Saturday, May 31, 2014

Evil Disney Is Not For True COG Members

Why is it that Armstrongites get so involved in so many conspiracy theories?  Pasadena was overflowing with one crazy nut job after another professing the latest governmental, monetary, Illuminati, Rothschild, Jesuit or Jewish conspiracy.

This is a quote from one of the Kitchen clan on the evil satanic Disney empire.  Does it make any sense at all?

Walt Disney is run by the Nazi's who came to America under Operation paper clip . This is what the CIA allowed these evil men to do and are heavily involved in destroying the minds of Amerikans since they were children .This is the real Walt Disney and when the Nazi run CIA / CIA controlled Hollywood wants to continue to brainwash Amerikan adults and the world they use the Disney film company known as Touch Stone . Walt Disney the man was a evil sick twisted Free Mason and a huge Nazi enthusiast . This is the raw truth about the Nazi / CIA controlled Walt Disney .The Nazi' are the Illuminati . What do you think the Bavarian Free Mason Cult is . The Rothschilds are the head of this evil organization and there blood line come from Germany , Bavaria Germany to be exact ( The Bavarian Illuminati AKA the Nazi Vril society ) . But most people can not put 2 and 2 together and see it for what it really is . Hitler was also of the Rothschilds satanic blood line and also knew he is from the Ashkanazi blood line . The word Nazi comes from Ashkanazi . The Zionist Ashkanazi fake Jews ( Nazi German British not English ) are the true evil of the world masked in lies and deception . This is how they are truly trying to gain world control and power threw sick , twisted mind control and world wars that only benefit the Elite Satanic Nazi Occult 13 Blood lines . It starts with us as children threw the evil Satanic Masonic Free Mason company known as Walt Disney .

I guess the Kitchen clan won't be taking any trips to Disneyland at Feast time....


Tim said...

Here is another example of careless study on any matter spouted here.

Gary L. says "one of the Kitchen clan" wrote this, but he apparently didn't read it right.
What was shared was from Dismantle the Central Intelligence Agency's Facebook Page, and THEY said it, not someone of the "Kitchen Clan".

Do you know how to do proper research? The Bible does speak on this matter.
Pro 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

You are not making your image any better with this carelessness(on top of the other bitterness you spout)

Cindy said...

That is some wackadoodle stuff! And poor grammar. Y'know, if conspiracy nuts could express themselves correctly in an online environment, perhaps they could come across as less 'nutty'....perhaps even a downgrade to 'delusional' could help.

Byker Bob said...

I'm going to do a "Gideon" here and demand of the Kitchens that they provide references or footnotes supporting each of the premises which they advance.

In the absence of any proof or corroboration, this is just more insane babbling. Frankly, ability to believe in these sorts of baseless conspiracies is indicative of a condition of the mind. When you know that this condition exists, it automatically follows that these people are not in any way rational, or credible, nor can their world view be taken seriously.

Nearly 6 million largely Ashkenazic Jews murdered in the holocaust, and the Ashkenazi were the Nazis???
This is Tuatha del Danaan, Tea Tephi, or Waldensian sabbot level "research"!


Susan said...

Tim Dear: I saw the exact same post this blog owner mentioned on your page the other day. When you post drivel like that you are endorsing it and that is exactly what is being brought out here. Silly boy!

Tim said...

Cindy: No one of the "Kitchen Clan" wrote what was falsified here.
Another person did. Carelessness is such a prevalent problem here(among other BIG problems). Yet some of you just eat it up as God spoken Truth. Wow.

Susan said...

Ah but posted it sweetheart!

Tim said...

Susan (Hill?): I don not think you know this is not the man you speak of, but his son.(another assumption made)
Another example. Maybe we all need to evaluate what we are here doing.

Cindy said...

Was I addressing you, Timothy? Did I mention your name? Not once! I was addressing the content only. Perhaps if you didn't have a myopic worldview, you might begin to understand not everything is about you, and your belief system.

Tim said...

Cindy: This post was made to assume that on of the "Kitchen clan" wrote what was said. If you go on that preface, when you criticize how it was said, are you not criticizing the one THEY say wrote it? I was saying that it wasn't who they say it was who wrote it.

Anonymous said...

"Evil Disney Is Not For True COG Members"

The REAL PROBLEM with Walt Disney and its productions is something far more basic and obvious than a bunch of conspiracy theories. Walt Disney was always promoting witchcraft, sorcery, magic, and eastern mysticism.

The not-really-so-wonderful, but MAGICAL, world of Walt Disney produced such movies as Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971), a show about an apprentice witch taking a correspondence course about how to become a witch from a book called The Spells of Astoroth.

Another movie, about children with magical powers, was called Escape TO Witch Mountain (1975), rather than Escape FROM Witch Mountain, like it should have been.

Some parents may not have realized what Walt Disney was was actually teaching their children and putting into their little minds. Shows like The Love Bug (1968) taught eastern mysticism. One of the heroes on the show had gone to an eastern guru and learned about “the inner life in inanimate objects” such as spoons, cars, etc. This “inner life” possessed the star car of the show, a junky Volkswagen from the Nazi past of Germany.

While utterly godless and opposed to all biblical teachings, Dizzy Walt always tried to pass off his shows as good, clean entertainment for the whole family, and safe for impressionable, young children to watch.

Of course, Walt Disney is not the only producer of nonsense and evil out there. The simple fact is that virtually all television shows are full of wrong ideas. They try to attract attention by pushing the boundaries of everything that the Bible teaches about right and wrong.

Cindy said...

And completely failing to address my actual point. Isn't that special.

Byker Bob said...

How did the Kitchens (actually, they appear to more closely resemble the bathroom) treat the anti-Disney diatribe? Was it cited as being credible, or did they trounce and refute it? That would be the tell.

Because Armstrongism explained virtually everything in terms of conspiracy theories, the easy assumption would be that current ACOGgers would post this sort of material because they found elements of credibility to it. The only shocking aspects to me were that they didn't also address the rumors concerning Walt Disney's sexual orientation, or compile a list of allegedly pagan symbols found in the Disney empire.

It is beginning to appear that Tim and his clan intend to start a war here. And, that can't help but to further our causes here.


Black Ops Mikey said...


The Kitchens are not promoting the gospel of Jesus of reconciliation with God the Father and salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior?

What's next -- quoting some railing against Harry Potter and... oh, right.

Kenneth said...

Anyone who would endorse this load of complete bollocks is revealing themselves to be bat-shit crazy.

Let's hope the Bathroom Clan keeps up the good work!

Anonymous said...

But Nazi is an English nickname for Nationalsozialist.

Connie Schmidt said...

Thank goodness that Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and Pepe Lep Ew are not from SATAN!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Disney is going to make more Star Wars movies -- you know, the ones featured on, say, The Good News. It's inspiring. Who cares that the movie is about the neopaganism of the "force" from those who originated it.

Perhaps, some day, Disney can make a full length feature cartoon of a thinly disguised Herbert Armstrong as some evil king opposed by some cutesy animated animal figures, with a Herman Hoeh type evil wizard.

Great fun for the whole family.

Amazingly enough rated "G" because they kept the part about the incest out of the movie.

old EXPCG hag said...

Everything leads back to paganism in this world, so we just all need to dig a hole and crawl up in it and die!

Assistant Deacon said...

Anon 1:49's obsessive fear over the Disney broomstick boogeyman aside...

How's this for accuracy, Tim?

"Hitler Did Not Die! Adolf Hitler's fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as History's greatest hoax! Positive evidence comes to light Hitler did not die -- here's new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing the Nazi Underground, today!"

Herbert W. Armstrong, the Plain Truth, cover story, August 1952.

Seven years after Hitler died, HWA was proclaiming this nonsense. That's more than 20 years after God revealed to him, and him only, as God's true servant, "the truth."

But hey, as "God's apostle," he was RIGHT. He just had his facts wrong.

Byker Bob said...

AD, I remember that one well! Seems like back when I was dumb enough, and cared enough about my "unconverted" classmates to repeat the HWAcaca at school, my Social Studies teacher wanted to see my source of information, and my parents would not let me take that particular Plain Truth to school. That was the first of many times church policy left me out there flapping in the breeze. Bastards!

Fortunately, by the time we moved to a new school district a couple hundred miles away, I had my act together and was able to become somewhat of a stud amongst my fellow students. Our local pastor, who had no clue as to my real personality, rubber stamped my application to AC, and I was soon off to the land of surfing, hotrods, girls, and motorcycles! Funny thing is, forty years after the fact, Gary reported that this particular former pastor was on tour, with his wife, of the USA, on their Harley! Apologies if I embarrassed you, Bro, and welcome aboard! Better late than never!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I've left behind that magical world, haunted with angels, demons, disembodied souls, witches & witchcraft, and yes, gods. I mean, aren't religions the biggest conspiracy theories ever? Just as much evidence for fairies, witchcraft, illuminati, ufo's, bigfoot, and Nessie as there is for god, which is to say, just hearsay. All of them are equally compelling...

Anonymous said...

I'm aware that Disney produced that which you would be consider to be "Satanic".

Just as I'm aware that most people rightly recognize that those things are just a part of normal life.

People sometimes tend to want to have 'super-holy-spirit understanding', 'Spidey-Sense', etc, but the results remain mundane.(With the exception of unprovable crap.)