Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dave Pack's Land Grab

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It was mentioned sometime back that Dave was buying up land around his compound Wadsworth. In addition to the housing development he is building inside the compound for he and select ministers, he has also bought 10 homes on Akron Road.  Akron Road is at the lower bottom of the screen shot above.  You can see many of the driveways.  This is providing nice homes for the elite who never question any of his actions or teachings.  Before long all 16 of his advisory council of elders will be living on the compound. Being a rubber stamp is more important than integrity, but that has been how the COG has operated for 80 some years now.  Never question the Dear Leader, but they sit there and agree with everything, even though deep down at least a couple of them know there is something terribly wrong.  The almighty paycheck trumps every time.


Byker Bob said...

Nice. That's ten fewer neighbors that his cult will be annoying!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if he mentioned during the mortgaging process that it's all part of the divine plan for his church to flee the country before the bills come due.

Anonymous said...

Dave's 'select ministers' have done a Esau by flushing their eternal lives down the toilet bowl for their bowl of soup, which in this case is one of Dave's houses plus playing minister in his compound. It's like Bart Simpson selling his soul to the devil for $5 in one of the episodes.
So sad, but what can you do?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The HWA wannabee Dave Packatolla and his cult campus doesn't even come close to the three college campuses HWA developed at Pasadena, Ca., Big Sandy, Texas and Bricket Wood, England.

Dave Packatolla is no Herbert Armstrong! Not even close.


Hoss said...

Anon 636

In an FOT sermon Dennis Luker told us that HWA got a huge loan from some Arab group, and the first repayment wasn't due for something like 10 years. The audience went into uproarious laughter, assuming we'd be in the Place of Safety by that time...

Anonymous said...

We are RCG survivors who were also in the ministry.We never worked at HQ but we can easily see that the HQ ministry's allegiance is expected to be that your heart, mind, money and time go to Dave Pack with little scraps of time for your family.These men and women are stressed out from wearing many hats and constantly having to take on extra tasks to make up for the losses of the revolving door of employees at HQ. They are even expected to help out with planting, mulching and weeding at HQ when that needs to be done so there goes their Sundays! We have known many of those at HQ and the changes we have seen in them over the years is sad - their lives are not their own - they are tired and stressed and there is no joy in their eyes.At the last conference we attended, we could notice obvious changes in some of the ministers and wives personalities.They are so programmed that they don't even realize it!!They are automatons!! Now that Dave Pack has most of the ministry moved into the string of houses surrounding his compound those ministers are now paying the rent to pay the mortgages on houses they will never own. They work for Dave Pack and live in his houses. So, basically he owns them, or at least has a very unreasonable amount of control over their lives. They fear to disagree with him or they would lose their job and place to live in the same day. This has happened! It breaks our hearts to see these young people devoting their lives to a false apostle who will praise them to the skies if they please him and kick them to the curb if they ever dare disagree with him! How we wish they would realize that there is life after RCG, a life of peace and freedom to serve God and not a man who thinks he is Christ himself! They could learn what it is to have a life and function as a normal family!

We pray daily that these deceived brethren will see Dave Pack for the wolf he is and run for their lives away from him and his destructive hold on their lives!

Anonymous said...

This is General Ice Cream,
Stand at ease men and ladies.
After studying the satellite recon of Fort Pack, my recommendation is that the church members who Dave has swindled of their life savings, do a full frontal charge through the main gate. His ministers might out flank these members or do a pincer movement while throwing garden mulch at these members. It's also possible that Dave will drop his pants and scare off these members with his skinny legs. Victory is uncertain.

PS Don't forget George S. Patton Jr famous words:

“No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

Byker Bob said...

Well, at least that was an honest attempt at personal evangelism! That testimony to the Arabs accurately depicted what kind of ethics are taught and practiced in Armstrongism. You treat the outside world as if they were Goyim.