Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dave Pack: Back Peddles but Still Thinks His Great Reunification Will be a "COLOSSAL" Work

Yes Dave, pretty up the colossal fat pig that is RCG, but it is still a pig.

Dave thinks his church will be the COLOSSAL and will go forth on the "world skyline."  Well maybe, it depends on what his god wants to happen, if it does at all.  Back peddle again Davie, back peddle just in case nothing happens.

Next consider that God has never dealt with people or done with leaders exactly as He plans with the three shepherds. In fact, there may be other miraculous events immediately surrounding this one. A number of verses suggest this. (The case is strong.) In part it will depend on the new greater profile which God wants to use as a starting point for His Work going forward within the “world skyline.” Although it is to be immensely powerful and big before complete, the final Work of God is also foretold to be very short—and Luke 14 shows the Work will be carried out in two stages after the Haggai/“Grace” prophecy is fulfilled. The question becomes how well-known does God want His new expanded Work to be in the immediate wake of His intervention to reunify His flock. Put another way, what does God want His Church and Work to look like on the world scene?

If I were trying to palm myself off as a prophet, I would just spout a personal opinion at this point without worrying about whether I was right or wrong, or what God says. But the above question is an example of something we must wait to see. The “size”—the MAGNITUDE—of the three shepherds’ removal on the world scene will speak volumes to God’s Church and the Government within it about how rapidly God is planning a Work of great impact. Emphatically ruling out emerging “small,” will events of August catapult God’s Work to something immediately the size of “medium,” “large” or “colossal”? While I have ideas, I do not have the answer. We will wait and see together.


Byker Bob said...

"The world" doesn't even know or recognize these shepherds, let alone taking notice of any move of people to RCG. You couldn't even call them megachurches. This is like expecting something sudden and major from the tribal people who used to inhabit the Bikini Islands!


Douglas Becker said...

"Little flock"... are we saying that size matters now?

Do you really want to lose "little flock" status?

Are you sure that going the big broad way doesn't have some downsides?