Monday, May 12, 2014

PCG Canonizes St. John Amos

John Amos Field House

The idolatry in the Philadelphia Church of God continues on unabated.  The PCG has an article out on its website today about John Amos, Why You Must Remember John Amos, who has apparently attained "...the greatest success attainable on Earth" when he died.   Attaining sainthood in the PCG is par for the course for the PCG elite.  It has grandiose monuments and dirty old rocks proclaiming the deification of Herbert Armstrong.  It has placed Gerald Flurry even higher that HWA in the deification process. HWA apparently did not have the super knowledge that Flurry does because Flurry has had to add to and delete things that HWA said in books, booklets and articles.

Now it is time for the canonization of John Amos.   Flurry hack, Gareth Fraser writes:

For one, he was the second Philadelphia Trumpet writer. In that first edition, John Amos contributed an informative article and thereafter served as a contributor and executive editor.

His career experience as a broadcast enthusiast, student of Hollywood High, World War ii radio operator, radio show host and voice-over specialist in the dominant Southern California market, coupled with his service under Herbert W. Armstrong’s direction in media sales for The World Tomorrow, headquartered from Pasadena, and role as longtime minister of the Worldwide Church of God, well positioned him for any contribution he would make to the genesis of the Trumpet magazine’s sponsor.
Amos was one of the early members who apostatized from the WCG to start a church for Flurry.  Amos stands in the long line of men who worked behind the scenes to create a church so its divinely appointed leader could move right in and claim he did not start the splinter church but was asked to lead.  This is exactly what Meredith did three times, UCG ministers did, COGWA ministers did, and many of the others.

“John Amos and I were disfellowshiped in late 1989 for seriously questioning the wcg leaders’ doctrinal changes away from what Mr. Armstrong taught, and for believing what was later printed as Malachi’s Message,” Mr. Flurry went on to detail.
Flurry claims he and Amos had to "staunchly defend" HWA's book Mystery of the Ages, because the administration of the WCG was wisely taking it out of circulation.

That historic night of Dec. 7, 1989, saw the pair staunchly defend the contents of Mr. Armstrong’s final book, Mystery of the Ages.
If it was such a "historic night" set aside for defending the divinely inspired book by HWA, then what has Flurry deleted, changed and added to MOA since he had to pay millions of dollars for rights to the book after losing the court case against WCG?

Fraser continues writing what Flurry dictated to him about the veneration of Amos:

A pinnacle spiritual lesson for us to learn from this venerated Trumpet writer was pinpointed in our hope-filled booklet Isaiah’s End-Time Vision. “John Amos followed [God's] government from the beginning. We were two nobodies in the ministry, and yet he never argued over who was in charge. He was one nobody submitting to another nobody! That is to his eternal credit, and it demonstrates that we had the government of God right at the start.”

Technically Amos was in rebellion against government when he conspired to break away from WCG to form a new splinter cult. That is, if you believe the COG malarkey on "proper government."

Notice how Flurry attempts to bring in prophetic significance to the number of the first PCG attendees:  12.

On the first Sabbath of the Philadelphia Church of God in December 1989, Mr. Amos, his wife, son and daughter made up four of the original 12 members.
Fraser married Amos daughter and talks about what a magnificent man he was:
...since his death, in our hallway at home hangs his picture and that Philadelphia News article honoring his memory as a perpetual reminder to me, my wife and our children of his loyalty, sacrifice, service and death.
To God Mr. Amos’s death was precious. There is now another son ready to be born into God’s Family. This means so very much to our spiritual Father! He is in the business of building a family.
John Amos is now waiting to marry Jesus as only those in the COG are qualified to do.
“During such a sobering time we urgently need God’s perspective. A great man has just died in Israel. He has now qualified for the most exalted job in God’s Family–the Bride of Christ. Very soon, we shall all be reunited to serve together for all eternity.”


Anonymous said...

That's it, go ahead and mock those who are men of God. We will see what happens to your vile sickness when God establishes his Kingdom on this earth and wipes your sorry ass off the face of he earth!

Anonymous said...

We will see what happens to your vile sickness when God establishes his Kingdom on this earth and wipes your sorry ass off the face of he earth!

Wait a minute. Didn't HWA teach that the ACOG god will wipe our sorry asses off the face of the earth before He establishes His Kingdom on this earth?

Sounds like Anonymous 2:13 PM is departing from the faith once delivered!

Connie Schmidt said...

"Here's Johnny" a portable outhouse rental company has declared that they are dedicating three of their "portable units" to the following, complete with gold spray painted lettering to each....

The Dave Pack Port-A-Poty

The Gerald Flurry Port-A-Porty

The Dr. Robert Thiel Port-A-Poty

Each of these special dedicated outhouses will be outfitted with special "soap leaf" dispensers and Cedars of Lebannon toilet seats.

Anonymous said...

John Amos is going to gay marry Jesus! What a standard to hold up. I didn't realize that God was in the business of wiping asses, either. That must be another one of PCG's doctrinal changes!


Anonymous said...

"That's it, go ahead and mock those who are men of God. We will see what happens to your vile sickness when God establishes his Kingdom on this earth and wipes your sorry ass off the face of he earth!

Yep, that is it. That's it exactly. We will see happens when your god establishes his kingdom on this earth. Please keep us posted and let us know when all these things come to pass. Because they always seem to happen spiiiiiiritually. And without someone like you to let us all know, I'd never have been able to tell that your god had done anything at all.

Wait a minute, you said, "men of god." Where? Which men are the ones that are "of god?" Again, without you to point them out for us, I'd never be able to tell.

Now, open your pacifier to 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and read: "Prove ALL things..."

Wait a minute, I guess pointing these things out isn't enough. You're going to have to prove these things to us...

old EXPCG hag said...

Wonder if Amos was the one that gave Gerald Flurry the idea he is >THAT PROPHET<. I always heard the story a member pointed this out to G.F.

This would make sense because in the beginning Gerald Flurry's big scheme was forming and he needed to find someone in the Bible he could call himself.

Who knows what may have become of John Amos had he lived this long. He and G.F. may have long gone their separate ways and Amos might have formed his own splinter.

And what's with G.F. keeping John's wife around all this time. She seemed very full of herself (as if she is a celebrity) all the times I saw her. Not humble at all. It gets back to the double standard in the PCG.

Hey Gareth, here's an article to write:

"Why You Must Remember That Woman we told to leave her husband and went through hell the past nine years, and tried her best to raise her fatherless son all the time getting abuse and snide remarks from the ASSHOLE MINISTER'S IN THE PCG, until finally we kicked her ass out for the final time for trying to defend herself from trumped up charges?"...(which is a custom in the PCG when they don't want you around anymore)

And on top of that Gareth Fraser is a BIG (MARRIED) FLIRT, BELIEVE ME!

RSK said...

"...the year 1936 will see the end of the Times of the Gentiles.... we may expect the present worldwide depression, time of trouble and fear of war to continue until the year 1936!... which shall be followed by the 'Day of the Lord." - Herbert Armstrong, 1934

You can keep your head in that warm sand if you like, Anon 2:13, but the man went on to predict at least four more dates that didn't come to pass, while fleecing people for money, money, always more money. That's "vile sickness" enough.

RSK said...

And here he was in 1984...

"The actual movement of world events as prophesied WARNS US that all this MAY now occur in the decade we entered day before yesterday--and, if delayed past 1990, most certainly during the decade of the 90s."

Nope. False prophet from beginning to end.

Byker Bob said...

During the times leading up to 1972-75, the expectation was that the Laodiceans would simply be lax ACOGgers. Strangely, this "era" was not seen as doing any sort of work, or of even existing for any long term. One Friday evening, as GTA conducted Friday Bible Study, he addressed the issue of the rumor mill, and speculation. As a specific example of a pernicious rumor, he cited the speculation that HWA would die, and that he, GTA, would start the Laodicean church. While he denied this categorically, GTA most certainly started his own church group(s) but as we well know, they did not grow to be a church era.

I believe that when 1975 failed and became the collossal failure defining the Armstrong movement, the Church's Laodicean prophecy was modified substantially. It continued to morph with the death of HWA, and, in the minds of some, it changed even more radically with the Tkach revolution. Let's be blunt. If GCI has become the "Laodicean" era, then all of mainstream Christianity is the Laodicean era! They share common doctrines, and GCI members are not simply lax COGgers, they have totally moved on from the HWAcaca, from all accounts, many deeply and fervently. The more tyrannical of the splinter leaders have referred to this as "apostasy".

So, where is the Laodicean era, and where is its work and ministry? Actually, this "era" was yet another of HWA's false prophecies. But, since he said it, amongst the loyalists, there is much finger pointing, and fanning of the flames, the same as is done with British Israelism, German Assyrianism, and exaggerations of innocuous events in Europe.

Gerald Flurry has attained an advanced age. What would the PCG members think if he were to pass away, as did HWA before him? Through his reverence for HWA, and commemoration of the life of John Amos, Gerald Flurry has set the stages for his own legacy. However, and assuming that PCG is a microcosm for the other nepotistic splinters, what becomes the perception of his son Stephen's role and image following that death? Philadelphian? Laodicean? Will they pull a Weinland, and "paint" him as one of the two witnesses? What effect will this have on their concept of the church eras? How will similar scenarios unfold in the other splinters?

As false prophecies continue to fail, more ridiculousness and confusion will ensue. More lives will be impacted. As the Flurries have done for many years, people will grasp at any straw that would appear to mean that "he was right." This is totally predictable, based on the ostrich approach to the failures of all of HWA's teachings. People are much too invested in them to cut them loose. This story, and the damage and exploitation will continue.


EX-PCG said...

John Amos was probably the best and perhaps only real, true minister in PCG.

I remember listening to sermon that he gave in the early 90's, saying that GRF WASN'T A PROPHET! After he died GRF began his agenda of filling an "office of a prophet"....and taking on all his roles and titles.

Anonymous said...

J.J. can blow up the booger-encrusted John Amos Field House with some "dyn-o-mite!"

Now, THAT'S what I call Good Times!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, Connie.

I saw on TMZ that the toilet seats will be rough-hewn from "Splinters of Lebanon, PA" stock, and they may upgrade the soap to 'Perv on a Rope' if enough people contribute to the building fund.

Hands can be rinsed in the fetid "Saint John Amos the Baptist Living Waters Puddle" outside the outhouses.

(They are "living waters" due to the high bacteria content.)

"A splinter for every ass!" is the motto for this Game of Thrones.

Humpty would be proud.

Homer said...

BB, Maybe the word "Some" should have been in the first word in the next to the last sentence you posted. I know I was very much invested, but after 35 years I did cut loose (nearly 10 years ago) from all that I previously accepted as good and right. It was not easy to admit my error and I sometimes think, "How could I have been so gullible?" Many of us have moved on and put it behind us. All of us will, at some point in time and in some way, do the same. Even if it means some have and will carry this confusion to their grave. At least it ends there. It is just very sad that all will not realize this before that end.

Assistant Deacon said...

Now, now, RSK, he said "MAY" now occur.

SEE? Not a false prophet at all. Now, you needs to goes and repents, you filthy rag. An offering would help, too. Can't never get 'nuf money, you knows.

Corky said...

"reunited to serve together for all eternity"

What a horrible thought...serving the ministurds even in the afterlife.

RSK said...

Nah, he followed that up with "most certainly". He had almost forty years since his first failed prediction to stop doing that - and in hilarious fashion, he claimed to have stopped "setting dates" while continuing to set dates - even turning around and blaming his own membership for it!

Byker Bob said...

Homer, yes, the word "some" is totally appropriate.

What was going through my mind at the time I composed that post was the amount of time spent and the painstaking research people have done to really get at the root truths which were obscured by all of the Armstrong lies and heresies. Some won't even look at it. Others read it, and arbitrarily dismiss it, simply because it disagrees with ACOG dogma. Still others parrot the old catch-all, "But Mr. Armstrong was God's Apostle." and go on their merry ways.

Too many people lose confidence in their particular group, and simply go off splinter surfing, looking for the nonexistent "true" splinter Really, being an ACOG member is terribly self-destructive, and I don't mean that in the normal Christian context. Oddly enough, some believe that getting destroyed is spiritual, kind of a calling. But, you can only do good for others if you remain strong and healthy. Well to do members of these splinters often get pumped and dumped.


Retired Prof said...

"[John Amos] has now qualified for the most exalted job in God’s Family–the Bride of Christ."

And now we see, brethren, why YHVH/Elohim has/have recently been directing U.S. Federal courts to overturn bans on gay marriage. It is a sign of the END TIMES!

You see, brethren, these decisions are needed to make it LEGAL for men and women alike to become brides of Christ in the soon-coming WORLD TOMORROW!