Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dave Pack: As Soon As You Become God You Will Receive "Awesome" Knowledge!

When Dave's followers become God they will receive instantaneous knowledge that will far exceed the wisdom of Solomon.  They will have so much knowledge that they will "blow" Solomon away with their wisdom.  Church of God members have always been a special lot.

Immediately when Solomon was given wisdom, he could make a decision based on facts in front of him. That’s different. It’s as different as the gift of wisdom, the word of wisdom, which is interesting, and the word of knowledge, as opposed to the gift of wisdom and the gift of knowledge. So it is a gift that involves the word. Logos, by the way. It’s the exact same word, no pun intended. It’s the exact same word in the Greek…of what Christ is called. So it’s the “word”—the logos of knowledge, gnĊsis. In effect, you will be given immediately an awesome—an awesome—amount of knowledge on the spot, or you won’t get one hour into your first day…No matter how godlike your power, no matter what miracles you have, no matter your decision-making where you have wisdom that blowsSolomon away, you can turn and heal somebody here, or turn and resurrect somebody over there, but if you don’t have the gift of the word of knowledge, you will get nowhere as a judge.


The Painful Truth said...

"Dave Pack: As Soon As You Become God You Will Receive "Awesome" Knowledge!"

Maybe at that time the membership will discover it was all about a financial scam. This may happen at death unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Offering 'awesome knowledge' and similar, is the equivalent of politicians offering freebies to voters in order to get elected. Once in power, they ignore the voters, living in luxury. And all that power, it feels sooooo good.