Monday, May 12, 2014

Flurry's Mini-Me Auditorium Is Still Sucking Money Out of PCG's Budget

Mr. Mini-Me

Ever since Herbert Armstrong died Gerald Flurry has been attempting to imitate the man in any manner possible.  From dressing like him, combing his hair like him, building buildings like his, starting a "college", Imperial schools, magazines, booklets and TV shows, all in an attempt to imitate HWA.

Soon after Gerald Flurry finished his mini-me auditorium he claimed it was all paid off.  Flurry dedicated the building as the Herbert Armstrong Auditorium and imitated it in as many ways as possible with colors, woods, stones and actual furnishings from HWA's auditorium in Pasadena.  Flurry bragged on how dedicated PCG members were in contributing to paying off the building.

One of Flurry's cult members let it slip the other day that the "House of God" was NOT paid off and that PCG members still are fund raising to pay it off.  While members struggle to live a meaningful life they are occupied by raising more money to pay this off as Stevie and crew jet around the world doing silly broadcasts and living in Jerusalem so they can see Jesus return at the Mount of Olives.  Their apartment in the Jerusalem faces the Mount of Olives.  Why buy one there?  As the two witnesses they will need a home base while walking around Jerusalem in sack cloth and ashes as they proclaim its imminent destruction by the Great Whore or rampaging armies of Muslims, Germans or Chinese.  Its all so confusing after a while so its easier to raise money for some  building in the middle of Oklahoma

Honoring Mr. John Amos
Thank you Mr. Fraser for reminding us how much Mr. Amos should mean to us. I want to let you know how much he means to me even though I never met him by remembering him every year at The Feast of Tabernacles in his honor at “The John Amos Golf Classic”. I understand he was an avid golfer who loved the scenery of the courses as much as the game. The John Amos Golf Classic was started the year he died. It was started by a young man that had played golf with Mr. Amos many times and started it in his honor.That young man left the church and I felt it was necessary to continue to honor Mr. Amos in this way. So taking on the task of setting up the tournament every year seemed the natural thing to do. When the church began to build God’s House, we made the tournament into a fund raiser in Mr. Amos’ honor. I haven’t kept accurate records but believe we have raised about $3500 so far in the few years we have been doing it that way. We will continue to remember Mr. Amos and honor him again this year at the Sawgrass Feast Site in Florida. It will be a fund raiser again until God’s House is paid for. If you are going to Florida for the Feast, help us make this the best fund raiser yet by joining us at the 20th Annual John Amos Golf Classic.


Assistant Deacon said...

"...until God's House is paid for."

Amazing, how God can never quite come up with the funds needed.

These people are shameless.

Anonymous said...

God is omniscient, but He needs you to prove your loyalty to Him.

God is omnipotent, but He needs your money.

God is omnipresent, but He needs you to drive for three hours on the Sabbath to be with Him.

Basically, the ACOG god would be a fascinating case for the DSM-IV. Borderline Personality Disorder? Narcissistic Personality Disorder? What else?

Anonymous said...

The members are dependent personalities. Leaders are Narcissistic personalities. Perfect fit.

old EXPCG hag said...

"God's House" was built for the >gOD'S< at PCg "headquarter's"...

If you haven't figured that one out yet!

Therefore, it will probably never be paid off...(if you know what I mean)

Redfox712 said...

Gerald Flurry stated in his booklet, Colossians (2013 revision) that PCG has an annual income of about $19.5 million as of 2012.

"Additionally, the Church has a college, a K-12 school and a performing arts center. All of this is due to the fact that the income has gone from virtually nothing in 1989 to around $19.5 million annually as of 2012." (Gerald Flurry, Collossians, Chapter 3, p. 25.)

Now we know from other sources that Armstrong Auditorium cost about $25 million.

When you take that into account it can be clearly seen that Armstrong Auditorium has been a horrendously expensive enterprise for PCG with hardly any return for PCG beyond bragging rights. (Which will not mean anything if PCG cannot pay for essentials because of Armstrong Auditorium.)

Corky said...

Money: the food of the gods.tomanl

Corky said...

Don't ask me what tomanl is, I didn't type that.

Anonymous said...

"The Last End"? Who dreamed that title up? Reminds me of Monty Python's First Farewell Tour, as though such tours were expected to be conducted on an annual basis into the indefinite future. The only difference is Monty Python was funny on purpose.

When did the "first end" happen? When did the "penultimate end" happen? Was "The Penultimate End" the title of the previous booklet?

Byker Bob said...

Corky, probably tomani was one of the words to prove you weren't a robot. If you accidentally type it in the wrong place, you go into the second round of code words to enter your post, and probably wouldn't even realize it.


Anonymous said...

Redfox712 said...

"Gerald Flurry stated in his booklet, Colossians (2013 revision) that PCG has an annual income of about $19.5 million as of 2012."

That is less than one tenth of the annual income of the WCG during its peak years, but it is still a lot of money.

Imagine people sending in $19.5 million a year to a false prophet to lie to them, to forbid them to search out the truth on the Internet or elsewhere, to break up their families and other relationships, to intimidate and abuse them, and potentially to cost them eternal life for aiding and abetting a false prophet.

Gerald Flurry always used HWA's name and photograph to attract former WCG people, but then always sinisterly changed what HWA had actually taught on numerous major issues.