Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dave Pack: Hundreds of millions of angels will be at the beck and call of RCG members

Can you imagine being a Restored Church God member who has been told they are the most special people on the entire earth and that heaven will open to their desires and grant them every wish to then discover that Dave has lied to them from day one? Everything this man says is a lie.  The heavenly realm are NOT at their beck and call and will not be "ministering" to them as they rule the nations.

I am sure the RCG members sit there giddy with delight to be told this kind of malarkey. To be special and set apart has been one of the myths that Armstrongism has used to control members for 80 some years.
But, to minister to or to minister for…Live by the sword and perish by it—live by the sword and perish with it. I thought, “I had better double check. I want to see.” The word “to” is the preposition eise-i-s, pronounced like “ice” cold. “For” is dia [dē-ä]. It is a different word, and it means “on behalf,” “for,” “causatively.” It is not speaking of them ministering to you, it is speaking of them ministering for you! These awesome, powerful beings in great numbers.
Now let’s talk about them for a minute. Seven of them act as Christ’s eyes across the world. Four of them are going to effect the death of over two billion people. One took 72,000 lives, until it was stopped at Araunah’s threshing floor. They can travel at the speed of thought—shooop!—that’s a lot faster than that. It takes about an eighth of a second for light to travel around the earth—about an eighth of a second. So if you are traveling at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, you can get anywhere on Earth in about a 17th of a second. Angels can move at the speed of thought. Seven of them will pour out the trumpet plagues that affect the entire Earth. Seven more, will pour out the seven last plagues. One angel, on God’s behalf, brought the book of Revelation to John, and he was so awesome, that a 100-year-old man—who knew better—started to worship him, and he said, “Stop. Stop. I’m your fellow servant.”
They are such awesome, amazing beings. Now God is way above them, we just saw that. Christ is made way better than they are. When He came back from the dead, Christ was now made, and He was way better than they were. Once He died, God had to bring Him back and make Him a member of His family again, and He was made much better than the angels. They can pass two buses right through each other. They can do battle with the devil and win. They are incredible beings!
We just talked about them, and how God is going to use them, hundreds of millions of them—billions maybe—to assist you. Do you think you’re going to need a bureaucratic pile-up all around you, train wrecking and choking everything in red tape? Absolutely not! If you told an angel…Before you even find out the power that God is going to give you, if you told an angel: “Get that king!”—shooop ‒ shooop—he’s back. “Bind him!”—Bang! You could do it yourself. I’ll show you, you’ll have the ability to do it yourself, or angels could do it on your behalf. That’s how billions of people come into subjection…but you have to come to grips with that verse. 


Black Ops Mikey said...

But RCG members ARE special!

There's no one like them who actually believe the ox manure Davie Pack is spreading.

Hoss said...

Again, beyond the lunatic fringe. So strange it doesn't even feel sane to offer rational critique. To borrow a quote attributed to Wolfgang Pauli, "That is not only not right, it is not even wrong!"

Byker Bob said...

Nice. So why does Dave need money? What's up with this "common" thingie? He extorts from his people, and leaves it up to the angels to take care of them. Seems to me he should lead by example rather than an endless flow of words.


Sweetblood777 said...

Does anyone know what verse he is speaking of?

So much of what he says sounds totally made up. Dave should have become an author of children's books/comics.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Uh oh! Now he's done it!

It looks like he's going to replace Eric King as the king of weirdness!

Bring on those demons coming through the Stargate at the bottom of the ocean and hovering in their flying saucers.

Dave Pack trumps Eric King with far more interesting stuff in this wonderful world of crackpotology.

Anonymous said...

The way that this old trick works is that David Pack tells his gullible followers that they will get all sorts of wealth, miracles, power, authority and eternal life in the future if they just follow him right now and go along with everything that he makes up. Of course, right now, David Pack's gullible followers just get lied to, get confused by massive doctrinal changes, get strung along by wrong prophetic guesses that fail and need to be rescheduled, get totally robbed, get put to slave labor doing endless fund-raising, end up in debt, become effectively emasculated, get yelled and spit at, and finally end up being rudely discarded and called “bums.” If it seemed too good to be true, that is because it was not true.

David Pack reminds me of those dirty, old, Muslim Imams who tell young, sex-crazed, weak-minded, Muslim guys that they will go straight to the seventh heaven and get 72 virgins if they become terrorist suicide bombers right now. Of course, for some reason, the dirty, old Imams prefer to stick around and screw women right here and now. The inexperienced, younger, Muslim guys who have had their heads filled with evil noise all their lives do not always think for themselves or stop to ask why the Imams never became terrorist suicide bombers themselves if the rewards are really so wonderful.

The Third Witness said...

"I had better double check." You can say that again!

Connie Schmidt said...

How much money did Angels take or solicit in the Bible?? Pack should follow their example!

Anonymous said...

"Before you even find out the power that God is going to give you,...I’ll show you, you’ll have the ability to do it yourself,...That’s how billions of people come into subjection..."

those poor dumb sheep,

"Before you even find out how deceived you were by D Pack, when he lies about what God has said or is saying now...knots his words for the absurd...leaving many to decide to use their oil to light a path away from another Pack of wolves."

there, I fixed it for you!