Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Earthly Delight Taken Away From COG Members and Muslims

Church of God groups were devastated the other day to learn that one of their earthly vices that they thought they were allowed to take pleasure in contained PORK!  Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was announced in Malaysia the other day that miniscule trace amounts of pork were found in Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Bar.  The Muslim hoards are in a lather right now proclaiming Jihad against Cadbury.

Enraged Muslims in Malaysia have called for a holy war or Jihad to be waged on Cadbury after traces of pig DNA were picked up in their chocolates. As a result of the complaint, the company has pulled two of its products from Malaysian shop shelves.

A group of more than 20 Muslim organizations have condemned UK confectionary company Cadbury, saying “it has crossed the line.”
“They have betrayed us Muslims by putting ‘haram’ elements through the foods we consume in our body, to weaken us Muslims,” said Abu Bakar Yahya, chief of Muslim group, Perkasa Selangor, to press at a conference on Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur quoted by Malaymailonline.

Some of the Muslim organizations even called for a Jihad to be declared against Cadbury for its “betrayal.”   Malaysian Muslims declare jihad on Cadbury over pork-laced chocolate

But Dear, it was ONLY a small piece of the Cadbury Milk Bar.  
I promise I will never eat it again!

Many COG members were delighted to learn though that their secret vice and favorite Cadbury candy is completely Kosher.  So go ahead and eat those Cadbury Creme Egg's!


Anonymous said...

We should put about 1% pork in EVERYTHING, just to piss off the muslims and the cults.

Anonymous said...

Both of these groups prove how idiotic religious legalism is to the mental state of its followers. Both groups get bent out of shape over the stupidest things.

Connie Schmidt said...

I actually avoid and do not deliberatlely eat Biblically mandated unclean foods.

HOWEVER... You don't want to think about the pork thing too hard, for in the end, there are "Pork Molecues", in other words, molecules that were once part of pig, or lobster etc, in virtually every breath you take, every glass of water, and now as parts of your cellular structure.

A valuable lesson to learn from "clean and unclean" is that EVERYTHING is unclean, and that it is thru the salvation of Christ that we are made clean. We can only do so much humanly to stay alive, be clean, live life, but in the end we fall short. Jesus heals the breach.

Byker Bob said...

I've been pointing out for years that the vitamin D in commercially produced milk originates in porcine sources, which means that any product listing milk as an ingredient also contains this.

The nitpickers in these fanatical organizations don't realize that this vitamin D is so processed that it is little more than a chemical compound.

There's probably some minute traces of pork based product in everything we eat or use in our modern world. Back in Jesus' time, this is why gentiles were shunned. You didn't even shake hands with a gentile, because he might have eaten pork with his breakfast a few hours before. This stuff was all addressed and cleared up in the first century, but the ACOGs still prefer the Pharisee version.


RSK said...

We never seemed to bug out about diabetics using pig insulin.
Oddly, I remember HWA discussing an early SD7 minister who wanted to preach the food laws, and HWA himself seemed somewhat ambivalent about it.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea, kill'em all!

Damn infidels!