Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ron Weinland Disturbed by Continual Loss of Members Out of His Cult

Ever since Ron Weinland was sent to prison for 3 1/2 years, his personality cult has suffered catastrophic loss of members.  When his dingy wife and appallingly corrupt children were left in charge of his cult at his imprisonment, he has seen loyal followers abandon him right and left.  Many were along time members who stood by him when all of his previous prophecies failed.  They have finally had enough, and this includes his own mother!

I think of the lecture series I'm preparing for the ministerial meeting coming up in a couple of weeks. And we have Garth coming over from New Zealand and Wayne from Australia, and Chris. And then, of course, Willem, Audra, and Jeremy all coming in, as well as all the senior elders here in the U.S. and my wife and I. It's the first one we've had since 2011 where everyone was able to come in together like that. And so as I've been preparing some of that been very sobered by going back and looking at some of the statistics of things that have happened throughout a long period of time here and seeing the different ministers who have gone by the wayside, considering the numbers of people in the Church who continue to go by the wayside, and I think back at the time of Mr. Armstrong and seeing some of those ripples take place, as we're getting ready to talk about even here in what is covered in this section of the book, and it is a very sobering thing. But since the Apostasy far more obviously, and the things that we've gone through are on an incredible scale of a magnitude of a story flow that will be in history and in time that is quite astounding.
And so many, so many have gone by the wayside. Several since the Feast as well, several more in different areas. By several I mean probably six or seven. That's far too many people. Either disfellowshipped or suspended from services for a period of time. Those are difficult things to go through. But we're at a time now that we are either in the temple or we're not. And if people are dragging their feet and doing things they shouldn't be doing God is taking care of that. He's bringing everything to the surface. And you don't want to be in those shoes. It's one thing if things go through a process, we're able to go through things within the Church and they come out and we're able to deal with them as time goes along, but when God gets more directly involved, please understand He will bring to light the things that need to be brought to light. And that's the period of time we're in. And that's the kind of soberness we need to have, to be sobered, to be watchful, to be alert and to recognize what human nature can do.
A lot of people that I never would have dreamed of that have gone by the wayside over the last 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years is quite amazing; individuals that I just wouldn't have thought it of. 

Weinerdude just cannot seem to understand that people are leaving because of all of his lies.  Every thing he has prophesied has failed to come to pass.  He has to continually reset dates or claim that his god has now allowed more time.  He also realizes that part of his problem is the internet.  His cult members are starting to read all kinds of things about him on the internet.  Many of his ex-members regularly comment on False Prophet Ron Weinland: Don't Drink The Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets.  Of course it is the evil of technology and pressures of the world that is drawing people away from his cult and not his failed prophecies.
That's always been an admonition to God's people, but especially now as we're drawing closer and closer to the very end, and because of the pulls of this world, because of technology and those things there are pulls upon people's lives, there are pressures in people's lives in a manner, in a way that never existed in God's Church in the past 2,000 years! In the last 20 and 30 years that has changed dramatically! And it's had an incredible impact on God's people because it's powerful, what we're dealing with out there in this world. And there is a lot of pressure and a lot of stress in society in the world. And you see this more and more. Incredible what's taking place out there before our very eyes. 
Even worse for Weinerdude and his dingy second witless witness wife is that this members who are left are not putting their whole heart into Weinerdude's work.
So again, the fact that you're here, the message from God is be encouraged and keep fighting. Keep fighting! Because you have to fight this all the way to the end and you can't do it halfway. We still have a few... still have a few that are kind of doing it halfway. Brethren, we have got to be in God's Church, in the Body of Christ, living our lives in the Father and the Son on a spiritual plane and them in us. And if we continue in sin, if we're not genuine to the core of our being God will bring those things to the surface. This is a time we must be genuine, we must be true, we must be worshipping God in spirit and in truth. And those weaknesses that we have in our life and the baggage we've been dragging along, it has to stop. We have to get a hold of those things, get a grip on those things in our life and fight like we've never fought! We're in the final stretch. 
We have been in the proverbial "final stretch" for 80 years now and not once has any of these liars ever gotten it right.  All of the endless rantings by Meredith, Pack, Flurry, Kubik, Thiel, Malm and the rest of the losers have been 100% wrong from the very moment they open their heretical mouths.

The lying loser still hopes that many will come back. He always creates an easy out for himself though.  It is not his actions that are during away people, but his god cleansing the temple of the unlearn chaff.  Those damn laodiceans are every where!
You have got to want it with all of your being. And so some who have been suspended, I hope they're able to come back, and I feel that some will. Others, I don't know! Are there more? I believe there are. We're not fully cleansed yet. Some are not doing what they need to be doing. Some are not battling like they should be. And I know that's true. I hate to see that. I hate to see individuals, for whatever reasons.... This is not a free ride. This is not something that's owed to us. It's something we must desire with all of our being, be convicted of it and cry out to God to deliver us, to strengthen us, to help to continue to go forward and not to take anything for granted, not to become lukewarm. 
You can read the rest of his lies here:  Be Encouraged, Part 5


Connie Schmidt said...

Looks like the "Weiner" has lost his mustard!

Anonymous said...

This is typical Pharisaic behaviour. He expects perfection from his followers, but puts himself above the law.

Kathleen said...

I know! What's the matter with his faithless flock? Are they feckless? Followers can't give up just because a fearless leader fouls up now and then! Goodness! Why, I remember back in the day that we paid no attention at all to HWA's failed prophesies, let alone when the State of California appointed a receiver to see to it that our hard-earned tithes and generous offerings were used properly. No, sir. We wrote an endorsement on the back of our checks, which we dutifully diverted to Tucson, AZ, to avoid such a scandalous misappropriation, stating that our dear leader could use our tithes and offerings as he saw fit for the furtherance of the gospel (or to buy fine art, expensive booze, or jet planes). They just don't make feeble-minded followers like that these days.

Sweetblood777 said...

Kathleen, at least we did not the internet. No one out in the field knew what was really going on. To day, this is no longer an excuse.

Byker Bob said...

Who could he possibly blame except himself? Oops! Silly me! Why, his victims of course!


Eddby said...

If he ever finds his mustard, you can be sure it will never sprout.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The only real puzzle is why anyone would stay with him at this point of time.

Black Ops Mikey said...



Hey dude, it's only money....