Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ron Weinland Requires His "ministers" To Submit Sermons For Approval By His Wife

Imagine being a ministurd in Ron Weinland's "church" where you have to have Laura's permission before you preach. Then to add insult to injury you have to have the approval of another woman before you speak.  That has to be pretty rough on the "men" who have to submit to these women given the culture of Armstrongism.  Laura and Anne Wrozek will then give suggestions on what to say and how to say it.

They also admit that their church is shrinking rapidly while Ron is having playtime with Bubba.

Some of you are most likely not aware of the process and format we have been using for the organizing and delivery of those split-sermons, so I think it would be good to share this with all of you. In the Worldwide Church of God, some very few who gave sermonettes (10-15 minute mini-sermons that were given before the primary sermon) were sometimes asked to give a sermon (or sermons). Now, due to our small size and ability to enhance a stronger unity in what is presented to the Church in a split-sermon format, the new speakers are asked to first submit an outline of their split-sermon. Sometimes suggestions and/or corrections are made. Once this step has been completed, then the individual prerecords their split-sermon. After this, it is transcribed into a PDF file so I can read it. Laura (and sometimes one or two others) then listens to it. We then discuss the contents and give suggestions, ideas, and/or corrections that will make it a better split-sermon. Finally, those specific sections can be addressed by the speaker and edited into the written PDF file and into the prerecorded portion in order to have a completed sermon that will then be played for everyone at Church.

We have now asked Anne Wrozek to assist in this entire process as she has a real talent for picking up on some of those areas that can be modified to make for an even better split-sermon. This is all about a teaching/training process for the new speakers, as we have no other programs in place to train new speakers.  God's Government In Action


Anonymous said...

Ugh, split sermons. As a kid, all that meant was a promise to go 30 minutes overtime.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not to worry: This is just temporary until Weinland gets out of prison serving time as a convicted felon.

We keep hoping gossip Laura will be convicted too, but the Justice Department has kept mum on the subject.

In the future there may only be three people per congregation, so PKG members may be able to have more personalized treatment (although it will be more challenging for Laura to gossip about them and Ron the Con won't have access to the same Luxury Fund as it will be in a rather depleted state -- maybe they will move to the homeless shelter after they deplete the money from the sale of 'church property').

Corky said...

Heh. Weinland may be facing another surprise when he gets out of prison. He's in "the system" now...p

Head Usher said...

In the bible, does it mention anywhere about one of the two witnesses going to prison for a 3 1/2 year ministry? Does it say anything about when he gets out the two witnesses getting a divorce? Because I can see that happening when Ron shakes off his shackles at the appointed time, and returns home to find no church and no money.