Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Trolls

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Every once in a while we get hit with a series of asinine comments that are directed towards certain people who post or reply here.  They are deleted.  There are some directed towards Dennis or myself and they too are delete.  Most are hilariously so stupid that I almost post them, but don't want to give the mentally disturbed people a platform.  Others are racist in nature and they too go down the rabbit hole.  All in all, it is quit entertaining to see the rapidly rotting minds of these men.

There was a recent study done on the type of people who do this.  Here is what it said:

"Narcissists, psychopaths, sadists or Machiavellian? When it comes to
online trolls, you can take your pick: Researchers say habitual
electronic provocateurs have several of these serious personality

One of the biggest studies yet into such behavior has found that Internet “trolls” — those who post deliberately provocative messages to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument — may need some intense therapy."


Anonymous said...

nIn this case consider that Herbert Armstrong generated the platform to propagate them.

Byker Bob said...

Even the ones innocuous enough to occasionally slip through manifest their mental problems and questionable IQs. One of their hallmarks is that they regularly repeat what they think is their best baiting, drive by style.

Most of us regulars have thick skin, and realize that not everyone is verbally adept enough to jump into the fish bowl and swim with the rest of us. I can definitely see where that could urinate some people off!


Anonymous said...

Having never moderated a blog's comments, I can only imagine that dealing with trolls is usually more of a headache than it is entertaining.

David Ben-Ariel is now deceased, but was a notorious pro-HWA troll, and I'm sure that some writers of blogs (particularly this blog and Otagosh) are glad to no longer have to deal with him.
It's not surprising though, given how nutty HWA's teachings were, that that are are a segment who feel they now have the "REAL TRUTH", and feel compelled to "minister to others" by trolling.

Although the majority of those who fell for HWA's con didn't have mental problems, HWA's con did certainly also attract people who were mentally unstable, and unfortunately, some feel a need to justify their HWA-influenced craziness by making comments on blogs as if their(and others') only life was online.


Byker Bob said...

I once had a discussion with David ben Ariel over on the old Equipministry Forum. We were civil with one another (Bob the moderator had cautioned him), and oddly enough, iirc., the discussion was over some point on which we agreed.

Trolls completely firebombed that forum, and kept getting in under any imposed protective measures with outrageous profanity, so the forum ended up shutting down. A good blog, these days, has much better protections.

For a couple of years, I moderated the Bible discussion folder on a forum. We got occasional spammers, but all in all I didn't encounter any real disruptive types. Anyone could comment, or challenge the other posters whether they happened to be believers, non- believers, or whatever. There were some good discussions, too.


Corky said...

"urinate some people off". bahahahaha.

Bob, that sounds worse than "piss some people off".

Don't pay any mind to me, I'm just trolling.

UT, The Reigning Being of Being Banned by Banned by HWA said...

As a reigning troll on this site, I’ve been doing some deep soul searching after reading this post.

With the personality disorders that make trolls tick being described as "Narcissists, psychopaths, sadists or Machiavellian” – there’s no pretty way to save face.

I quickly ruled out sadism and Machiavellianism as the root of my insanity. I have no use for power, the primary motivation behind Machiavellianism, so I won’t lift a finger, much less a dirty trick, to get some. And, I similarly view power-lust as the thrust behind wanting to hurt others, so I’m not into it. In real life, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Since psychopathy is too heavy for me, and I guess I wouldn’t know it or admit to it if I was a psychopath, by default, I’ll have to go with narcissism as my main meme.

Armed with my narcissism, I instantly took great umbrage at the portrait of a forum troll – I do not, in any way, physically resemble a troll! Because it became a longstanding family joke, I distinctly recall Dennis, from the pulpit, exclaiming what an extremely handsome specimen I was.

While approximately 95 percent of all things spewed from the mouths of COG ministers was/is some form of excrement, on rare occasions, they did speak gems of truth. So please forgive my narcissism; for it too is rooted in the WCG.

NO2HWA said...

I wasn't referring to you UT, but to four men who have some psychological and sexual issues that they have not been able to control.

Anonymous said...

I've written blogs as well, and have seen them get overrun by hangers-on who seemingly have nowhere else to vent their feelings.

But with all due respect: what you're admitting here is that you do the same thing COG blogs do.

I know from personal experience that James Malm withholds comments which go against his logic, and he apparently can't refute. comments often are treated the same way.

Hoping you'd be better than that. :-(

Anonymous said...

2/22/14 8:24 AM The reasoning for your sadness is on a questionable foundation . One of us turned at the real world ahead sign. Don't think it was me. (smile)