Sunday, March 19, 2023

Disgruntled COG Prophet Tries Claim He Is The ONE MAN To Lead Final Phase Of The Work And All Who Reject Him Are In Rebellion!

Bob Thiel, now a totally discredited Church of God leader has been doubling down on his authority as the ONLY end-time COG leader and that church members should yield to his church government and recognize him as the right ONE to lead the church.

Bwana Bob has a lengthy post up today about proper church governance and uses Herbert Armstrong's letter he wrote on church government while the Worldwide Church of God was being investigated by the State of California for financial malfeasance.

Thiel quotes the entire letter, but here is the except that Thiel believes pertains to him:

God ... He has always worked through ONE MAN at a time. He worked through Abraham. He worked through Moses, through Joshua, through one "judge" at a time, through Samuel, through David, through Solomon. He worked through Peter and when Peter had left the Middle East, through Paul. These men had, in greater or lesser number, staff assistants under them, but God's WORK was through the ONE MAN AT A TIME! THIS IS THE "WORK OF GOD" -- and not a humanly organized institution, operation or organization on the worldly corporate type of organization, function and procedure. (Armstrong H. Just What Is 'The WORK'? Good News, April 1981)

God never works through committees. God works only through one man at a time, and always did. All through the Bible you will find that God had to work through one man at a time. (Armstrong H. Another Civilization. Sermon, October 2, 1982)

To administer these many operations, God--not a vote of the members--"hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers." Or, as stated in more detail in Ephesians 4:11 (RSV): "And his gifts were that some should be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers." ...

Evangelists were leading ministers, proclaiming the gospel to the public, even raising up local churches and having supervision over some churches ... an evangelist may hold executive functions under the apostle in the Church headquarters or work today. An evangelist is not necessarily stationary. Pastors are stationary pastors over a local church or contingent group of local churches. (Armstrong HW. Mystery of the Ages, Chapter 6)

Now what kind of a building do you have if part of the facade, one or two stones, or one or two pieces of the wood of it is over one place and some of it is over in another State, and a part of it is in another nation, and another part of it is somewhere else? Would you call it a building? And yet there are those that say; "Well I'm a loner, I'm an individual Christian. I don't want to be a part of any church organization." And then there's those who say; "I don't want to follow a man." And yet that's what they do do, they follow a man usually. And they go off into many little cliques, each one of them following one man. 
Now God has always worked through one man as leader. But that man is only a leader, and always it has been God. For example, when Samuel was a prophet leading the people of God, they didn't want Samuel anymore, they wanted a human king like the other nations. God said; "It isn't you they have rejected Samuel, you weren't the real ruler, I was. They have rejected me that I should not rule over them." (I Samuel 8:7 paraphrased). This is eighth chapter of I Samuel. And, you see it was God ruling them, not Samuel. 
And so it is really Christ leading the Church today, it is not I. I am only an instrument. (Armstrong H. Ephesians 3 & 4 Bible Study, January 2, 1981)

Thiel is struggling right now to regain control of his rapidly dwindling church, particaurly in Africa. According to him rebellion men have arisen and are casting negative stories about him and his African work. These men are in direct rebellion against him as the ONE TRUE Church of God leader. They have rebelled against TRUE church government. 

If you wish to be Philadelphian faithful, you need to know who the O N E M A N at this time leading the final phase of the work is (watch also Dreams, the Bible, the Radio Church of God, and the Continuing Church of God). 
If there is some type of a crisis, what should members do? 
Support that ONE MAN unless he is clearly an apostate.

But you are Bob! You are apostate! 


Anonymous said...

An interesting technique sometimes used by reporters or attorneys is the making of accusations. The accused, caught off guard, then recites facts to clarify which he or she most likely would not have been inclined to share otherwise. Could it be that that is what just happened here?

The ACOGs are all such cartoons, that it's difficult to care about their messes, and this one appears to be a lolapalooza. It is real people who get hurt by ACOGs, and their lives changed for the worse. I really don't feel that it is evil to hope for their demise. It would be another thing entirely if one single one of them had anything to do with God, but they do not, and never did.

DW said...

But Bob, you left out what else HWA said about various positions in "the" church. And I quote, "There was no such doctrinal committee in the HQ church at Jerusalem. All teaching came from Christ through the apostles and a few times Christ communicated to apostles via the prophets (of which there are NONE in God's church today), since the Bible for our time is complete". Mystery of the Ages.

So, if you are leading the Philadelphians and your group most closely follows all the teachings of HWA, you're entire story goes against his teachings. Your hypocrisy is beginning to rival that of Flurry and it would appear you are desperately grasping at straws to retain that which you never had. Humility, integrity and truth. You could have actually won some praises if you had just admitted the truth. But, predictably, you dug your heels in even deeper and blamed everybody else. Once again, ONLY YOU are telling the truth and everybody else is lying. Sure Bob. See how well that works with God.

Anonymous said...

He's totally right, only the work is now done through Saša Veljić. LOL.

Anonymous said...

That "God always works through one man" thing shows God needs a course in risk management.

Anonymous said...

Since Bob believes the whole current situation was started by a deep fake, his only logical course of action is to use AI to get out of it.

RSK said...

Ha! The Elijah mantle indeed!

Anonymous said...

But I thought Gerald Furry & Dave Packed & Jon Bribesy & Wade Kook & Ron Whinerland was the ONE MAN? There's no more room for Bob "Neverfirst" Tail. Umpteen false teachers is a crowd Bob.