Thursday, October 7, 2010

Churchill's Gold: GTA's Other Book

Garner Ted Armstrong loved to write. But there is one book that most COG members never knew about that he penned under a pseudonym: William Talboy Wright.

William Talboy Wright was a mixture of names from his grandparents.  Willam Dillon (maternal grandfather), Isabelle Talboy (maternal grandmother), and Eva Wright (paternal grandmother).

Wright, William Talboy
     Churchill's Gold, 1988 (With nothing to lose, falsely accused fugitive
       Mark Masters agrees to take a wooden barkentine to the South Seas on a
       search for sunken treasure to bail out the British treasury during WW
       II.  "I found it to be an exciting adventure story of sailing despite
       the author having made some rather strange historical mistakes (e.g. he
       thought Taiwan was under Chinese control in 1941!) and totally out of
       his mind with regard to Spanish archives (the book inspired me to write
       my own book on how to find shipwrecks in Hispanic archives)." [LF])

He also penned The Real Jesus before he got kicked out of WCG.  He published another book a few years later called Peter's Story.


Gavin R said...

I had no idea this book existed! I knew GTA was multi-talented, but had no idea he wrote bad fiction too...

Anonymous said...

thiss it not bad fiction jerk