Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why David C Pack Is Already An Epic Failure - The Gospel Guarantees It

Draw Us In The Spirit's Tether

I was reading this morning a blog from a woman who is an Episcopal Rector on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in South Dakota Leave It Where Jesus Flang It.  She talks about how the small church she is over has to gather around a small stove in order to stay warm for church.  Last night the temperatures dropped down into the low 40's there.  She also talks about how water is a precious commodity on the reservation.

The church for the last 100 years has drawn water out of a well and now the government has come in and made them stop.  Now many of them live without running water in 2013

One of the churches I serve sits on a bluff overlooking the Missouri --and it had a private water system --its own pump and pipe. And the Federalis came in and cut the line. Can't do that, they said. We've pulled water from the River for 100 years, the church said. Can't do that, they said. Then please hook us up to the public line that serves our houses over there. Can't do that either, they said. Thankfully, we still have an outhouse there that some division or another hasn't tipped over and filled in. I think it's been there 100 years too.

Only two of the churches I serve have BOTH water and power/heat of some sort. Two have no power, one has only a wood stove for heat during the winter. I carry portable kerosene heat --a gift from kirkepiscatoid, for which I remain eternally grateful.

Reading that story about simple people desiring to worship their God around a warm stove and then reading about the putrid expensive monuments to Herbert Armstrong, David C Pack and Gerald Flurry, proves once and for all that Armstrongism is truly an abomination at its basest level.

Pack and Flurry spend hundreds of millions of dollars on mini-me monuments and expensive buildings.  They spend millions on TV stations that are not accomplishing anything about reaching people with the message of Jesus.  They spends millions on gold, silver and crystal, all because HWA had some too.  Members are robbed of hard earned money with multiple tithes and demanded offerings.  Extra biblical teachings take precedence over grace. Marriages are destroyed and families are broken up all in the name of Armstrongism.

Now we have Dave Pack taking delight in his god killing three COG leaders.  He lusts mightily for the money of these organizations as he walks all over people to get the things he wants with no care at all for the well being of his members.  He has ruined his own family where his own kids don't want anything to do with his church.

What kind of an example do these degenerate men set that anyone who has a brain would follow?

Compare them to the "back-woods" Indian reservation pastor (who is also a woman), and you see how much Armstrongism has deviated from the gospel.

Today at church the choir sang a hymn called "Draw Us In The Spirit's Tether".  Its words are in direct contrast to the putrid message of Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry.

Dave is wanting hundreds of thousands of COG members to jump ship to him, yet scripture says all one needs is two or three to find God present among them.  Armstrongism is not about touching the garmets hem, it is about OWNING the garment and proudly wearing it.

Draw us in the Spirit’s tether;
For when humbly, in thy name,
Two or three are met together,
Thou art in the midst of them:
Alleluya! Alleluya! Touch we now thy garment’s hem.

When the early church started their weekly gathering it was centered around a meal together.  People worshiped God by eating together, sharing bread, and by being present with each other.  Today, Armstrongism is about destroying families, restricting who eats their bread, and ignore Christ.

As the faithful used to gather
In the name of Christ to sup,
Then with thanks to God the Father
Break the bread and bless the cup,
Alleluya! Alleluya! So knit thou our friendship up.

All of their meals and their lives were directed towards the God they worship, while Armstrongism is centered around men.  HWA, Flurry and Pack are talked about incessantly in all their articles, books, and broadcasts, while Jesus is ignored.  Pack, Flurry and the rest of the COG's are afraid of Jesus, yet these are people not afraid to glorify their God, unlike most in the COG today.

All our meals and all our living
Make as sacraments of thee,
That by caring, helping, giving,
We may true disciples be.
Alleluya! Alleluya! We will serve thee faithfully.

Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and the rest of the COG's are doomed to failure.  The gospel guarantees it!


Anonymous said...

The movie release date for 'The World's End' is August 23, 2013. So, Dave just might be on to something, after all these years.

There has to be a direct connection between the world ending, and Dave being heir to the throne of COGdom.

Douglas Becker said...

You want to be an Olde Testament Christian with Old Testament Laws without the fruit of the Spirit, then fine: Here's one for you -- "Thou shalt not covet".

The soul that sinneth, it shall die.

Except you have an entitlement and are exempted.

How much do you want to bet?

Your life?

Just because judgment is not executed speedily, apparently you have decided that it will never be executed at all.

That makes you atheists.

DennisCDiehl said...

very nice and to the point Gary.

Flurry and Pack are empty souls who only have hype and scriptural distortions and misrepresentations to offer. The "we only " of these men are the filthy rags they cloth themselves with.

They will indeed copy HWA and WCG right into oblivion.

Byker Bob said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is just my opinion, but I believe that Jesus would have driven Dave Pack from the temple with the rest of the moneychangers. The widow who gave her mite did so voluntarily, not because someone gave her a Clarion Call CD, and did some proof- texting to her from historical verses about the post-exilic rebuilding of the temple in Haggai.

I wonder if maybe James and Betty Robison's Water for Life could help our brothers and sisters on the reservation, or if they are aware of this situation. The Robisons primarily help children in Africa, but they are the ministry known for being involved in well digging. I may put a note about this in with my next offering to them. The Graham organization will also bring water purification equipment to the sites of natural disasters.

You know what the crime is in all of this? The people in Armstrongism, with the possible exception of Victor and our buddy Joe and the work they do with the cows, aren't permitted to even know the trials, travails, and sacrifices that other Christians willingly suffer to spread the gospel and to minister to the often needy people who hear it, because they don't accept them as even being followers of Jesus. Each of the ACOGs is an elitist mini separatist group from the larger Christian community, a self-righteous "elect" remnant of ostriches! By very doctrine, they are taught that these things that others do in the name of Jesus Christ do not count. Truly, false teachers are the author of spiritual blindness!

Any ACOG people who lurk here, please read up on the good works non-Armstrongites are doing in the name of Jesus Christ. It will be a real eye opener, their service runs much deeper than feel good stuff, and the people who do these often transformative good works are totally sincere! Beneficent atheist humanitarians even put people like David Pack and Gerald Flurry to shame!


Painful Truth said...

The government is still fucking over the Indians who owned this nation before the white, forked tongued liars stole the whole Continent.

They should rebel!

Head Usher said...

Yes, Doug, these creeps think they have all sorts of exemptions and entitlements.

They think they can sit there and tell everyone else "this is 'god's law'" and "that is 'god's law'" but that they themselves have no obligation to abide by what they claim their god exhorts all men to do. That makes them atheists. "Believing in god" is a job for these creeps, but do they think he really exists? Hell no! Herbie didn't either, and he taught his minion army of ministurds to be just like him. That is the legacy that has brought forth creeps like Meredith, Pack, Flurry, Weinland, Kubik, Franks, and many, many others. A pox on all our houses have they ever been.

Jeremy said...

Anonymous 3:18 said: "There has to be a direct connection between the world ending, and Dave being heir to the throne of COGdom."

You mean CON-dom!

1) It's 1 giant con they've been hoodwinking the masses for decades with and 2) We've all been screwed by these baiters in 1 form or another. And sadly their f***ing with the sheep-le hasn't ended...

Anonymous said...

It's dumb to believe in the gospel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I reckon all of the Armstrongist cult leaders should come out and modify their "services" to reflect the real god they whore-ship: money!

Anonymous said...

It's official, Pack finally succeeded in getting PCG's attention. Not only was the Zechariah booklet featured on the PCG's website this past weekend, they also ran 'The Zechariah Booklet' on their KoD Sunday TV schedule. This is no mere coincidence, but a direct response to Pack's Friday Night Specials (see Urban Dictionary).

Due to Pack, and his constant need to draw scorn from rivals, 2013 could very well go down as an epic battle year between false apostles

Anonymous said...

Failure because he is bringing another Jesus...another gospel. In one of his letters he calls it a spirit of error to mix the person Christ with the kingdom of God. He also stated in his 7/21/13 video from 2010(repeating a lot lately)that salvation has nothing to do with going to heaven. His comments are enough for a child to see he is a LIAR. Even HWA stated that in his conversion instead of receiving Christ, that he gave himself to him. Now these are clear statements of impostors.

"Paul sinned and God used him", was a statement a man used to excuse Pack's sin away when I warned him. Last thing he told me was "let cooler heads prevail"

These are the minds taken by the devil. Even satan knows scripture, yet manipulates it. They are under satan's yoke.

Something is happening with RCG that no new videos have been made in a while and everyone on FB seems very quiet and their minds are very controlled and seem to be in a trance. A lot of fundraising going on also. I fear for these people when they finally open their eyes.

Anonymous said...

The new book 'Zealot - The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth' by Reza Aslan is worth a read. It has the far-right sheeple crowd in a tissy.

Dennis C. Diehl would enjoy reading it, David C. Pack, not so much.

Douglas Becker said...

There's nothing like cult church wars to get the blood flowing.

How very Christian of them.

Hey, will this count as martyrdom?

Anonymous said...

I have posted many bible verses on all of DCP's FB accounts and they removed them all, even John 3:16 and
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Pack hates the Savior and wants his place like satan. I have also been blocked more than once.