Wednesday, July 4, 2012

School of the Supernatural to Be Opened On Ambassador Campus

Herbert is rolling over in his grave right now.  Little would he have ever dreamed that a charismatic personality cult would have bought the Ambassador Auditorium where people would be barking like dogs, pogoing and rolling around on the floor in fits of ecstasy.  I remember the fits of rage HWA went into when he found a crucifix on stage for an opera production.  All hell broke loose.  Imagine what he would think to find out a School for the Supernatural will be opened in the Hall of Administration!  Oy!

Harvest Rock Church, who bought the Auditorium, has declared that they will be purchasing the Hall of Administration for their use.  The Hall of Ad had been bought by a senior retirement community developer several years ago.  Pre-sales of the million dollar retirement condos were swift.  Then the economy tanked.  The company backed out and Maranatha Schools leased the building out for film shoots and other rentals.

Harvest Rock posted this:
A kairos moment is again laid before us!
We have an opportunity to buy the administrative
building next to HRock in Pasadena
for only cents on the dollar.

For years, respected prophetic leaders have prophesied to us about an expansion of HRock Church and Harvest International Ministry on this campus, and the increased impact it would have for ministry here and abroad. 

This seemed beyond our reach until I received the recent news of an unprecedented price drop for this facility. 

As you may know, this site served as the former world headquarters for the Worldwide Church of God. They have been guarded in who is allowed to purchase property, and what was available for sale. God gave us favor when we miraculously obtained the remarkable auditorium where we meet for conferences and as a church.  

However, since we gained that facility in 2004, our tiny staff offices have remained on the other side of our city in an old building. We haven’t had the space for vital things we need, like a permanent 24/7 house of prayer, healing rooms, staff offices and of course, a home for HIM.

Our vision for the building is to establish a top-notch Christian preschool, elementary and junior high school, our international seminary, Wagner Leadership Institute, Arts and Entertainment Academy, and the new School of the Supernatural we are slated to begin in the Fall. The building is perfect for a food bank to feed the poor in our city. We also need Sunday school classrooms, ministry classrooms, meeting rooms, organizational facilities and offices for staff.

I believe this is the next step in your and my part to establish the Kingdom through the ministries of HRock and HIM. God reminded me of an unusual strategy to purchase this building: I am asking 9000 people to give $1,000 each so we can buy it outright. That would total $9 million dollars. 

These are the same folks that poured salt in the auditorium lake to expel the demons of Armstrongism.  These are the same people who walked around the Auditorium and the campus pouring holy oil on the sidewalks, benches, bridges, porches, etc. to drive away the satanic forces of the Worldwide Church of God. Plants, trees, flowers and grass were prayed over to get rid of any demons that might be living in them.

Walking around that property now is a really creepy experience. 


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Harvest Rock said, “We have an opportunity to buy the administrative
building next to HRock in Pasadena for only cents on the dollar.”

MY COMMENT – Harvest Rock is buying one of the buildings for” pennies on the dollar” that our “tithe slave” parents and all contributors of the Worldwide Church of God PAID FULL PRICE TO BUILD through coercion, fraud, deceit and threats of eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire.

How many people in the WCG who contributed through the many years to Herbert Armstrong’s fraud and HUGE LIE could use the money today, and are living in poverty so that little Joey Tkach could hijack the Church, sell the Church assets and live happily ever after as a multi-millionaire?

Oh, but they all LOVE Jesus…. Sweet, sweet Jesus…. as the successor of the WCG screws Dennis Diehl out of his rightful and deserved pension after loyal Dennis “fed the flock” in his local congregations for over 25 years!

“It was like stealing candy from a baby”, said multimillionaire little Joey Tkach as he puffed on his cigar and blew cigar smoke on the last remaining portrait of Herbert W. Armstrong following the sale to Harvest Rock. “The dumb sheep will believe anything”, added Tkach.


Anonymous said...

We are NOT a cult! How dare you call us a cult! It was necessary to cleanse the Ambassador Auditorium from the satanic influences that dwelt in the building. Demons can live in all kinds of places, human or inanimate, with the sole purpose of leading people away from God. I would be vary wary of mocking us because you mock God when you do.

Anonymous said...

I believe all churchs are cults.
Why belong to any church?
You can have a close walk with God and have meaningful friendships with-out belonging to any church.

Anonymous said...

How do you know there were demons and how do you know that you got rid of them?

Anonymous said...

I think the "demons" in the trees and rocks are actually Japanese Kami, and therefore have really no interest in perverting the beliefs of humans who follow that psychotic god who came out of the deserts of the Middle East. Just let them be- lay out some rice cakes now and then, a bit of sake, and they will leave you guys alone.

Paul R.

Assistant Deacon said...

"God gave us favor..."

"God reminded me..."

Blah, blah, blah. Frying pan into the fire.

Nice to know, too, that God needs their help in establishing "the Kingdom."

And the $1,000 from 9,000 people? Who does he think he is, Mike Murdock?

Assistant Deacon said...

Yikes! Who the hell is the "We are NOT a cult!" poster, above. A Harvest Rocker?

"It was necessary to cleanse the Ambassador Auditorium from the satanic influences that dwelt in the building."

Oh, please. Just flop around on the carpet or whatever, and shut up, already.

"I would be vary wary of mocking us because you mock God when you do."

I'm sure God is relieved you cleared that up for him. What an unfortunate God, sitting up there, dependent on the whims of what people call each other here on Earth.

More blah, blah, blah.

Poor Pasadena. What did that city do to deserve such nuttiness on a prime piece of valuable real estate for 65 years?

Anonymous said...

Assistant Deacon:

I wish this guy were for real, but I think he/she is a troll attempting to liven things up.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that that property has just gone from being haunted by one set of demons to being possessed by a whole new set of demons.

He's getting this property for "cents on the dollar." Didn't this "miracle" already occur when Herbert got those Millionaire's Row houses in the first place. God is so fickle...unless, of course, we really are just talking about two competing sets of demons!

Anonymous said...

Call me a troll all you want. I wont sit by and have you talk bad things about my chruch. We are not a cult. You are on very shaky and scary ground when you mock the gifts of the Spirit!

Assistant Deacon said...

Paul, I think you're right., this would be too easy.

Anonymous said...


Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart are not the best of friends, and this story reminds me that Rachael Ray had a ceremony performed to exorcize evil spirits from Martha Stewart’s old TV studio before she'd work there.


Anonymous said...

This story takes me back to when "God's Auditorium" was being built.

I remember something HWA wrote at the time, telling us members of the "miracle hand of God", that made the construction workers not write any bad words on the framework of the auditorium as it was constructed.
HWA posited that construction workers normally write as many bad words as they can on structures, as they build them.

What's kind of funny is that "God's True Church" used heathen professional people for tasks like this.
If they'd employed people from 'the Church' to build it, it surely would have ended up a structure leaning and collapsing in short order.

I can just imagine some conversations-

"Who needs steel I-Beams when we know Almighty God will hold it up?"

"Put away that tape measure! The Holy Spirit says the cubits are correct! Heck, I'm an EVANGELIST and you're only a deacon!"

"Building codes are whatever Mr. Armstrong says they are!"

"Mr. Garner Ted wants a secret room in the back where he can help tutor ladies at God's College."

"Are you sure this cement doesn't have pork in it"


Anonymous said...

"I won't sit by and have you talk bad things about my church," he said as he writhed and wiggled on the shaky and scary ground like a snake. CULT!

Anonymous said...

Get thee behind me Satan! You mock us for casting out the demons of the Worldwide Church of God and yet look at the demon influenced people on here. I am glad we did it.

Anonymous said...

"Get thee behind me Satan." Oh, that's going to win you a lot of converts,you cultist and spokesperson of the new set of demons occupying 300 W Green St. What a loving cultist you are, sheesh! Yours is just another disgusting cult and your every reply merely confirms that fact.

Anonymous said...

Troll, you say God provided you with the Ambassador Auditorium and campus. What, was he too preoccupied to chase away all the evil spirits beforehand?

Crawl back under your demon-freed rock, will you?

Anonymous said...

There is what I thought was a nice review of a visit to Harvest Rock church in Pasadena at

The comment of someone who read the review reveals the mindset of some of its members. I wonder if it is the same person commenting here?

The comment (as per the links to Comments on the above web page) says:

"I feel very sorry for you. If you persist in what you do, you will spend eternity in a bottomless pit filled with black tar with only your head sticking out. Your entire body will be immobile and from time to time your head will be hit with a fireball coming out of the dragon's nose who is also in the tar pit with you.

This is the hell reserved for false prophets. There will be many like you there. Of course you can repent and avoid going there. Consider yourself warned."

Pretty scary stuff from a Harvest Rock supporter.

Assistant Deacon said...

It would be different if Harvest Rockers referenced something other than Dante's imagination to try to scare people. The nyah-nyah-nyah stuff is reminiscent of the childish things Paul wrote about.

Anonymous said...

I too am unimpressed by this person's namecalling as a defense of Harvest Rock. I note that today it was reported the the head honcho of Scientology asked his memebers to go on the internet and counter any negative remarks being made about his religion in light of the Cruise/Holmes breakup. Do all cults think alike? I also note that most of us here being former cultists ourselves pretty much know one when we see one.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read the Harvest Rock defenders first posting here and for the first time caught the import of the last sentence. "I would be very wary of mocking us because you mock God when you do." WOW! Even in WCG we didn't equate ourselves with God -- at least not in the here and now. No, friend, you are just a pathetic human being like all the rest of us and when we mock you we are just mocking YOU!

Anonymous said...

So, are fire-breathing dragons biblical?
If so, I'd guess they are in on of the Bible's more far-out books, like Daniel or Revelations.

And is the Bible that specific as to say that people who don't like Harvest Rock church will end up in a "pit filled with black tar with only your head sticking out" while fire-breathing dragons huff and puff on them?

Frankly, I don't know much about fire-breathing dragons, but I did see a billboard featuring them, which was an advertisement for the Creation Museum.