Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bitter Bob: COGWA Is So Misinformed They Will Not Know When To Go To Petra

Bitter Bob's future HQ

Bitter Bob is not happy that 99.9% of the COG membership IGNORES his words of "wisdom" and his prophetic utterances.  Only he, and he alone, knows the truth.  Bitter BOB has already lashed out at his ungrateful mentor Rod Meredith for ignoring him.  Now he lashes out at COGWA with the same thing.

Bitter Bob is gearing up to be in Petra all by himself, or at least get there first and get the prime caves or the hotel rooms outside the entrance.  Bitter Bob says both LCG and COGWA are too dumb to figure things out to the extent he has.

COGWA’s contention that Daniel 11:39 was fulfilled thousands of years ago is inconsistent with the view contention that the verses of Daniel 11:35-39 have future fulfillment–which they do.

The chapter that COGWA refers to as the most detailed prophecy in the Bible is essentially admits it does not understand the details of it. Statements such as “offers a challenge in interpretation” suggest, to me at least, that COGWA has disagreement about how to interpret the statements or simply does not know. Most likely it is both.

Also, notice this explanation related to Daniel 9:27:
So the phrase “he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week” refers to the Messiah. (Henson D. 70 Weeks of Daniel: What Does the Prophecy Mean? http://lifehopeandtruth.com/prophecy/understanding-the-book-of-daniel/70-weeks-of-daniel/ viewed 06/03/14)
The above is in error. Verse 27 refers to the prince who is the one who will become the King of the North in Daniel 11. More details on Daniel 9:27 can be found in the article The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27.

Because COGWA does not understand a lot of the details in Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11, it will not know when the time to flee that Jesus discussed in Matthew 24 will be.

People who do not know what to expect will not know what to watch out for nor realize when the Great Tribulation will start until it is too late.  And this is not simply limited to those associated with COGWA.


Anonymous said...

He might be correct that COGWA and the other splinters will not know when the time to flee will be. That doesn't mean he will figure it out.

Thankfully, the Great Tribulation is just a failed prophecy, so the time to flee will never come.

So, that's a relief, isn't it?

Stupid fearmongers.

Connie Schmidt said...

So Bob is saying that someone who is a righteous person, who loves Christ is all his heart in both deed , actions and faith , who happens not to "know" when to flee will incur the wrath of God and Tribulation?

This is such utter nonsense.

It also elevates knowledge and "gnosticism" to being the important factor for salvation and deliverance according to Thiel.


Byker Bob said...

Ah, I get it. God won't be lovingly watching out for His children as individuals. He only watches one specific group. So if you don't accidentally guess that one oratorically challenged non-ordained pseudo prophet is the one to follow, why you are just s.o.l. The only problem is that dice don't have 700+ possible dots.

Seriously, anyway, people actually still believe in Petra? After all that has come out about Petra being yet another "doctrine" that HWA plagiarized? The people who taught it before him believed it was going to be the place where a remnant of the Jews were sequestered during Armageddon. During the 1930s, they actually stashed thousands of Bibles which included the New Testament in Petra to bring the Jews up to speed.

I always thought the rapture made much better sense, because it puts members of the deity in charge of who is transported instead of angry, egomaniacal, fake apostles.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine the arrogance that requires oneself to think that he is God's final authority but yet here we have it.

old EXPCG hag said...

Bitter Bob and all the rest false prophets will not be prepared physically, mentally, much less spiritually, when everything does come down.

Byker Bob said...

Ol' Bit ought to read up on William Eugene Blackstone, or Google "The Man from Petra", or visit Nabatea.net.

Also, Petra today has severe infrastructure problems due to improper restoration or preservation of the rock buildings, flood damage, and damage caused by tourism.

And, hey! Aren't these people the ones who constantly complain about the pagans, and paganism? Well, Petra is thought (per the Koran) to have been the capital or holy city of Islam!

This location was once a secret, but so many people now are aware of it having been looked to as the place of safety during Armageddon that if this stuff ever starts to come down, it'll be one of the first military targets the antiChrist hordes go after!

(Best read while listening to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust")


Anonymous said...

Bob is expecting his deity to tell him, "Now is the time to go to Petra."

Far more likely, however, is that he will be told, "I never knew you..."

Anonymous said...

What is really sickening is that Bit . . . and well, all the other little Herberts out there -- seem to assume that, while they're talking . . . it is being "thundered" around the world (I think I got the expression from Pack-man) when, in fact, the only ones paying attention are those who still believe this horsecrap . . . and those, like us here, who keep saying, "Can't believe you still believe this horsecrap!"
No one, Bob, who has never heard the message before, is even aware of you! You are not "reaching" anyone!

Assistant Deacon said...

Every day, in just about every way, Bob Thiel reveals his true nature.

For years he wrote prolifically on his blog/website, weighing in on an inordinate number of topics and beliefs. Apart from being unnecessary, it was overwhelming.

It was also apparent that Bob was desperately trying to establish himself as an authority, someone "the church" could turn to for research and writing on teachings in the COG (read: Armstrongist) tradition.

One got the nagging feeling that it was only a matter of time before Bob would figure out a way to set himself up as God's true servant on earth. And he's done exactly that.

People should run from this man, not be drawn to him. He comes off as calculating, deceitful, and self-aggrandizing in the extreme; and as someone who is, and has been, less concerned about what Jesus exemplified and taught than he is about being identified and sanctioned (the pathetic double-portion claim) as God's end-time servant.

Which means, in simplest terms, that he's just another nut-job who lost his perspective. His latest screeds about his and other people's dreams bear this out. Thiel and all of his various COG leader cronies have made the age-old mistake -- thinking God needs them to do his work in others. The sheer nerve of anyone to make that claim is beyond the pale.

He loves to hear himself speak. He loves to see his name and his work in print. He loves to emphasize "Ph.D." in his bylines. He loves himself.

It's so contrary to the historical narrative of Jesus found in scripture that it's amazing people fall for it in this day and age.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh, not to worry, because Art Braidic has told his merry followers in the Eternal Church of God that when the time comes, Angels will pick you up and whisk you away to the Place of Safety.

No need to worry about being in the wrong group, when to go or where it will be!


If true....

Anonymous said...

BB is almost "rapture-stupid"!

Anonymous said...

Every time someone brings up Petra, I think of a sermonette back in the WCG days where the guy was going over a hypothetical packing list for the "place of safety", that included 2 or 3 nice suits. The implication being, sure, you'll be living in caves and scrambling around on rocks while WWIII rages elsewhere around you, but it would be really terrible to be caught without a clean suit at services in case one gets torn or dirty. WCG priorities.

Anonymous said...

I just admire this Blog's tenacity to keep up-to-date with the remnant churches of Armstrongism and the lack of common sense of their followers. Yes I do come to this site every now and then to remind me of snare or trap I was once into. But with God's love and mercy, I was delivered out from this cult's hypnotic effect. For decades I struggled with logic until I saw the illogicality of their false teachings. I pity their followers and I thank God that he has restored sanity and common sense to my brain.

Byker Bob said...

2:17, as I was sadly leaving while the much promised 1972-75 was turning into a non-event, and everyone was back-pedaling, spinning, and reprogramming, there was a very popular and soulful song on the radio. Dobie Gray sang: "Give me the beat, boys, to free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock n roll, and drift away!"

My interpretation was that this was a song that captured the angst and ethos of an individual who had been caught up in what he thought was reality, but since being hit over the head with the fact it was all an illusion, now had to find some reason for getting past the confusion and soldiering on. The similarity of the imagery to what we as church members had experienced was profound. That song became a permanent element of the zeitgeist of that era, and never fails to trigger certain emotions even when I hear it today.

The people who are most deeply and fervently programmed today are going to either die believing that their illusion has been postponed, or they are going to end up becoming more bitter and disillusioned than they ever thought all of us were.