Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dave Pack: "We are witnessing the unfettered reality of who this man is."


Heartfelt Apologies


David C. Pack is experiencing a very long day.


Like what was described in Joshua 10, where God held the sun in the sky until Israel's battle against the Amorites was won, Dave will be experiencing an extended failure of his own creation. 


For two months and sixteen sermons, The Restored Church of God has been anticipating the arrival of Abib 1, which begins the Kingdom to Israel when Elijah the Prophet rocks the world.


The head of shame is crowning as RCG is about to give birth to another prophetic embarrassment.


Abib 1 begins today at sunset in Jerusalem at 11:51 AM ET. Sunset in Wadsworth is 7:41 PM ET.


Sunrise in Jerusalem is at 11:39 PM ET tonight, and in Wadsworth is at 7:25 AM ET Thursday morning.


Abib 1 ends in Jerusalem at 11:52 AM ET and in Wadsworth at 7:42 PM ET on March 23, 2023.


Once the ending threshold for Abib 1 is crossed, David C. Pack will once again officially enters the annals of history as a false prophet and not-so-shiny Angel of Light. All who have eyes to see and ears to hear will observe The Restored Church of Another god manifest in true form.


Part 430 – March 18 – 2023

@ 1:29:51 We backed into the day. You can’t back past Abib 1. Can’t be done.


Prepare for much spin and excuses to follow.



"The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 430)" on March 18, 2023, is a must-watch for false prophecy enthusiasts and former members. The cup runneth over with fraud, gaslighting, condemnation, ridicule, arrogance, manipulation, mind control, and mental illness. This is one-stop-shopping for witnessing David C. Pack’s true colors.


After addressing the 10-20% of brethren who no longer listen to him or take notes when he speaks, one shining moment was when the gruff shell of David C. Pack softened. He offered a heartfelt apology on three different elements and used his own contrition as a teaching moment for all in The Restored Church of God.


I sincerely hope the brethren heard his words and understood what he said. You can learn a lot about a person's character based on how they apologize. These statements go to the core of who and what David Crowl Pack is.


Pay attention to how it is introduced.


Part 430 – March 18, 2023

@ 1:06:42 Now, when you’re wrong, admit it. Maybe I’ll set an example. It’s my turn. Two times. Already apologized. Maybe it should say three times. I shoulda given more of these [timeline graphs], but I was kinda coached into it's hard for us to show these. It's hard to post them, and so I didn't. I apologize. But maybe God wanted a real easy one at the very end, so maybe the advice I got was good.


He sets this up as if a vulnerable heart-to-heart apology was coming, and this would be an example for the brethren to follow. Dave has appeared to apologize before but often un-apologizes because he was actually “right” and then goes back to doing what he said he would “never do” again.


David C. Pack often says, “I’m sorry,” like an addict not ready to get sober. Most of the time, he could say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” But even that would carry more credibility weight.



Dave references a third point to apologize for what he has already covered. If you heard the message and missed it, there is a good reason why. We need to return to the beginning of Part 430.


@ 00:44 I wanna make a couple corrections. But, we will depart this. But I apologize (in a way). Some have said, “Boy, the tools are helpful.” I know out there in Videoland, you cannot see this, but it's a very simple. It’s a very, very simple graph or graphic of exactly how the kingdoms work. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s just that simple.


Apology #1: No Graphs Sooner


He apologized (in a way) for not providing more helpful tools like the completely accurate graph that was finally distributed in Part 430. At Headquarters, those sheets of paper filled more trashcans than briefcases on the way out the door.


Looking at the only part of the graph anyone should care about, this basic framework questions why any in The Restored Church God would be so confused they tune Dave out and stop taking notes.


To get the full RCG Effect, look at this graph while you listen to Dave in Part 429 explain what happens between those first two blank lines.

Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 26:03 But, one thought was: the 3 ½ days closes the period up to and precedes the First Kingdom. Or those 3 ½ days would be exactly 10% of the Second Kingdom in front of the First Kingdom before the Second. Before the Kingdom of God. Were they 3 ½ days that opened everything? Or 3 ½ days that close the period to the Kingdom of God? Were they the last 3 ½ days of the 35 days? 35 days and God goes 3.5 of them, and there's some kind of special hell on the saints.


That is only a portion of that blank space on the simple graphic. Add these next details in tiny letters when you try to fit them inside the space provided.


Part 429 – March 15, 2023

@ 51:42 1335. You gotta wait exactly 20 days till the Father arrives [March 17]. It’s what first thing it means. Then, you wait exactly 5 days till Abib [March 22]. And you wait exactly 20 days to the to the Great Tribulation. Exactly 10 more to the till to the from the 1290 to what would now be 1280. Another round number, which goes on out into the the Beast’s reign…Let’s do this simply. Make a column. Put Number 1: 20. 20. Right beside it. From the 1335 till the Father arrives—20. Number 2: Put 5—The Short Word to Abib. 20 again. Line 3 would be 20 again. 20 to the Great Tribulation. Line 4 would be 10 to the Day of the Lord…


He goes on and on in the video, but the transcript stops here. You get the point.


Stare at the gaslighting graphic again and ask yourself if what he says fairly represents this portion of the timeline. Brethren are not confused at God’s word and truth. They are confused with understanding Dave.


That exercise gives you a glimpse of what it is like to be a member of The Restored Church of God. And you did not have to turn over your children’s inheritance to do it.


Remember, this was part of his apology. Excuse me. His apology (in a way). Because graphs like this would have been so helpful along the way to Abib 1.



Part 430 – March 18, 2023

@ 1:07:05 So, I'm gonna apologize for a of couple things. And maybe that will help some of you face things. I'm gonna do it publicly. You just do it privately to God. I'm gonna make a couple apologies, and you will love them both. All right? So, when wrong, admit it.


On the surface, that sounds wonderful. Even I was hopeful as to what Dave was going to say.


@ 1:07:20 I really dug into the subject of eternal life.


Oh, no. Dave is not really going to do this…is he?


Oh, yes, he is.


Apology #2: Eternal Life Timing


Undoubtedly, the brethren could relate to this because, come on, we've all been there. Right?


David C. Pack spends 13 minutes going through the Bible explaining the proofs of the updated version using Elijah as an example for everyone else. He repeats this can apply to them to defuse concerns about his fixation on the benefits of being a third-person Elijah.


@ 1:11:26 He’s given all that God has. Now, I mean, we you’re in there, too. You understand that. If you illustrate him…[insert parenthetical distraction]


David C. Pack uniquely approaches contrition through the pathway of self-aggrandizement.


Elijah is shown in glory in the First Kingdom [March 22, 2023]

All the nations of the world run to Elijah

Elijah is the firstborn

People seek Elijah as “David, their King”

The sins of Elijah are passed away

Elijah is given a golden reed

Elijah judges the poor and needy of the earth

Elijah keeps the courts

Elijah changes the hearts of billions of families

Elijah has a sword and a bow

Elijah measures the Temple because he can fly

God calls Elijah to His foot

Elijah places one leg on the earth and one in the sea

Elijah is the “chosen” from Psalm 89

Elijah stands in front of Christ every day

The sons of Eli crouch before Elijah

Elijah has a forever throne


Remember, this was introduced as part of a public apology so brethren could do so before God privately. This is all meant to help them as part of a sermon designed to "save their life."


Good luck finding anything that resembles an apology buried in there. But it must be because Dave makes that clear before moving on.


@ 1:19:35 So, I apologize. I got confused. By the way, Haggai, after all these years…


There was a false start on the apology part of the apology. Dave inserted 67 seconds of stuff before circling around. You can tell how focused he was on sincerely being sorry.


@ 1:20:50 So, I apologize. It was not a small error, but it’s over.


Yeah. It is not over by any stretch of a sane person’s imagination. But it was time for Dave to move on.



@ 1:21:12 All right. One final correction. We’ve already really made the correction, but we’re gonna close with it.




The second point of his public apology turned into a disconnected correction. The whole "I'm sorry" theme screamed down the hallway and jumped out the window. Or it slipped his mind.


In case you forgot, this is how he set this up fifteen minutes ago:


@ 1:06:42 Now, when you’re wrong, admit it. Maybe I’ll set an example. It’s my turn.


@ 1:07:05 So, I’m gonna apologize for a of couple things. And maybe that will help some of you face things. I’m gonna do it publicly. You just do it privately to God.


Let Dave explain his “final correction.”


@ 1:21:18 And that’s the timeline again. So, it actually got simpler.


@ 1:22:28 So, instead of 20 days, then 5, then 20, then 10. Think of it this way. It's 25 days. You wait 25 days plus a few hours. And then 20 and 10. And I don't know where God withdraws.


Apology Correction #3: 20-5-20-10 is 25-20-10


The First Kingdom is no longer exactly 35 days, even though he was very specific about it before.

And he wonders why people are tuning out. How valuable are those notes from Part 429 now? They have the same value as the notes from Part 430. David C. Pack proves that those who tune him out and do not take notes are the wisest among the members of RCG.


Hopefully, that field minister continues to hold off on compiling notes for his prophecy-clarifying sermon. Dave will continue to pull the rug out from everyone in RCG. Those paying attention know when to jump so they do not trip.



David C. Pack is not a man of his word. He speaks words that cannot be trusted. He cannot even get to the apology part of his third apology. He ended the message twenty minutes later, and the concept of apology never entered his mind again. Because it was never in his heart.


Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Part 430 is spoken from the mouth of David C. Pack, exposing the heart of David C. Pack. The man is losing control of himself. He is no longer capable of hiding his true nature from the brethren. 


We are witnessing the unfettered reality of who this man is.


His initial heart-to-heart introduction implied vulnerability so he could be a sacrificial example for the sake of the brethren. The remaining half-hour proved it was manipulation and control. Dave orchestrated a calculated deception designed to elicit sympathy and defuse criticism.


Everyone on the third floor at Headquarters knows that is true. They have personally witnessed that type of behavior for years. Now, all of RCG gets to witness it together.


Dave has grown beyond Brad’s ability to manage him. Dave is going to say what Dave is going to say. A hands-off approach is the best way to address David C. Pack as he destroys himself. His own words are the most powerful torpedoes to ever hit The Restored Church of God.


Those three non-apologies speak to who David C. Pack is. Not as a prophet. Not as an apostle. Not even as a minister. They speak to who he is as a man. They speak to the quality of his character as a person.


Who is David C. Pack?


Three heartfelt apologies explain. Loud and clear.


Marc Cebrian

See: Heartfelt Apologies


Anonymous said...

Who is David C. Pack?

David C. Pack is a fruit. A fruit who grew from the tree that Herbert planted.

You shall know the tree by its fruits.

Anonymous said...

In theory, this series should be turned into a book and sold on Amazon. It is a case study in cults.

Marc deserves a lot of credit for all the work he put into this.

It might not (fingers crossed) take much additional work to turn a series of articles into a book, except that it's an ongoing saga which will probably go on in some form until Dave is finally dead.

Anonymous said...

An RCG social dilemma: What is the correct response from a member each time David C.Pack makes or corrects a prophecy?

Laugh your ass off!

DW said...

His shaking, stammering and stuttering is starting to resemble that of our favorite little African dictator.

To all the members of RCG, PCG, PKG, LCG, UCG, CCOG, et al. Can you honestly tell someone who asks, exactly what your church teachings are and where they are found in the Bible. Not proof texts, but actual doctrines taught/preached in your group and where Scripture defines them, as taught by the Apostles? Albert Einstein could not follow Dave.

These "leaders" have gone so far off the rails, I have no idea where their ideas are coming from, but it is most certainly not the Bible. Thus is NOT what Jesus died for. He didn't take our place on that cross so your leader could bamboozle you so much so that you just cry Uncle and here's my wallet. Take it all. I give up.

The simplicity of Christ is just that. Believe in Me and the One who sent Me. Repent. Put your full trust in what I did for you on the Cross and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. Perfect. Simple. Finished. Thank you God.

Anonymous said...

We should all join the RCG so we can go to Wadsworth for the feast and throw tomatoes at Dave.

Anonymous said...

But, one thought was: the 3 ½ days closes the period up to and precedes the First Kingdom. Or those 3 ½ days would be exactly 10% of the Second Kingdom in front of the First Kingdom before the Second. Before the Kingdom of God. Were they 3 ½ days that opened everything? Or 3 ½ days that close the period to the Kingdom of God? Were they the last 3 ½ days of the 35 days? 35 days and God goes 3.5 of them, and there's some kind of special hell on the saints.

The Bible is a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing. The result has been endless speculation.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Davie C say not long ago that he was done, ... nothing more to say. No more messages. What the hell happened? Why is he still saying things that are wrong each time he says them, wrong every time, wrong all the time. Actually that makes him 100% wrong on every prophetic utterance. Why can't his followers see this?

Anonymous said...

Nobody has a clue what proof texting is or how it differs from deep bible study.

Anonymous said...

People need more than fake apologies from a false prophet like Dave Pack for his lies.

People need a CASH REFUND from that lying “common” thief.

Anonymous said...

Everyone would be so much better off if no self-appointed, or Satan-sent, so-called COG leader had ever spouted off any of his wrong prophetic theories and date guesses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Nobody has a clue what proof texting is or how it differs from deep bible study.

Exactly right. A book written over thousands of years by men who hold differing views and who are competing for attention and belief in their perspectives, shunning all others, is not capable of "deep study". Deep confusion, yes. One final deep truth, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Proof texting is fully biased. You are finding scripture that supports the belief you want to be true and ignoring counter scriptures.

Tonto said...

Pack is coming off looking worse than Humphrey Bogart (as Commander Queeg) while on trial in the classic movie "The Caine Mutiny".

Anonymous said...

You know, I really owe this blog and the news about Dave Pack and the RCG a debt of gratitude. That sounds funny and suspicious, doesn't it? I may get up each morning wishing that certain people and conditions did not exist, but those are several layers removed from me, and their impact is blunted and manageable. However, If I were a member of RCG, every morning, every waking second, I would have to rationalize my codependency with Pack, wishing he'd just go away, or better yet, had never existed. What I thought I knew about eternity, the part in which I thought that Pack was going to be a presence in my eternal life, one from whom I could never escape, would cast a Kafkaesque pallor over the very idea of an eternal reward. I would feel so claustrophobic that it would cause mental conditions as yet unidentified and uncatalogued by the different versions of the DSM.

I hope nobody thinks that I am abusing others, by holding up in my mind the extreme misery of others in order to realize that my own life, in spite of occasional pitfalls, is really pretty good. I wish things could be better for those folks, believe me, I do. But, that's up to them. You see, passive people are really the ones in control. Their leaders know that should the passive ones ever shed their passivity, the leaders would have no one to lead. Like Dave with his 10-20%, they would not know how to minister to such people.

Anonymous said...

"Like Dave with his 10-20%, they would not know how to minister to such people."

That comment takes the prize! ACOG members mostly are passive when it comes to being governed. They're not going to do a high profile rebellion. What they do will be done furtively, as have the 10 to 20%. So, that's they are the crack we've been waiting for, and it's a pretty big one!

Phinnpoy said...

Your right Tonto. Pack is getting razzberries, instead of strawberries like Commander Queeg!

Anonymous said...

It'd even be more of an improvement if he became America's dreadlocked prophet and obtained his prophetic inspirations from ganja. Then we could give him Rastaberries, Mon!