Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gerald Flurry: Follow MY government and God will grant you miracles

Ron Fraser has an article up on the PCG web site that discusses "miracles."   Like any good COG leader Fraser and Flurry declare that miracles will ONLY happen in their specific COG.  Miracles never occur outside any church that does not declare its self "Philadelphian."
By contrast, Gerald Flurry declares of the Philadelphians, comparing them to Elisha’s students who witnessed God’s many miracles, “God has given this Church so many miracles! I believe that with our increased understanding, God holds us more accountable than He did those students of Elisha. They didn’t have near the truth that we have. God has opened so many doors for this work!” (The Former Prophets). 
Mr. Flurry then clearly articulates the reason why the Philadelphians are the recipients of God’s miracles: “Realize, if you’re loyal to God and submit to His government, He will perform miracles for you—great and small. … Any place where you find God’s family government, you will find many inspiring miracles! … If you’re backing God’s Work, you can expect miracles, because they will happen!” (ibid).
So there you have it.  If you are LOYAL to Flurry then God will bless you.  Blessings only come if you are following church government.  Jesus nowhere mentions that, but that has never been an issue in the COG.

Of course it must be taken into account that most church members will NOT experience many miracles.  Most of that is reserved for the ministry.  They are to EXPECT miracles due to the fact they are a minister in the one and only true church.
God knows His creation. He knows we need a clear vision as to the direction we should follow to fulfill our reason for being—our incredible human potential. To this end He declares, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Knowing this, God gives enlightened vision to His true ministers. As our pastor general has taught, “Philadelphia ministers must expect miracles(Malachi’s Message).

Any minister of God truly worth his salt lives in daily expectation of miracles! Such a minister is not occupied with snooping around people’s lives seeking to dig up their sins. He lives to teach, counsel and instruct God’s precious sheep in how to overcome their sins and then fully expects the miracle of conversion that comes to any truly repentant sinner! 
Since when has the PCG NOT snooped in peoples lives?  Just look at the miscreant Cal Culpepper.  He is a prime example of a snoop that is so nasty that he has led people to commit suicide!
Jesus Christ’s method of ministry is one in which ministers serve “those who obey God (and the world, through God’s Work). God’s family government doesn’t go around looking for people’s faults and sins. God’s leaders search for ways to serve the people! That is God’s law of love” (Gerald Flurry, God’s Family Government). 
Apparently serving members is telling them to cut off contact with their adult children who are not part of the PCG.  That is really serving God!

Fraser is delusional if he believes the ministry of the PCG is not be snooping around members lives.

Graceless religion cannot and will not produce any miracles.  Death and destruction is its only reward.


Byker Bob said...

Uh, excuse me! Mr. Flurry, sir? What about your wife?


Anonymous said...

It's a common deceitful ploy in all these churches (and politics as well) to get people to look away from reality, and just believe their words. Hence members are to believe that ministers don't snoop cause the ministers say so.
It's also possible that Flurry is rebuking his nosey ministers on this point.

Redfox712 said...

It seems baffling that PCG should date to July 28, 2016 this article as though it had just been published. Ron Fraser died on October 7, 2013.

EX-PCG said...

Ron Fraser died a few years ago. Obviously, this is a "miracle", he has been resurrected or writing from the grave. The truth is, it is an old article or reprint.

The PCG "ministers" are the worst at snooping around in people's lives. They have even more methods to use now. They can use technology that was unavailable back in the 60's.

The ministers had to resort to looking in your kitchen cabinets for white sugar, flour, or some other food item that they deemed unpalatable. Now, they can view a comment that you make on social media and you are in trouble.....

Anonymous said...

fraser's kid or grandkid is still with flurry.

Connie Schmidt said...

Flurry is pretty FISHY if you ask me! From him , Id only expect a MACKEREL!

Anonymous said...

In the Kardsahian Church of God, all the women have been given the MIRACLE of huge bulbous derrieres. They are certainly three dimensional examples of how the three Christian Gods work.
Among the church's membership, there are boners aplenty, which can all be rapidly deflated by reading the King James version of the Bible!
The KJV is so overwhelmingly boring that it can practically deflate a boner immediately, unless you're reading the spicy bits.

Anonymous said...

Pack also said follow my government and miracles will happen. Pack always said Satan was not very imaginative, that is why the pagan "holidays" take the place of the Holy Days. Well, apparently Dave is not very original either since he has copied everything Flurry has done. "That Prophet" etc. Maybe Flurry should copy Pack and invent "Common", I heard their income was dropping. Maybe this is the "miracle" PCG needs. Of course, we might still be waiting for fire to come down and wipe out Flurry, at least according to Dave's prophecy, (he is a prophet)!

Mickey said...

There are miracles (unexplained and beneficial events) everywhere. The more one hears of them the less credence can be given to the claim that blessings only reside in a given group.

Anonymous said...

Holy MACKEREL Connie, maybe Flurry will feed 5000!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:21 PM said...“Holy MACKEREL Connie, maybe Flurry will feed 5000!”

The only thing that Flurry ever fed his followers was spiritual slop. Flurry is feeding off of the 5,000, not feeding them. As TradingGuy might point out, it is a “slop for cash” trade, which is a very bad deal for those giving up the cash. At one point in the past, Flurry had about 7,000 to feed off of, but many of them have now been chewed up and spit out. Currently, Flurry appears to be getting down to about 4,000 fishy characters left to feed off of.

Fishy character miracles are certainly needed in the PCG. It would take a miracle for those fake PCG ministers to stop snooping, lying, slandering, and causing division. It would take a miracle for the old sex maniacs, sex perverts, and predators in the PCG to repent. Unfortunately, there have NEVER been any known miracles in the PCG.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:36 PM said...

“Well, apparently Dave is not very original either since he has copied everything Flurry has done. 'That Prophet' etc. Maybe Flurry should copy Pack and invent 'Common', I heard their income was dropping. Maybe this is the 'miracle' PCG needs.”

It sure looks like David Pack studied and copied the dirty tricks of Gerald Flurry. Maybe Pack noticed that some crazy people are attracted to crazy false prophets who make crazy claims. Logical people in a logical group might not be so easy to lead around, but in a crazy group all the crazy people just crazily go along with whatever crazy thing the crazy false prophet tells them. Instead of having to be reasonable and decent at all, the crazy false prophet can just go crazy!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well! I guess we have a mole here. It seems that the publish date on the article has been amended to reflect the original date of March 2013. Too bad the original author didn't heed his own words and expect a miracle from god on having his life extended barely 7 months after penning that article. Ok, I digress. I knew Ron personally and he was a good man (at least to me) unfortunately, he was deeply ingrained into the Flurry organization. He didn't attend his own mother's funeral back in Australia because Flurry told him to "let the dead bury their dead." After uprooting himself from Australia and moving to Edmond, he became a servant to Flurry and the church and at one point he couldn't even travel overseas due to his US citizenship/permanent residency (sponsored by the PCG) was under some form of scrutiny by the govt. It also surprised me when he was bypassed (as a senior minister and part of the council of elders) for Evangelist role. Gerry ordained his own son Stephen and son-in-law, Turgeon together with Malone and Campbell. Not long afterwards, Ron Fraser was suspended and had his Latin America regional director duties stripped from him. Damn! Gerry's government is brutal and hard work and dedication barely pays. But continue expecting miracles if you follow Gerry with your heart, soul and, most important, bank account.