Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dave Pack: RCG members will be able to "Bang" and "Boom" like Jesus

The crazy thoughts that fill Superfantabulous David C Pack's mind:

Christ could walk on water. He could suspend the Laws of Thermodynamics. He could cause a human being to walk on water—Peter. He could calm a storm. He had tremendous power over the weather. He could turn things from one substance to another—water into wine. He could take a few scraps of food and feed vast thousands—on the spot. He could cast out demons. There was not a single disease He couldn’t heal…We’re talking about when He was lower than the angels, not when He was made much better. He could heal every single kind of disease that ever came to Him. So much power in Him that if somebody grabbed His garment…and He was so close to God, He could feel power go out of Him and heal them…like the lady with the issue of blood.
He could read people’s thoughts on the spot…Bang! And knowing their thoughts, He said…He could disappear in crowds—BOOM! Where did He go? We have never understood that. How did He just get away? Maybe it is harder for somebody 6’ 7” to figure that out…[Laugher]. I’m trying to show you. He could do anything. He could cast demons out and throw them into pigs! He had the ability to move in and out. Unlimited power—that’s what it means to be “a little lower than the angels”—not where we are now.
Consider something that is at least good speculation. Let’s say you work in Moscow. You have five cities around Moscow and you live in Zion at night…Let’s have a little fun here—let’s talk a little science…and you think, “Well, I can just ride an angel up there—Phssst! Well, two problems: If you go real fast…think of the shuttle…you’ll burn up—BANG! You’ll never make it to Moscow. I don't care. If the angel is your pony, he’ll make it and you won’t. He will look up, and you’ll be gone. [laughter] No bones will be left—nothing! If he takes you high in the atmosphere and stops, you’ll instantly freeze to death. So, if he goes real high…Now, if he balances the amount of speed with the temperature around you that’s cold, he might be able to keep you at a point where you don’t freezeor cook.
If you are going to ride an angel, get a smart one. [laughter] Get one that travels with a computer and factors in your body weight and size and all kinds…how are you dressed…and everything. [laughter] I’m trying to have fun here. Because if you think, “Well, Wow! We’ll be able to travel on angels,” I would submit to you that those who travel on angels would be people and children and others.
If you want to go to Moscow, and you can suspend the Laws of Thermodynamics—Phssst!—You’re there. “Oh no, only God could do that.” Are you sure? Why? If it takes a miracle to get you there on an angel’s back, where the angel has to build a heat shield around you [laughter] and whatever else…and make sure it is the best tile…because we can’t lose a judge…The bench is empty in Moscow…Do you see my point? Brethren, have a little fun with this, but think practically. Christ just walked on water.


Anonymous said...

Notice how Pack doesn't tell his victims about the things Christians can do now through the Holy Spirit within them. If he talked about that, people might realize that they didn't have the Holy Spirit through Dave's ministrations. Worse, when Dave finds people who do have the Holy Spirit, and who display the fruits of that Spirit, he chases those people away.

Hoss said...

In this piece of Dave's diversionary drivel, he reminds me of silly stuff ministers would say in FOT sermonettes for children, about how "magical" things will be in "the Kingdom".

Anonymous said...

It was God the Father who did the healing and other miracles, not Christ Himself.
On the topic of healing, leprosy is a virus that would be in the dead skin and cloths. So how did God get rid of every single virus. Even Star Trek technology would be challenged by this.

DennisCDiehl said...

I've been to Tiberius snd the Lake (it's no sea) and the catfish are huge. I know how Jesus did walked on the Lake now. .

Black Ops Mikey said...

First David Pack needs to convince us that Jesus actually existed and explain how the gospels could be true when they were forged documents written decades after supposedly Jesus died. He needs to prove the Bible. He needs to prove that it isn't a book of failed prophecies.

Otherwise, he has not one shred of credibility.

Good luck with that, by the way -- he has an impossible job ahead and should face that he is a worthless failure who is completely deluded without one shred of hope that any of his idiotic prophecies will come true.

Get real.

Deal with it.

And don't even think about doing a Jonesville.

Anonymous said...

"Brethren, have a little fun with this, but think practically. Christ just walked on water."

And Tony the Giant taught me to walk on fire!

Byker Bob said...

Could this be a prelude? Is Dave going to announce soon in the future that he has done these things, or can do these things?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just change the name of this website to Bitter Atheists, Agnostics Anonymous, or Tyched In The Head Tares? At least that would be a bit more honest than, "Banned by HWA! Books, News and Observations About Armstrongism and the Churches of God." I feel sorry for you all, but life is not supposed to be perfect. People get sick, people are sometimes swindled, people die, but it is not all always someone else's fault. This is, after all, Satan's world, we have evil fallen human nature, and we are to overcome and grow, with God's help, not wallow in sorrow and anger. Leave the wallowing in sorrow and anger to the demons.

Anonymous said...

"Could this be a prelude?"

Yes, Captain Obvious! and Dave makes it so painfully obvious!