Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rod Meredith Speaks to His "Exceptional" Church On Sex, Gays, and the End of the World

Rod Meredith is speaking out again on his favorite subject - SEX - and other hot topics.

He claims there are NO Christians anywhere in the world, never have been and never will be till Jesus Christ return. The ONLY Christians in this world are in the Living Church of God.  This must really tick off apostate Robert Thiel who thinks he now only possesses the truth.

We also learn that Living Church of God is an "exceptional" church."  There is none like it anywhere. (THANK GOD!!!!!!)

Massive earthquakes are taking place one after the other.  Hurricanes are getting worse. Is Al Gore controlling the weather or Rod's god? There's a booklet for that.

Your life is at stake!  Wars are coming and you will be taken captive.

Gays are rampaging and marrying.  It's an ABOMINATION!  I tell you it's an ABOMINATION! Young men and women living together in sin!  God is going to break the head of your power because of these sexy people!

Rod says, "I myself have been preaching about the BEAST for over 60 years."  He's coming to get you!  Germany is the dominate force gearing up for world domination!

Demons are coming down to wreak havoc in the world.

The Temple sacrifices will begin because the Beast will make an arraignment with the Jews to allow them to sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

Scripture quoting is extensively from Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  The law is the idol.  Jesus Christ is barely mentioned, except that he is really pissed and is coming back in anger and vengeance.  Blood and guts still reign supreme.

I could not listen to much more of it.  It's the same doom and gloom that he has been spouting for 60 years. Everything is evil, the world is falling apart, there is no hope now for the British Israelite nations.

Some background on the video that I received:

I don't know if you heard about this live webcast by RCM that was streamed Feb 10, 2013, but it was a huge deal for LCG and they said it had 10,000 viewers registered to view it. Around the country there were whole LCG congregations and groups of members who got together at homes and church halls to watch it. I can confirm that there were intermittent server disconnects during the first 30 minutes, then things cleared up. Many of the people watching were not able see the first 30 minutes, and this recording is missing only about 30 seconds total video. I'm sending this to you because I thought it was striking how strongly RCM blasted homosexuality and gay marriage since normally they avoid that kind of talk. LCG said that they will be posting the video, so I'm interested if they will edit any of that stuff out. Save the video while you can. Here's the original link.



Anonymous said...

in 60 years the man has not learned one new thing about the Bible or theology. I imagine he has not read one book on the topic outside of bookets and newspapers. His "Bible Studies" are just running commentaries on modern application. You'd think after 60 years of teaching The Harmony of the Gospels, you'd think he'd know ONE none harmonious parallel verse. He knows nothing of these things he claims to teach.

The rest of LCG ministry is no better and very under read . No critical thinkers among them

Joe Moeller said...

The Pope and RCM should both a share a retirement party.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Corky said...

The rest of LCG ministry is no better and very under read . No critical thinkers among them

That's right, no biblical scholars either. Just an old man following books plagiarized by HWA from other old men who weren't biblical scholars either.

All their credentials are just as fake as their religious teachings. They even have their own fake colleges that graduate more fakes with fake credentials just like the ones they have. With one of those "degrees" and a dollar you can buy a cup of coffee down at McDonalds.

Steve Kisack said...

What a bunch of mother fakers!

Assistant Deacon said...

"These prophecies are real, they have been taking place, and they are going to take place, right on schedule..."

Not a shred of credibility. He has been parroting sentences just like that for decades, to absolutely no avail. It's all he knows, so he keeps repeating it. It is astonishing that anyone sits and listens to this pablum any longer.

Byker Bob said...

Right on schedule? What does he think, that suddenly this is 1972 again? Doesn't he know that it is in fact a major sin to lie?

Repent, Rod! You're busted.


Anonymous said...

What you are seeing on this video is a man who is so completely surrounded by "yes men" that he has no idea of just how out of touch and ridiculous he sounds.

Old Rod has enough hangers-on, who know they can get their slice of the pie if they flatter him enough, that he will probably be able to make it to the end of his life without ever having to do another honest day of work or confront the reality that he is a lying, insane, false prophet parasite who funds his lifestyle with money mostly donated by innocent poor people who can't really afford it.

Assistant Deacon said...

He actually blathers on about their U.S. & Britain in Prophecy booklet and insists, mind numbingly, that it is the key to end-time prophecy. It's a broken record...skip...skip...skip...skip...

Anonymous said...

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge—even to ourselves—that we've been so credulous.” Carl Sagan

Douglas Becker said...

Death bed message?

Next stop: Reading his final will.

Head Usher said...

Here's a guy who knew everything he needed to know the day he graduated from god's college and was baptized and ordained an evangelist rank minister at the ripe old age of, what, 22? What's important here is that god doesn't change, the "schedule" doesn't change, this was, is, and always will be the sum total of what's important to know, and that makes everything very, very easy. He keeps saying the same things, because those same things are always "true". It would have a lot more currency however (beyond merely those stuck in the groupthink of Armstrongism) if it were hard-won, street-tested, practical knowledge. But it's not. It's pie-in-the-sky academic/philosophical theory, which has only been accepted to the extent that it has because so many people assume that the bible itself is something more than just ancient Jewish pie-in-the-sky academic/philosophical theory also.

This is what RCM has done for 60 years, and people have always paid him handsomely to keep doing it, in both cash and respect. It's just kinda disturbing that there are still as many sycophants out there as there seem to be who are so enslaved and dependent they can't get enough of this type of drivel.

Anonymous said...

The Pope and RCM should both a share a retirement party.

Retire? Rod Meredith has not really run LCG for several years. Recent events in LCG have made this clear to many members who didn't realize it before, especially since the Charlotte Winter Weekend and the departure of Bob Thiel.

Thiel didn't get many former LCG tithers, but his departure woke up a lot of LCG members about RCM's years of lies and hypocrisies.

The Winter Weekend showed the inner workings of LCG to a number of formerly loyal RCM supporters, who were greatly offended by the arrogance of Meredith's son, and who were shocked by some of the things they heard and saw going on with the approval of the LCG leadership.

LCG looks to be poised to split into at least three factions upon the death of Rod Meredith, and it is doubtful that any one of the three can maintain a public presence as large as UCG. Some LCG ministers are already testing the waters elsewhere to see where "God is leading them" to go next. For now, however, Rod Meredith is their meal ticket, so they will keep trotting him out for appearances like this last one, no matter how embarrassing it may be.

Anonymous said...

As a ex LCG member I can tell you that almost every Sabbath there is gay bashing. It trickles down from the top.

Anonymous said...

"LCG looks to be poised to split into at least three factions upon the death of Rod Meredith..."

Only three splinters when Roderick passes on?

My guess is seventeen plus the minors.