Monday, August 5, 2013

Ron Weinland: Is Ron Suffering From Mental Health Issues While In Prison?

Ron Weinland, aka Weinerdude (not the New York version), has written another letter from prison as it was dictated to Bubba, Ron's bunk buddy.

Ron has this to say about the sins of the fathers dumped upon the children of the 3 and 4th generation.

Although the experience of physical pain in human life can be very unpleasant, the actual pain from suffering within the human mind can be much greater. Mental and emotional suffering come from a vast array of causes, all of which stem from sin and the curses that mankind has brought upon themselves. Many of these are simply passed down generation to generation or have even come as a result of what has been handed down from degenerating bodies (genes) as a result of curses and sin.
Ron is apparently suffering him self from mental health issues while in prison.  There seems to be a bunch of mean, nasty bloggers out there that are picking on him and making him the laughing stock of hte Church of God.

Ron is also suffering because of the disloyalty of many in his shrinking cult.  They refused to stick by as he sits in jail for 3 1/2 years.

Ron lists a laundry list of things that can cause mental health issues:

Although it is only very partial, the following list shows the kind of depth for causes and effects to human suffering and wrong experiences in life that cause such suffering (mental, emotional, and physical): betrayal, angry encounters, jealousy, envy, loss of the life of loved ones, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, arguments, false accusations, racism, robbery, countless diseases, cheating, adultery, fornication, HIV, rage, cancers, financial loss and struggle, obesity, depleted and contaminated foods, countless additives and chemicals in foods, indebtedness, divorce, unemployment, hostile work environment, oppression, murders, thefts, warfare, gossip, gambling addiction, oppressive government, corruption in government and business, false accusations, being maligned, daily pressures and stress of life, bloggers who lie, disloyalty, bad relationships, drug addiction, alcoholism, road rage, terrorism, pornography, greed, misuse of the Internet, malnutrition, deformities, bullying, controlling, fearfulness, phobias, evil, etc., etc. How many of these have been part or much of your experience in life? There seems to be no end to the means for human suffering that occupies so much of life. The real curses of life are overflowing, especially in this age of technology where sin is so easily multiplied.  


DennisCDiehl said...

There can't help but be a time under such circumstances, no matter how they came about, where a man faces how things actually are not how he imagines them to be. Dave Pack will probably have that same realization before long with his up and coming equally failing views of who he is and what is what.

Ron no doubt needs counseling. The problem always seems to be that men like this don't listen to to others or take any input as valid or important to consider. So they suffer.

All negativity, which Ron is in, is some form of non-acceptance. When Ron faces what he won't accept, he will begin to heal as a human being. All suffering is holding on to things which are to be let go of. Nothing lasts and the degree to which we think they do, we will suffer.

Ron is probably meeting real human beings with real lives, issues and feelings for the first time. Rubber and road and all that. COG of God ministers aren't used to being around people they'd prefer not to be around or seeing life as others actually live it and not how it looks in church. Dave Pack can with no conscience or care demand people in church "pull big triggers" for him financially but not have to see the pain it causes the person who does. Dave doesn't have to see the division he causes in the family, the anger, the rage of an non RCG member over their deluded mate's doing such a crazy thing.

So I suspect Ron is right on schedule for the time he has been there for reality and not his fantasy theology world to be setting in. It can't be easy and it has to be terrifying at times. In this I feel for the man.

Dave Pack is next to learn not to spend so much time in La La Land or stuck in his own mind and ego weaving tales that simply are not so in my opinion.

Douglas Becker said...

One of the things that can impact mental health deeply is to be associated with, follow and be subject to narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, cons and nutjobs, which includes lying insane false prophets convicted of felony Income Tax evasion serving 42 month prison terms.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, in Ron list as issues that can cause mental health issues, "betrayal, and angry encounters" are at the top of his list.

Unfortunately for Ron, he has used these tactics against people, to the extreme, in a way that's now biting him in his 'brain-ass'.

Surely, his extreme betrayal of members with his many failed prophecies qualifies as a cause of his mental health issues, as does the many angry encounters he's had(including those toward his critics) which have become characteristic of him.

Ron, with just your first 2 points, you've seen a bit what's wrong with you. You are "On the track"...keep it up! (Or down, whichever way Bubba likes it.)

Byker Bob said...

Up to the point where he speaks of being maligned, and the bloggers who lie, it almost sounds as if he were finally getting into the introspection which would lead to better mental health and or rehabilitation.

There are people who do wrong, get caught, have punishment assigned, and then upon completion of the punishment they determine that the wrong was not worth the punishment. Let's see if this applies to someone from the Armstrong ministerial pathology. One would normally expect an explosion of self righteousness and a barrage of self-justification, but, time will tell!


Corky said...

Weinland should be out on parole by Christmas...oh, the irony of such a gift.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Mr. Weinland use his two witnesses' super duper power and blast his way out of prison? His wife could be doing the same from outside the prison walls. He could be out in no time.