Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dave Pack having trouble with fornicating flat-earthers

Things are to rosy in Wadsworth.  All kinds of despicable things are going on.

I see people leave for amazing reasons…just stunning, really. A couple goes out and fornicates. They are suspended from church. We tell them they’re going about it the wrong way, and they refuse to take our phone calls, because we tell them, “Slow down. You did it wrong. You can’t get married right away.” And they accuse us of teaching doctrines of demons, refusing to marry, commanding to abstain from marriage. They can’t even understand—they fornicated, they lied, they covered it up. They’re out of the Church. They won’t even take our phone calls, because we are demonic—in the face of their fornication.
We had another flat-earther leave…absolutely incensed. Another one, a third one, who left absolutely incensed that we could possibly be so stupid as to not believe in a flat earth. Such people absolutely know that the earth is round, because from their perspective…on the planet where they were born, which was clearly Mars—they are not from Earth—they could see Earth is round. They can see the Moon is round; right behind them looms giant Jupiter. They can see from Mars that all of the planets are round and…
They were obviously shipped out, because they couldn’t even fit on Mars…and they shipped them here, because they…I don’t know. It’s obviously a theory I have associated with why such people have less excuse than us—having spent a lot of time in inter-galactic travel [laughter] examining the roundness of things in the solar system. I don’t know…It’s just a thought…It’s a theory that, I mean…God teaches the Church through His leaders and possibly that should be a doctrine [laughter]…I don’t know. 


DennisCDiehl said...

I won't refuse your call Dave. Call me? Or if busy..have a council of 16 minister call me? Please? Have them all call me? Would love to chat about weird n strange ideas you've come up with and how you're painting a different picture of it etc....

DennisCDiehl said...

"They go out and fornicate....we tell them they are going about it the wrong way"

Write for my free booklet "Fornication...Do It The Right Way"

Anonymous said...

“Dave Pack having trouble with fornicating flat-earthers”

This is just another old trick. Scammers like Pack will tell his suckers about crazy things that they will naturally tend to agree with him on (such as fornicators and flat-earthers). Pack will even get his audience laughing about the absurdity of such people and their behavior.

At the same time, the laughing suckers don't stop to think about the crazy things that Pack does to them and how absurd that is.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Same-sex marriage is legal in Ohio since June 2015, so what's the problem.

Guys can marry and don't have to fornicate.

At the same time Pack has nothing but disdain for those who believe in a flat world.

I have nothing but disdain for Davie Pack because he believes in the ridiculous idea of British Israelism.

Along with Dennis, I am willing to discuss how wrong Davie Pack is with him and show him proof that debunks British Israelism.

What is he afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Does the bun in the oven always come out half-baked as the way you sound to your audience, Dave?

"…God teaches the Church through His leaders and possibly that should be a doctrine [laughter]…I don’t know.."