Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A Look Inside The Restored Church of God

This is not for those easily offended....

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R.L. said...

USA-Israel "rupture"?

When did David Pack give this message - when Barack Obama was President? Pres. Trump and semi-P.M. Netanyahu have been bosom buddies for years.



As much as I have enjoyed your videos in the past, this video is by far the worst one you have made.

For those of us who have gotten hard of hearing, the background noise in this video was unrelenting. It was so bad I couldn't understand what the topic was about.

Thanks for the captioning, I wouldn't have known Dave Pack had done anything wrong without it.


R.L. said...
USA-Israel "rupture"?

When did David Pack give this message - when Barack Obama was President? Pres. Trump and semi-P.M. Netanyahu have been bosom buddies for years.

Very perceptive RL. Your second question should have been why Dave Pack was talking about a rupture between Israel and the United States.

To answer your question, it would be 2013 -2015.

To answer my proposed question for you, this all had to do with Dave Pack's understanding and doctrinal assertion of Zechariah 11.

The main players of Zechariah 11 are as follows: three cut off shepherds, Beauty and Bands, the flock of slaughter, and a foolish idol shepherd.

Dave Pack's interpretation of these players is as follows: the cut off shepherds are three splinter leaders that would die by fire on 08/29/2013. Beauty was the COG members who refused to join the RCG on 08/29/2013. Bands is the union and brotherhood between Israel and the United States that was being fractured and would be completely broken by Barak Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu at that time. The flock of slaughter was all of the COG members who refused to come under the authority of Dave Pack and would be killed telepathically by the Man of Sin. The foolish idol shepherd is the Man of Sin who would burst onto the scene shortly after 08/29/2013.

Now R.L., aren't you glad you asked that question?

Byker Bob said...

So, the lesson from this is that Pack has an abstract mind which is capable of selecting and assigning specific values to the Bible's imagery, and those assignments may actually even make sense to the majority of his members at the time. However, ultimately they end up being way wrong because the interpretations did not come from God. They came from Dave's own fertile imagination, which somehow he had gotten turned around in his mind soas to think that they actually were inspired by God. He learned well from Herbert Armstrong, but not from the final lesson of HWA's life work, which was that HWA failed.

This flawed and ego-based methodology is why we haven't been kickin' it in the Kingdom since 1975!


TLA said...

BB - I have to disagree with you. The final lesson from HWA is he succeeded brilliantly - we are the ones that failed.
Unlike Bernie Madoff who is spending his final years in jail, HWA lived his final years in luxury and fame.
Some of the splinter AND follow-on WCG leaders are following in his steps, and look likely to continue until their end.
If Dennis is right that there is no God, then HWA doesn't even have to suffer any consequences. Neither do any of the other COG leaders.

Anonymous said...

Zechariah 11:8 was already fulfilled, nearly 2,000 years ago.

Within a month in AD 66, King Agrippa II, Queen Berenice, and the Roman governor Florus all became "hidden" (that's what the Hebrew says, not "killed") when they lost power at the start of the Jewish revolt against Rome.

Anonymous said...

Pack has to be dipping into that delusional mushroom stuff again.

the Ocelot said...

Forget the Blazing Saddles "bean scene"This is classic

Anonymous said...

I love how these videos humble the preachers who exalt themselves.
I experienced ministerial self exaltation non stop while I attended church services.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys ... Stop mocking poor Dave! Declaring yourself a prophet, THE prophet, is hard work! He deserves a little pat on the back (if only for not giving up).

And whilst we’re at it: maybe we should buy him a nice new jacket. I saw one that would be perfect for him! Nice kinda off-white color, with very long sleeves and fashionable clasping at the back ...