Friday, October 12, 2012

Bricket Wood, England Campus For Sale (Again)

Poor Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry!  If they had only saved their members tithe money they could have bought a ready made original COG campus that would have a place of honor close to the European Union. Imagine having a front row seat to film the rise of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe!  Instead these poor losers are stuck now in the boonies of Oklahoma and a wooded lot in Ohio.  Ohio! Puuulease!

Sources from England have informed me that the Bricket Wood campus is for sale yet again.  The WCG sold the property around 1974 and shipped off those students who were willing to Pasadena.

The property is now called Hanstead Park.  HSBC ceased using the property in 2011 and was purchased by a another company managed by St Conger Land  Limited.

The 185 acre property would be an ideal home for a Church of God minister with a big ego and a fat wallet.

A brief history of the property:

  • The Hanstead Park site at Bricket Wood has a rich and varied history. Hanstead House was originally built in the 1860′s using new merchant wealth. Richard Harrison, a wealthy landowning Yorkshireman, was the owner and builder of Hanstead House. The property was sold to three or four families throughout the next forty years until Sir David Yule, a Far East Jute magnate, purchased the property in 1902. He died in 1928, having re-built the house in which his wife and family continued to live until 1958.
  • An American evangelical religious movement called the Worldwide Church of God bought the estate in 1958 and established the site as a Theological College, developing the property further, building the Sports Centre, the restaurant building, a teaching block and what is now called Wayfoong Hall. They also excavated the land and created the lakes in 1966.  They raised the land outside the Sports Centre to create the running track and sports pitches. The college closed in 1974.
  • The Central Electricity Generating Board bought the site in 1978, creating their Central Staff Training Centre and adding the glass fronted Training Building in 1993.
  • The site was acquired by HSBC in 1994, after which it was used as a management training college until its closure in late 2011.
  • St Albans City and District Council closed Bricket Wood Sports Centre in 2010 because it was performing very poorly in both financial and usage terms.
  • In April 2012, the site was purchased by a company managed by St Congar Land Limited.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice how all the various COG properties that the church owned and sold over the decades cannot keep owners for long periods. Is everything that the WCG touched cursed? Even the Pasadena property is constantly in the news with one bankruptcy or investor pullout after another.

Anonymous said...

“Imagine having a front row seat to film the rise of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe!”

For a scary film that already exists about the rise of the European Union, watch this interview with Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) at the following address:

Byker Bob said...

Some folks wax nostalgic about the things that the Gamaliel syndrome has taken from WCG.

Me, I mourn the death of KMET 94.7 the best darned FM progressive album rock radio station that ever was. That became my antidote and my culture for the next two decades following the disappointment of 1975 when the truth was found to be lies. Then it was gone, and I had to move on.

A little bit of heaven, 94.7 KMET, tweedle dee!


NO2HWA said...

I have always liked Nigel Farage. He has no problem stating things as he sees it unlike so many of the wishy-washy buffoons we seem to have over here.

NO2HWA said...

I remember KMET. I liked KROQ that had lots of indie rock. Then it got weird in the early 90's

Anonymous said...

NO2HWA said...
“I have always liked Nigel Farage.”

Well then, here is a short clip of one of Nigel Farage’s finest moments in the European Parliament. Nigel Farage is a British Member of the European Parliament (MEP). This is a real life case of the “good guy” (the blessed Nigel Farage) openly telling off the BAD!!! GUY (EU President Herman van Rompuy). Of course, Nigel got fined for saying it.