Monday, May 4, 2020

Dave Pack and his "fundraising" con game

From an RCG source:

Not content with conning his members to mortgage their homes, turn over IRA and retirement accounts and send in multiple tithes and offerings, David C Pack has also required his members to do regular fundraising in order to raise money to fund his utopian pipe dream in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Dave dreamed up "fundraising" in order to supplement the 1st tithe, 2nd tithe, 3rd tithe, tithe of the tithe, holy day offerings, special offerings, member/co-worker letter appeals, summer camp funds, and his "common" doctrine that everything everyone has belongs to God and therefore as God's only true representative, it all belongs to him.

Members have drained themselves dry and yet Dave is still not happy. He has required them to do all kinds of fundraising activities in order to send to him. He claims this is exactly what the children of Israel did during the Exodus.  They fundraised!

Over 3,500 years ago, the Work of God centered on the “work of the tabernacle” (Ex. 35:21).
Back then, God’s people were expected to be involved in a unique way. You might say they were to raise offerings, as it states in Exodus 35: “This is the thing which the Lord commanded, saying, Take you [bring] from among you an offering unto the Lord; whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it” (vs. 4-5).
The people heeded God’s command and became doers of the Work: “And they came, both men and women, as many as were willing hearted…” (vs. 22).
The word willing is quite telling. One of its definitions is “magnanimous,” which means charitable, selfless and unselfish. During the time of the Israelites’ work, the people were focused and “all in” on bringing what they valued to the Work.
God’s people today are no different!
This is what RCG members are encouraged to do:
During the past year, once again, those in the Church who have had a willing heart have been magnanimous, to say the least. Consider what we accomplished this past year just through this partial list of fundraisers:
  • Popcorn sales
  • Honey sales
  • Movie nights
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Concert nights
  • Cakewalks
  • Barbecues
  • Formal dinners
  • Egg sales
  • Entertainment nights
  • Sewing shirts
  • Loose change collections
  • Recycling drives
  • Bake sales
  • Pen sales
  • Theatrical skits
  • Origami displays
  • Woodburning art
According to Dave, God has always used fundraising as a test of the faithful to see if they were worthy of God's love and mercy. Dave calls some of this work "cunning."  

Throughout the history of God working with human beings, He has always used some form of fundraising, as we call it today. He has always been interested in watching how committed His people are to His Work when it comes to bringing what they possess or are able to produce.
Back in Exodus 35, He actually gave His Spirit “to devise cunning works” in the building of the Tabernacle (vs. 3235). Some of the above-mentioned projects certainly qualify as cunning works! God has not changed. He will do the same for us today—if we ask Him for it! Praying about what you can do is an indispensable part of being a true servant of God. We must get on our knees and beseech the Creator of creativity to give us the ability to devise cunning works for Him. 
"Cunning" is an appropriate word for Dave Pack and his empire.  Notice what the online dictionary defines cunning as:

Deceitful is a perfect description of everything that revolves around Dave and his ministers.

Even though the creature Jesus "christ" Dave claims is ready to come to Wadsworth and walk the hallowed grounds, church members are expected to keep fundraising.  Even if the work is short, they still need to fundraise.  They need the practice now because when Dave's "creature "christ" returns, they will be fundraising in the kingdom to come.

And it does not matter how much time remains. Do you realize that fundraising will continue in some form after Christ returns? Believe it because it is a proven barometer of where a heart is positioned.
Whatever time remains until Jesus Christ returns to begin His next phase of the Work is precious time and opportunity for all of us to do something. For those who are involved, we must not stop until we are told to do so, as were the Israelites: “Moses gave commandment…saying, Let neither man nor woman make any more work for the offering of the sanctuary. So, the people were restrained from bringing” (Ex. 36:6).
That day is coming—but it is not here yet. Inspired by the historical account, continue to have a willing heart to fundraise, and keep up the creativity to make it happen!
The sad thing is that his shrinking membership follows these commands and do this kind of stuff in order to send it to Dave.  After all, it all belongs to his god.


R.L. said...

They're raising money through "theatrical skits"?

What does that mean? Are they doing performance art on the street, with a hat on the sidewalk?

Byker Bob said...

Thus far, they have missed out on a huge opportunity! Dave needs to orchestrate an outreach to the Romani people, and to establish cells of grifters within his congregations throughout the USA. Imagine having huge numbers of deeply converted scam artists dedicating their skills to funding Dave's gospel!

The Feast of Tabernacles could become the major economic engine for the entire year! The fathers of large families could slam on the brakes inexplicably in carefully chosen traffic situations as they travel, ultimately collecting very hefty insurance settlements from those who hit them, and donating those settlements to the work. Senior citizens could carry banana peels into the supermarkets, slipping and falling as they shop for their feast delicacies. What restauranteur could turn his back on a pregnant young mother who "found" a large roach in her salad? And, I can't even imagine the amount of money that could be generated through cyber scams!

I mean, come on! It's not too distant an extrapolation of "let the dead bury the dead." Is it? All the people who refuse to become part of the RCG are going to be on meat hooks or laboring in concentration camps in a few short years anyway, right?


the Ocelot said...

What about one of the biggest fundraisers in the old WCG? Namely selling TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUITS? Oh what fun!

Anonymous said...

If the people can't see the con, let them be conned. Living on the street will wake you up to what is going on. It did me.

Anonymous said...

Pack seems to be running a business with employees who get no pay and sell their own stuff.

Anonymous said...

It would be fitting if the show "American Greed" would do an expose on all the leaders of COG's. I am sure they find plenty of material

Sweetblood777 said...

I would hate to be in Dave's shoes when he has to answer for all his wickedness and greed. People who give him money at every turn can be surmised as not laying down and taking care of their families.

Someone is suffering due to the heavy financial loads, and I would bet that it is not Pack

Anonymous said...

Dave is a perfect fit for TBN...he's just like them, constantly trying to squeeze more money out of gullible people.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't Dave realize that origami originated as a Shinto religious practice? Maybe he should team up with Bob Thiel? The origami paper crane, in particular, is tied to Shinto belief in an immortal soul transported to Paradise after death.

I see Dave is also in favor of egg sales. What about coloring those eggs and selling them in the weeks before Easter?

Anonymous said...

"Woodburning art" sounds suspicious. How would Dave feel about moving straight to arson and insurance fraud?

Anonymous said...

What is a sausage sizzle? Are people having to pay to watch sausage cook on a barby now?

Anonymous said...

He seems to get more and more insane and desperate as time goes on. In WCG we used to have fundraisers, from doing inventories for stores, working at NASCAR events, and even pulp-wooding. The funds were for local events, team uniforms, special events, etc. But sometimes .... at least once that I remember, the "Work" was again in desperate need, so the money from the fund raising was sent in to HQ. You know, kinda like Joe JR. once stated --- where your heart is there is your treasure also!! LOL


And the fruit of the RCG is; popcorn sales, sausage sizzles, cakewalks, origami displays and theatrical skits.

These fruits are the supposed proven "barometer" of where the member's heart is at.

Isn't it telling that the RCG will quote scriptures in Exodus pertaining to the building of the TABERNACLE OF GOD as to drive the members thinking and action.

What has always been telling is that Mr. Pack desires a never stop 100% cash stream whether it be by fund raising, "Common", retirement portfolios, spousal marital assets, house and business equity, and of course death.

What has always been even more telling is that this 100% cash stream has plainly been about establishing and promoting and advancing the tabernacle Pack unto the whole world.

So the poor RCG member has been reduced to becoming a successful theatrical actor/actress or origami artist to appease and satiate the god of Wadsworth.

True religion undefiled gone amuk in Ohio. Fifty years later and there is a lot more than 4 dead in Ohio. Maybe just maybe, these members would be honored to have on their proverbial tomb stones: flowers are better than theatrics.

Miss Krause from Pittsburgh, PA understood completely when she removed from the end of the barrel of a rifle a flower. Possibly that same rifle gunned her down a short time later. On her tombstone it reads what she told that guardsman when she plucked that flower from his rifle. "Flowers are better than bullets".

Bullets and theatrics are one in the same and two campuses some 30 miles apart and 50 years removed are a living testament to the fact. The only thing yet to be determined is what epithet will be written on the RCG tombstone.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is ALL about MONEY. You GIVE it. He GETS it.

Anonymous said...

I remember "fundraising" that lasted briefly when I was in the WCG. Sponsoring people in "x-a-thons", baking high calorie treats, using a donated garden to raise vegetables... and it was just to get more money from existing members!
We didn't deal with "the world". Maybe the closest to getting money from outsiders was the idea of running a public "trash and treasure" - but there was some objection because a few members relied on running those to make a living.
So it seemed like we were just spending time and money to get more money out of other WCG members.

Byker Bob said...

Ohio is kind of a weird state anyway. Crazy people are deliberately violating the social distancing space of those who are following the President's guidelines, and they are following and harrassing those who wear protective masks.


Tonto said...


Honey sales-- Sell out your "honey", ( your wife or husband's 401k) and give it to Pack.

Movie nights-- Charge money for viewings of copyrighted movies.

Sausage sizzles--- Brethren turned on rotisseries until the fork over more money

Cakewalks -- Watch Pack make rake in so much money that its a "cakewalk"

Barbecues -- Give more or watch your ass get BBQed!

Formal dinners -- Pay for food that you and the other brethren brought and bought in the first place!

Egg sales-- Sell your ovum for money to contribute to Pack.

Entertainment nights-- Watch old reruns of Pack's 666 reasons that he is Jesus.

Sewing shirts-- Big fund raiser as brethren are reduced to wearing rags that need sewing
Loose change coin collections -- Especially desired are Krugerands, Silver Dollars, and numismatic coins
Recycling drives-- Saving all the thousands of beer cans that you use to drink heavily every Sat night after Pack service.

Bake sales-- Mimics Pack selling of "Half Baked"ideas!

Pen sales-- Uses feathers that brethren gather for free, and passed off as "quills", while marked up to $9.95!

Theatrical skits-- Led by Packs own "theatrical skit" each week, AKA "the sermon".

Origami displays-- Fancy name for paper airplane sales.

Anonymous said...

greedy for mony

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is out to destroy his followers spiritually and financially.

Anonymous said...

The highest form of Christianity promoted in the bible, only for those strong enough to handle it, a "cut" above the rest, is to be a eunich for the sake of the kingdom. Yep, cut your testes off. What kind of unmanly religion is that? It's abusive. Telling people to cut off their body parts. I guess that weirdo Bruce Jenner is going to make it to the highest level!

Anonymous said...

"What is a sausage sizzle?"

Hey now, that would be a cunning Onlyfans account! You could dupe thousands for the first month. Why not livestream on YouTube for superchats. Members cold have a donation battle to see who's name stays on top of the chat bar the longest! For the younger generation, livestream on Twitch playing the Ten Lost Tribes in Minecraft!


Anonymous said...

"one of the biggest fundraisers in the old WCG? Namely selling TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUITS"

uhm, good produce, but really?? the ones my folks boiled to cure pneumonia while a minister watched, to see if I lived or died based on a 7-y-old's faith?

early MLM