Monday, May 9, 2016

Rod Meredith Tries To Deal With Scarborourgh Lawsuit Blowback

From an LCG source:

Rod Meredith has called a meeting this week of his Counsel of Elders in an attempt to mitigate the blowback from the Scarborough/ LCG lawsuit. It seems many of the ministers in the field and several of the Counsel members are having a difficult time understanding why Rod Meredith  and Rod McNair would risk hundreds of thousands of tithe-payer dollars and a ton of negative publicity instead of working for a peaceful resolution outside of the courtroom.

They will also discuss the defection of a number of the European brethren following the departure of the Swiss minister Roland Lecocq.

Of course, none of these bad things are happening as a result of LCG's bad behavior! Instead, it will be old Satan who gets the blame once again. Satan loves nothing more than to attack the only and greatest church on earth.

We can only hope that Counsel members have the courage to hold a mirror up to Rod so that he can finally gain the insight he needs to realize that he is merely reaping what he has sown.

Let's not hold our breath though. A bunch of "yes men" blowing smoke up their king's arse is much more likely as history has shown us!


Anonymous said...

The writer assumes there are men of integrity on the Council of Elders. There are none. Not one single man on the council has the fortitude to speak up and challenge Meredith. They value their jobs and steady paycheck more than they do integrity.

Anonymous said...

11.15 PM. Challenging Meredith would result in being slapped down and attacked. It's rebuking a fool. Nothing would change. This is what happens when people lack marketable job skills, and hence at the mercy of thugs.

Anonymous said...

The Emperor has no clothes but nobody will tell him

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:15 - you are spot on

They will likely murmur about it behind RCM's back but none of them have the courage or integrity to voice the predominant opinion that this lawsuit is insane.

Knowing these men quite well, I can tell you that they will pat themselves on the back as they convince themselves that their silent obedience to Rod Meredith is proving that they will be obedient to the government of God, thereby earning them and EVEN HIGHER place in the Kingdom.

Either that or they have bought the line that Satan is attacking the church (as opposed to they are reaping what they have sown).

Or the always popular, "I don't understand it, but if RCM says it and he is God's human leader on Earth, I don't really need to understand it".

And then there's the, "God will work everything out in His own time".

They will tell themselves whatever they need to in order to justify their enabling inaction.

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave Pack also enjoys "The Kiss Up Council of 16" who assure him his every deviant understanding of scripture concerning himself is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Meredith's emasculated men are just as emasculated as David C Pack's Council of Elders. These men are supposed to be in position to hold the leader in check, something not a single one of them do. It's a position of power and prestige that allows them to be in close proximity of the "chosen one." Their leaders are so god haunted that they set themselves up as righteous and perfect. There can be no chance they will ever commit error, thus the emasculated men sit there grinning from ear to ear at the wisdom flowing forth from the lips of their respective leaders.

Anonymous said...

"The Emperor has no clothes but nobody will tell him"
The "kiss up council", emasculated men, crybaby, victimhood, triggered some old neurons of mine.

"Coattails Of A Dead Man"

He wasn't lookin' for fanfare or fame
but it all came around just the same.
He then met a girl with desire in her eye,
he gave her love, she took his name.

The times they were good, the times they were bad,
most times it was just in between.
The hard pill he swallowed was the times that they had,
she put on display for all to be seen.

Some find their solace in work or the lord,
she was quite content in her dream.
When his eyes they burned from the bright lime light,
he found comfort in the bottle of Ol' Jimmy Beam.

One day from the depths of his deep darkened hole,
he reached out for something to feel.
She offered back nothin' but lack of respect
so he left himself out with two barrels of steel.

She cried in the day, she cried in the night.
She cried loudest when someone was near.
Whether crying for him or she cried for herself,
the bigger the camera, the bigger the tear.
Most folks agree that she was living a hell
and publicly she showed her pain.
And never once was there a thought for herself,
and the ever-growing slices of fortune and fame.

Now on the coattails of a dead man she'll ride
on the coattails of a dead man she'll ride.
On the coattails of a dead man she'll ride she'll ride,
on the coattails of a dead man she'll ride she'll ride high.

Yep. Another one from the kings of sarcastic rock!

Byker Bob said...

The council of elders should be elected, not appointed by the one whom they are commissioned to hold in check. So long as the Big Kahuna gets to appoint them, there can be no objectivity. He can get rid of them even for lobbing a few slow-pitch softballs his way. It's more analagous to a game of T-ball.


Anonymous said...

of course we all know this is not the first time dr. meredith has been sued under such circumstances; you would think he would have listened to the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit the first time and disciplined himself from such sin against his neighbor, but indeed, an oranization is a reflection of its leadership...

Anonymous said...

An organization is a reflection of its leadership, and the leaderships actions is the result of its beliefs (Armstrongism).

Anonymous said...

The council of elders should be elected, not appointed by the one whom they are commissioned to hold in check. So long as the Big Kahuna gets to appoint them, there can be no objectivity.

This is exactly the problem with Grace Communion International (the church formerly known as the Worldwide Church of God).

Tkach Jr got his cult to be declared "no longer a cult" after working with folks including Hank Hanegraaff and Ruth Tucker, and making promises regarding elections and financial transparency, but in the end decided against those basic things and continues to have a self-appointed 'dummy board', no financial accountability or tranparency, and continues with what are essentially his beer tasting tours around the world.

It's amazing how some give him a pass now- in spite of his being such a total lying sleazebag!
(I know, I know...for some people, it's an "anything but Herbie" thingy.)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:14am (and all )

Lying and Dirt are built into Grace's DNA!

Rumor has it that they will be closing their Pension Plan soon, of course Junior and his Gang will still get theirs, right?

Anonymous said...

The LCG council meets regularly several times a year--it seem silly to read something into their having a meeting. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

6:37 they do indeed meet several times a year.

However, this is the first meeting since Banned exposed the lawsuit that Meredith and McNair had been hiding from the COE for 6 months so no doubt they had questions.

Maybe the men on the COE have become so impotent and fearful of losing their jobs if they ask questions or saying anything so they stay silent. But I'm guessing they are having a hard time understanding why Meredith would risk the church's money and so much negative exposure instead of making some attempt for peaceful resolution OUTSIDE of the courtroom.

It just doesn't make sense to anyone with half a brain. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

I hope this lawsuit exposes LCG's finances for what they really are. Can you imagine how members will feel if it turns out that Old Spanky has over a million dollars in his personal bank account but yet continues to chastise others who for "not supporting the work" in every co-worker letter and sermon?