Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dave Pack Cannot Understand Why Splinter Groups Will Not Subordinate Themselves To Him

Dave Pack has always been furious that other COG leaders arose before him and took the members that should have been part of his splinter personality cult. How dare they!  Why would any of them subordinate themselves to Dave's putrid pile of government?  Just like all the rest of the splinter cult leaders, Dave set himself up to do his own work and has never really achieved anything worthwhile.  His income is dropping and members are leaving.  His mini-me auditorium still cannot be built.  Tens of thousands of COG members have not joined up with him nor have they sent him any of their money. The Restored Church of God is just like all the other COG's.  It has constantly been fracturing and splintering.
“Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and…hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place…[“You cannot hide from me!” I showed you in Jeremiah 23, God is going to pursue them with whirlwinds of fire, no matter wherever they are in the world, when He comes to Zion. But first, we are going to warn, and we are going to talk—we are going to try to reason together and get them to understand, “I don’t care how scarlet your sins are. They can be white as snow. Wake up! You don’t have to die.” God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. But the leaders…Remember, in Matthew, Christ said, “You bind burdens grievous to be born on people, and you make your followers two fold more the child of hell than yourselves. You shut up the kingdom of God, Matthew 23, from others, and you don’t go in yourself.”
They block people, exactly like the splinter leaders do. Brethren want to be back together, but there is a certain group of scorners who hate government and truth, and don’t want to subordinate themselves to God’s government. So they go do their own works and never achieve anything, and they are where they were 20 years ago, unless they are smaller, and scattered, and shattered into more pieces; constantly fracturing. But it is the same in both places.] Part 14


Byker Bob said...

Dave speaks as if the shrinkage, splintering and scattering isn't affecting his work. How could he possibly exclude himself from all of that?

The reason people don't go with Dave does have a somewhat vulgar name, so I won't spell it out. But, its initials are a.h. And they refer to an orifice held closed by a sphincter.


Michael said...

Really, why won't they all come to Dave?
I mean, he's obviously HWA's successor, did anyone see the "Behind Work 2016" film?

Why, Dave exits what appears to be a GulfStream or similar.
They have a Hall of Ad, and a creek running through HQ.
Are these people blind, or what?


Anonymous said...

Is this taken from a sermon or an letter pack has written ?

Hoss said...

The 2016 "Behind the work" video says these sermons are having a galvanizing effect... Come in, get rustproofed, then leave.

I wonder what percentage of the "millions of downloads" are from Banned and other critique sites?

Minimalist said...

"His mini-me auditorium still cannot be built."

Nor will it get built.
The business-model is a proven failure:
HWA's empire collapsed!

Who would be foolish enough to try and replicate it?
The Wadsworth experiment is devolving into a spectacular money-burn!

Anonymous said...

"subordinate themselves to Gods government?" What Dave really means is subordinate themselves to his will, a psychopathic trait. God already leads every Christian individually. Christ in Revelation states that He hates this tyrannical Nicolaitan 'government.' Which means that in Gods eyes, the slivers are the true dissidents, and their ministers are the rebels.

Unknown said...


"They block people, exactly like the splinter leaders do."

I SAY...

Byker Bob said...

Really, the only person who was ever groomed to take over the Armstrong empire was GTA. Back in the day, GTA was tremendously respected, only second to his father. Something happens to family businesses when the patriarch fails to retire around normal retirement age. A pattern of frustration sets in, questionable decisions are made, and there is often a clash of wills if not an out and out power struggle.

The classic WCG was doomed in several ways. Whether by design, or not, "the end" was more or less timed with what would have been HWA's final descent into the feebleness of old age. The combination of the end not coming, and GTA's moral failure, all but guaranteed the downfall of the empire. There was nobody else whose fingers had been allowed into every piece of the pie. All of the possible pretenders to the throne were more or less restricted to their specific crafts or areas. Even if talents and abilities were wholesaley imbued upon ordination, rather than being enhanced in a natural growth process involving symbiosis of the physical and spiritual, nobody was being designated or ordained right up until the deathbed activities of HWA. Even so, if the successor had continued the same policies, rather than taking on the roll of a reformer (something that really was needed in many ways), most likely the church's decline would have been greatly slowed.

Instead, the Alexander Haig types ("I'm in charge!") came forward to fill various vacuums, and never faded because an actually qualified (using generally accepted internal WCG criteria) successor never emerged or came forward. The contests have continued to this very day.

Something is deeply lacking in each of the "leaders" who have emerged in the experiments which they have conducted over the past 20-30 years, and by this point in time, you have to look at relevancy. So much has been learned that members must make a concerted effort to reject or counter in order to continue belief in British Israelism, which was the entire basis for the end times scenario (hook) of HWA. International travel and commerce is rapidly moving major nations into situations where there is no longer any majority race, whether or not the human genome had ever been mapped. Also, the relationship between "correct" doctrine and an ability to understand end time prophecy has been shown not to exist (whether or not that is the way prophets in the past received their insider information).

I wonder if every teacher of Armstrongism doesn't secretly know that what they lived their lives expecting just isn't going to happen. A pattern has emerged involving climate change, unexpected Arab immigration patterns, continued dominance and technology of the USA, and the failure of growth and or emergence of any of the splinters which would elevate them above the level of statistic negligability. A splinter leader would almost be compelled to yell and scream vociferously, to draw attention to himself and to rally his troops in an effort to counter the obvious. Because absolutely ridiculous things are now being said, and irrational restrictions imposed, this sort of posturing is perceived as being desperation-based meltdown.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to esteem others better than yourself?

Anonymous said...

Lay the blame where it belongs, with HWA. The entire "God's government" argument used by these guys began with him, and has been perpetuated by those of his lieutenants who wish to lay claim to power they don't possess or deserve. Pack is one of those, and his self-aggrandizing statements are a continuation of Herbert Armstrong's folly.

Anonymous said...

Just one of many things Dave's deficits prevent him from understanding...

Hoss said...

Sitting in what appear to be beautiful surroundings, listening to hour after hour of mind-numbing flight-of-fancy sermons - when one could be in a cozy home video group watching such eye-opening messages like CCOG, a corporate sole, not a 501(c)(3). No wonder Dave is losing members...

Sweetblood777 said...

I would say that Dave has been out trumped.

Just as Killary has been Trumped, Dave has been Weakarmed.

He needs to grow some growls.

The Painful Truth said...

I repeat my latest post here:

People here mention God and the bible all the time. Have any of you thought that if there be a "God" that this being would be so much more than the bible god? I cannot conceive that "God" would use a cretin like herbie armstrong to reach the world. To do so is like having Subway Sandwiches having a pedophile continuing to promote their products. They would lose all their credibility.

So if the bible god is a promoter of evil I suspect he/she/it would use such an evil man as herbie armstrong to promote his ideology/commands/religion.

And yet the armstrongites will double down on stupid and blaspheme and continue to pursue hwa's theology.

Do they love God?
No. They love the errors of their ways.

Hoss said...

Bob Thiel recently posted: 10% of American children claimed to have ADD: Is there a cause?

Perhaps being forced to sit quietly through hours-long sermons?

Anonymous said...

All of these guys are the same with authority. I belonged to a small COG splinter group with about 300 members for a number of years. That head pastor said the same thing as Pack did. If neither of them will submit to the other, and they all think their the sliced cheese, perhaps they need to look at the example of one truly in authority, and who is truly a servant Jesus Christ. If they keep looking in the mirror at themselves as being the king of the hill, all there going to get and give, is the same over and over.

A word to the Packs and all the others from a simpleton. Read your Bible, and find out how Jesus told you all to act and strive for unity, then, maybe then, you'll come together in service towards one another to serve the flock.

My 9 year old could figure that out...jeez.