Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tom Mahon: The End Has Come!!!!!!!

Did you know that "The END" is here?  According to Tom Mahon it is! Death and damnation are just hours away.  Perhaps tomorrow, not week or at the latest a month or so out.

Reading his drivel you would get the impression that everyone in the entire world is evil (except of course for Tom and a few specially chosen Armstrongites) and are going around brutalizing and killing one another.  Cities are filled with rampaging armies of evil people committing mayhem and murder every where you turn.  Not one inch of this country is safe to be in.

Its all the same hyperventilating nonsense that Armstrongism has been vomiting out for decades. Never mid the fact that Armstrongism is just as corrupt as the world around them.  Death, suicides, theft, stalkings, rapes murders, molestations.... on and on the list could go.

Today every imagination of the thoughts of men’s hearts is evil.  Note the video games, fictional books and films that emerge out of the imagination of the human heart.  They are corrupted and filled with violence, and that violence manifests itself in our schools, colleges, universities, in the streets of our cities, in our homes – as family members brutalised and murder one another.  And of course, on a larger scale, we have the violence of war, as peoples and nations strive to kill one another, because of greed!

Today our cities are cauldrons of corruption and violence, and humanity is the flesh!  Even Cicero, who lived over a hundred years before the birth of Jesus observed thus: “It is the city that creates luxury.  And out of luxury, inevitably, comes greed, out of greed bursts forth violence, out of violence proliferates all the various kinds of crime and iniquity.”  An apt description of the world in which we live.

I guess it is time to say good-bye before we all die tomorrow from the rampaging hoards of evil people.


Connie Schmidt said...

Dear Tom:

The Bible speaks of a Two Hundred Million man army coming out of the East in the "END TIMES".

There is not even remotely that many in the military in the far east, even in China and India combined which is currently around 7 million (including reservists).

To be able to have 200 million men militarized and having the ability to be supplied , trained, and transported would take many many years.

Sorry , Tom , but your prediction is way off.

Anonymous said...

OMG! DOOM AND GLOOM, GLOOM AND DOOM! You only live in the world you perceive. If that's not the world you perceive, then you don't have to live there! And those quote from Cicero doesn't prove anything, especially not for today. Maybe he could have picked some scientific studies done in this century?

As for the army, yeah, I mean, not that there aren't the men, but I don't know how fast or how secretly a 200 million man army could be trained either. My guess is, these days, perhaps fast, but not at all secretly. But still, I think the days of those pre-WWI attrition combat tactics may be behind us. Things would have to get pretty bad before we were back to cannon fodder strategies. With the opening up of economies comes wealth, individualism, rights, freedoms. People just aren't willing to die like they used to.

The measure of military might these days is technology, or perhaps, if things got really desperate, nukes, not raw boot on the ground. These days a man isn't really a soldier unless he's a member of a team deploying a piece of military hardware, like a tank, a naval battle group, a nuclear submarine, a B2 bomber. And the key to supremacy in military hardware is economics - you gotta spend, spend, spend. The US spends more than the next nine nation's military spending budgets combined, (not including black-budget) and that doesn't buy us near the military hardware to outfit 200 million men. Can you imagine what that would cost? And then to mobilize and supply them would bankrupt any nation, and maybe every nation, if you were to ballpark the expenses. Having 200 million men in your army might have sounded great in 90AD, but these days, it's fiscal suicide. If you want bang for your buck, nuclear deterrence is where is at. Sure, deploy your 200 million man army at the US. Unless every one of them is a Bruce Lee guerilla ninja warrior, how many tactical nukes would it take before the war was over? Again.

Anonymous said...

I wasted about 20 years of my life waiting for the second coming of Jesus. When someone comes along and predicts his return is just a matter of a few days or a few weeks away I can only sigh and feel bad for people who still believe this. As a member back in the early 80's I remember Armstrong saying that Jesus is returning soon, maybe by the end of the 80's. I am sick of waiting. And by the way I am sick of religion.

Byker Bob said...

If you look for evil, and paganism, you will either find it, or you will think you have. Same with good. Whichever looms the greatest on your personal horizon will seem to be predominant, and will dominate your world view. Optimist/pessimist. Armstrongites have always been very pessimistic about this current physical life, but optimistic about Jesus returning and setting up Armstrongism as God's government for the millennium.

Good luck with that!


Black Ops Mikey said...

These are just symptoms of depression.

Unfortunately, I believe that he lost his job and does not have any kind of career at the moment which is problematic for treatment options. There also seems to be chronic disease involved.

The problem with those who have been subjected to the ACoGs is that it is a rather depressing and dysfunctional venue which only gives hope in that the world will be destroyed shortly, it will be all over and there will surely be a better time ahead AFTER all the death, disease, devastation, destruction.

The entire cult will aggravate mental problems and disorders to make life hell on earth for those who survive the cult where for most, death is the only way out.

Allen C. Dexter said...

You know, it seems like these madmen get dumber and dumber all the time. At least old Herb tied his nonsense to specific prophecies he pretended to understand. These guys seem to ignore all that and just blast away with whatever they happen to pull out of their nether region whenever the urge comes over them104.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea, you definitely know the end is here when all the FALSE PROPHETS start showing up...Matthew 24:11

Anonymous said...

You'd think zero commments for the most part on Tom's blog and that occasional one or one or two disagreeing with him might give him pause for thought.

Tom is unique in that he has found and belongs to the one true himself.Or is that Bitter Bob's church?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you just love being under Tom Mahon in the Wunnerful World Tomorrow?

God save us from your followers.

Byker Bob said...

4:20~. There is the conundrum!

People of similar views often find one another, posting supportive messages, attaboys, etc. But in these hard cases, we find them complaining that nobody seems to want to join in. They seem to feel that their message is of dire consequence to the extent that they create websites and blogs, paying for those resources from their own in some cases meager pocketbooks. They make sure that their names are out there, often participating in the blogs of others, mostly to "correct" other posters.

People splinter at the drop of the hat, in attempts to get to the perfect faith, the perfect copy of HWA's intent from a snapshot of a particular set of years of his career, or even further refining HWA to obtain the perfect subset of legalism. If Sigmund Freud had written the book of Revelation, and the so called church eras reflected some of Freud's behavioral models, you'd have to describe post 1995 Armstrongish as the anal retentive era. The remnant seems to be selfish, obstinate, and legalistic.

There is no intelligent life on the sadly forsaken planet of Armstrongism! Beam me up, Scotty


Byker Bob said...

I'm thinking that Tom, like most people of the Armstrong school of thought, either ignores or forgets Isaiah 45:7, in which God specifically tells us that He creates evil. I am certainly not aware of all of the nuances behind this statement, but I do know that when you create one thing, like perhaps "good", you also either create or draw attention to the complete opposite of that thing, in this case, bad, or evil.

God's character is that He takes evil, and sublimates it. It's like spiritual karate, in that He takes it, turns it against itself, and uses it to produce good, often as an object lesson for the benefit of His children. So, if you attempt to parse evil, you lose sight of the bigger picture, just as with Peter and the wind. It is much healthier to view evil as simply one of the forces which are present as a part of everyday life, a force that does not always bring worst case scenario. One of the chief tools of Armstrongism was in fact parsing. They would parse the law to obtain the do's and don'ts which are supposedly the hold overs from the Old Covenant, they would parse out the vestiges of paganism supposedly extant in our modern times today, and they would parse badness or evil which they saw in everyone and every thing outside of the Armstrong system. This parsing gets you focussed on, and living in fear of, all of the wrong things. It ends up creating a dependency on Armstrongism, rather than on yourself, friends or family, or God, just to be able to cope. Depression ensues. Bad theology, and bad system!