Sunday, May 11, 2014

PCG: What Its Like to Be A Teen In Germany: Plenty of Beer but Beware of the Nasty Pig

PCG's German Teens Having Fun!

Only in Flurrydom would  you find a person supposedly telling what it is like to be a teen in Germany and find referances to beer and pig.  Given the rampant alcoholism by many PCG members, I don't think this needs to be included in a description of teenage life in Germany.

It is common knowledge that we Germans are big fans of our beer. Germans are the world’s second biggest consumers of beer, after the Czechs. Most popular is the Oktoberfest, a Munich-based beer festival (and the largest fair in the world!). In 2007, nearly 1,850,000 gallons of beer were served during the 16-day festival! Germans are also mad about pork—if there is a way to get pig meat into something, it will be done! Unclean meats are one big thing to watch out for when traveling to Germany.


Byker Bob said...

There has always been an irrational fascination with Germans in the ACOGs. We had some fellow AC students who had come to Pasadena from Germany, and it was amazing how some of the American students gravitated towards them, considering them to be authorities as to all of the details surrounding the upcoming tribulation, and pumping them for information.

I felt badly for the German-Americans, often second and third generation, who were unfairly stereotyped by the HWA prophecy mold. As they processed some of the class lectures, they realized that the stereotypes did not ring true as to what they had experienced in their own families, knowing essentially that HWA was wrong about the nature and character of German people. But, they dare not speak up. Hopefully, none of them underwent identity crises, but that was probably one possibility in the course of their membership.

Leave it to Armstrongism to reduce everyone and anyone to lowest common denominator. They just have to blow up Oktoberfest to make Germans appear to be a bunch of crass, beer-drinking and pork-eating clods, eating phallic symbols such as bratwurst.


Black Ops Mikey said...

During the 1970s there was a study that showed that 75% of those in the United States could trace at least a part of their ancestry to Germany.

Makes it awkward for British Israelism.

Would anyone want to compare the Germans to the drunks of Ephraim?

old EXPCG hag said...

If all these so called Christians would actually follow Christ's example as to how to treat your fellow man, they wouldn't get so much persecution. The PCG has never been one to do that.
They focus on idiotic things instead.

Connie Schmidt said...

As a German American myself, and married to a German American, all I can say is that these statements about Germans both past and present are nothing more than pure unadulterated RACISM.

The COG has always classified Germans as some type of warrior aggressive people as a stereotype always in a broad brush statement. It didn't even matter if you were in the church or not! You were labeled as "one of them". Now at least you were still considered "White" and yes they even would allow you to marry a so called "Israelite" if you wanted to, but it was still a very subtle form of bigotry.

I do have a question though... why was/is marriage between a German descended person and an Israelite person allowed in churches such as Packs or Flurrys? Wouldn't that be "interracial" marriage? Or at the very least "marrying outside of your tribe?".

Sieg Heil! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ironic that this is in Lord Six-Packs publication.

Allen C. Dexter said...

These racial fantasies are so stupid that I'm amazed I ever was so dumb as to fall for them. The German in my ancestry comes from several sources in my long genealogy. I'm actually a distant cousin of Joseph Goebbels. Even the Jewish people are a fanciful mythological concoction. We're all related and tribal separations are only temporary distinctions that eventually break down.