 31, 2013 prophetic guess (which was not helped at all by Dave's 56 so-called “proofs” for why it was true).

4:34 There were only needy persons among the RCG suckers, for a fool and his money are soon parted. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales

4:35 and put it at the apostle Dave's feet, and it remained firmly with Dave and was never distributed to just anyone as he had need or want. For Dave was clearly the neediest and greediest and twistiest person the so-called COGs had ever seen.

Byker Bob said...

The bottom line is that he has substituted all of his own radical speculations as God's criteria for entry into the Kingdom. Jesus will not be imposed upon by the likes of Dave Pack, just as he refused to abide by the 1975 gig that HWA fraudulently booked for Him.

Sorry, Dave. You, and HWA, and Stalin, and Adolf were a mistake of nature! Born in the wrong universe.