Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dave Pack: Church members will be second class "eternal" beings

Dave just might been for a surprise!

Dave expects his group will become eternal beings, though his members will be second rate eternal beings.  They never will be like God, though they are Gods.  Gods who are eternal beings who will live for infinity, but they are second class eternals.  All except for Dave of course.  Since he gets to personally shake the hand lo Jesus as he enters the new temple onto Temple mount in a few years, he will be in a special class of chosen people who will sit at the right hand of Jesus.  Jesus needs Dave.  How would Jesus rule without Dave at his side?  Dave is filled with such superfantabulous knowledge that he is needed to help JC run the world.

First of all, understand, the moment you are born into the Family of God, that is when you entered the Family of God…but what are you made of? You are made of eternal Holy Spirit. God changes the Spirit of God that is in you; changes your body, and you are made…we’ll use this term…you are made of eternal “stuff.” You’re not made of immortal stuff; you are made of a different kind of spirit than angels. You’re composed of something that is eternal. It has no beginning and no end, even though you did. Paul is telling the Romans…In a way, you are immortal, because you started like angels, but you immediately went to a spirit that is eternal. What does that mean? Why is that important? What does it have to do with a word of knowledge? Well…just about everything.
Once you are born into the family of God, you, literally, tap into eternal knowledge. Eternal knowledge—all that God has ever been. In other words, when you are changed, you’re not given…from a warehouse shelf…a spirit body, either similar to angels or just some other kind of spirit, to replace the physical one you have. The Holy Spirit in you is a down payment, an earnest, of a full body made of the Holy Spirit, which is eternal and brings with it everything that God is.
We won’t have the same authority that He does, but we will be children, like Him…As we have often explained; Mr. Armstrong used to say this in his own words…as much as your children are like you. They are not exactly you and they will never exceed you while you are still alive. They will always have to honor you; you will not honor them, as you are their parents. But they go on to be people who look pretty much like you, at least a combination of the parents, and so forth. You understand that. So we will be a little different in that way.


R.L. said...

"Second rate" and eternal sure beats first-rate and dead.

Anonymous said...

Children never exceeding their parents? Dave is obviously not well read.

Anonymous said...

"Dave Pack: Church members will be second class "eternal" beings"

The fear of not being above all others is great with this one. The penultimate brown-noser Dave is. The day he found religion was only a means to that end. He has removed all the guard-rails while pushing the pedal to the floor. Just a mad wreckless way to get to the top!