Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dave Pack: "Wow! This is Great!" You will be "judges" and "pastors"

Dave Pack has discovered his ultimate wet dream.   Being a judge and a pastor in the kingdom!  Oh wait, he does that now!  Dave tells his members that as a pastor they will be able to exterminate those those that are "not fit to live."
Who carries out enforcement of everything? What about the prison system? Okay, we found out certain kings are going to prison. Who else? Where are the prisons? Who builds the prisons? What kinds of prisons? How long do you stay in prison? Is it only for the kings?…But all the other things that are related to that.
Oh…While you are doing the judging, who is doing the pastoring? For that matter, is there a difference? If you are a priest and a minister, a godlike judge, are you all those things? Because now you have people coming along and want to be converted. Wow! This is great. You have other people that are compliant, and you have some other people that are not fit to live.

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Anonymous said...

Is God so impotent that he needs the derelicts of His own creation to clean up the mess we made? Why would He rely on numbnuts like Dave to clean up the streets or whatever?