Saturday, November 3, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: The Shocking Exodus of Restored Church of God Leadership and Ministry

This is an exclusive photo of the leadership and ministry of the Restored Church of God.  
This photo was taken in 2010.  

The very front row contains the top leadership of the RCG at that time.

Eight years later you can see all of the top leaders have departed 
as well as a large number of ministers.

This is pretty shocking to see considering David C Pack considers his group to the most spectacular Church of God to ever exist in church history.  There has never been a great COG on the face of the earth, doing more to preach the gospel and being so superfantabulous as the RCG.

Over the last several years Dave has suffered one public humiliation after another.  His 130+ sermon series was a humiliating bust after the four largest Church of God splinter groups refused to shut down and join Dave in his superfantabulousness.

Tens of thousands of present and former Church of God member never joined up with him.  Their tithe money, which he claims belongs to him, has remained in their present COG's or is used to take care of their families.

Never has there been a Church of God which has suffered such self-imposed embarrassment as has the Restored Church of God, though Bob Thiel comes in at a close second.

Dave Pack is suffering from such an inflated massive ego, narcissism and psychosis that he cannot see what he is doing to peoples lives.  He even admits that he has become more reclusive and that he rarely ever leaves the RCG compound in Wadsworth.  He has even "gated" his compound to keep out the dirty public from wandering over from the Giant Eagle to see the most superfantabulous campus ever constructed in human history. No dirty unclean gentile feet should contaminate the place, after all, this will soon be the grounds that Jesus will walk upon as He communes with Dave.


Anonymous said...

"...Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8

Anonymous said...

It's no mystery why the ministries of the alleged "Laodicean" era are not producing any fruits. Every single one of them is hilarious, embarrassing, and self-destructive in its own unique ways. Pack's redacted 2010 leadership portrait resembles a WCG 1975 portrait after John Trechak got finished with them, resulting in the great ministerial and membership exodus.

Anonymous said...

Since everyone is stealing what rightfully belongs to Mr. Pack, why doesn't he file a complaint with the police. I am sure they would agree with him and start arresting the locals, or would they drag him to the funny farm?

Anonymous said...

I assume that many of those who joined were taken in by the Rods claim of restoring "Gods truth." When the bait and switch became obvious, they abandoned ship.

Christ had his disciples, but on his death and resurrection, he didn't stick around. The "apron strings" were cut. It was neccesary for the disciples personal growth. It's similar to people leaving their parents home as adults.
Perhaps these members should likewise go spiritually solo, rather than going to some mommy and daddy church.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

A quick count shows that about 50% of the bunch is now gone! This means that Pack has to double his ministerial staff from its base every 7 years, just to "Stay Even" !

Anonymous said...

4.04 PM
Dave is simply copying his 'hero' Herb in claiming that he has a monopoly on truth. It's called marketing. "Come to our one and only true church folks. It alone has a monopoly on truth. It alone has truths hidden for the past eighteen and a half centuries. The price? Everything you own. It's called common. Some Satan inspired apostates call it stealing, but it's really biblical common."

FFS said...

I counted 28 members whose faces were not whited out apart from Pack and his wife. Is that it? Are there even less now?

What About The Truth said...

What was it, that caused these men and women and the many others that would never make the picture to depart the RCG? Was it one error by the leadership or many? Was it a philosophical difference? Was it the taking of most of the biblical titles by its leader? Was it the wholesale flipping of the business plan? Was it, was it or was it? The potential list is vast.

At the opposite end of the potential vast possibilities for grievances is the narrow response of Dave pack. All those who leave peaceful or not, are in disobedience, and no contact is allowed. There will be no leaving the 99 to save the one, no love or concern or church wide fast to save the "lost" soul.

In case it was missed by many, at the end of the "All brethren reunited Elul 29 Three Shepherds Die" prophecy was the onerous acknowledgement and requirement list for returning ministers and provided addresses for the returning lay members to send their tithe and offerings to the church. So the great benefit for this grand returning remnant in Dave Pack's eyes was for the ministers to be humiliated and punished and the lay member to enter into tithe, offering, fund raising, and "Common" slavery.

To those that have left, hopefully you looked at (Jude 1-3) for yourself and then looked at (Jude 4) and applied the leader of the RCG into it. It could read in the Greek: For there are certain men (man) who long ago were written of this judgment, impious men(man) - (destitute of reverential awe toward God), turning the grace of our God into wantonness, and contradicting the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

To all those out of the RCG or any of the other Splinters, John 10:14-16 is your hope for the great reunification under the merciful and gracious one. It reads: I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. And OTHER sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be ONE fold, and ONE shepherd.

Anonymous said...

Is that Super-Dave's much younger 2nd wife next to him?

Allen Dexter said...

I can't help but still feel sorry for people who give their whole lives, like I once did, to a self-righteous and totally deluded cult and then see it all evaporate overnight, leaving them with no marketable skills, usually no savings, etc. It has to be a terrifying experience, and many of them are a lot older than I was at 40 when it all fell apart for me. My marriage went soon after, and it was years of struggle before I finally achieved a decent level of prosperity. I feel for them. But, the sad fact is that I, and no one else, can do a damn thing to help them through it. They'll just have to find their own way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a picture of the original leadership team of the UCG was posted how many of those faces would be blotted-out because they no longer are a part of that org..

Anonymous said...

Yes. She is 16 years younger. She was the hired in house nurse when Dave’s wife Shirley was dying of cancer (the anointing didn’t work out so good in that case). Then when Shirley died, less than a year later Dave married the nurse. I’m not sure if she ever moved out after Shirley died. Scandalous!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he won't double his staff to stay even. Perhaps he can't afford to replace these people if they are on salary. Next step might be to turn these positions over to volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back photo-shopped Super-Dave!

Byker Bob said...

This is instability. In the business world, whenever we encounter a company with constant turnover, unable to retain its key people, we know that someone in management has a problem in his or her relationships with people. Or, poor management skills. Much goes into the selection and training of staff, and their accumulation of knowledge and experience. These are factors which have a deep impact on the consistency and continuity of the organization, to say nothing of growth. One of the criteria by which a company is known is the tenure of its employees. Long term = good.

This is such a given, that I would imagine most people who read my first paragraph are probably saying, "Gee, ya think?" But it never hurts to post the obvious, just in case Dave himself is lurking here. Unfortunately, megalomaniacs rarely learn.


Anonymous said...

She is 16 years younger

These Apocalyptic-Apostles are noted for their virility:
I'm reminded of the Portly-Pasadena-Prognosticator's young bride.
As a pheromone, virility<>$$$ are interchangeable, one observes.

Anonymous said...

David Pack will eventually destroy everyone who follows him. New suckers will initially be flattered by him and told that they are not like all those other earlier “bums” who went with him. But they will be.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:10 AM, even the "intellectual" David Hulme couldn't resist the lure of marring a woman in her twenties while he was three decades her senior.

Anonymous said...

Women love guys who can talk well. Dave is a stud.

SHT said...

Stud: (not your definition, but...)

noun: stud; plural noun: studs

a large-headed piece of metal

Well, he does have a pretty big and hard head, I think.

As far as YOUR definition of "stud". I'm sorry. He looks to me like a big tall, grey alien from science fiction lore. Just shrink his mouth a tad, give him almond black eyes, slim down his legs and arms, take off the nose and there you go.

A side by side comparison would be striking.

By the way. Spend some time with Pack. Like, an hour. Tell me if you still think Dave is a stud. No, wait. Fifteen minutes. No, wait. Ten.

Truth. I've heard him. I've seen him. I've sat in his audience - in Akron - while he preached and played around with his adjustable height lectern. I couldn't be around him for FIVE minutes. He was not only unapproachable in his demeanor, but you just did not WANT to approach him. And by the way. I heard many of his congregation who were acquaintances that I knew complain about him, to me, after services. They were hushed, worried he was hanging around. I was looking around, too. Not the best time.

Anonymous said...

Gamaliel said....

Anonymous said...

If you gave everything you had to support the truth of God, you might feel good about it.

However, if it turns out that you gave everything you had (cash, savings, retirement plan, house, possessions, etc.) to support Dave Pack's 145+ vomiting sessions, you might just feel sick about it all. Really, really, really sick.

Anonymous said...

So true. We did believe at the beginning that we were giving all to support the truth of God.That was our decision.

We left that cult over two years ago and still pray for those still in it to see Pack for the deceiver he is.

When we realized Pack had used our faith to do his work (of building his compound with all the amenities he desires) not God's work, we were devastated. Having lived on this earth for over half a century, we never believed we could be so foolish as to get conned out of all we had worked our whole lives for. As the previous post says, we felt sick, really, really sick. When this realization hits, your gut instinct is to curl up and die.

Thankfully, we chose life and survived. We learned a bitter lesson of how deep deception can go.

Anonymous said...

Next step might be to turn these positions over to volunteers.

I think it's beyond even that.
Since RCG is so Information-Technology intensive, I see him needing to hire outside salaried help!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on November 9, 2018 at 10:46 AM said...“When we realized Pack had used our faith to do his work (of building his compound with all the amenities he desires) not God's work, we were devastated. Having lived on this earth for over half a century, we never believed we could be so foolish as to get conned out of all we had worked our whole lives for. As the previous post says, we felt sick, really, really sick. When this realization hits, your gut instinct is to curl up and die.”

Dave Pack's Restored Cash Grab (RCG) cult must surely be one of the cruellest Bait & Switch scams that Satan has ever perpetrated on sincere, believing WCG people. After working hard to quickly rewrite and restore many of the old teachings from the WCG, Dave Pack said that the Devil would not have him go to that much work just so he could go bad in the end. Of course, in the end, Dave Pack did go bad. Very, very, very bad. When Dave Pack promoted HWA out of the way to the office of Moses, so that Dave Pack could promote himself to the office of Elijah, it left Dave Pack free to make up whatever teachings he wanted to. Dave Pack's 145+ vomiting sessions were just some of the sickening results.

Do NOT just curl up and die. Totally discouraging people so that they would give up and curl up and die was exactly why Satan carefully orchestrated such a cruel betrayal as Dave Pack's Bait & Switch scam in the first place. It really was a satanic betrayal that left sincere, trusting people destitute and devastated.

REMEMBER: A righteous person can fall seven times AND RISE AGAIN. A person can go back to the original source document. A person can read the Bible for himself.

Anonymous said...

Some people who wanted to hold on to the old Worldwide Church of God teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong went with David C. Pack's Restored Church splinter group because it claimed that it would do that more faithfully than any other splinter group.

Now, anyone who is still truly serious about holding on to the old Worldwide Church of God teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong will have to leave David C. Pack's Restored Church to escape from all the truly monstrous heresies that have suddenly sprouted up in it. David Pack's outrageous doctrinal changes totally dwarf almost anything else out there.

Leaving David Pack's Restored Church will be psychologically difficult at this point because it will mean admitting that one had made a mistake, that one had been wrong, that one had been totally deceived and conned by a false prophet, that one had given David Pack all their earthly possessions and was going away destitute, and that one had not been able to tell the difference between a true servant of God with the Holy Spirit and a demon-inspired psychopath like raging David Pack. The embarrassment could be anywhere from moderate to severe, depending on the individual and their makeup. It will take God's help for someone to overcome it all, and will require the sort of great humility that comes only with such sad experiences. If someone was willing to put up with all of David Pack's yelling and spitting and stealing and puking over the years, they might be able to endure this too. Eventually, they might get better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:45 PM commented on:
"one had not been able to tell the difference between a true servant of God with the Holy Spirit and a demon-inspired psychopath"

Demon Inspired more than you know!

The still unexplained tragic suicides in 2 areas Dave "pastored", along with eye witness accounts of his maniacal behavior AND spiritual discernment by people who had the ability to sense the real power behind Dave..?!?!?

Why do they NOT KNOW they have a Demon for a Minister??

This is far worse than "playing church" this man is Demonic

Anonymous said...

What exactly are the religious views of this blog?

Unknown said...

There are some comments made against Mr. Pack in the preceding blogs that I truly know are just lies.

Anonymous said...

Ok, show is the errors! You can’t and you won’t!

Anonymous said...

So, has anyone been able to contact any of those who have left to ask them why they left?

"1-EX- sheeple" said...

Hey Anon 8/29....Q why leave the RCG? For1 thing D Pack has been proven to be a LIAR with his
"common doctrine" it was only a temporary process to fulfill an unexpected need at that ONE
particular time. Also the scripture in Numbers re: prophesying in God's name & it NOT coming
to occur states that that "prophet"is NOT God's "mouthpiece". That prophet is a FALSE one.D Pack has made numerous
declarations of when Christ was to return (to Wadsworth)& he was WRONG every time. And then
there's the conditions (only 4)laid down for new Gentile converts in Acts 15 which he also
twists. Time & space doesn't allow a more detailed explanation than these two. All you have to do is check up for yourself on D Pack's rambling discourses with a mind willing to see &
accept what the scriptures really 'say" not what a or any man says they say. "nuff said"??

What About The Truth said...

Anon 08/29/2019 asked why they left?

(1) Dave Pack promised to hold fast to all that Herbert Armstrong taught and established as doctrine. Dave Pack failed in a big way regarding this.

(2) Dave Pack blatantly lied to the whole church that he still to this day has not changed "one wit" what Mr. Armstrong did.

(3) After ironically on 08/29/2013 predicting that three leaders of the COGs would die in the pulpit by fire from heaven and all the splinter members with money in their hands would return to his church, he then doubled down and said they would return that Fall at the Feast. Then it would happen the next Spring. None of this has happened.

(4) On 09/05/2013 at Sabbath services he proclaimed he had nothing to apologize for after saying he would do this if the splinters did not return.

(5) He disregarded HWA as the Elijah and proclaimed himself not only Elijah but "That Prophet" as well.

(6) He took the irresistible leap of proclaiming himself the root of Jesse aka Jesus Christ.

(7) He then proclaimed all in the church must not only believe everything he teaches, they must obey it. If not, all members are branded a heretic to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

(8) All ministers and members that were leaving were castigated as having lost the Holy Spirit and incurred the penalty of eternal death.

(9) He then enforced the strictest of biblical interpretation by repeatedly claiming no salvation is available to those that don't sell all that they have and give it to him.

(10) He forced the field ministry to hold regular jobs while they had to travel very long distances meeting perspective members and servicing the churches without pay while he was building his brand new house and planting 2000 trees for his "millennial" campus.

(11) How long shall we go on?

Anonymous said...

When Pack came to Akron in WCG days from Buffalo, he was on probation.He was being watched that long ago.